Best Superhero Games 2022

Can't get enough superhero games? Then join us as we highlight the best superhero games to play in 2022 on PC and console!

As it turns out, superheroes live pretty fascinating lives filled with epic adventures, worthy adversaries, and the occassional waredrobe change.

This makes them prime candidates for video game adaptations where you get to play as your favorite hero and wield cool weapons, gadgets, and powers.

To get those metahuman muscles flexing, we’re highlighting the best superhero games to play in 2022 on PC and console.

We’ll be updating this list in the future with new titles, so make sure to check back and let us know if we missed any of your favorite superhero games!

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To get started, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a third-person shooter that combines great storytelling with thrilling squad-based combat centered on a ragtag team of misfit superheroes.

In it, players assume control over Star-Lord as he leads his oddball crew across the cosmos stirring up trouble, battling foes, and making decisions that will shape the fate of the galaxy.

Throughout the story, players get to form unique bonds with each of the guardians as well as enhance their skills using RPG progression and pull off powerful “tag-team beatdown” attacks.

Following its release, GOTG has won several awards for Game of the Year and is regarded by many as one of the best games of 2021.

While it may seem strange to include Marvel’s Avengers on this list, especially after its shaky launch, 2021 proved to be a turning point for the live service title going forward.

This can be attributed to Crystal Dynamics’ extensive post-launch support and ongoing expansions that adding new characters and story content.

Gameplay is best described as a cross between looter shooters, dungeon-crawling RPGs, and squad-based brawlers that maximizes the potential of its roster of heroes.

If you’re like us and decided to hold off on playing Avengers due to the negative reviews, you can avoid any purchase risks by checking it out through Xbox Game Pass.

Rocksteady managed to turn the dark and gritty underworld that is the Batman Universe into an enticing open-world experience for players to explore.

Batman: Arkham Knight picks up after the events of Arkham City and sees the Caped Crusader on a mission to defeat Scarecrow and a mysterious new villain who’s taken over Arkham.

Batman has his usual repertoire of bat-shaped projectiles along with a grapple gun, remote hacking device, a voice synthesizer, and explosive gel for good measure.

Despite releasing back in 2015, Arkham Knight still looks and plays great while touting the biggest Batman sandbox we’ve seen yet.

Considering Platinum Games’ pedigree for designing characters with flashy abilities, it was only a matter of time until they made a literal superhero game.

Originally released for the Wii U and later remastered for PC and consoles, The Wonderful 101 sees you controlling a 100-strong army of superheroes as they face off against an alient threat.

The twist here is you’re not controlling each hero individually but rather using their collective mass to create gigantic weapons to use in battle.

This results in deliberate, hard-hitting attacks that carry a great deal of weight and heft with every blow.

Next up, Marvel’s Spider-Man is a fantastic and modern take on the Spider-Man mythos that strikes the perfect balance between honoring the comics, video games, and films Spidey has appeared in.

It maintains the open-world style gameplay of its predecessors while presenting a much more experienced Peter Parker as he tries to juggle both his personal life and passion for web-slinging.

While some may argue it’s lacking in innovation and relies on outdated open-world tropes, this is balanced by the fact it has the best web-swinging traversal of any Spider-Man game.

Since its release, Marvel’s Spider-Man has performed exceptionally well commercially and critically and even earned the title of “Best Super Hero Game of All Time” from certain gaming outlets.

Of course, you can’t bring up 2018’s Spider-Man without mentioning Miles Morales, a standalone follow-up to Insomniac’s game that shifts focus from Peter Parker to his up-and-coming apprentice.

The story kicks off with the duo fighting crime across New York before Peter is called away, forcing Miles to step up to the plate and fulfill his web-slinging duties in the meantime.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales maintains the open-world design of its predecessor while telling a new original story about Miles’ struggles with family, friends, and his newfound powers.

Aside from being well-received by critics and fans, the game stands out for being the first Spider-Man game to launch alongside a new console (PS5).

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a colossal comic book adventure where players control 180+ unique characters from the Marvel universe.

In it, Marvel heroes band together to prevent Loki, Galactus, and a host of other evildoers from using a super-weapon to destroy the world.

The game offers much diversity in its superhero roster’s powers, including cameos from The Avengers, X-Men, and Fantastic Four among others.

It remains one of the best-selling Lego games to date and has even spawned a sequel, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2, which we also recommend.

With Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Raven Software sought to resurrect the previously dormant franchise and expose a new generation of players to the Ultimate Alliance series.

Reminiscent of dungeon crawling RPGs like Diablo, the game sees you assembling a team from over 30+ recognizable heroes and villains before heading into battle across iconic Marvel locations.

While the game has its share of technical issues, no doubt due to the Nintendo Switch’s hardware limitations, there’s a lot to enjoy for both newcomers and longtime Ultimate Alliance fans.

This includes separate stat progression for each character along with distinct abilities, bonuses, and synergies depending on your squad’s composition.

Heavily inspired by shows like Super Sentai and Power Rangers, Chroma Squad is a tactical RPG about a team of stunt actors who decide to start their own company and create original action sequences.

The game likes to keep things fairly meta and not take itself too seriously while still providing surprisingly deep RPG systems such as skill trees, equipment crafting, and branching storylines.

When you’re not performing expertly choreographed battles on-camera, you’re managing the company’s assets, casting actors, buying equipment, and marketing the show.

Additionally, the game includes the option to customize various details such as your studio name, your team name, individual character names, and most importantly, your squad’s catchphrase.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is an episodic adventure game based on the comic book (and now film) of the same name.

Telltale designed the game to mirror the cinematic quality of blockbuster MCU movies, complete with voice-acting and an action-packed plot in which the Guardians seek out a powerful artifact called the Eternity Forge.

Gameplay is similar to other Telltale games in that players must explore environments, gather and interact with objects, and complete action sequences using quick-time events.

It received mixed reviews from critics celebrating its story, voice acting, and portrayal of the titular characters while also taking issue with its tone, animation, and extensive technical issues.

Before Marvel’s Guardians, Telltale took a crack at a DC comic property with Batman: The Telltale Series, released in 2016 for PC, console, and mobile devices.

In it, players follow the Dark Knight as he travels across Gotham beating up thugs, investigating crime scenes for clues, and maintaining his personal life as Bruce Wayne.

This was the first game to include Telltale’s Crowd Play feature, which let players rely on online audiences to help them make decisions throughout Batman’s branching story.

It was a solid effort on the developer’s part that ended up being well received by critics and fans and was followed up by an even better sequel, Batman: The Enemy Within.

Presented as a soft reboot for the series, Infamous Second Son takes place seven years after Infamous 2 and it introduces a new protagonist.

Delsin Rowe is a rebellious teen who discovers he has special powers and is forced to flee after he’s targeted by a military organization that actively seeks out and captures his kind.

Unlike most superhero games, which lead players down a straight and righteous path, Second Son features binary good and evil decisions that affect the outcome of the story.

While the morality system may feel outdated by today’s standards, the game’s fluid parkour-based traversal and dynamic combat still play great in 2022.

The Saints Row series has built up a reputation of taking the GTA formula and turning it on its head with ridiculous, over the top gameplay and story writing.

In Saints Row IV, you assume control of a gang leader turned President of the United States tasked with stopping an alien invasion.

No need to worry because for some reason you have superpowers and an extensive arsenal of overpowered guns.

Players are able to get around the city quickly by leaping between rooftops like Spider-Man, zipping through streets like The Flash, and delivering Superman-level punches.

The Fractured But Whole sees the South Park kids ditching their fantasy LARP from Stick of Truth in favor of superheroes.

While combat is still turn-based, it benefits from a new grid-like battlefield where party members can move freely and devise unique strategies.

Additionally, character customization has been expanded and sees you selecting from ten archetypal superhero classes including Speedster, Elementalist, and Cyborg.

These classes are further fleshed out by an array of super abilities that can be combined to create an original hero that feels completely your own.

Although Injustice 2 gets most of its ideas from its predecessor, it also adds many improvements that make the fighting game sequel worth checking out.

The story focuses on Batman and a team of both heroes and villains as they attempt to put an end to Superman’s evil regime.

Things get even more complicated when a supervillain group led by Brainiac intervenes and war is waged on all fronts.

Injustice 2 introduces a new armor customization system that allows players to modify each fighter using unique stat-based gear.

Next up, we have Battle for the Grid, an officially-licensed title that delivers on fans’ collective dream of having Power Rangers duke it out in a fighting game.

The 3v3 tag battle fighter pulls from the franchise’s 25 year-long history of color-coordinated teens kicking butt to offer a diverse roster with unique combatants.

Players pick from a pool of both heroes and villains from the franchise’s multiple iterations, including characters from Mighty Morphin, S.P.D., Mystic Force, and many more.

For those who don’t fancy themselves fighting game pros, the game includes a Story Mode written by Power Rangers comic book creator Boom! Studios.

Undisputedly one of the most beloved fighting game series, Marvel vs. Capcom leverages both brands’ extensive roster of heroes and villains alike.

The entry we’ve chosen to highlight is Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, a 3v3 tag fighter where players assemble teams of characters for high stakes battles.

It’s a standout hit that offers stylish, combo-based gameplay as well as stunning visuals and an expanded roster worthy of the “Ultimate” moniker.

While Marvel and Capcom have since collaborated on further iterations, none have surpassed the quality of Ultimate MvC 3.

Of all the Marvel characters to receive their own standalone game, an action-packed beat ‘em up starring Deadpool is probably the last thing we thought we’d ever see.

Fortunately, it falls under the category of good Marvel games despite the combat and overall gameplay feeling a bit too repetitive at times.

However, the game’s saving grace is its writing, particularly Deadpool’s dialog and over-the-top reactions to events throughout the story.

Although Deadpool is a lot older than many of the games highlighted at the top of this list, it was ported to PS4 and Xbox One in 2015.

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