Best Games Like Hogwarts Legacy

Looking for more magic-fueled action? We’ve got you covered with the best games like Hogwarts Legacy on Steam and other platforms.

Anyone who can stand wand-to-wand with the most powerful wizards at Hogwarts and come out victorious is welcome to try the best games like Hogwarts Legacy.

From spell-casting action RPGs to potion crafting games and everything in between, we’ve got something for every kind of magical appetite.

So, keep reading on to discover the best games like Hogwarts Legacy on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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First up on our list of the best games like Hogwarts Legacy is Little Witch Nobeta, an indie action RPG with Soulslike combat that prioritizes magic.

The story centers on a cute witch tasked with exploring a mysterious castle overrun with spirits, monsters, and other enemies.

Battles feature both melee and magical attacks, with your character able to cast elemental spells using a projectile-firing staff that can be charged up for a powerful blast.

Swapping Harry Potter lore for Slavic mythology, Black Book is a dark fantasy adventure RPG about a young witch waging war with an army of evil forces.

Guiding Vasilisa, players set off on a harrowing journey to recover the eponymous Black Book, an ancient relic with the ability to grant wishes.

Leveraging card-based attacks, you’ll fend off demons, perform exorcisms, and shield allies across the rural countryside in hopes of bringing back Vasilisa’s deceased lover.

Our next recommendation for the top games similar to Hogwarts Legacy is the puzzle adventure game Little Witch in The Woods.

Similar to a student at Hogwarts, the narrative portrays you as a youthful sorceress embarking on a mystical apprenticeship.

As such, your in-game days are spent studying, hanging out with friends, collecting crafting materials, and exploring a vibrant pixel art world.

What if instead of attending Hogwarts, you were in charge of the place?

That’s the pitch for Spellcaster University, an academy simulator that has you donning the mantle of magic university director.

Building your school from the ground up, you’ll decide the budget and staff, and even lead classes on magical subjects such as potion making, spell casting, necromancy, etc.

Speaking of making potions, what about a game focused almost entirely on the process of cooking up concoctions using magical ingredients?

In Potion Craft, you take up the practice of alchemy and get to work combining rare and exotic materials to set out for sale in your own shop.

As word gets around town, customers will come in to browse your wares, make special requests, and give you money you can use to upgrade the business.

Next up on our list of the best games like Hogwarts Legacy is a true RPG classic, the original Pillars of Eternity by Obsidian Entertainment.

You begin by choosing among six character classes with playstyles that can be further specified by focusing on one of five main abilities.

This personalized sense of progression is further complemented by story-rich gameplay shaped by your choices and robust combat with a ton of magical depth.

Fictorum is another action RPG that has a lot in common with games like Hogwarts Legacy while taking a darker route with its story by default.

In it, you assume control of a powerful wizard on a vengeful mission to tear down an evil empire using every spell up their sleeve.

What sets it apart from other entries on this list is its destructible terrain and distinct combat mechanics in which you shape spells in real time before sending them to their target.

Any Harry Potter fan can recall the wonder and excitement in the boy wizard’s eyes when he first discovered he could perform magic.

To recapture that feeling, we suggest playing Mages of Mystralia, a fantasy adventure game about a young girl who also finds out she’s gifted.

In an effort to hone her skills, she sets off on an epic journey filled with mages, puzzles, enemies, and runes that can be harnessed to unlock new powers.

In our Potion Permit review, we celebrated the indie RPG for its relaxing mix of puzzle and life sim gameplay as well as its light combat and management systems.

The premise is as follows: you’re a chemist sent to an isolated village to treat illnesses using natural ingredients that can only be combined via Tetris-like puzzles.

However, standing in your way are the locals themselves, who have grown distrusting of outsiders ever since a catastrophic event many years ago.

If you’re on a quest to find more story-driven games like Hogwarts Legacy, look no further than Wylde Flowers, a farming/life sim by Studio Drydock.

In it, you take on the role of a witch-in-training as she uses magic and charm to grow a farm and win the undying affection of her neighbors.

Along with tending to crops and brewing potions, you can purchase furniture and other decorations to embellish your home like it was the Room of Requirement.

When it comes to magic, Disney is the only other high-profile franchise that has Harry Potter beat.

To prove it, we suggest giving Disney Dreamlight Valley a whirl and witnessing for yourself just how captivating the magical world of Mickey Mouse can be.

After designing your character, you’re thrust into an adventure where you’ll use magical powers and a bit of elbow great to restore the Valley to its former glory.

This next one is a solid recommendation for anyone who considers themselves a fan of the Harry Potter movies.

Retelling the story of each book, the Lego Harry Potter Collection chronicles the boy wizard’s life during Years 1-4 and 5-7, respectively.

Like the films, the humor is very family-friendly while taking on a more whimsical tone with various magical gags and funny secrets.

The Sims 4 has been around for a long time and continues to receive some truly great expansions that introduce new items and activities tied to different themes.

One of our favorites has to be Realm of Magic, an add-on that piggybacks off of The Sims 4 Vampires to tell a new story about the ongoing rivalry between wizards and vampires.

To help tip the scales in your favor, you must strengthen your Sim’s bloodline with wizard offspring, in turn unlocking powerful new abilities to wield against foes.

While not quite the smash-hit Hogwarts Legacy was at launch, Magicka has experienced a slow-burning rise to fame among magic-obsessed gamers.

As such, the original is considered a cult classic by many and was later followed up with an even better sequel that expands upon the formula.

In this game, up to four individuals become wizards on a mission to eliminate evil from the world by casting spells based on elements to defeat foes, including fellow players.

Blending magical combat with roguelike progression, Wizard of Legend is among the best games like Hogwarts Legacy.

The story centers on an up-and-coming wizard on a mission to prove themselves by completing a series of magic-centric trials.

This means exploring trap-filled dungeons to face the mightiest mages and learning from their abilities to improve your spells and skills.

Favorably described as the most accessible FromSoftware title to date, Elden Ring is still no slouch in the combat department.

Enemies will sneak up behind you, unleash powerful one-hit kill attacks, and in many cases, cause you to lose hours of progress.

Thankfully, the challenge is made a lot easier by relying on magical spells that feel tailor-made for classes like the Astrologer or Prophet.

If you’re in the mood for a great open-world game like Hogwarts Legacy, look no further than the critically-acclaimed action RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

There isn’t much about this game that hasn’t been said already as it offers one of the most visually captivating open worlds in gaming history.

On top of that, it shares several elements with games like Hogwarts Legacy in terms of combat, with Geralt casting spells to weaken his foes and power his attacks.

Concluding our list of the best games like Hogwarts Legacy, we have none other than The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

This is another game whose design has been praised and well-documented over the years just because of how simply satisfying it can be to play.

There’s a ton of room for exploring different playstyles, magical powers, and tactics that will take you across sprawling environments.

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