The Ranger is Anthem’s most versatile, “jack of all trades” javelin, able to fulfill a number of roles in battle. You’d think the lack of a specialized kit would impact the Ranger’s usefulness in battle but that’s actually not the case. When played effectively, this javelin is able to cover a lot of ground when it comes to dealing damage and supporting teammates.

While the Ranger has a wide pool of abilities at its disposal, some are more useful than others. So we’ve created this guide to help you on your journey to crafting the best Ranger builds available in the game.  Make sure to check out our other Anthem guides:

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    Toxic Avenger Build

    Ranger Build


    • Grenade – Sticky Grenade (Detonator) Attaches to a single target, dealing focused damage.
    • Assault Launcher – Venom Darts (Primer) – Fires a series of darts at enemies, dealing acid damage.
    • Support Gear – Muster Point (Support) Creates a bubble that increases weapon damage for all javelins within range.


    • Assault Augment – Increases assault launcher damage.
    • Grenadier Inscription – Increases grenade recharge rate.
    • Ranger Combo Augment – Increases combo damage.


    • Primary – Assault Rifle/Marksman Rifle/Light Machine Gun
    • Secondary – Heavy Pistol/Machine Pistol

    This build allows the Ranger to perform combos on their own without relying on teammates. Venom darts are great for poisoning enemies and getting them primed. Sticky grenades are not only a useful detonator, but also deal a lot of damage to single-targets.

    Equipping components that boost damage allows the Ranger to make quick work of high-value targets. Since this build allows you to perform combos completely solo, using a Combo Augment inscription is a no-brainer. Lastly, Muster Point guarantees your guns will pack as much of a punch as your abilities.

    When it comes to weapons, the Ranger’s versatility allows for a wide-variety of approaches. Pick weapons that deal a lot of damage and more importantly, feel comfortable to use. Keeping a pistol as your secondary rounds things out and complements a majority of other weapons.

    Brawler Build



    • Grenade – Frag Grenade (Detonator) Sends out a sharp blast over a wide area.
    • Assault Launcher – Seeking Missile (Detonator) Fires a tracking missile at one target, also damaging enemies nearby.
    • Support Gear – Bulwark Point (Support) Provides a spherical shield that deflects enemy projectiles.


    • Firearm Calibration Core – Increases weapon damage.
    • Grenadier Inscription – Increases grenade recharge rate.
    • Advanced Circuitry – Increases melee damage and electric status effect buildup.


    • Primary – Heavy Pistol/Shotgun
    • Secondary – Assault Rifle/ Light Machine Gun/Machine Pistol

    This build lends itself to a more hands-on approach and relies heavily on your teammates abilities. Although the Ranger has access to Shock Mace, the only primer melee ability in the game, you won’t be able to prime large groups of enemies at once. Coordinating with javelins like the Storm will allow you to finish off pre-primed targets quickly with frag grenades and seeking missiles.

    Since this playstyle will constantly have you in the trenches of battle, you’re going to want to equip Bulwark Point for times when you need to recharge your shield or revive a downed teammate. Using the Firearm Calibration Core makes up for the damage you lose by not having Muster Point and the other components increase your effectiveness in combat.

    Like we mentioned early, the Ranger is pretty flexible when it comes to weapons. Since this build will have you up close and personal with enemies most of the time, bring along a shotgun like Vengeance or heavy pistol like Blastback to blow them away. For your secondary weapon, feel free to equip whatever you believe is best.

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