Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide – How To Upgrade Your Home

Home upgrades have always been a big part of Animal Crossing games, and New Horizons is no different. At the start of the game, you’re given a tent that can be upgraded into a house and later expanded with more rooms and floors.

Of course, getting each of these will run you some Bells as you take out loans to cover the costs. Tom Nook isn’t running a charity, after all.

While there’s no penalty for waiting to pay off your debt, the sooner you upgrade, the sooner you’ll have more storage space and rooms to decorate.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to upgrade your home and breakdown the details for every add-on and renovation project.

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How To Upgrade Your Home

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide

When you first arrive on your deserted island, you won’t have much to your name other than a dream and the clothes on your back. In fact, you’ll be made aware that you already owe Tom Nook for setting up the trip and providing you with a tent.

Only instead of demanding Bells, he’ll ask you to give up 5,000 Nook Miles in exchange for your freedom.

Every loan after that will need to be paid off in Bells via the NookStop kiosk located in Resident Services. This just so happens also to be the location for requesting home upgrades.

Assuming you don’t currently have any outstanding loans, you can speak to Tom Nook and request the next available upgrade by selecting “About my home…” Doing so will also enter you into a new loan agreement.

Home Upgrades And Add-Ons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide Home Upgrades And Add Ons

Keep in mind that home upgrades won’t be completed until the following day. Additionally, the price of upgrading your home goes up with each subsequent upgrade.

The total amount of Bells required to reach the final version of your home is 5.7 million Bells, so you might want to start saving now.

Tent To House Upgrade

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide Tent To House Upgrade

After paying off the initial 5,000 Nook Mile moving costs, speak to Tom Nook again, and he’ll offer to upgrade your measly little tent into a house with a roof. Tell him you want in, and the following day, you’ll have a six-by-six tile house with a single room.

Additionally, you’ll be able to access decorator mode and be given 80 inventory slots inside your home to store various items.

To enter decorator mode, press down on the D-pad and to open up your storage, press right on the D-pad. Lastly, pressing upon the D-pad will cycle through different lighting settings.

Keep in mind that the loan for this upgrade is 98,000 Bells, and you won’t be able to make any other changes to your home until you’ve finished paying it off.

Bigger House Upgrade

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide Bigger House Upgrade

The next available upgrade allows you to expand the inside of your home from 6×6 tiles to 8×8. Additionally, this upgrade will add 40 more inventory slots to your storage for a total of 120. However, the loan for this upgrade is also much higher at 198,000 Bells.

Back Room Add-On

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide Back Room Add On

The first room you’ll be able to add to your home will be located at the back of the house and be 6×6 tiles. This add-on will also expand your inventory slots by 120, for a total of 240. The cost for this upgrade is 348,000 Bells, and like previous upgrades, you won’t be able to add any more rooms until it’s fully paid off.

Left Room Add-On

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide Left Room Add On

Next, you’ll be able to add a second 6×6 room on the left side of your house, as well as gain an additional 120 inventory slots for a total of 360. This upgrade costs 548,000 Bells and must be paid off before you can add another room.

After you unlock the left room, you’ll be able to pick up and move your mailbox by pressing Y while standing in front of it.

Along with the left room add-on, you’ll be given options for customizing your house’s mailbox and roof colors. To request either, speak to Tom Nook about your home and select ‘I want to customize.’ Each exterior renovation costs 5,000 Bells and takes one day to be completed.

Note that Tom Nook will not accept any exterior renovation projects while your house is in the middle of being upgraded.

Right Room Add-On

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide Right Room Add On

The next available add-on is a 6×6 room on the right side of your house. This add-on also provides 40 additional inventory slots, bringing you up to 400 in total. After unlocking the right room, you’ll also have the option to customize doors.

The right room add-on costs 758,000 Bells, and you won’t be able to add a second floor to your home until it’s paid off.

Second Floor Add-On

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide Second Floor Add On

With the next upgrade, you’ll be given an extra-wide 10×6 room located on the second floor of your home. Also, the cap on your storage will go up by 400 slots for a total of 800 inventory slots. The cost of this upgrade is quite staggering at 1,248,000 Bells.

The second-floor add-on will also give you access to siding customization for your home’s exterior. There are various siding options, and each one costs 5,000 Bells.

Basement Add-On

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide Basement Add On

The last and most expensive upgrade for your home is the basement add-on, which provides you with another extra-wide 10×6 room located in the basement of your house. This upgrade also adds 800 more inventory slots for a grand total of 1,600 slots. To pay off this loan, you’ll need a whopping 2,498,000 Bells.

Free Exterior Upgrades

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide Free Exterior Upgrades

Once you’ve finished paying off your basement add-on loan, Tom Nook will congratulate you and present you with a new offer: one free change to your house’s exterior per day for the rest of your life. We say that’s a fair deal considering you’ve just spent nearly 6 million Bells upgrading your home.

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