Best Sims 4 Mods

Upgrade your Sims 4 game with some amazing mods. We've compiled a list of the best Sims 4 mods that you can get right now.

If you’re looking to take your virtual life to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll be taking you through the best Sims 4 mods of 2024.

First off, here’s how to get your hands on them.

So, you can download all these mods from sites like ModTheSims and the official Sims 4 Gallery.

Once installed and set up, these mods let you tweak gameplay, add new content, and in some cases, completely change the rules of the game.

To add mods to your game, start by downloading the mod file. Then, find the folder path “Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods” using Windows Explorer (PC) and transfer the mod files from your download folder to that specific folder.

Some mods may have specific installation requirements, which are typically listed on the page you download the mod from, but a majority of them are straight-up drag-and-drop mods.

Now that we’ve covered all our bases, let’s explore the best Sims 4 mods to use in 2024.

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If you think your Sims deserve a bit more “me” time, you could always give them the option to venture off on their own without you watching over them like some weird puppet master.

The Go Explore mod from KawaiiStacie introduces solo side-quests for your Sims in the form of different activities. After taking a trip to the DMV to get a license or bus pass, you can send your Sims to explore by clicking on them and selecting an activity from a list of options.

Maybe they’re in desperate need of a new wardrobe, always dreamt of taking dance lessons, or have an unhealthy gambling addiction. Depending on what you choose, your Sims will return with new items, skills, and even improved relationships if you tell them to “Explore With” another character. The best part is your Sims can decide to go on adventures independently as long as you don’t intervene.

Although The Sims 4 already features a pretty extensive list of traits that are designed to affect the way your Sims behave, modders are always looking to add more options to the game. If you happen to find yourself shopping around for some new Sim traits, Kutto’s New Hobby Traits mod is an excellent place to start.

This is because it bundles together eight new unique traits, including Movie Buff, Artisan, Competitive and Technophobe. If you feel like these aren’t exciting enough for you, you could always try turning your Sim into a risk-taking daredevil or a magnet for alien abductions.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that Sims 4 only lets you try out three traits at a time by default, although that can also be changed using mods.

Sacrificialmod’s Life’s Drama mod is perfect for stirring up trouble in any Sims neighborhood. The mod adds 11 new dramatic situations for NPCs to play out. One minute your Sims are at home relaxing, and before you know it, they’re entangled in a messy social interaction.

Maybe they see a runaway bride fleeing from her wedding, the couple from next door having a passionate argument, or a thief attempting to steal a woman’s purse. Some situations even allow your Sims to intervene and affect the final outcome. If you’re brave enough to help out someone in need, you’ll be rewarded with new actions like “Exposing a Loved One,” which throws a wrench in NPCs relationships.

Considering The Sims is all about simulating real life, why not bring your Sims’ personalities to the surface by installing RoBurky’s Meaningful Stories mod pack, which includes a variety of new emotion-based game mechanics.

There’s Emotional Inertia, which prevents your Sims from switching moods at the drop of a hat, making for less predictable and longer-lasting mood swings. Another feature is True Happiness, which brings your Sims’ default “happy” state down to “fine” while introducing the need for special events to happen in order for your Sim to be truly happy.

Combined with Environment Effects and Variable Moodlets, these can make your Sims feel a lot more emotionally complex while adding a bit more challenge to the game.

As charming as they are, our Sims aren’t that great when it comes to making interesting conversation. Too often, your Sim will end up babbling with a random NPC about some absolute nonsense topic like lobsters or tire swings.

To remove idle conversations altogether and improve the overall quality of your Sims’ social interactions, we recommend using PolarBearSims’ Have Some Personality Please! Mod. This mod affects a lot of the background processes that dictate how your Sims engage with NPCs.

Instead of droning on about a random topic, characters are forced to select from a list of interactions based on their traits, moods and relationship dynamics. Sims who are attracted to each other will have a chance of making out while rival characters are more likely to let their fists do the kissing.

While more recent Sims games have shied away from exploring the Dark Arts, the Become A Sorcerer mod by Triplis lets players live out their wizard fantasies in The Sims 4.

After finding a lump of clay, you’ll be asked to pick from one of three rituals to replace your Sims’ Needs with new supernatural ones. Doing so will unlock your magical powers, allowing your Sim to cast spells using their “Magical Connection.”

The more your Sim practices using magic, the stronger their powers become, granting access to new spells along the way. However, your Sim also has a mana bar that needs to be replenished over time. There’s a wide selection of options to explore, like bringing ghosts back to life, setting furniture on fire, or even turning spoiled food to fresh again.

If you’re not interested in giving your Sims more autonomy and instead desire to have even more Divine control over their lives, then Deaderpool’s MC Command Center modification may come in handy.

This mod gives you access to virtually every aspect of your Sims’ lives along with NPCs. This includes the ability to blacklist certain items from appearing in the game, such as clothing and furniture, as well as set different pay rates for Sims based on their age. You can even scan a character to see if they’re pregnant!

One of the best parts of this mod is it lets you manipulate the game’s internal clock to speed up slow, tedious tasks and have your Sim get on with their day. There are also settings for ensuring NPCs live their life to the fullest, even when they’re not around your character. You can set it up so non-controlled Sims will get married, switch careers, and have children entirely on their own.

If you feel your Sims would benefit from higher education, why not send them off to college with Simmythesim’s Get to College mod? This mod adds content inspired by the University Life expansion pack for Sims 3, including three new majors: Fine Arts, Physical Education and Music.

While attending school, your Sim will follow a schedule that includes Activity Days, Lecture Days and Presentation Days. Sims who study hard and stay focused will eventually graduate with a degree, allowing them to begin their desired career at level four instead of level one. Despite being a bit older compared to the other mods on this list, you shouldn’t have any issues getting it to work.

While The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs expansion gave players a brand new fishing town to visit, they missed out on a great opportunity to give players what they really want: houseboats. With Snowhaze’s Build Your Own Houseboat mod, you can ditch living on land in favor of a life in the open seas, or more accurately, a giant pool where your traditional house used to be.

Houseboats are modeled after the fishing boats in Cats and Dogs, and there are three shell colors for you to choose from: brick red, deep-sea blue and turquoise waters. Your Sims will still be able to interact with objects and can walk through walls without a need for any doors as long as you leave an opening for them to use as an entrance. The best part is you can now fish from the comfort of your home.

And speaking of fishing, we all know that this activity can be a relaxing way to pass the time in Sims 4 while boosting your Sim’s angler skills and appreciation for the outdoors. Unfortunately, to go fishing, your Sim has to leave the house and travel to a new area, leaving you stuck staring at a loading screen.

If only there was a way to fish frequently without the nightmare that is waiting for a game to finish loading. But alas, there is! Snaitf’s Buyable Ponds mod lets you plop a variety of different fishable ponds into your own backyard. Each pond’s design is based on existing ponds from Willow Creek and Oasis Springs and requires you to place them outdoors on normal terrain.

One of the best features in Sims 2 and Sims 3 was the option to buy a car and have your Sim drive it around town. Unfortunately, this system was removed for Sims 4, prompting modders to do what they do best and mod it into the game. Dark Gaia’s Ownable Cars mod adds five drivable vehicles to Sims 4 that can be bought for 10 – 20K simoleons.

Once you have it installed and are ready to buy a car, navigate to “Hobbies and Activities / Misc.” while in “Function Mode” or “Outdoors / Activities” while in “Room Mode”. Owned vehicles can be placed anywhere on your Sims’ lot. To drive one, click on the car and select the “Drive to…” interaction. Your Sim will then approach the vehicle, triggering the map screen to appear before letting you pick your destination.

The Sims 4 Get to Work expansion made it so Sims no longer had to disappear off-screen every time they went to work. However, the expansion was limited to certain careers, prompting modder Zerbu to create the Turbo Careers mod pack.

This mod enables all adult careers, along with two teen careers, to function like they would in the Get to Work expansion. After selecting the career you wish to pursue, you can download the associated work venues from the Gallery, or make it yourself as long as you remember to include items your Sims will need to do their job.

The tasks you will do are connected to the job you are aiming for, and your Sims may sometimes get extra tasks in the outdoors. Just to note, you must already have Get to Work for this modification to work properly.

If you’re a Sims player with years of experience under your belt, chances are you already know some of the more popular cheats by heart. While it can feel awesome to get a ton of simoleons just by entering ‘motherlode’ over and over again, there are way more exciting cheats you may not know or have the patience to research on.

That’s where Weerbesu’s UI Cheats Extension mod comes in handy, allowing you to access every cheat option using the game’s built-in UI without having to type words out.

For example, say you happen to see your Sim neglecting their hygiene; instead of sending them to take a shower that will take practically half the day, you can simply drag on their needs slider — and poof! Dirty Sim no more. There are cheats for increasing your Fame, Reputation, Friendship and Romance values, along with ones that unlock special in-game perks.

While there’s nothing wrong with how Sims 4 approaches item unlocks in Build / Buy mode, not all of us have the time to check off every single career goal or skill. This is where Scripthoge’s BuildBuyMode Unlocker mod steps in.

Once installed and enabled, this mod lets you access every Build / Buy item in the game right from the start. This includes both furniture and pre-made rooms that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get. Combine it with the ‘motherlode’ cheat for infinite funds that allow you to put your interior decor skills to the ultimate test.

Maybe you feel like there’s more you could be doing for your Sims, namely micromanaging their health. RoBurky’s Private Practice mod looks to broaden players’ healthcare options in Sims 4 by introducing health insurance, pharmaceuticals, optometry, plastic surgery and more illnesses.

No longer will your Sims eat an entire pizza in a single sitting without facing long-term consequences such as high blood pressure, obesity, and the general shame that comes with telling your doctor you took down a large pepperoni alone in the dark. The mod also includes Nies’ Cooler Sickness mod, which causes NPCs to develop their own illnesses off-screen.

A big part of playing The Sims is living in an imaginary world free from many of the harsh realities of human life. If you simply can’t stand to see your Sim grow old and wither away, why not try modding your way to immortality by installing Vitorpiresa’s Eternal Youth and Immortal Buyable Traits mod.

As the name suggests, this mod introduces two new buyable traits to the game: Eternal Youth, which prevents your Sims from aging, and Immortal, which removes death altogether. They’ll both set you back about 15k simoleons, and we recommend uninstalling any other buyable traits mods beforehand to avoid any compatibility issues.

While the new Create-A-Sim tool introduced in The Sims 4 lets you make Sims of varying widths, there’s still not a built-in option for changing a Sim’s height. With Godjul1’s Height Slider mod, you can make Sims shorter or taller by clicking and dragging their feet. Everything is done in Create-A-Sim, and you can even set separate heights for Teens and Adults.

That being said, it can be a finicky mod to work with at times since changing a Sim’s height makes them more prone to clipping, and may mess up their animations. If you want to use this mod but prefer to set a numerical value instead of dragging your Sims’ feet, we recommend combining the Height Slider mod with the MC Command Center to streamline the entire process.

If you want the option to speed up time, then Artum’s SupeSpeed mod can help with all your time travel needs. This mod alters the game’s script to allow the player to enter ‘super speed’ time progression. Gone are the days of having to wait all night while your Sim slumbers, or staring blankly at the monitor as they take the world’s longest shower.

To trigger super speed, all you have to do is hit the 3 key twice in rapid succession while in-game. Turning it off works precisely the same. Now that you’ve discovered this newfound freedom, you should be able to get a lot more done during a single game session.

While this mod may not be as flashy or exciting as the others we’ve previously highlighted, the Daily Save mod will still come in handy if you have a hard time remembering to save your game. It also happens to be created by Vitorpiresa, the same modder responsible for the Eternal Youth and Immortal Buyable Traits mod.

The way it works is simple: by default, the mod autosaves your game at 5:00 AM every in-game day. It actually cycles between seven different save slots. This gives you the option to roll back to an earlier save in case you make a mistake or want to play out a situation differently.

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