Best Halo Infinite Easter Eggs

Halo Infinite contains a lot of easter eggs. This list shows you the absolute best Halo Infinite easter eggs!

Aside from being one of the best first-person shooters, Halo has a well-documented history of including numerous easter eggs and secrets throughout the series.

Halo: Infinite continues this trend, with 343 Industries finding new and inventive ways to keep skulls and other secret items tucked away from players.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best Halo Infinite easter eggs to keep an eye out for as you make your way around Zeta Halo.

We’ll be updating this list in the future with even more secrets, so make sure to check back and let us know if we missed any of your favorite easter eggs in Halo: Infinite!

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The giant sandwich can be found in one of Halo Infinite’s many caves just south of the Spire on the game’s fourth island.

After heading inside, players will have to navigate through a secret entrance using their grappling hook until stumbling upon the colossal-sized hoagie.

It’s surrounded by a group of Grunts who appear to be worshipping the sandwich, which seems oddly fitting for such a larger-than-life hero.

Craig the Brute quickly became an internet sensation back in July 2020 when 343 Industries first showed off gameplay of Halo Infinite before delaying the game to fix a litany of issues.

It appears that in that time, Craig was turned into an easter egg of sorts, as players continue to find references to him all over Zeta Halo, including musical paraphernalia.

After entering an air vehicle like a Wasp or Banshee, players can venture to the top of the Tower and find a stage, instrument, album, and poster indicating Craig’s current rock star status.

Early on in the campaign as well as on the multiplayer map Streets, players can find groups of arcade machines, including one based on Halo Infinite itself.

In the campaign, it can be found behind Outpost Tremonius by following a path to the left of the Outpost while facing the main structure.

While you’re not able to interact with the machine, it will play a retro-inspired take of the game’s main theme, which is pretty cool.

A reference to the now-infamous multiplayer map that was first introduced in Halo: Combat Evolved and popularized by the Red vs. Blue web series can be found in one of the Banished Outposts in Halo Infinite’s campaign.

To find the hologram, players must first travel to the Banished Outpost Riven Gate on Halo Infinite’s fourth island and make their way through an underground passage.

Eventually, they’ll come across a section with some crates stacked up and a hologram depicting the Blood Gulch map hidden behind them.

This next easter egg is likely to go over the heads of most players who aren’t familiar with the animated TV show Rick & Morty.

On Halo Infinite’s first island, players can discover a mysterious box within the Tower close to the Craig easter egg and one of Infinite’s many hidden skulls.

The box in question is a reference to Mr. Meeseeks, one of the more eccentric Rick & Morty characters who’s prone to creating chaos everywhere he goes.

About halfway through Halo Infinite’s campaign, players are given a mission that sends them to various beacons across the ring.

Near one of those beacons on the fourth island, you can find an extremely well-hidden easter egg by traveling through a hexagonal tunnel and grappling up through a tiny hole to a secret cave.

Here, you’ll find what appears to be a UNSC Marine’s secret game room, complete with an original Xbox and pile of tasty snacks.

Throughout Zeta Halo, players can also find a bunch of adorable plushie dolls based on notable Halo characters including Master Chief, Cortana, the Arbiter, Pilot, and Didact.

They can be found in several different spots across the map, with some locations directly connected to the character’s role in the series.

Most interesting is the fact that these dolls are the only form of reference to certain characters that otherwise don’t appear in Halo Infinite.

Dubbed “Peanut” by a 343 employee after it was posted about online, this gopher can be discovered in one of Halo Infinite’s early campaign missions.

While walking through a dark storage room filled with slates depicting humanoid figures, players can see Peanut hanging out in the lower levels.

Certainly one of the stranger easter eggs to discover, given the creepy feel of the room it was found in.

Seeing as this easter egg is literally invisible, it’s easier to describe using video, which should also come in hand if you plan on finding it for yourself since the Scorpion Gun tends to be quite finicky.

It can be obtained directly after arriving on Zeta Halo’s surface by clearing out all enemies from the Outpost Tremonius and walking around the nearby wreckage until you see a prompt to pick it up.

Once equipped, the invisible gun will seemingly fire just like a Scorpion Tank, dealing massive amounts of damage, even on higher difficulties.

Another easter egg involving a tank, this one is triggered by calling down a Scorpion tank, only for a UNSC Marine to clue you into its name: Sheila.

This is another smart mention of the web series Red vs. Blue, where a tank with the same name goes with the Blue Team to fight.

There’s even a related campaign achievement called “Bring Sheila Home Safely,” which requires you to complete the mission “The Road” without letting Sheila get destroyed.

This next easter egg makes a great deal more sense if you played the first Metal Gear Solid on the original PlayStation back in the day.

In it, the villain Psycho Mantis is given the ability to read players’ minds and predict their movements unless they happen to plug their controller into the second port.

It would appear Halo Infinite’s Grunts are fans of Kojima’s work, seeing as they think this same tactic could be used to bring down Master Chief himself.

Last but not least, this is an ongoing easter egg throughout the Halo franchise in which climbing to one of the highest points in the map triggers a certain music theme to start playing.

In the case of Halo Infinite, players are treated to the instantly recognizable main theme, complete with Gregorian monk chanting and a breathtaking view of Zeta Halo.

Great for when you’re feeling a bit nostalgic for classic Halo or need to unwind after a long day of hunting down easter eggs.

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