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Do you like Minecraft? We do! Here is our list of the best Minecraft mods to have right now. They're a must-have for Minecraft after all.

Released in 2011, Minecraft has gone on to become one of the most popular gaming franchises to date. The Microsoft-owned property has been widely praised for sparking players’ creativity with its complex crafting systems and open-ended gameplay.

Part of Minecraft’s continued success can be attributed to its modding community, where passionate fans with a bit of technical know-how create and share tools with other players. Just do a quick search of Minecraft mods online, and you’ll be rewarded with a seemingly endless amount of options that range from boosting performance to creating a world made entirely out of candy.

With so many options available for PC players to enrich their block-building adventures, we thought we’d highlight some of the best Minecraft mods to help spice up your experience. We’ll be updating this list in the future with new mods, so make sure to check back.

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If this is your first time exploring the world of modding, you should know that it’s always best to have one program designed for managing your mods and making sure none of them conflict with each other. Minecraft Forge does just that while also making it much easier to create new mods.

This is the foundation for a majority of popular Minecraft mods you’ll find online and has become the default tool for customizing the game. Additionally, Forge receives a new update every time Minecraft does, thus ensuring it’s always compatible with the latest version.

These mods take into consideration players on both ends of the gaming spectrum. Those with high-end PCs looking to push Minecraft’s blocky visuals to their limits should check out Optifine, a mod that adds support for HD textures as well as more control over the game’s graphical options.

On the contrary, players with lower-end machines, especially those with multiple mods installed, should check out Fastcraft; this mod greatly improves performance without affecting gameplay. If you’re someone whose rig falls somewhere in the middle, consider installing both in order to get the best experience possible.

As great as Minecraft is, its default map could use some work. The JourneyMap mod makes getting around much easier, providing you with a detailed view of the world in both mini-map and full-size versions. Mapping takes place in real-time, ensuring you always have up to the minute info on important locations while exploring.

With JourneyMap installed, you’re able to automatically generate maps for any world at the start of your session, allowing you to pinpoint exactly where you want to go. Compatible with both single-player and multi-player worlds, this mod allows you to identify nearby monsters, animals, villagers, pets, named mobs, and other players.

Once you’ve spent enough time with Minecraft’s default block types, you may find yourself craving some more options for decorating your latest creation. Here we’ve included two options that, when combined, greatly increases the selection of block types at your disposal.

With the Chisel mod, you’ll be able to craft more decorative blocks like Energized Voidstone, Cloud Blocks, Concrete, along with many more. Carpenter’s Blocks is a similar mod that includes different block types as well as the ability to create slopes in-game.

Minecraft is a game where you’re constantly obtaining more stuff, some of which you won’t even know how to use. Therefore, you may want to consider installing some mods to help organize your various stashes and quickly pull up descriptions for different items. Here we’ve included three mods that complement one another and help streamline inventory management.

First, there’s Inventory Tweaks, a mod that automatically replaces your tools as they break and sorts your inventory and chests using a single click or keystroke. Next is Not Enough Items, a mod that lists every in-game item along with the recipe for making them. Last but not least is What Am I Looking At, an extension for Not Enough Items that allows you to hover over any item and see which mod it comes from.

If you’re looking to change up your Minecraft experience, the easiest way to do so is to add more biome and animal diversity. The Biomes O’ Plenty mod covers the first half, adding over 90 biomes to the base game including some missing biomes that were removed from previous versions of Minecraft. Following these new environments is an abundance of new plants, flowers, and trees.

Now that that’s covered, you might also want to consider installing the Lotsomobs mod, which expands Minecraft’s wildlife offerings to include birds, fish, lions, mammoths, snakes, dinosaurs, and many more. In addition, certain mods drop unique materials that allow you to craft special items such as weapons and armor not found in the base game.

Although building and creative freedom are two of Minecraft’s greatest strengths, those who aren’t as skilled at construction may find themselves struggling to fill their world with eye-catching structures. To make things easier, we’re recommending the Instant Massive Structures mod, which allows you to seamlessly import pre-built structures into your world.

From massive skyscrapers to complex underground mines, this mod includes over 800 structures to help you quickly fill up your world with interesting architecture. Using this mod is easy and straight-forward and only requires you to craft one block per structure.  

Even the humblest of homes can be elevated by filling it with great furniture and decorations. So here we’ve included two mods that expand upon vanilla Minecraft’s décor offerings. The first one is Decocraft, a mod that adds over 300 decoration recipes to your collection, including furniture, silverware, lamps, and beer kegs to name a few.

The second is Bibliocraft, a mod that’s similar to Decocraft but more focused on storage. It allows you to craft things like bookcases, armor stands, display cases, and multiple types of tables. With both of these mods installed you’ll be well on your way to decorating like a pro and making your structure interiors stand out.

Maybe you fancy yourself an agriculturalist over a decorating wiz or expert builder. Well, if that’s the case you’re going to want to install mods that give you more options when it comes to growing crops and food recipes. Here we’ve highlighted two mods that combine to give you a massive selection of new foods to try.

Pam’s Harvestcraft mod introduces 60 new crops along with some cooking tools not available in vanilla Minecraft while the Still Hungry mod adds around 50 new recipes that allow you to make new dishes like tacos, apple pies, and of course, zombie burgers.  

Although Minecraft’s default rail system can be quite fun to explore, there are a couple of areas where it could be improved. With the Railcraft mod, you’ll be able to focus your efforts and create a fully functional railway should you choose to do so. This mod adds the ability to link carts, install a signaling system, and construct different track types, allowing you to live out all your locomotive dreams.

There’s also Steve’s Carts, a mod that adds 25 carts to the game, each designed to help with completing certain tasks like mining, building rails, farming wheat, or just everyday travel. Each new cart has its own appearance and unique animations that help them stand out and add some flavor to the game.

If you’ve grown tired of taking down Creepers using vanilla Minecraft’s weapons, then you’ll want to install the Quiverbow mod, which adds about 30 new weapon types to the game. A majority of them are focused on dealing damage from long-range with crossbows, rocket launchers, and rifles, however, you’ll find a few unconventional weapon types included as well.

Among these is the Potatosser, a weapon that allows you to fling starchy balls of death at your enemies. If you prefer to battle your foes up close and personal, the Powder Knuckle might be more your style; as an added bonus, many of these weapons are powerful enough to destroy most block types with a single hit. 

Having a good selection of tools will make farming for resources and extending your base a lot easier. And while Minecraft’s default axes and shovels will see you through most challenges, the Tinker’s Construct mod expands your options for constructing, repairing, and even modifying existing tools and weapons.

The mod includes an array of craftable books to help guide you through the process of using crafting tables to create new tools and upgrade your existing ones. Additionally, Tinker’s Construct adds the ability to smelt metals and make casts for wooden items.

If you’ve become bored with getting around the old fashioned way, consider adding a new form of transportation: jetpacks! With the Simply Jetpacks mod installed, you’ll be able to ascend to great heights and spot important items from miles away.

The mod includes a wide-selection of jetpacks that can be crafted from different materials and are broken up into separate tiers based on their functionality. Higher-tier jetpacks come with unique skills like emergency-hover mode, which protects the player from falling to their death. Jetpacks are powered by Redstone Flux, so make sure to install both.

Minecraft can sometimes feel a bit lonely as the game doesn’t provide players with a lot of ways to interact with villagers. By installing the Minecraft Comes Alive mod, you’ll be able to turn vanilla Minecraft into a full-blown RPG where you can talk, trade, and build a rapport with any NPC.

Additionally, the mod adds 13 new professions and over 500 different skins, allowing you to create a unique persona for your in-game character. You’ll find villagers now have genders, names, and can even be courted into marrying you and starting a family. Minecraft Comes Alive can also be easily integrated into an existing multiplayer server where admins can have full control over each of its settings.

By now, most of us have seen every default environment that Minecraft has to offer. These next mods throw a fresh coat of paint on vanilla Minecraft, transporting you to completely new worlds to explore. First, there’s Galacticraft, a space-themed mod that introduces a solar system for you to explore via your own spaceship.

Next is Jurassicraft, a mod that brings prehistoric creatures and fossils into the world of Minecraft. Lastly, Thaumcraft is an excellent mod for those who enjoy fantasy and want to learn how to perform spells in Minecraft. There’s an endless amount of other mods focused on changing Minecraft’s theme to something else, so search long enough and you’re guaranteed to find something you enjoy.

As fun as exploring in Minecraft is, digging your way through a massive cave only to end up at a wide-chasm you can’t cross isn’t our idea of a good time. To mitigate this issue, we’ve included two mods that help streamline the time it takes to clear through mines and cross wide gaps.

As its name implies, the Rope Bridge mod allows you to construct bridges made of rope using a simple point-and-shoot system via a supplied grappling gun. It works well in tandem with the Caterpillar mod, which adds a customizable drill capable of making 3×3 mineshafts for you.

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