Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide – How To Get Custom Designs

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can actually create your own custom designs and it's very easy to get them as well. Here is how you do it.

The ability to create your own custom designs returns in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, allowing you to construct and share your own creations as well as import designs from other players using a QR Code or Design ID.

These designs can be placed on a variety of clothing, such as shirts, jackets, and dresses, as well as displayed on furniture and walls.

In this guide, we are going to show you how to get custom designs step-by-step and recommend the best sites for finding custom designs to spice up your wardrobe and furniture.

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Custom Designs Versus Pro Custom Designs

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide Custom Designs Versus Pro Custom Designs

Designs in New Horizons function somewhat differently depending on whether they’re a “standard” Custom Design or a “Pro” Design. Whereas Custom Designs are limited to generic tops, face paint, and ground/wall displays, Pro Designs can also be worn on sweaters, hoodies, jackets, dresses, robes, and hats.

Before you can make your own Pro Designs, you will have to purchase the Pro Design upgrade from the NookStop kiosk for 800 Nook Miles once the Resident Services building has been constructed.

Due to their versatile nature, Pro Designs are typically more detailed than standard Custom Designs. However, they are also much harder to create since there a lot more factors to consider.

How To Get Designs From QR Codes

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide How To Get Designs From QR Codes

QR codes were the primary method for sharing designs in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. However, since the Switch doesn’t have a camera, this function has been relegated to the Nintendo Switch App available for both iOS and Android devices. To import a QR code, do the following:

  1. Install and open the Nintendo Switch App
  2. Set up NookLink in the settings menu by pressing the [-] button on the title screen
  3. Connect the app to your copy of New Horizons using NookLink
  4. Select “Designs” in the Nintendo Switch App
  5. Scan the desired QR code using your device’s camera
  6. Open the Custom Designs app on your NookPhone
  7. Select an empty design slot and press the [+] button to download the design you just scanned

Note: Designs generated by QR code cannot be imported as Pro Designs.

How To Get Designs From Able Sisters

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide How To Get Designs From Able Sisters

The other method for obtaining new designs in New Horizons requires you to visit the Custom Designs Portal located inside Able Sisters. Here, you can upload your own design, which then gets assigned a unique Design ID, as well as search for creations from other players by entering their Design ID or Creator ID.

To import a new design, do the following:

  1. Make sure you have an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription.
  2. Go to Able Sisters and approach the Custom Designs Portal at the back of the shop.
  3. Search for the design by entering its unique Design ID.
  4. If you have the designer’s Creator ID, you can pull up a list of all their shared creations as well.

In addition to downloading designs, the Custom Designs Portal can be used to post your own designs and manage your existing Design IDs.

Where To Find Custom Designs

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide Where To Find Custom Designs

There is a wide selection of online sources dedicated to custom design sharing in New Horizons. Some will even let you edit your own designs online instead of having to do it on your Switch. Here are our site recommendations for finding and sharing custom designs:

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