Best PS5 Games 2022

Do you own a Sony PlayStation 5? We've created the ultimate and most important list of the best PS5 games to play right now.

If you’re shopping around for the best PS5 games to play right now, we’ve got you covered with the greatest titles Sony’s fifth-generation console has to offer.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best PS5 games to play in 2022, including the best PS5 games at launch and the best PS5 games out now.

This covers a wide selection of genres ranging from RPGs to platformers and everything in between, so something is bound to catch your eye.

Lastly, we’ll be updating this list in the future with new titles, so make sure to check back and let us know if we missed any of your favorite PS5 releases!

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One of 2021’s most surprising indie hits, Chicory: A Colorful Tale is a 2D adventure game about a janitor dog named Pizza who discovers a magical paintbrush.

This artistic tool lets Pizza use brushstrokes and splashes of color to bring their cartoon world to life as they explore new areas, solve puzzles, and battle bosses.

The game tells a surprisingly emotional story that’s sure to tug on players’ heartstrings and offers a fresh perspective on what it means to be an artist.

Chicory is a great addition to the PS5 library that will brighten up anyone’s day with its earnest storytelling and vibrant visuals.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time retcons the franchise’s timeline by disregarding every main game released after Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

The story follows Crash and Coco as they attempt to reclaim the powerful Quantum Masks from falling into the clutches of Cortex and Nefarious Tropy, who plan on using them to control the multiverse.

It’s About Time expands upon the series’ gameplay by granting characters unique abilities provided by the Quantum Masks, allowing them to alter levels and unlock new forms of traversal.

In many ways, the game feels like a return to form for the series and provides a huge nostalgia trip for any lifelong PlayStation fans.

The latest entry in Arc System Works’ cel-shaded fighter has set quite the high bar for PS5-native fighters going forward.

It’s also a continuation of the developer’s commitment to flashy combat and gorgeous 2.5D graphics that utilize dynamic camera angles.

Guilty Gear Strive sees the return of fan favorites like Sol Badguy, May, and Ky Kiske in addition to series newcomers like Happy Chaos and Jack-O’.

From a gameplay perspective, the game features the smoothest battling experience to date with new combos and more fluid stage transitions than its predecessors.

Even though Resident Evil Village plays up the action with intense first-person combat, it also stays true to the series’ survival horror roots while building off of Resident Evil 7’s format changes.

Set three years in the future, it sees RE7 protagonist Ethan Winters living comfortably with his wife Mia and newborn daughter before things take a turn for the worst.

Transported to a remote snowcapped village in Romania, Ethan sets out to save his family while being pursued by various supernatural creatures.

The game does a great job of creating tension that ramps up quickly as you explore abandoned cabins, creepy caverns, and the eerie halls of Castle Dimitrescu.

Hazelight Studios continues to push the envelope for modern couch co-op games, first with A Way Out and now with its follow-up, It Takes Two.

The game focuses on an unhappily married couple who find themselves trapped in their daughter’s hand-made dolls after announcing their divorce. 

From there, the duo embarks on a fantastical journey spanning multiple genre-bending platforming levels, complete with unique challenges and mini-games throughout.

It Takes Two can be played via both local and online split-screen on PS5, requiring only one person to own a copy of the game.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon continues the series’ reputation for larger-than-life characters and poking fun at taboo topics most games wouldn’t dare address.

In it, you play as Ichiban Kasuga, an outspoken Yakuza member who embarks on a quest to become a hero after he’s betrayed by his former boss.

Gameplay diverges from the traditional beat ’em up combat found in most Yakuza games to turn-based battling with RPG mechanics and a four-person party system.

Throughout the story, Kasuga encounters a host of eccentric characters from all walks of life who will often send him on bizarre quests or offer to lend their hand in battle.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a charming action-adventure game with top-notch animations and vibrant hand-crafted environments.

Presented as a 3D platformer with an emphasis on real-time combat, the game keeps things interesting by layering on new abilities as you progress through the story.

Players control the titular Kena, a spirit guide who finds herself tasked with helping defend a village from dark forces.

Kena is aided by kind-hearted spirits as well as adorable magical creatures called the Rot that are capable of lending a hand in battle and solving puzzles.

Arkane Studios has become the go-to developer for modern immersive sims and their recent release Deathloop reaffirms their commitment to intricately designed sandboxes.

The story centers on a hitman who’s forced to relive the same day over and over again until he manages to eliminate eight targets in a single day to end the loop.

Combining elements of first-person shooters, RPGs, and roguelikes, the game provides players with enough weapons, abilities, and alternate paths to find their own way.

It’s a satisfying evolution of the open-ended gameplay Arkane is known for and greatly benefits from a time-traveling premise and stylish ‘70s acid trip visuals.

Returnal is a PlayStation-exclusive third-person shooter about an astronaut who lands on an alien planet searching for a mysterious signal when she suddenly finds herself trapped in a time loop.

This is a great justification for the game’s roguelike design, which sees the protagonist resurrected after each death as she traverses the planet’s foreign environments and battles a host of extraterrestrial foes.

The further you progress, the stranger and more unsettling Selene’s visions become as she finds herself increasingly entangled in an ever-changing world.

If you manage to make it to the end and break the loop, you’ll be faced with some startling revelations about the main character and the planet that make for great sci-fi storytelling.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a continuation of the third-person shooter franchise from Insomniac and Sony with a host of technical improvements for PS5.

The story sees heroes Ratchet and Clank embarking on an interdimensional journey after an experiment-gone-wrong causes Dr. Nefarious’ Dimensionator device to go haywire.

This causes portals from different worlds to begin opening and closing at random with rippling consequences for Ratchet and Clank’s homeworld.

Rift Apart expands upon the satisfying gameplay from previous entries by introducing new weapons and gadgets as well as a new playable character.

While it may have been designed for the PS4, Ghost of Tsushima feels right at home on the PS5, where its gorgeous open-world can truly come to life.

In it, you play as a samurai who’s forced to toe the line between sacred traditions and new combat strategies in order to defend Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan.

The PS5 version includes upgraded 4K graphics with 60fps performance, DualSense controller support, and 3D Audio compatibility.

We recommend picking up the Director’s Cut, which adds the new Iki Island expansion that centers on a new side-story and location.

Hitman 3 is the conclusion to IO Interactive’s World of Assassination trilogy and smoothed out a few remaining rough edges from Hitman 2 while providing new detailed sandboxes for players to explore.

The story picks up from Hitman 2 and sees Agent 47 attempting to bring down the secret global organization known as Providence to prevent them from manipulating the world’s powers.

New features such as permanent shortcuts and VR support were included while additional disguises and weapons helped streamline and broaden players’ gameplay options yet again.

The base game includes six new levels: Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin, Chongqing, Mendoza, and an epilogue set in Romania, and players who own Hitman or Hitman 2 can import their progress to the PS5 version.

The Pathless comes from the same team who brought us Abzu and features similar themes relating to the connection between humans and animals.

You play as a hunter who must find a way to lift the curse put on her home island by combining her archery skills and incredible speed to shoot talismans scattered across the world.

Additionally, the Hunter is joined by an eagle companion who can carry her while flying and assist with solving various puzzles.

It’s another excellent showcase of the DualSense’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, which assign a satisfyingly tactile feel to drawing and firing your bow and arrow.

The LittleBigPlanet series has historically always been a good pick for some wholesome platforming fun and has supported online multiplayer throughout its lifespan.

The PS5 gets a worthy successor in the form of Sackboy: A Big Adventure, which sees the series’ mascot embarking on a larger-than-life adventure to save Craftworld from the villainous Vex.

Players have more customization options for Sackboy than ever before, and the switch from 2.5D to full-on 3D platforming creates room for new abilities, mechanics, and level designs to emerge.

The best part is the entire story can be beaten in co-op with up to four players online, locally, or a mix of the two, with some levels even requiring a certain number of players to complete.

2020’s Demon’s Souls remake provides a much-needed update to one of FromSoftware’s most pivotal titles.

Initially released for the PS3, it sees you on a heroic quest to save the kingdom of Boletaria from an evil being known as the Old One.

The remake was developed by Bluepoint Games and adds numerous quality of life improvements such as better performance and high-resolution graphics.

What’s so great about this remake is that it plays nearly identically to the original, from the layout of environments to the challenging combat; it’s all exactly how fans remember.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a follow-up to Insomniac’s game that shifts focus from Peter Parker to his young apprentice, Miles Morales.

With Peter missing in action, Miles is forced to step up and fulfill his web-slinging duties to keep New York City safe.

The sequel maintains the open-world design of the first while telling an original story in which Miles learns to harness his powers and comes to grips with his new responsibilities.

Releasing with the PS5, Miles Morales is the first Spider-Man game ever to launch alongside a new console.

The latest entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise sees you exploring 9th century Britain from the perspective of Eivor, a Viking raider in search of a new home for his/her people. 

Eivor’s quest eventually leads them to become entangled in the Templars and Brotherhood’s ongoing battle.

Although Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is mainly structured around completing story missions and sidequests throughout the open world, you can always run off and do some unscripted exploring.

The game also revisits and expands upon previous AC games’ settlement systems by letting you construct buildings and fund settlement projects using stolen resources from enemy camps.

Control carries over many of the same themes and mechanics found in previous Remedy games such as Quantum Break and Alan Wake while presenting its own deeply-engrossing sci-fi lore. 

In it, you control Jesse Faden, a woman equipped with supernatural abilities and a shape-shifting gun called the Service Weapon.

Faden is tasked with traversing a secret government agency and reclaiming it from a race of paranormal beings known as the Hiss.

The Ultimate Edition includes the base game and its AWE and The Foundation expansions, along with a free PS5 upgrade that allows you to run the game in either Graphics or Performance mode.

As far as console pack-ins are concerned, Astro’s Playroom is an all-around fun 3D platformer that does a great of showcasing the PS5’s hardware capabilities.

It focuses on the titular bot Astro as he goes on an adventure spanning four unique worlds themed after various PS5 components, such as GPU Jungle and SSD Speedway.

Each world has four levels that offer platforming gameplay designed to take advantage of the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and touchpad.

It also includes tons of collectibles and references to older Sony games and consoles, namely areas inspired by the startup sequences of the original PlayStation through to the PS4.

Aside from being one of the most meme-able games of 2020, Bugsnax is a thoroughly fun adventure puzzle game with an exciting story that will keep you asking questions.

In it, you play as a journalist tasked with looking into the mysterious Snaktooth Island to sleuth out why its inhabitants have gone missing.

During your adventure, you’ll meet a diverse cast of characters who will show you the ropes for catching adorably delicious creatures called Bugsnax.

Clocking in at around 10-12 hours for the main story, Bugsnax can be beaten in just a few sessions and is worth checking out solely for the big plot twist reveal at the end.

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