Among Us Guide: Tips For Winning As Crewmates

Tired of losing as crewmate in Among Us? We got you covered. Here's the ultimate guide on how to win as crewmates in Among Us.

Among Us is an online multiplayer game designed for 4 to 10 players. Depending on the host’s game settings, 1 to 3 players are assigned the role of Imposter while the remaining ones try to complete various tasks and sleuth out the traitors before they’re each killed off one by one.

Since there are more Crewmates than Imposters, your chances of winning are dramatically higher as a crew member.

However, things are a lot trickier in practice, since poor communication and paranoia can quickly turn you and your teammates against one another. In this guide, we’ll offer tips and best practices for winning as Crewmates in Among Us.

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Among Us Tips For Winning As Crewmates

Among Us Win As Crewmates

There are many different strategies for winning in Among Us as an innocent Crewmate. The game provides many tools designed to help you and your teammates identify who’s The Imposter. Below we’ve highlighted the most useful tips for staying alive and winning the game as a Crewmate:

  • Stay in groups
  • Watch other players complete tasks
  • Use emergency meetings wisely
  • Save your visual tasks
  • Always fix sabotaged equipment
  • Remember to Check the Cameras
  • Avoid spamming the chat
  • Don’t be afraid to skip the vote

Stay In Groups

One of the best ways to prevent you or your teammates from getting killed by an Imposter is to stay together as much as possible. If you’re accompanied by at least one other Crewmate, the Imposters won’t be able to take action without exposing themselves. The size of the groups will depend on the number of Imposters in your game and how many Crewmates remain.

Of course, there are some downsides to using this strategy to keep in mind. For one, you can’t assume that just any player in your group is innocent until proven. Secondly, it takes much longer to complete tasks and repair sabotaged equipment as a group. Lastly, Imposters can still take out a group if they’re coordinated enough.

Watch Other Players Complete Tasks

Anytime you see a Crewmate standing in a task area, wait a couple of seconds to see if the task bar actually goes up before they start moving. If you see the task bar shoot up too quickly or not at all, then it’s probably safe to assume they’re an Imposter. At the very least, you should call a meeting and bring it to the other Crewmates’ attention.

Use Emergency Meetings Wisely

Among Us Emergency Meeting

Emergency Meetings are a great way to share vital information with your teammates before an Imposter can take you out. They can be initiated by reporting a dead body you discover or pressing the red button in the middle of the cafeteria. Keep in mind, there’s a limit to the number of times the button can be pressed depending on the host’s settings.

During meetings, present your case with evidence to back up your claim and be prepared to have your own status questioned as well. Be honest and forthcoming with your teammates, since building trust can help sleuth out potential Imposters. Pay attention to any irregularities in other Crewmates’ statements, such as falsely claiming they were in a specific area or completing a task during a murder.

Save Your Visual Tasks

Another great way to identify who’s an Imposter is to monitor other players and see who’s actually completing tasks since Imposters can’t perform any. However, try to hold off on completing visual tasks such as Trash Disposal, Medbay Scan, and Destroy Asteroids, since they can easily disprove any accusations that come your way.

The same goes for Crewmates; if a particular player keeps getting accused, ask them if they have a visual task to prove it. If you see one of your Crewmates complete a visual task, remember to vouch for them should they be wrongfully accused during a meeting. This will help establish trust among you and your teammates and help weed out the Imposters.

Always Fix Sabotaged Equipment

Among Us Sabotaged Equipment

If it wasn’t clear up until this point, you should not rely on your Crewmates to fix sabotaged equipment. Unless you’re playing with a group you know is responsible, assume the other players won’t fix whatever needs fixing. If left unchecked, something as simple as the lights going out can cause your crew to get wiped out quickly.

Additionally, some sabotage events require two players to be present, such as the Reactor Meltdown and Restore Oxygen mini-games. This is where keeping with the group comes in hand, as you should have more than enough Crewmates to fix whatever was sabotaged. Dealing with sabotage events becomes much harder the more the player count drops, so try to stick together. 

Remember To Check The Cameras

Tucked away in the Skeld’s Security room, cameras are a useful tool for keeping track of your Crewmates’ whereabouts. When you open it up, you’ll be presented with a real-time feed of the Navigation, Medbay, and Security hallways.

Keep in mind that more experienced Imposters will be able to tell when you’re spying on them since the camera light starts to blink anytime it’s being accessed. A good strategy is to come back to cams every couple of minutes to see what everyone’s up to. You just might catch the Imposter red-handed.

Avoid Spamming The Chat

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts in the chat regarding who may or may not be the Imposter. That said, consider what has already been typed and limit your responses only to what’s necessary. Being the fifth player to write “Where?” does little to push the conversation forward and just makes it easier for the Imposter to go by undetected.

Instead, provide useful observations and theories backed up by evidence. Of course, you can’t control your teammates’ behavior. Suppose another player keeps spamming the chat with nonsense or making random accusations with no proof. In that case, you may be better off just voting them out. Sometimes having fewer players is better than a toxic Crewmate.

Don’t Be Afraid To Skip The Vote

Among Us Skip Vote

All too often, you’ll see a majority of Crewmates vote for whoever was accused first, regardless of any further evidence presented. If you personally witnessed them use a vent or kill another player, then by all means, cast your ballot.

However, if all you have to go on is pure speculation from an already questionable source, hold out for more information.

Better yet, consider skipping the vote instead, since it can count against votes for other players and sometimes prevent innocents from getting launched out into space. Remember to tell other players how you plan to vote, since it may convince them to do the same.

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