Best Games Like Stardew Valley

Do you enjoy farming games like Stardew Valley? Then check out this list of the best games similar to Stardew Valley!

Stardew Valley offers hundreds of hours of casual and relaxing gameplay centered on managing your own farm in a quaint little town.

And even though players should have no problem finding new crops, animals, or amenities to add to their farm, at some point, it’ll be time to move on to a new game.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best games like Stardew Valley to play in 2023 on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.

We’ll be updating this list in the future with new titles, so make sure to check back and let us know if we missed any of your favorite games similar to Stardew Valley!

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Searching for a new farming RPG with 2D pixel art like Stardew Valley? Look no further than Sun Haven, currently available in Steam Early Access.

The game casts you as a new resident in a vibrant medieval town populated by people who come from all walks of life looking for a fresh start.

Taking on the role of a farmer, miner, fisher, craftsman, and even mage, you’ll discover your true calling while working hard to upgrade your farm, restore shops, and recruit new residents.

Sun Haven features three explorable regions, fifteen romanceable characters, hundreds of player customization options, and supports online multiplayer for up to eight players.

If you enjoy growing your own crops and nurturing a deep connection with Stardew’s world, then Grow: Song of the Evertree is another game worth checking out.

Set in a magical world, the game sees you taking on the role of an Everheart Alchemist assigned the ancestral task of caring for the Evertree.

As you travel across the vast Worlds of Alaria, you’ll discover unique locations teeming with fauna and flora as well as minerals, fish, and bugs you can collect.

Over time, you’ll craft new tools and decorations to share with characters you meet as well as listen to their stories, lend them a hand, and help build the town of your dreams.

No Place Like Home is a farming sim RPG currently in Steam Early Access that checks many of the same boxes as Stardew Valley.

In it, you play as one of the few remaining humans on Earth after most of the population leaves for Mars.

Equipped with a powerful vacuum-like device, you’ll set out to explore the world, clean the environment, and use recycled resources to craft new tools and equipment.

The game also includes the ability to domesticate animals, build up your village, grow a farm using scavenged seeds, and use crops to cook delicious meals.

Despite releasing under a different name, the Harvest Moon series is still receiving new games that continue the satisfying formula that inspired the creation of Stardew Valley.

Pioneers of Olive Town is the latest installment and sees you following in your grandfather’s footsteps by taking over the family farm and contributing to a peaceful community.

To be successful, you’ll have to work tirelessly to plant crops, raise animals, and build relationships with the residents of your new home.

All the while, you’ll be improving Olive Town’s infrastructure by clearing land, repairing old facilities, and building new ones using upgraded tools.

If you’ve ever dreamed of passing down your Stardew farm to future generations, then Kynseed is the perfect sandbox life sim RPG for you.

In it, you’ll set out to raise a family, grow a farm, and run your own shops while exploring a vibrant world where everyone ages.

As time passes, so will your character, allowing you to step into their children’s shoes and carry on the family legacy.

Like Stardew, you can keep animals as pets and develop relationships with NPCs who have their own lives and will remember your actions.

Much like Stardew Valley, Verdant Skies takes a few cues from life sim farming games like Harvest Moon while creating its own unique experience using modern features and deep storytelling.

In it, you are assigned with making sure the prosperity of an expanding colony filled with various NPCs you can become friends with and even have a romantic relationship with.

Players can hone their farming skills to create perfect crop hybrids using a gene-splicing machine as well as spend days painting, making pottery, fishing, cooking, and more.

Additionally, both Stardew Valley and Verdant Skies support modding on PC, allowing players to replace artwork, add new characters to the game, and unlock new tips.

Len’s Island is an open-world survival game that sees you carving out a new life for yourself on a beautiful island teeming with as much wonder as Stardew Valley.

Explore the island’s mysteries by dungeon crawling through caves, hiking through forests, and constructing homes and farms.

When you’re not tending to crops or adding expansions to your humble abode, you’ll set out to meet different characters and battle enemies that may cross your path.

The game uses a streamlined, modular building system that will make even the most novice designers feel like seasoned builders.

Animal Crossing has been around for years and Nintendo really nailed it with the latest installment, New Horizons, released for the Switch in 2020.

Like Stardew, the game is committed to letting players tailor things to their liking, whether that means decorating rooms and furniture or interacting with certain NPCs.

New Horizons takes the classic AC formula to new heights by introducing crafting and the ability to modify islands with paths, rivers, and cliffs.

While there are also many new items to catalog, animals to befriend, and loans to pay off, you’re still encouraged to take things one day at a time.

Hokko Life is currently in Steam Early Access and sees you playing as a kid transported to a magical town where animals can walk, talk, and request favors.

After taking over the old workshop, you’ll get started on crafting unique furniture and decorations for you and all your neighbors.

When you’re not hammering away at your workbench, you can explore Stardew-like activities like fishing, bug collecting, farming, and more.

What sets Hokko Life apart from games like Animal Crossing and The Sims is its expanded customization tool that lets players fine-tune decorations to create personalized furniture.

My Time at Portia is another excellent farming game with life sim and RPG elements that takes place in a bright and colorful rural town.

Like Stardew Valley, the gameplay is split between managing and upgrading a farm, using resources to craft new tools, and exploring nearby caves.

There are also NPC villagers that will ask you to complete various favors, and other side activities to explore such as fishing and taking care of farm animals.

It also takes a similar open-ended approach in regards to progression, allowing you to focus on what you love doing most and take things at your own pace.

Moonlighter shares Stardew’s colorful pixel art aesthetic while introducing some fun new activities like shopkeeping and dungeon crawling.

In it, you play as a shopkeeper spends days tending to customers and upgrading gear before setting off on adventures during the night.

Moonlighter’s combat is a lot more involved than Stardew Valley, with your character having access to a dodge roll and several different weapon types.

As a shopkeeper, you can set prices for goods, change the appearance of your store, and deal with shoplifters however you see fit.

Next up, Slime Rancher is a playful farming game with monster tamer elements that tasks you with managing an alien ranch populated by cute slime creatures.

Your job is to catch slimes, bring them back to your ranch, and feed them various foods until they create ‘Plorts,’ the game’s main currency and method for upgrading your farm and tools.

While there aren’t any NPCs to charm, you’ll find every slime variant possesses unique characteristics and behaviors ranging from endearing to downright terrifying.

Additionally, specific slime may turn aggressive when placed near each other, thus it is important to observe their actions and implement actions to prevent one slime from eliminating the others.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 has you reprising your role as the legendary builder tasked with restarting civilization in a world where nearly every person has lost the ability to build things.

As you learn new recipes and expand your village, you’ll attract more NPCs to your fledgling colony willing to lend you their expertise.

The sequel introduces new features such as more natural-looking environments, new glide and dive abilities, dynamic water collection, and online multiplayer.

Like Stardew, the game includes a co-op mode where players can visit each other’s island, start building together, or simply check out their friends’ creations. 

World’s Dawn is one of the most similar games to Stardew Valley on this list, in that it shares many of the same gameplay elements found in the Harvest Moon series.

Set in a seaside village called Sugar Blossom, this charming social sim is home to a cast of interesting and diverse characters that can be fun to get to know and even romance.

It features farming duties such as harvesting crops and caring for livestock with the ability to customize your farmhouse and participate in local events.

Even though the game’s content starts to run dry after completing your first in-game year, there’s enough variety to keep you entertained for about 30 hours or so.

As its title suggests, Farm Together is a farming management game that focuses on co-op, including both local split-screen and online.

Similar to Stardew Valley, players can customize the look of their character and farm as well as fences, roads, tractor, and more.

It streamlines a lot of the repetitive aspects of traditional farming games by giving you a tractor to speed up the process of harvesting crops.

If you’re looking for a great farming game like Stardew to play with friends, you’ll love Farm Together’s approach to multiplayer, which allows you to set custom parameters for how other players can interact with your farm.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is an open-world adventure game that features colorfully stylized visuals and relaxing gameplay.

It takes place on a sprawling island composed of eight distinct environments ranging from warm tropical beaches to snow-capped mountains and everything in between.

Your main goal is to help the island prosper by participating in different activities such as farming, crafting, cooking, and fishing, as well as building relationships with NPCs.

Like Stardew, the game has a day/night cycle and shifting seasons that will determine which flora and fauna you encounter while playing.

Garden Paws combines management sim gameplay with open-ended exploration and the ability to play as one of several small and cuddly woodland creatures.

Gameplay is split between tending to a farm, expanding your business, acquiring new resources, and exploring nearby caves, beaches, and forests for hidden treasure.

Players can open up a shop to sell wares and take on a myriad of hobbies like fishing, cooking, and raising other animals.

The more you upgrade your island’s amenities, the more residents will come sailing in to check out your goods and go sightseeing.

Portal Knights is a sandbox action RPG that, like Stardew, supports both local and online multiplayer.

In it, you take on the role of a customizable Ranger, Warrior, and Mage before setting off on an adventure spanning multiple worlds with unique biomes.

Gameplay and progression are fairly flexible, allowing you to focus on activities you enjoy most like growing a farm, exploring, or taking on tough bosses.

There’s also a crafting system that gives you the tools to build castles, shops, or really anything your brain can imagine.

Best described as a medieval cemetery management sim, Graveyard Keeper sees you running a graveyard operation that eventually expands into other fields.

You can stick to burying bodies in the ground or start cashing in on all that extra meat by selling remains to the local butcher.

At times, you may find yourself having to cut costs just to keep the business afloat, resulting in morally grey choices that can be tough to grapple with.

Do you invest in quality ingredients for potions or just use whatever you can scrounge up in nearby caves and creeks, possibly poisoning the entire village in the process?

There aren’t many games that combine farming and monster taming to as great of an effect as Ooblets.

This light-hearted life sim draws influence from popular series like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and Pokémon while injecting its own cozy charm and aesthetic.

In it, you assume control over a customizable character living in a world where humans and adorable creatures called “ooblets” live peacefully with one another.

Like Stardew, there are a lot of activities to explore, including growing new ooblets variants by planting seeds in your personal garden.

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