Best Upcoming FPS Games 2022 (And Beyond)

Do you like FPS (first-person shooter) games? We definitely do so we created this list of the best upcoming FPS games that you can look forward to.

First-person shooters are among the most popular genres in gaming and typically include immersive experiences with fast-paced combat, refined gunplay, and cinematic action.

Whether you’re a fan of modern or retro-inspired FPS, twin-stick shooters, looter shooters, or even shooters with parkour, there are plenty of new FPS games to look forward to.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best upcoming FPS games releasing in 2022 and beyond in order of release date, including the best upcoming shooters on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. 

Lastly, we’ll be updating this list with new titles in the future, so make sure to check back and let us know if we missed any games!

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Capcom will set a new standard for survival horror FPS with the eighth mainline entry in the iconic Resident Evil franchise.

The story takes place a few years after the events of RE7 and sees protagonist Ethan Winters living happily with his reunited wife, Mia.

However, their bliss is short-lived when Chris Redfield appears, setting off a whirlwind of events that leads Ethan to seek out a mysterious snowcapped village searching for answers. Resident Evil: Village will revisit the first-person perspective of RE7 while focusing more on combat and exploration than the last game.

Most of what we know about Deathloop can be summed up as an FPS in which players try to kill each other while stuck in a perpetual time loop.

In it, you play as Colt, a talented hitman who finds himself trapped in a Groundhog’s Day-style time loop on a party island filled with rival assassins.

To end the loop, Colt sets out to eliminate the eight targets responsible for their current situation.

It’s an interesting progression of Dishonored‘s open-ended stealth gameplay that only benefits from looking like a 1970s acid trip.

With Valve pretty much flat-out refusing to make a new Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood is the closest we’ll ever get to a new installment in the zombie FPS franchise.

Thankfully, development is being handled by Turtle Rock Studios, the team behind the original L4D, whose credits also include the asymmetrical multiplayer title Evolve.

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Described as a spiritual successor to TR’s game, Back 4 Blood will include genre staples such as local and online four-player co-op along with a replayable campaign.

Additionally, the game will feature a PvP mode where you can play as the monster and attack other players.

Severed Steel is a stylish upcoming FPS that has you controlling a one-armed sharpshooter tasked with infiltrating a superstructure overflowing with bad guys.

Gameplay revolves around flashy first-person gunplay and a fluid stunt system complete with bullet time and destructible environments.

Since the character you play as has only one arm, there’s no reloading whatsoever, requiring you to seek out more enemies and pry weapons from their cold dead hands. 

The game also features a dynamic squad-based AI that allows for unscripted enemy encounters and ensures no two gunfights play out the same.

Scheduled to release in 2018 and then later 2019, Atomic Heart has had one of the more exciting development stories, with rumors suggesting it may not even be the same game anymore.

Described as a “first-person shooter with RPG elements,” the game is well into the process of development at studio Mundfish, a Russian-based indie game studio.  

Evoking memories of sci-fi staples like BioShock and Fallout, Atomic Heart takes place in an alternate reality where the Soviet Union’s research has led to a technical revolution.

Players assume control of a Soviet KGB officer tasked with infiltrating a secret facility that’s gone radio silent.

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. FPS games are known for getting nitty-gritty with their approach to post-apocalyptic open-worlds.

While they’ve always been reminiscent of games like Metro and even Fallout RPGs to some extent, the series suddenly disappeared after just three releases.

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 will see players venturing into “The Zone,” an irradiated wasteland surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site.

The area stands out for its high radiation levels, which causes scavengers to develop supernatural abilities that affect traversal and combat.

If someone were to invent an H.R. Giger video game making machine and crank it to its maximum settings, Scorn is the game that would come out the other end.

The horror FPS sees you exploring a nightmarish world whose architecture and inhabitants are all constructed entirely of flesh.

You’re tossed into the game’s maze-like open-world and must progress through each of its regions by solving puzzles, connecting doorways, and battling enemies.

It has a strong sense of atmosphere going for it, which is good since it’s being touted as an immersive experience with full character movement, limited inventory, and ammo scarcity.

Graven is an upcoming retro-inspired FPS from revered developer 3D Realms that has you traversing a dark fantasy world as a priest who’s been wrongly sentenced to exile until death.

The game oozes 90s shooter aesthetic but is built using modern game design tools and techniques, resulting in an exciting blend of old and new.

Gameplay entails exploring sprawling castles and dungeons, solving puzzles, and battling an assortment of otherworldly monsters such as skeletons and zombies.

As you upgrade weapons and unlock new skills, you’ll be able to revisit earlier areas to reveal new pathways where more demanding challenges await you.  

The Warhammer franchise is no stranger to co-op-centric experiences, with many citing the Vermintide games as worthy alternatives to the Left 4 Dead games.

Set in the war-ravaged futuristic city of Tertium, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide has up to four players working together to defeat hordes of enemies called Poxwalkers.

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Much like Vermintide, the game presents itself as a first-person action game with visceral combat and unique character classes.

A recent gameplay trailer shows off just a few of the weapons we can expect to wield in Darktide, including laser-powered rifles and a badass-looking chainsword.

Ready or Not is an upcoming indie FPS that emphasizes realism and a tactical approach to gameplay.

You play as Judge, the commander of an elite SWAT unit responsible for de-escalating intense situations by any means necessary. 

Scenarios are highly detailed and require you to carefully examine location layouts, mission briefing details and coordinate with additional teams and negotiators to determine the best plan of action.

Developer Void Interactive has consulted with police teams worldwide to come up with an accurate set of engagement rules based on the real-world challenges encountered out in the field.

Although recent events have resulted in the next Far Cry game’s delay, Ubisoft’s FPS is still on track to release sometime this year.

In contrast to Far Cry 5‘s rural American setting, Far Cry 6 revisits the lush tropical paradise trope of previous entries while telling a new politically charged story.

You play as Dani, a rebel soldier fighting against Yara’s corrupt dictatorship lead by Anton Castillo (performed by Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito).

Like previous entries, Far Cry 6 will include a co-op mode that lets two players experience the story via local and online multiplayer.

When life gets us down, sometimes the only remedy is to hop inside a giant mech and blow stuff up until we feel better.

ExoMecha is sure to fill that void while putting its own free-to-play spin on competitive online FPS multiplayer.

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The game boasts next-gen graphics, specialized mech classes, and an assortment of game-changing abilities and gadgets to wield in both PvP and AI boss battles.

Mechs are afforded both close and long-range weapons to help you tackle any challenge while exploring the planet Omecha.

Microsoft has been surprisingly tight-lipped following the recent delay of the next Halo game.

Halo: Infinite will be the sixth mainline entry in the FPS franchise and will launch simultaneously on Xbox and PC.

Current speculation suggests the game’s story is set during the “Reclaimer Saga” of Halo and plans to tell a more serious story centered on Master Chief and Cortana’s relationship.

Additionally, it will see the debut of 343’s new Slipspace Engine, which was developed alongside Halo: Infinite. 

We recently got a closer look at Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks’ upcoming horror FPSGhostwire: Tokyo, which is expected to launch first on PS5 in 2021.

In it, you play as one of the few remaining survivors following a paranormal event that causes 99% of Tokyo’s population to mysteriously disappear.

Soon after, you discover you’ve been bestowed with supernatural abilities that allow you to fight back against the horrific terrors that have taken over Tokyo.

The premise seems thoroughly intriguing and will only be made better by Ghostwire’s stunning depiction of modern-day Tokyo, with environments ranging from vibrant cityscapes to tranquil holy grounds.

Boundary is an upcoming competitive FPS set in outer space, complete with astronaut suits, floating space stations, and zero-g.

The best way to describe it is a cross between Call of Duty and the movie Gravity, though we’re not expecting oxygen limitations to be a significant factor, if at all.

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Using outer space as a setting for firefights is guaranteed to make matches feel a lot more intense since there’s no solid ground to cling to in the heat of battle.

You will, however, have a grappling hook and a host of special abilities, some of which we assume will affect your character’s movement; jetpacks, anyone?

Xbox has always built its brand off FPS games, and this generation appears to be no different as CrossFireX makes its way to both the Series X and Xbox One.

While the CrossFire franchise has been around long enough to know what to expect, the fact that the game is being co-developed by two wildly different developers has us intrigued.

Control developer Remedy Entertainment is posed to work on the game’s single-player campaign while the series creator Smilegate focuses on the multiplayer component.

Similar to titles like CS: GO, the game sees two opposing teams competing in a variety of objective-based game modes.

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