The Interceptor is best described as Anthem’s assassin class. It’s fast and deadly, capable of engaging in combat quickly and ducking out should things get too messy. This makes mastering movement with the Interceptor just as important as maximizing your damage output, as the javelin’s low health and armor won’t allow it to take as much of a beating as other classes.

Furthermore, players who wish to undertake this role will have to learn to approach battles in very different ways than the other classes. Below you’ll find a guide to help you on your journey to mastering one of the most agile javelins the game has to offer, the Interceptor. Make sure to check out our other Anthem guides:

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    Choosing Weapons

    Anthem Interceptor

    Playing as the Interceptor requires you to constantly be moving. As a result, you’ll find yourself doing a lot more jumping and dodging than the other javelins. Since both this actions interrupt your weapon reload animation, you’re going to want weapons with fast reload times and rate of fire.

    For your primary, we recommend bringing along weapons like SMGs or machine pistols since these tend to have the fastest fire rates and can be reloaded swiftly during battle. These weapons will make it easier to take out enemies and compliment the Interceptor’s speedy approach to combat. For your secondary, you can always double down and bring an extra rapid-firing weapon, but don’t be afraid to bring a more powerful weapon like a shotgun should you find yourself alone with a tankier enemy.


    Javelin Weapons

    We’ve already mentioned how critical movement is for the Interceptor. While every other class is prone to a playstyle that involves being on the ground or the air, that’s not the case for this javelin. It’s true that most of your abilities do require you to fight close-range; however, the Interceptor’s fragile nature will have you constantly moving around the field in order to recover your health and armor.

    This means you’ll want to constantly be aware of your surroundings, and make sure your landing in areas where you can be most effective, and most importantly, not die as soon as you land. Position yourself near groups of weaker enemies and you’ll be able to quickly mow them down on your own, while bigger targets will require you to work with your teammates.

    Using Your Speed

    Interceptor Anthem

    The Interceptor’s heat meter fills the slowest of any javelin when flying, which when combined with its extended dodge, quick turning speed, and triple jump, makes it one of the most versatile classes for positioning. While these abilities all have obvious benefits for battle, there are some uses that may not immediately stand out.

    For instance, your triple jump allows you to position yourself behind an enemy or behind cover much faster than flying would, with the added bonus of not filling up any of your heat meter. This opens up the potential for accessing hard-to-reach areas quickly, a skill that other types of javelins simply can’t compete with.

    Using Your Ultimate

    Interceptor Armor Set

    The Interceptor’s Ultimate ability is Assassin’s Blades, which charges up your daggers and allows you to attack much faster while also being invincible for a period of time. This is one of the most powerful and useful ults in the game as it allows the Interceptor to rack up an insane amount of kills without having to worry about taking damage.

    Assassin’s Blades is also useful for times when you find yourself overwhelmed by enemies with no escape route in sight. You can quickly activate your ult and begin carving your own path away from the battle, taking down any targets you can in the process. While most other classes’ Ultimates require careful planning and positioning, the Interceptor’s can be used more freely to deal extra damage or simply as a “get out of jail free” card.

    Know Your Role


    Probably the most essential part of playing any class in Anthem is knowing your javelin’s role in battle. The Interceptor’s goal is to deliver bursts of extreme damage to mobs of enemies and unshielded targets. You should be on the lookout for areas that can be easily cleaned up, but never get too confident should you end up overwhelmed by waves of enemies.

    Playing as the Interceptor demands constant juggling between fighting and escaping. Managing to strike a perfect balance between those two will allow you to have a huge impact on battles without risking death. While the javelin’s low armor and health may seem like a huge disadvantage, mastering the Interceptor’s insanely-fast maneuvers will ensure enemies won’t be able to catch you in the first place.

    List of Interceptor Abilities

    Anthem Interceptor Gameplay

    Assault Systems

    • Searching Glaive – A razor-sharp projectile that seeks out the nearest target.
    • Venom Bomb – An explosive grenade that splashes nearby enemies with acid.
    • Cryo Glaive – Projectile that locks on to a nearby target, freezing it upon impact.
    • Cluster Mine – A group of mines that explode on contact.
    • Spark Dash – Dash forward, leaving behind a trail of electricity that damages enemies.

    Strike Systems

    • Detonating Strike – Charges an enemy with electric energy, dealing increased AOE damage if the target is destroyed while charged.
    • Plasma Star – A plasma-infused shuriken that can target a single enemy.
    • Wraith Strike – Creates a projection of the Interceptor which can attack enemies within range.
    • Tempest Strike – Hit a single-target with extra damage while stunning smaller enemies.
    • Venom Spray – Sprays a jet of corrosive acid, damaging all enemies within range.

    Support Gear

    • Target Beacon – Marks a target, allowing it to take increased damage.
    • Rally Cry – Removes status effects from all nearby allies.

    Melee Ability

    • Double-Bladed Daggers – A flurry of slashes that can be continued indefinitely.

    Ultimate Ability

    • Assassin’s Blades – Becomes invincible, able to slash through enemies at high-speeds.

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