Best Games Like Arma Reforger

Looking for more realistic military shooters? Join us as we go through a list of the best games like Arma Reforger on Steam and other platforms.

The best games like Arma Reforger find ways to keep players immersed in realistic military battles where one wrong move can mean life or death.

While this is fairly common in most modern multiplayer FPS games, the level of realism and detail is more pronounced in games like Arma and similar tactical shooters.

To get a good sense of this particular subgenre, here we’re highlighting the best games like Arma Reforger on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox.

We hope at least one new game catches your eye!

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First up on our list of the best games like Arma Reforger is Rising Front, an indie first-person shooter and WW1 battle simulator by Sandstorm Studios.

In it, players take on the role of soldiers fighting for their lives in accurately simulated WW1 battles centered on trench warfare.

To maximize immersion, the game also includes detailed rag-doll physics, intelligent AI, large-scale battles, and procedural cover and real-time building systems.

Our next suggestion for games like Arma Reforger is Ground Branch, a realistic military FPS created by one of the developers behind the Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon series.

Similar to Arma, the game was conceived as a “thinking man’s first-person shooter,” complete with robust character and weapon customization systems.

To this point, players can equip a wide range of attachments to weapons and equipment while assuming the role of elite paramilitary soldiers carrying out special ops across the globe.

This next recommendation will feel like a no-brainer to anyone who enjoys Arma Reforger but warrants highlighting just the same.

Despite releasing in 2013 by Bohemia Interactive, Arma 3 is just as impressive today and offers one of the most immersive and massive military sandboxes in gaming.

On top of that, it boasts a wide selection of single and multiplayer content that sees you working with a squad to complete objectives in the face of enemies.

Speaking of squads, the entire premise of Squad is to join forces with other players and take on the role of different competing factions.

This involves US Army, Russian Ground, and British Army forces fighting in battles with up to 100 players, which require coordination, strategy, and preparation.

As such, bases can be fortified with sandbags, razor wires, and other defensive measures while teams can communicate using integrated VoIP.

Hell Let Loose is another popular tactical shooter like Arma Reforger that offers realistic wartime scenarios at a massive scale.

In it, dozens of players pick a side and role before strategizing to complete their objective before the opposing team.

This unfolds across 9 extensive maps with space for tanks and ground units manned by authentic human players and not bots.

By this point, CS: GO is an FPS staple that deserves a spot on any list of games like Arma Reforger.

Like many of the games already mentioned, it features objective-based modes that require players to communicate and utilize equipment as attackers or defenders.

The game has greatly benefitted from a host of new maps, operators, weapons, and mods that have come out since its official release in 2012.

Moving right along, Insurgency: Sandstorm is a tactical team-based FPS game like Arma Reforger that offers immersive and detailed warfare gameplay.

The premise of this game is that you and your squad are trapped in a war-torn Middle East and must fight to secure resources while minimizing casualties.

Doing so requires coordination between allies as you navigate sprawling maps as a unit and engage in firefights with fine-tuned ballistics when necessary.

Next up on our list of the best games like Arma Reforger is Operation: Harsh Doorstep, a free-to-play and mod-friendly shooter by Drakeling Labs.

In it, players take on the role of military soldiers and play out battles across a wide array of maps and modes with the flexibility to add your own through modding.

This is where Operation: Harsh Doorstop truly shines, allowing you to change just about any aspect of the game to create an entirely new experience.

While it may not be the most recent game in the series, Ghost Recon Wildlands is by far the finest entry to date when it comes to games like Arma Reforger.

This is due to the high level of detail found in its environments, vehicle physics, and weapon ballistics with room for further customization.

The best way to experience everything Wildlands has to offer is through a cinematic campaign and 4v4 class-based multiplayer.

Rainbow Six Siege is another FPS staple that will appeal to fans of Arma Reforger while emphasizing teamwork across modes like bomb defuse, hostage rescue, and asset protection.

With that said, there’s still plenty of flexibility when it comes to honing in on a particular playstyle by leveraging each Operator’s kit.

This is where Siege’s destructible environments come into play, allowing you to reshape parts of the map to gain a tactical advantage.

If you’re in the market for another tactical first-person shooter like Arma Reforger, Ready or Not is a fine alternative that’s currently in Steam Early Access.

The main focus of this game is recreating realistic combat situations based on active shooters, bomb threats, and hostage negotiations.

This is done with teams of up to four players competing for points based on their ability to protect civilians and eliminate threats using both lethal and non-lethal measures.

Our final suggestion for the best games like Arma Reforger is PUBG: Battlegrounds, a game that needs no introduction considering its massive playerbase.

While not as sim-focused as games like Arma, it does incorporate projectile ballistics into combat, providing a semblance of realism not found in most popular shooters.

Considering the game is free-to-play, Arma fans have nothing to lose by giving this one a try; maybe you’ll land yourself a chicken dinner.

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