Best Teardown Mods

There are a ton of cool mods that make Teardown even better. In this list, we’ll explore the best Teardown mods on Steam Workshop and Nexus Mods.

As if Teardown wasn’t fun enough, modders have managed to turn the physics-driven sandbox game into an even crazier playground for the imagination.

From mods that add new weapons, vehicles, and maps to those that introduce more destructive tools and systems for causing mayhem, the possibilities are limitless.

In this list, we’ll explore the best Teardown mods on Steam Workshop and Nexus Mods to help extend your playtime in ways you’ve probably never even considered.

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The first mod we’re suggesting is NotInTheBand’s Unlock Weapons and Free Weapon Upgrades mod, which does exactly what it sounds like.

Not only are you able to access all of Teardown’s weapons from the start of the game but you can also upgrade them at no cost whatsoever.

If you prefer to just get the weapons and upgrade them as intended, you can just use the Unlock Weapons version of the script instead.

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a tech-savvy spy in Teardown, then Rubikow’s Hackerphone mod lets you fulfill that fantasy.

This mod adds a hacker phone to your toolbox that lets you remote control objects in the environment such as lights, vehicles, and various electronics.

With it installed, you can toggle lights on or off, overload them to trigger an explosion, or manipulate car motors into spontaneously combusting.

Danyadd’s Hacked Cars is another mod that lets you jack into vehicles for the distinct purpose of turning Teardown into a living nightmare.

This is because instead of being to your will, hacked cars will upload an evil AI that’s programmed to chase you down and kill you, even if it has to drive through walls to do so.

In the event the AI’s car crashes or gets otherwise stuck, it will try to find a way to get out and return to its pursuit. 

This next mod is for completionists who are close to getting every valuable in Teardown and could use a bit of a nudge in the right direction.

Created by Binary Wolf, the Valuable Detector mod allows you to track valuables more easily using a hot and cold indicator that beeps faster the closer you get.

While some may consider it cheating, we’d argue this is just another piece of equipment in Teardown’s extensive toolkit.

Have you ever considered swapping out Teardown’s small pipe bombs with something much bigger and more destructive?

Well, look no further than The_Wolfian’s Throwable Moons mod, which lets players destroy their surroundings using three celestial body variations.

This includes a weaker soft moon, a stronger metal moon, and an ultra-resilient solid core moon; the mod even features a mini-moon that fits in the palm of your hand.

If you’ve grown tired of Teardown’s vanilla weapons, EuroRyder’s Geardown car mod pack is a great way to inject new life into the game.

It combines different vehicles with unique specifications that will attract all types of players regardless of their choice.

Some highlights include the Santa Clara, Ocelote, Freiberger ST, Gaia Rally, Cometa Super, and Bulldog.

To complement all those shiny new cars, why not use a mod like YuLun’s Advanced Light System, which modifies the way vehicle lights, doors, and horns function in the game.

After installing, you’ll notice several cars now have turn signaling, openable and closable doors, and can use horns or sirens (emergency vehicles only).

While these changes don’t apply to every vehicle, they’re a great way to boost Teardown’s immersion, especially if you’re into roleplaying scenarios.  

If Teardown is regarded as the ultimate weapon physics sandbox, then is the same thing but for vehicle destruction.

So why not merge the two with tislericsm’s TearNG mod, which drops players in a digital playground filled with ramps and other objects that allow them to pull off insane stunts.

In the likely event that your car crashes, you’ll be able to watch with glee as its fender crumples around giant spinning hammers, poles, and brick walls.

Continuing with the spirit of TearNG, Autumnatic’s Swatch Whip mod adds a set of obstacle-course style levels for Teardown players to tackle.

Each one offers a unique challenge that forces you to get creative while trying to complete the course as quickly as possible.

So if you feel like you’ve mastered Teardown’s driving physics, give this mod a go and see how your skills stack up against other players.

Another creation by tislericsm, the Dalek A.I. mod turns Teardown into a horror movie where players are constantly stalked by the cyborg extraterrestrials from Doctor Who.

With it installed, you can rest assured that every move you make is being tracked by a vindictive robot with a thirst for blood.

It’s nothing short of terrifying as the Dalek will continually search for you based on your last known location, tear through walls, and fire laser beams in your general direction.

If you crave more power than our fleshy Teardown protagonist can provide, Zigbert’s ExoSuit Mod is a step in the right direction to becoming an unstoppable killing machine.

This mod adds a mechanized armor suit that allows you to run faster, jump higher, and leave a trail of destruction everywhere you go.

In addition, it grants your character superhuman strength, extra attachment slots, and in case of emergencies, a self-destruct button.

A true hallmark of any great PC game with modding capabilities is whether or not the community has created a Lightsaber Mod.

We’re happy to report that Teardown features one of the most satisfying incantations of the iconic Star Wars weapon, one that hums and glows while burning through any material it touches.

This makes it the best go-to melee weapon for deflecting bullets, fighting droids, and even taking down massive AT-ATs.

Another beloved video game weapon, the Physics Gun has always excelled at creating chaos and ghostyorfankid’s version for Teardown is just as fun.

With it equipped, your character can grab, rotate, freeze, and throw items in the world as if they were massive projectiles with the speed of a bullet.

From metal beams to cars, semi-trucks, cranes, and even yachts, the possibilities for destruction are limited only by the user’s imagination.

While not as flashy and violent as other weapon mods on this list, Mathias’ Portal Gun brings the classic Valve weapon into the world of Teardown.

It works just as one would hope, with players able to place down one blue and one orange portal and navigate freely between the two.

This is a lot more useful than you would think as new vantage points become accessible and allow players to get creative when planning out their next big explosion.

There are a surprising number of minigun mods for Teardown but for our money, the Enforcer Minigun is an absolute game-changer.

With a fire rate of 100 rounds every minute, this minigun utilizes fast bullets to tear through metal, brick, concrete, and any obstruction that stands in its path.

Better yet, it comes included with secondary explosive rounds that will make you feel like a madman on a violent rampage.

What should you use that shiny new minigun on, you may ask? DimasVoxel’s Destructible Robots mod is the only acceptable answer.

This mod adds a new wave-based challenge mode to Teardown that sees you surviving for as long as possible as mobs of increasingly powerful robots try to flank you.

It’s surprisingly detailed compared to other enemy mods as players can target and damage the robots’ parts individually or take them out in one go with a clean headshot.

When all else fails, you can always call in an aerial bombardment to get the job done and ensure there are no survivors with My Cresta’s AC130 Airstrike mod.

It includes three different shell types plus cluster bombs, napalm, and water/acid cannons for all your wartime needs.

The best part is the POV switches from being on the ground to flying a plane during the airstrike sequence, allowing you to zoom in and line up your shot before raining hell.

Instead of just looking out at the world from inside a plane, what if we told you there’s an actual plane map you can destroy in Teardown?

Boeing 737 consists of multiple maps stringed together but for the purposes of this list, we’re focusing on the mid-flight portion since it’s easily the most fun of them all.

This is because it features many semi-realistic details such as ragdoll physics, damage effects from depressurization, and the ability to blow the plane’s engine, wings, and tail to high hell.

Of course, if you’re afraid of heights, you can stick to a ground-based map like teamish’s NorthPine Mall 2.0, which reimagines the popular Teardown level.

The new version offers even more rooms, lights, ceilings, vehicles, and structural details just asking to be blown to bits by eager players.

As a result, this map is perfect for trying out new weapons and tools, including several modded entries that have appeared on this list!

Modern life struggles got you down? Take a trip back to WWII-era France with this French Town Teardown map mod from OzJackaroo.

Centered on a quaint little French village full of detail and relaxing scenery, this map is just begging to be explored and more than likely destroyed.

If you admire what you see, you’re welcome to check out the developer’s other World War-themed map mods Russian Village and British Trenches.

If you’re looking to tap into your creative juices or just get a cool-looking screenshot for your desktop background, Exeros’ Bridge Construction mod is the way to go.

With it, players get to build their own bridges as well as drop in other props, change the weather, and apply unique properties to their Frankenstein-like creations.

The best aspect of using this mod is getting to destroy whatever you make, which is both cathartic and very appropriate in a game like Teardown.

While Teardown features several sizable maps throughout its campaign, none are as sprawling or ambitious as Voxel Plaza.

This map mod includes an array of skyscrapers, car parks, cranes, vehicles, and other facets of city living that are all ripe for destruction.

Players can spawn in additional props and explore different themes such as Maze and UFO versions that introduce new elements to add to the fun.

Seen enough buildings crash and burn to the ground? Then consider having a go at our next suggestion: creepy caves.

Created by PickledSosig, the Cave System mod introduces a massive, dark cave system for Teardown players to explore and likely get lost in.

There’s something so unsettling about trekking through this voxel-based network of caves devoid of all life—and we simply can’t get enough!

Considering Teardown’s simulated physics is one of its main selling points, it’s only right to want to see how they would interact with semi-biologically accurate human guinea pigs.

The best mod for this is kszabi’s Giant Ragdoll Humans, which adds a test map occupied by various models including…you guessed it, rows of giant ragdoll humans.

Each one comes equipped with several layers of skin, skeletal bones, and internal organs that can be ripped apart, torn to shreds, blown to pieces, and really anything else you can imagine.

Seeing as giant human ragdolls have somehow wormed their way into this discussion, you can probably guess where we’re headed with this next and final suggestion from the title alone.

Created by Autumnatic and DimasVoxel, the Spawnable Catapult mod allows you to drop giant, fully-functional catapults into test maps and begin flinging rocks and cars.

At what, you might ask? Well, your options include giant walls, buildings, and the occasional dozen or ragdoll humans that may or may not be hanging around.

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