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Anthem: Ranger Javelin Guide

The Ranger is the most versatile, “Jack of all trades” javelin, able to fulfill a number of roles in battle. While its lack of a specialized kit may seem like a knock against the Ranger’s usability, it’s actually quite the opposite. The Ranger’s abilities are extremely balanced and allow it to cover a lot of bases when it comes to mobility and damage, areas typically dominated by the Interceptor and Storm javelins, respectively.

Furthermore, players who wish to undertake this role will have to learn to engage battles in very different ways than the other classes. Below you’ll find a guide to help you on your journey to mastering one of the most resourceful javelins the game has to offer, the Ranger. Make sure to check out our other Anthem guides:

Staying Flexible

Anthem Pulse

The Ranger has the unique ability to be able to change its playstyle based on the team’s needs. Its wide range of tools ensures you can always fill in the gaps for your allies. The Ranger’s arsenal is filled with a variety of grenades and wrist-mounted rockets that allow you to deal different kinds of damage, whether fighting single-targets or large groups of enemies.

A smart tactic is to communicate with your team before the start of a mission. Find out what abilities they’re bringing into battle and craft a loadout tailored to whatever your team’s lacking. Perhaps you don’t have enough primer abilities or moves that deal AOE damage. As the Ranger, strategizing and adapting to every situation will yield better results than sticking to one playstyle.


Ranger Guide

Given that the Ranger is right behind the Colossus in terms of bulk, you’d expect it to be slow moving and tough to maneuver. However, it’s mobility options are much closer to the Interceptor’s, with it being able to fly for extended periods of time and quickly escape tough situations thanks to its double jump and dodge. The Ranger’s versatility is truly realized when it comes to positioning.

While you’ll want to set yourself up in an area where you can maximize how much damage your dealing, you aren’t limited to just the ground or air. If you feel like hovering while shooting, go for it, your jet doesn’t overheat too fast; Want to get up close with enemies? You can manage to take a couple hits; does one of your teammates need to be revived? You have the power to get to them quickly while still in one piece.

Using Your Melee Ability

Pulse Anthem

The Ranger’s Shock Mace melee ability is arguably the most useful tool in its kit, as it’s the only melee ability among the four javelins that works as a primer. Shock Mace can deal electric damage to a single-target if used face-to-face, and AOE damage when performed from the air. It also has the added benefit of momentarily stunning enemies.

In the grand scheme of all the overpowered abilities Anthem throws at you, it can be easy to overlook something as fundamental as a melee move. Therefore, we recommend practicing with the Shock Mace as much as possible at the start of the game in order to get into the habit of using it. This will ensure you’ll always remember you have a back-up when you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Using Your Ultimate

Anthem Ranger

The Ranger’s Ultimate ability is Multi-target Missile Battery, which allows you to mark a number of enemies before sending a barrage of powerful tracking missiles their way. This ability can be absolutely devastating to both single-target enemies and bigger groups.

You’ll still fire the same amount of missiles regardless of how many enemies you’ve marked, so don’t worry about being too precise with it. However, you should keep in mind which targets are high-value and need to be dealt with as quickly as possible. This ability is unique in that it’s the only Ultimate in the game that can be performed during flight.

Know Your Role

Ranger Abilities

Probably the most essential part of playing any class in Anthem is knowing your javelin’s role in battle. The Ranger’s goal is to pitch in where needed, whether that’s dealing damage to key targets, clearing out smaller enemies, or just getting targets primed for big combos. Bearing that in mind, the Ranger’s kit lends itself to dealing more damage on single targets.

As the Ranger, you are essentially your team’s captain, and should act accordingly. This doesn’t mean bossing around your teammates, but rather communicating about what the team needs from you at any given moment. You’ll want to focus on taking out more powerful targets that pose a threat to your frailer allies and come up with creative uses for your versatile arsenal in order to ensure your team is firing on all cylinders.

List of Ranger Abilities

Ranger Gear Guide


  • Frag Grenade – Sends out a sharp blast over a wide area.
  • Inferno Grenade – Sets enemies on fire and deals damage over time.
  • Frost Grenade – Causes enemies to freeze, restricting their movement.
  • Seeker Grenade – Single grenades that split-up and track multiple enemies.
  • Sticky Grenade – Attaches to a single target, dealing focused damage.

Assault Launcher

  • Pulse Blast – Damages a single target.
  • Seeking Missile – Fires a tracking missile at one target, also damaging enemies nearby.
  • Spark Beam – Fires a single beam of energy that deals damage over time.
  • Venom Darts – Fires a series of darts at enemies, dealing acid damage.
  • Blast Missile – Deals damage to a wide area by delivering a large explosion.

Support Gear

  • Bulwark Point – Provides a spherical shield that deflects enemy projectiles.
  • Muster Point – Creates a bubble that increases weapon damage for all javelins within range.

Melee Ability

  • Shock Mace – Deals electric damage when used up close, and AOE damage when used in the air.

Ultimate Ability

  • Multi-target Missile Battery – Fires a series of powerful tracking missiles at a single target or multiple enemies.

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