Anthem: Storm Javelin Guide

Want to get good playing the cool Storm javelin in Anthem? Here's the best and simplest guide containing all you need to master the Storm!

The Storm is the closest thing to a mage class that Anthem has to offer. It has the power to wield elemental attacks and destroy groups of enemies.

However, this comes at a cost, since the Storm is the frailest of the four javelins and comes with the lowest amount of health and shield. This makes the Storm somewhat of a glass cannon, capable of dealing high amounts of damage but easily knocked down if not played effectively.

Furthermore, players who wish to tackle this role will have to learn to approach battles in very different ways than the other classes. Below you’ll find a guide to help you on your journey to mastering one of the most powerful javelins the game has to offer, the Storm. Make sure to check out our other Anthem guides:

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Choosing Weapons

The Storm

Something crucial for all classes in Anthem, but especially the Storm, is what kind of weapons you choose to equip. The Storm’s fragile nature lends itself to a long-range playstyle.

As a result, you’ll find the Storm excels when using Sniper Rifles and Marksman Rifles, as these weapons have the best accuracy and allow you to remain active in battle when your abilities are on cooldown.

However, the Storm’s approach to battle can also be very situational, as some areas in Anthem can be pretty tight, forcing the Storm to fight much closer than one would like to.

For instances like these, we recommend keeping a more close-range weapon on deck as your secondary, like an Assault Rifle or SMG, for times when you find yourself up close and personal with an enemy.


Anthem Storm Javelin

Like we mentioned before, the Storm excels at long-range play. While the rest of your team may charge head-on into battle, the Storm is much more methodical than that.

When approaching battles, positioning yourself high in the air, preferably behind some cover, will allow you to land precise shots and prime enemies without worrying about your shield dropping every ten seconds.

The Storm can hover in the air for far longer than every other javelin, so keep this in mind when positioning yourself. Look for different forms of cover, like large stalactites hanging from the roof of caves or cliffs that you can quickly duck behind after dealing damage.

Using Your Hover

Javelin Weapons

In addition to being able to hover for much longer, the Storm receives a shield boost while in the air. This makes hovering as much as you can crucial, since fighting on the ground will only lead to your shield depleting quickly.

While the Storm’s increased hover is a useful tool, it can also create a bad habit of not actively checking your heat meter. Before engaging in battles, we recommend dropping down at a safe spot and letting your meter completely drain before starting your hover.

While this will give you a good amount of air time, it’s still important to always pay attention to your heat meter.

Using Your Ultimate

Javelin Anthem

The Storm’s Ultimate ability is Elemental Storm, which allows you to drop three massive elemental blasts on an area. Each blast is performed separately and in order, dealing frost, electric, and fire damage, respectively.

While this ability can deal decent damage to a single target, its wide-radius and AOE makes it perfect for taking out large groups. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if a situation calls for your Ult, so use your best judgment and try to find ways to maximize its damage output.

Know Your Role

Anthem Javelin Storm

Probably the most crucial part of playing any class in Anthem is knowing your javelin’s role in battle. The Storm’s goal is to keep targets primed and deal huge bursts of AOE damage.

When you’re playing as the Storm, you should regularly be on the lookout for openings to set-up devastating combos with your teammates. If played expertly, the Storm has a high damage ceiling.

At first glance, its long-distance playstyle may feel like you’re not having a significant enough impact on battles. However, if you build out a versatile kit that includes useful status effects like Freeze, you’ll quickly find your teammates relying on you to help take down waves of enemies.

List of Storm Abilities
Storm Javelin

Storm Javelin

Blast Seals

  • Lightning Strike – Targeted lightning strike that deals electric AOE damage.
  • Ice Storm – Field of ice that rapidly builds to deliver an explosion, dealing frost damage.
  • Flame Burst – A fiery explosion that deals AOE fire damage.
  • Ice Blast – A flurry of ice projectiles that freeze targets close range and deals frost damage.
  • Living Flame – A burst of flame energy that seeks out targets, igniting them with fire damage.

Focus Seals

  • Frost Shards – Rapidly fired shards of ice that can freeze a target in place.
  • Burning Orb – A ball of fire that can be fired quickly in small bursts or charged up.
  • Shock Burst – A ball of electric discharge that can bounce off of walls to reach targets.
  • Glacial Spear – A concentrated beam of energy that deals frost damage.
  • Arc Burst – A blast of lightning that can leap to nearby targets, dealing electric damage.

Support Gear

  • Wind Wall – Generates a defensive wall that deflects incoming enemy projectiles.
  • Quickening Field – Creates a field that reduces cooldown time for teammates within range.

Melee Ability

  • Fiery Strike – An explosive flash that damages enemies and knocks them back.

Ultimate Ability

  • Elemental Storm – A powerful storm of elemental damage that drops three separate bursts of frost, electric, and fire energy.

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