Best Upcoming Co-op Games 2022

Want more games you can play with friends? Then get ready for the best upcoming co-op games of 2022 and beyond!

Whether playing together online or in person, this year’s upcoming co-op games are great for having fun and making new memories with friends.

From the best new co-op shooters to co-op survival games, beat ’em ups, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered here.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best upcoming co-op games of 2022 and beyond coming to Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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First up is Bravery and Greed, a beat ’em-up rogue-lite dungeon brawler designed for co-op and competitive PvP with 1-4 players.

In it, you and your cohorts take on the role of four classic fantasy classes and embark on a quest to “get rich or die trying” in a fantasy pixel art world.

Each run has you exploring thrilling environments across many unique biomes with tough bosses and powerful rewards to upgrade your characters.

The game gives you the option to play greedy and try and nab every coin and chest before your friends can as well as outright steal from them while reviving.

Next we have Ship of Fools, a rogue-lite co-op game where players work together to navigate treacherous seas aboard a ship called The Stormstrider.

To keep your vessel in tip-top shape, you and a companion will have to man the cannons, ready sails, and defend it from dangerous sea monsters.

Ship of Fools’ combat is frantic and sees both players chaining together combos with an assortment of special abilities.

Additionally, the Stormstrider ship can be upgraded over the course of multiple runs to increase its defenses and survivability as you uncover more of the world.

The Warhammer franchise is no stranger to co-op-centric experiences, with many citing the Vermintide games as worthy alternatives to the Left 4 Dead games.

Set in the war-ravaged futuristic city of Tertium, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide has up to four players working together to defeat hordes of enemies called Poxwalkers.

Much like Vermintide, the game presents itself as a first-person action game with visceral combat and unique character classes.

A recent gameplay trailer shows off just a few of the weapons we can expect to wield in Darktide, including laser-powered rifles and a badass-looking chainsword.

The Forest is an ambitious survival horror game that focuses on crafting and combat with surprisingly intelligent enemy AI.

Like many survival games, the story is fairly nonlinear but there was always enough to chew on for players interested in learning about the game’s creatures and setting.

For the sequel, developer Endnight Games looks to be expanding the universe with new characters and events revolving around yet another mysterious island.

Along with better graphics and more fluid combat, Sons of the Forest will emphasize team-driven gameplay that supports online multiplayer.

Designed from the ground up for local and online co-op, Blanc is an upcoming adventure game with a heartwarming story about an unlikely duo.

In it, two players take on the roles of a wolf cub and fawn that become lost in a sudden snowstorm and end up relying on each other for survival.

Gameplay sees both players leveraging their animal’s special traits to solve puzzles and follow in their families’ footsteps.

Blanc’s poetic narrative is further complemented by stunningly beautiful black-and-white hand-drawn visuals that make its world come to life.

The Day Before is an upcoming open-world MMO about trying to survive in a deadly post-pandemic United States overrun by flesh-hungry infected and untrustworthy survivors.

After your character awakes with amnesia, they set out to uncover the truth while scavenging for resources to stay alive.

You’ll explore a beautiful world plunged into chaos and search abandoned vehicles, houses, and buildings looking for useful items and defending yourself from enemies.

Like every MMO, The Day Before supports online co-op while exploring its open world.

Coining the term ‘ratoidvania,’ Curse of the Sea Rats is a new indie Metroidvania adventure game due out in early 2023.

Developed by Petoons Studio, the game sees you assuming control of a crew of pirates that have been turned into rats by a witch.

To undo the curse, they’ll have to explore a vibrant hand-drawn world while overcoming platforming challenges and defeating bosses.

Along the way, you’ll unlock new abilities for each crewmate that can be combined with up to three friends via local co-op.

Expected to release in late 2022 to early 2023, The Division: Heartlands is an upcoming free-to-play co-op shooter set in a scaled-down open world.

Similar to the mainline games, Heartlands’ world is filled with various enemies to kill and loot as well as resources to help increase your gear rarity and level up characters.

Over time, players will be able to take on tougher challenges and further hone their skills in a particular playstyle.

While details about the game are fairly locked down at the moment, anyone who played previous Division titles has a good idea of what to expect.

Toeing the line between weird and genuinely exciting, Palworld is an upcoming open-world co-op RPG from Pocketpair Games, best known for Craftopia.

It puts its own spin on the survival crafting genre by throwing in Pokemon-inspired creature collecting, with various “Pals” for you to tame.

Monsters you collect have special powers that can come in handy during battles, farming, building, fishing, and more.

While it’s a bit jarring to see such adorable creatures appear alongside shotguns, assault rifles, and rocket launchers, there’s something so interesting about Palworld’s concept.

Techtonica is an upcoming automation game in the same vein as titles like Satisfactory, where players manage resources in first-person.

What makes it stand out from similar games is its vibrant sci-fi aesthetic and setting which sees you exploring beneath the surface of an alien planet.

Working alone or with friends, players will gather resources, build factories, and research new technologies while uncovering the planet’s many mysteries.

Still no word on a release date but games of this nature are prone to releasing in Steam Early Access as the developers rely on feedback from the community.

Inspired by games like Alien: IsolationLevel Zero is an online multiplayer survival horror game that pits humans against terrifying creatures.

The main objective for the humans is to try and repair the space station they’re currently on while the monsters relentlessly pursue and try to kill them.

Both sides are equipped with unique skills and equipment to aid them in completing their mission and it’s up to players to decide when and where to use them.

If you enjoy fast-paced multiplayer games with plenty of action and competition, make sure to keep this one on your radar before it releases later this year.

Another co-op survival game that shows promise is Survival Machine, a third-person open-world game from indie developer Grape Pickers.

In it, you and your friends traverse ever-changing lands via a massive vehicle that also serves as your base of operations.

Gameplay revolves around building, upgrading, and fortifying the machine to ward off zombies that try to overtake it at night.

Along with outfitting your machine with cannons, spikes, and other traps, you can craft weapons and armor to defend yourself while you’re out exploring the world.

Although Amplitude is best known for a string of dedicated-strategy games released under the Endless moniker, the studio’s next project will expand into real-time action.

In Endless Dungeon, players take on the role of shipwrecked heroes forced to fight their way through abandoned space stations while protecting a sacred crystal from monsters.

Each character has a specialized kit of abilities, weapons, and tactics that can be combined with others to create new and exciting synergies.

It’s a delicious blend of MOBA, strategy, twin-stick shooter, and tower defense that has us looking forward to playing Endless Dungeon on PS5.

Instead of putting out a third installment that mirrors the single-player design of the first two games, The Outlast Trials is a multiplayer-focused affair.

Details are far and few between at the moment, but what we do know is the horror game will take place during the Cold War era.

In it, you and your friends are involuntarily recruited to become test guinea pigs for mind-control experiments at the hands of a shady corporation.

Players will have to work together to make it out alive while their morals, endurance, and sanity are put through the wringer.

As much as we love Grounded, there’s enough room for two small-scale survival games that let us live out our fantasies (and nightmares) of being shrunk down and let loose in a sprawling backyard sandbox.

However, to see the best Smalland‘s world has to offer, you’ll have to brave brutal weather conditions and survive run-ins with various enemies including spiders, birds, rats, lizards, and more.

Fortunately, there is an abundance of hidden resources you can use to craft armor, weapons, shelter, and other tools such as mountable bugs.

You can also customize outfits to acquire special resistances and abilities using various workshops at your camp which can be upgraded over time.

From Rocksteady Studios, creators of the beloved Batman: Arkham series, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is an upcoming action-adventure game set in the DC Comics mythos.

It takes place in an open world based on Metropolis and sees players controlling four playable characters that make up the Suicide Squad: Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and King Shark.

The story centers on the four-man wrecking crew as they attempt to defeat Brainiac after he invades Earth and brainwashes the Justice League.

Designed with co-op in mind, Suicide Squad will let players team up with friends throughout the story or play solo, switching between characters and relying on AI teammates.

Developed by WayForward Studios and published by Arc System Works, River City Girls 2 is another upcoming brawler and a direct sequel to River City Girls.

It sees characters Misako, Kyoko, Kunio, and Riki from the original joined by newcomers Marian and Provie as they hit the streets to beat up more thugs and punks.

The sequel introduces a host of new abilities, enemies, pixel art environments, and other goodies while supporting both local and online co-op.

Over time, players can level up to earn new moves, buy items and accessories, and even recruit defeated enemies to join their side.

It’s been exciting to see developer Arkane branch out from the Dishonored series and explore new ideas and themes with games like Prey, Deathloop, and now Redfall.

The company’s Austin-based studio is currently working on an open-world co-op shooter centered on a team of survivors battling supernatural forces.

Players will be able to choose their character from a diverse cast with unique abilities before setting off to liberate the small town of Redfall, Massachusetts from vampires.

Considering Arkane Austin has primarily focused on single-player affairs, it’ll be interesting to see how the team approaches a co-op shooter in a post-Left 4 Dead world.

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