Best Games Like A Way Out

If you like a great co-op experience, you will love this list of the best games like A Way Out. Our list includes some amazing two-player games!

If you’re a fan of Hazelight Studios games like It Takes Two and A Way Out, then keep reading on to discover some other great co-op recommendations.

These kinds of games allow you to work with friends to solve puzzles, beat up bad guys, and make grand discoveries in unique settings.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best games like A Way Out to play in 2024, including two-player co-op games like A Way Out for PC and console.

We’ll be updating this list in the future with new titles, so make sure to check back and let us know if we missed any of your favorite games similar to A Way Out!

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Our first recommendation is a no-brainer for anyone who’s been closely following Hazelight Studios’ commitment to story-driven co-op games like A Way Out.

It Takes Two is the developer’s follow-up to A Way Out and features similar elements of an unlikely duo who find themselves having to work together to achieve their goals.

In it, you and a friend take on the role of an unhappily married couple who fall victim to a magical curse that turns them into a pair of small, hand-made dolls.

Embarking on a fantastical journey spanning multiple genres with action-packed set pieces, the game scratches a similar itch as A Way Out complete with unique challenges and mini-games.

Next up, if you found yourself arguing with your partner-in-crime in A Way Out, why not keep the passionate debates going with another hair-pulling co-op experience.

Overcooked 2 is an arcade-inspired cooking game that sees up to 4-players trying to coordinate and fulfill food orders quickly and efficiently.

This is made more challenging by strict time limits, various kitchen hazards, and your typical chef miscommunications.

Additionally, the sequel introduces the ability to throw ingredients at your fellow chefs from across the level, which can either be beneficial or a total nightmare, depending on your teammates.

If you and your friends had no trouble busting out of prison in A Way Out, why not take on an even bigger challenge by conquering the open seas?

In Sea of Thieves, crews of up to four players can come together to man a ship and set sail for distant islands as they search for treasure, fight skeletons, and battle enemy vessels.

Like A Way Out, the game gives you plenty of opportunities to collaborate during your swashbuckling adventures by fulfilling different roles throughout the ship.

What’s more, Sea of Thieves is one of the fortunate games to feature cross-platform support across PC and Xbox consoles.

Instead of sailing a pirate ship together, you and your buddy can explore the deep stretches of the Milky Way galaxy in Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.

It provides a special mix of shoot ‘em up combat and management gameplay, where players switch between different stations for various tasks.

Each one plays an essential role in keeping your ship in the fight by allowing you to pilot, fire cannons, activate shields and control other weapons and gadgets.

Similar to A Way Out’s multilayered tasks, this encourages players to communicate and divvy up the work to ensure things run as smoothly as possible.

Another co-op-driven game that also happens to be published by EA is Unravel Two, a 2D platformer developed by Coldwood Interactive.

In it, you and a partner take on the role of a pair of adorable yarn creatures called Yarnys as they explore a realistic world full of beauty and danger.

Just like the characters in A Way Out, the Yarnys will have to overcome challenges by working together using a connective thread that binds them together.

This proves useful for running, jumping, and swinging across tricky level environments as you run from ferocious animals, sharp objects, and brutal weather conditions.

If your favorite aspect of playing co-op games like A Way Out is having to communicate with your teammate to succeed, then Operation: Tango is sure to scratch that itch.

The game requires players to complete covert missions where one person is a spy agent and the other is a well-informed hacker.

Together, the two of you will leverage your skills to infiltrate locked-down facilities, gather intel, and ultimately take down an evil megacorp.

Similar to A Way Out, only one individual should possess a copy of Operation: Tango for both parties to engage.

Naturally, Portal 2 is bound to come up anytime we’re discussing standout co-op experiences such as A Way Out.

Outside of the single-player story, the game includes a two-player campaign in which you control robots Atlas and P-Body as they attempt to clear a series of mind-bending test chambers.

Armed with just your portal guns, the two of you will have to mash your mechanical heads together and come up with a plan for defeating the series’ main antagonist, GLaDOS.

What makes Portal so enjoyable and memorable still to this day is the clever writing throughout its dialogue and story as well as the ingenuity of the portal gun mechanics.

We couldn’t let you go without at least one other recommendation that involves breaking out of prison with your partner-in-crime.

The Escapists 2 is a sequel to the top-down game where players are cast as prisoners living their daily lives while searching for a way out of jail.

To escape, players must analyze their surroundings, collect and combine certain objects, and when all else fails, blow up the joint.

If you enjoy this one, we recommend going back to play the original Escapists as well as Team17’s latest title, The Survivalists.

With a distinct art style from A Way Out, Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine is a co-op game filled with vibrant neon colors and an interesting twist.

In it, you and up to three players must put your wits together to pull off a series of scores involving robbing banks, museums, and police stations.

The game is known for its chaotic action-based combat and tactics-driven gameplay that has much in common with A Way Out.

After all, both games revolve around communication, unlawful activity, and cinematic in-game moments that will catch you by surprise.

Alternatively, if you came away from A Way Out craving something a bit more family-friendly that also supports couch co-op, Snipperclips is the game for you.

Developed by SFB Games and published by Nintendo as a Switch exclusive, it presents a much more imaginative take on the puzzle genre.

Up to four players take control of distinct shapes that must be stacked and trimmed down to the size in order to carry out and overcome various challenges.

The genius comes in figuring out what position and shape are best suited for the task at hand and then spending the next ten minutes coordinating with your friend until you get it right.

This next game needs no introduction seeing as the GTA series is about as iconic as third-person action-adventure games come.

And although players are treated to a fantastic single-player campaign in Grand Theft Auto 5, anyone looking for a co-op-driven experience will have to turn to GTA Online.

Like A Way Out, players are thrust into a world of crime where they’ll have to stay one step ahead of the fuzz and join forces with other criminals to pull off increasingly high-stakes jobs.

Chief among these are the Heists, which see a squad of players planning and executing elaborate, multilayered missions that often play out like a Hollywood movie.

Anyone who’s a fan of both co-op games and horror games would probably enjoy diving into Supermassive Games’ latest endeavor, The Dark Pictures Anthology.

Building off of the success and formula of open-ended story games like Until Dawn, each entry presents a dark and unsettling tale with multiple branching paths depending on the player’s choices.

The franchise is set to feature eight standalone games, with the most recent House of Ashes centering on a squad of soldiers who awaken an ancient nightmare.

While single-player by default, the Dark Pictures games include a movie night mode where up to five players can take turns playing as different characters throughout each chapter.

We Were Here Together is another co-op game like A Way Out that sees two characters navigating a complicated relationship in order to survive.

Primarily a puzzle game, it features an immersive first-person POV and engaging story focusing on a couple of explorers who find themselves stranded in a mysterious castle.

Limited to using just walkie-talkies to communicate, you and your partner will have to guide each other through challenging puzzles that require teamwork and cooperation.

Before you give the game a go, we suggest downloading We Were Here, a free pilot episode that acts as a demo of the full game.

In the past, Resident Evil 6 was criticized for its lack of atmosphere and traditional survival horror set-up compared to other entries in the series.

However, coming from A Way Out, you’ll likely appreciate the game’s more action-orientated approach to combat, exploration, and storytelling, particularly in its co-op campaign.

Comprising of four scenarios revolving around the shady Neo Umbrella secret organization, the story sees two players fighting to save humanity from a deadly virus.

It’s admittingly a lot scarier than A Way Out in terms of horror elements but spends a lot of time developing its characters while throwing zombie after zombie your way.

Last up, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a worthy recommendation for anyone who enjoyed playing A Way Out and wants to check out Joseph Fares’ earlier games.

This narrative-driven puzzle-platformer centers on two brothers as they set off on an epic adventure to find and secure a cure for their dying father’s mysterious illness.

Like A Way Out, the game is filled with excitement and discovery along with copious amounts of pain, anger, and love in the face of adversity.

Though it was originally designed to be played by a single person controlling both brothers, the Nintendo Switch version includes support for local co-op.

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