Anthem: Weapon and Gear Crafting Guide

Want to get started crafting weapons and gear in Anthem? Here’s the only guide you will ever need in order to succeed at Anthem weapon & gear crafting.

To make sure your javelin is as powerful as it can be, you’ll need to be constantly upgrading to better gear. Although Anthem gives you a great deal of loot from enemies and chests, you’ll ultimately need to start crafting to get specific weapons.

The game has a reasonably deep crafting system; however, it doesn’t do a great job of explaining it to players. So we’ve created this guide to help you on your journey to unlocking everything Anthem has to offer. Make sure to check out our other Anthem guides:

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Common, Uncommon, Rare & Epic Weapons

Legendary Weapons

Anthem features nine different weapon types that drop at varying rarities: Common (White), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple). While some of them are atrociously bad, others are genuinely superb.

As you start finding rarity weapons, you’ll notice that some of them have unique bonuses that may compliment your javelin’s abilities.

What weapon you decide to bring into battle will vary based on which class you’re playing, what activity you’re about to take on, and your preferred playstyle. Here is a list of every weapon:

Assault Rifles

  • Defender – Mid-range, starter weapon. High ammo capacity and a decent rate of fire.
  • Warden – Mid to long-range, three-bullet burst-fire weapon. Decent ammo capacity requires more precise aiming.
  • Hammerhead – Mid to long-range, most powerful AR at the cost of low fire-rate and ammo capacity. Useful for taking out single-targets.

Marksman Rifles

  • Scout – Mid to long-range, decent fire-rate and ammo capacity.
  • Anvil – Mid-range, fast fire-rate. Deals considerable damage but has extremely high recoil and low ammo capacity.
  • Guardian – Long-range, three-bullet burst-fire. Capable of dealing massive damage once you’ve gotten used to its recoil.

Sniper Rifles

  • Whirlwind – Sniper/AR hybrid, fast fire-rate, and ammo capacity. Does significantly-less damage than other Sniper Rifles.
  • Deadeye – Fires a powerful, single bullet capable of one-hitting most enemies.
  • Devastator – Bullets explode on contact. The strongest SR in the game.


  • Scattershot – Balanced fire-rate, damage, and ammo capacity.
  • Vengeance – Two-bullet burst shotgun. Deals significant damage at close-range.
  • Constrictor – Great fire-rate and ammo capacity. It becomes more accurate with each successive shot.

Heavy Pistols

  • Resolution – Balanced fire-rate and damage.
  • Blastback – High damage output at the cost of extreme recoil. Ideal for close-range combat.
  • Barrage – Fast fire-rate while dealing severe damage. Useful for spamming enemies with bullets.

Machine Pistols

  • Fulcrum –Deals decent damage and has a reasonable rate of fire. Ideal for beginners.
  • Hailstorm – Quickest firing pistol at the cost of extremely-high recoil.
  • Trajector – Most accurate MP, able to deal damage from close to long-range.

Light Machine Guns

  • Havoc – Quickest firing LMG, at the cost of low damage output. Useful for drawing enemy aggro.
  • Relentless – Decent damage and ammo capacity. Versatile LMG, useful in a variety of situations.
  • Sledgehammer – Slow fire-rate, low ammo capacity, but deals incredible damage.


  • Cloudburst – Fast firing, high ammo capacity. Useful for spamming enemies with bullets.
  • Mauler – Low fire-rate, considerable single-bullet damage. The first shot can be fired instantly, making it useful for finishing off single-targets.
  • Torrent – Fast-firing mini-gun. It becomes more accurate with each successive shot.

Grenade Launchers

  • Bombardier – Fires grenades that bounce before exploding.
  • Aftershock – Fires sticky grenades that explode after some time.
  • Lurker – Fires grenades that can be detonated remotely.

Masterwork & Legendary Weapons

Best Gun

Beyond the weapons you’ll encounter in standard drops, there are also Masterwork (Orange) and Legendary (Yellow) weapons.

Masterworks have a chance of dropping from playing any mission on Hard difficulty after level 25 while Legendaries may drop from completing any activity on Grandmaster difficulties. Completing Strongholds on higher difficulties will have an increased chance of dropping powerful loot.

These weapons are much stronger than the ones you’ll find at lower rarities, and each has a definite perk that makes them extremely useful in battle. Here is a list of every weapon:

Assault Rifles

  • Ralner’s Blaze – Hitting an enemy five times sets them on fire. (Derived from Hammerhead)
  • Divine Vengeance – Hitting three enemy weak spots triggers a fiery explosion. (Derived from Warden)
  • Elemental Rage – Hitting an Elite enemy increases elemental damage by 5% for 10 seconds. The effect can be stacked up to 20 times. (Derived from Defender)
  • Pyrrhic Victory – Killing an enemy or hitting them ten times, triggers an air explosion. (Derived from Assault Rifle)

Marksman Rifles

  • Death from Above – Hovering while firing increases weapon damage to enemy weak points by 65%. (Derived from Guardian)
  • Light of The Legion – Using an entire magazine recharges shields. (Derived from Scout)
  • Soothing Touch – Hits reduce recoil by 50% for five seconds. The effect can be stacked up to three times. (Derived from Anvil)
  • Thunderbolt of Yvenia – Has a 33% chance of dealing electric damage when fired. (Derived from Marksman Rifle)

Sniper Rifles

  • Truth of Tarsis – Hitting an enemy’s weak spot while under a status effect triggers a chain combo. (Derived from Devastator)
  • Siege Breaker – Hitting an enemy three or more times causes them to freeze. (Derived from Whirlwind)
  • Wyvern Blitz – Hovering while firing increases weapon damage to enemy weak points by 40%. (Derived from Deadeye)


  • Papa Pump – Reloading increases damage by 150% for five seconds. Effect can be stacked up to 2 times. (Derived from Scattershot)
  • Rolling Carnage – Dashing increases weapon damage by 50% for 20 seconds. The effect can be stacked up to three times. (Derived from Vengeance)
  • Radiant Fortress – Firing eighth shots in a row recharges shields by 35%. (Derived from Constrictor)

Heavy Pistols

  • Avenging Herald – Damage is increased by 200% when hovering. (Derived from Blastback)
  • Glorious Results – Damage increases by 150% for 5 seconds after hitting two enemy weak spots. (Derived from Resolution)
  • Close Encounter – Dashing increases weapon damage by 75% for 10 seconds. (Derived from Barrage)

Machine Pistols

  • Vassa’s Surprise – Recover 25% of magazine ammo after using a melee attack. (Derived from Hailstorm)
  • Retaliation of Garretus – Whenever health is lost, damage increases by 125% for 10 seconds. (Derived from Trajector)
  • Unending Battle – Hitting an Elite or higher enemy at close-range increases weapon and melee damage by 110% for five seconds. (Derived from Fulcrum)

Light Machine Guns

  • Artinia’s Gambit – Creates an explosion of lightning when reloading. (Derived from Relentless)
  • Cycle of Pain – Hitting an enemy increases fire-rate by 10% for 10 seconds. Effect can be stacked up to 10 times. (Derived from Sledgehammer)
  • Renewed Courage – Firing the last bullet in the ammo clip reduces weapon recoil by 50% for the next 20 seconds. Effect can be stacked up to 2 times. (Derived from Havoc)


  • Fist of Stral – Hitting an enemy increases damage by 10% for five seconds. Effect can be stacked up to 10 times. (Derived from Cloudburst)
  • Endless Siege – Magazine size and base damage are both increased by 100%. (Derived from Torrent)
  • The Last Stand – Whenever health is lost, damage increases by 125% for 10 seconds. (Derived from Mauler)

Grenade Launchers

  • Sentinel’s Vengeance – Hitting an enemy triggers an AOE acid attack. (Derived from Aftershock)
  • Insult and Injury – Killing an enemy removes status effects and increases status effect resistance by 75% for 10 seconds. (Derived from Bombardier)
  • Balm of Gavinicus – Hitting two enemies restores 25% armor. (Derived from Lurker)
  • Gawin’s Vengeance – Fires a grenade that breaks up into four smaller grenades upon detonation. (Derived from Grenade Launcher)

Crafting Materials


Aside from weapons, Anthem has a myriad of different crafting components you’ll need to farm to improve your gear. Here’s a list of every crafting material and where you can find it:


  • They are obtained by completing World-Events, Missions, Strongholds, meeting weapon requirements, and increasing Faction Loyalty.
  • Weapon blueprints are upgraded by completing weapon-specific challenges.
  • Javelin abilities are upgraded by completing ability-specific challenges.
  • Weapon sigils are obtained by increasing loyalty with the Arcanists.
  • Ammo and armor components are obtained by increasing loyalty with the Freelancers.
  • Ability and elemental components are obtained by increasing loyalty with the Sentinels.

Weapon Parts

  • Obtained during missions and Freeplay by opening containers.
  • Obtained by dismantling certain weapons.

Javelin Parts

Obtained by salvaging javelin-specific equipment that’s no longer being used.

Chimeric Compound & Chimeric Alloy

  • Obtained during missions and Freeplay by harvesting rocks, minerals, and vegetation.

Uncommon/Rare/Epic/Masterwork Embers

  • Obtained from random drops while harvesting and opening chests during missions and Freeplay.
  • Obtained by dismantling items of different rarities.
  • Obtained by completing Legendary Contracts and Strongholds on higher difficulties.

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