Best Games Like Deep Rock Galactic

Want more rock and stone? Check out this list of the best games like Deep Rock Galactic on Steam and other platforms.

Developed by Ghost Ship Games and published by Coffee Stain, Deep Rock Galactic is one of the best online co-op FPS games to come out in the past decade.

In it, players are cast as foul-mouthed dwarves on a mission to gather minerals and shoot alien bugs while unlocking new weapons, upgrades, and most importantly, cool hats.

Anyone looking for similar games is encouraged to follow along as we highlight the best games like Deep Rock Galactic on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

These titles feature similar PvE combat as Deep Rock Galactic while emphasizing teamwork, looting and shooting, and digging your way out of trouble.

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One of our most anticipated co-op titles and a worthy alternative to Deep Rock Galactic, Marauders is a new tactical multiplayer FPS by Small Impact Games.

Players take on the role of space pirates working together in a squad to navigate deadly war zones across the deep stretches of space.

Gameplay is focused on exploring various frigates to find weapons, gear, and other loot while fending off enemy players and AI in tense shootouts.

To survive, players must watch each other’s backs and divvy up tasks like piloting the ship and manning gun turrets to avoid getting raided by other squads.

Courtesy of Pet Project Games and 3D Realms, Ripout is an online co-op horror FPS that sees players fighting their way through procedurally generated ships overrun with alien mutants.

The goal of each mission is to exterminate threats, gather loot from each vessel, and use it to customize your character and upgrade your pet gun companion.

Like Deep Rock, the game encourages cooperation with room for defining your playstyle and using unique skills to help bolster teammates.

To this point, Ripout offers numerous character specializations and equally varied enemy types across brief missions lasting between 10-20 minutes.

While strictly single-player, Adaca is an atmospheric FPS inspired by games like Half-Life that shares some similarities with Deep Rock Galactic.

In it, you play as a mercenary who emerges from cryo-sleep to find one of their arms has been replaced with a robotic prosthetic capable of force-manipulating objects.

This comes in handy while battling mobs of enemies using an arsenal of weapons that includes both guns and loose objects in the environment.

Your arm can also be used to solve puzzles and explore the world, adding to Adaca’s old-school sci-fi influence while building on its premise in fun new ways.

Next up is the fantasy-themed Borderlands spin-off Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, an action RPG that doubles down on the FPS combat and ridiculous writing the series is known for.

Loosely modeled after tabletop role-playing games, it sees 1-4 players working together to complete quests across a sprawling overworld with dynamic combat encounters.

Similar to Deep Rock Galactic, players pick from an array of character classes that can be enhanced further using upgrades and procedurally generated weapons.

If you’re new to Borderlands or on the fence about playing the spin-off, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much of the franchise’s DNA is on display here.

Of course, an even better place to start if you’re looking to dive headfirst into the Borderlands games is the most recent installment, Borderlands 3.

Carrying on the franchise’s tradition of over-the-top, FPS combat with looter shooter progression and co-op-driven gameplay, Borderlands 3 is a worthy recommendation for Deep Rock fans.

Set 7 years after Borderlands 2, the game has you returning to the barren wasteland of Pandora where a new batch of eccentric and charismatic bad guys plot their next evil plan.

Much like Deep Rock Galactic, the game showcases a broad array of mission types, weapon modifications, damage impacts, and upgrades to shake things up and customize your playstyle.

If you and your Deep Rock crew are hungry for more cave-digging adventures, it might be time to consider picking up a VR headset to play Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder.

This co-op-supported action-adventure title drops players in the Wildland Valleys with big dreams of finding treasure while exploring old mines, caves, and ruins.

Any precious items you find can be traded in to unlock new tools, upgrades, and locations housing even more resources, foes, and mysteries.

Most of the devices and improvements will seem familiar to individuals who have experienced Deep Rock previously, making it an excellent option for VR gaming.

At its core, Deep Rock Galactic is about joining a crew and venturing into the unknown to kill bugs, gather resources, and make it back alive.

Another game that follows this same format is Aliens: Fireteam Elite, a co-op horror shooter that tasks 1-3 players with exploring space colonies infested with aliens.

Players are given several class specializations to pick from, each with its own weapons, abilities, and customizations that can be expanded further by leveling up.

Missions play out similarly to that of Deep Rock’s as teams try to cover each other’s backs and leverage their class’s strengths while mowing down wave after wave of aliens.

We’ve heard Deep Rock Galactic described as “Left 4 Dead with bugs,” and while there’s a lot more to it than that, the sentiment is completely accurate.

With that in mind, there’s a good chance fans of Ghost Ship Games’ co-op shooter will enjoy other L4D-inspired titles like Back 4 Blood.

Billed as a spiritual successor from Turtle Rock Studios, the same developer behind L4D, it sees teams making their way through zombie-infested levels with an arsenal of weapons.

Much like in Deep Rock, players can expect to encounter standard fodder enemies along with more powerful special zombie types that require different tactics to defeat.

The next entry on our list is Void Bastards, a retro-style FPS that takes its cues from classics like System Shock and BioShock while sporting vibrant comic book visuals.

Unlike those aforementioned titles, Void Bastards functions as a roguelike strategy-shooter that relies on procedural generation and run-based progression.

Each playthrough has you exploring a series of derelict spaceships to scavenge supplies, eliminate threats, and upgrade your equipment.

Like in Deep Rock, just about any problem can be solved with enough firepower, though different tools and gadgets allow you to change up your tactics as well.

Gunfire Reborn is another colorful FPS that combines roguelite run-based progression with looter shooter elements and satisfying gunplay reminiscent of Deep Rock Galactic.

In each playthrough, you take on the role of one of many animal classes before setting off a thrilling adventure spanning multiple dungeons and boss fights.

Along the way, you’ll have to battle diverse enemy types with unique attack patterns, weapon drops, and items designed to help broaden your combat options.

At the same time, Gunfire Reborn makes some of these upgrades permanent to help provide you with a sense of steady progression as you master its robust systems.

Rounding out our list of cel-shaded FPS games like Deep Rock Galactic, we suggest picking up Roboquest, a fast-paced roguelite looter shooter.

In it, you and a buddy assume control over rebooted robots on a mission to wipe out enemy drones while unlocking new upgrades and weapons.

Environments are randomly generated and will throw an assortment of both fodder and big bad boss enemies that demand constant movement and firepower.

Similar to Deep Rock’s space rig, the game features a basecamp where players can acquire new gear and upgrades as well as customize their loadout between runs.

From foul-mouthed dwarves to rough and rowdy rednecks, our next suggestion is Immortal Redneck, an arcade-inspired FPS by indie studio Crema.

Serving as a love letter to games like Doom, it sets up a ridiculous premise wherein you play as a redneck tourist who wakes up in ancient Egypt surrounded by mummies.

From there, the game is a nonstop rollercoaster of bullet-fueled mayhem with roguelite progression that sees you unlocking new gear, weapons, and modifiers.

In terms of classes, Immortal Redneck has Deep Rock beat, offering 9 unique specializations and over 50 different weapons ranging from standard to outright bizarre firearms.

Straying from strictly first-person POV games for a moment, Risk of Rain 2 is a solid recommendation for anyone who likes the unpredictability of Deep Rock’s missions.

It expands on the format of the original Risk of Rain while piling on more energetic and frantic combat with procedurally generated 3D environments.

Runs generally cover a host of unique biomes with various mobs and bosses to tackle using unique gear picked up along the way.

Additionally, players can spend in-game coins to upgrade their character’s abilities belonging to one of 14 unlockable classes in the game.

Considering on higher Hazard levels Deep Rock Galactic becomes about as tough as Dark Souls, it seems only right to recommend a game directly influenced by the series.

Designed for up to 3 players, Remnant: From The Ashes is a third-person shooter with a dark fantasy aesthetic and challenging Soulslike combat.

In it, teams travel to different evil dimensions to gather resources and slay powerful bosses using a vast arsenal of weapons and abilities.

Each one can be further improved by combining materials to craft new modifiers, upgrades, and other enhancements back at your camp.

Another enjoyable space-themed co-op title with loads of content to play through with friends is No Man’s Sky, an open-world survival crafting game by Hello Games.

Now far from its less than stellar launch, NMS is in a much better state thanks to years of updates adding player-requested features and quality-of-life improvements.

These range from base-building to crossplay support, modding capabilities, and more elements that have helped round out gameplay to make for a more welcoming experience.

This is great news for Deep Rock players looking to dive into another sci-fi FPS with aliens and procedurally generated worlds.

A beloved co-op crime classic, Payday 2 has you assembling a crew to pull off elaborate heists and rob jewelry stores, banks, and art galleries blind.

The game supports up to 4 players looking to earn as much money as they can for upgrading gear and customizing characters by carrying out contracts.

Like Deep Rock, missions in Payday 2 offer plenty of room for collaboration using teammates’ diverse mix of skills and equipment.

Having been around for years, the game features an extensive number of DLC add-ons that introduce new weapons, maps, cosmetics, and modifiers.

Our final suggestion to Deep Rock players is Destiny 2, a multiplayer shooter that offers similar social elements and seasonally-based progression.

In it, you and your team take on the role of Guardians, space defenders tasked with protecting the last beacon of humanity in the face of alien warfare.

Combat is largely similar to that of Deep Rock, only instead of specialized equipment, players wield different superpowers tied to their class’s playstyle.

While much of Destiny 2’s content is PvP focused, there are tons of PvE missions as well, including 3-man strikes and 6-man raids with powerful end-game rewards.

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