Best Upcoming FPS Games 2023

Want to stay current on the latest shooters releasing? Check out this list of the best upcoming FPS games releasing in 2023 and beyond!

First-person shooters are known for their fast-paced combat, refined gunplay, and cinematic action that keeps players coming back for more.

So whether you’re a fan of modern or retro shooters, twin-stick shooters, looter shooters, or even shooters with parkour, we’ve got you covered.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best upcoming FPS games releasing on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

This includes new PC shooters and PvP shooters coming out in 2024 and beyond.

Now that we’ve set the stage, let’s see what FPS games you can look forward to playing in the future!

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Originally planned to release in 2018 and then later in 2019, Atomic Heart has had one of the more interesting development stories, with rumors suggesting it may not even be the same game anymore.

Categorized as a “first-person shooter with RPG elements,” the game is well into the process of development at studio Mundfish, a Russian-based indie game studio.  

Evoking memories of sci-fi staples like BioShock and Fallout, Atomic Heart takes place in an alternate reality where the Soviet Union’s research has led to a technical revolution.

Players assume control of a Soviet KGB officer tasked with infiltrating a secret facility that’s gone radio silent.

Another FPS game to look forward to is RoboCop: Rogue City, an atmospheric new first-person action game based on the beloved IP.

The story centers on the titular man-turned-machine RoboCop as he attempts to dish out justice on the dangerous, crime-ridden streets of Old Detroit.

Armed with your trusty Auto-9, super strength, years of experience on the force, and various other tools, you’ll push back against the evil forces plaguing the city.

Considering the developer also made Terminator Resistance, we can only hope Rogue City is just as faithful to its source material.

Starfield is the next major release to come out of Bethesda Game Studios and looks to be the company’s most ambitious project to date.

Billed as a single-player action RPG with FPS combat and open world, or rather open space exploration, Starfield has some pretty big shoes to fill.

In it, you’ll travel across the stars to visit new planets, make allies as well as enemies, upgrade your ship and weapons, and unravel humanity’s greatest mysteries.

While Bethesda has had a string of missteps over the years, we’ve got our fingers crossed on Starfield delivering an immersive new experience.

If you’re a long-time Payday fan, then you know that the release of Payday 3 is long overdue.

Thankfully, Overkill and Starbreeze have teamed up to put out a third entry in the hit heist co-op game series sometime next year.

In Payday 3, you’ll reprise your role as one of the original crew members and set out to take New York City for all its worth.

This includes taking on more complex jobs with game-changing new features and themes tackling things like advanced surveillance and cryptocurrency.

Next up on our list is XDefiant, an upcoming first-person shooter by Ubisoft that’s currently in beta and expected to release in 2023.

The premise revolves around different factions based on existing Ubisoft Tom Clancy games such as Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, and The Division.

Joining up with either the Defiant, Echelon, Outcasts, or Cleaners, players will work with their team to complete objectives while eliminating other players.

This includes a vast arsenal of customizable weapons, devices, and abilities that allow for class-based strategies and tactics.

Blending FPS combat with rhythm-based movement, ROBOBEAT is a new indie roguelite shooter developed by Simon Fredholm and published by Kwalee.

In it, you play as a robot who finds itself stuck in an ever-changing mansion run by an eccentric showman with a lust for violence.

To escape, you’ll have to master the art of shooting, wall-running, sliding, and bunny-hopping in sync with the beat.

The game features unique tracks tailored for different playstyles that offer charged shots, armor-piercing rounds, damage multipliers, and more.

Anger Foot sells itself as a lightning-fast action FPS that comes courtesy of Free Lives and Devolver Digital.

The first thing you’ll notice is just how violent and over-the-top this game is, with the protagonist kicking down doors and shooting anything that moves.

This is further compacted by the game’s caffeine-fueled fever dream of a setting, “Shit City,” where thugs and gangsters run rampant.

While clearing out the city’s slums, sewers, and skyscrapers, you’ll unlock new weapons, sneakers, and upgrades to enhance your ass-kicking abilities.

Tugging on the heartstrings of every retro shooter fan, Boltgun is a new arcade FPS with old-school-style pixel art graphics.

Set within the Warhammer 40K universe, the game casts you as a battle-hardened Space Marine embarking on a dangerous mission across the cosmos.

While traveling throughout the galaxy, you’ll find yourself running, jumping, and charging across sprawling levels filled with heretic enemies.

Boltgun’s combat is already shaping up to be bold and bloody with viciously satisfying gunplay further complemented by high mobility and gory kill animations.

Despite the hero shooter space feeling quite crowded these days, Creative Assembly and SEGA are looking to shake up the genre with HYENAS.

In this colorful sci-fi multiplayer FPS, players team up to steal priceless pop culture loot from Mars billionaires and rival crews.

The HYENAS cast is comprised of various misfits with unique abilities and big personalities that define their playstyle.

Map design is where the game truly shines as environments introduce new hazards and can be manipulated using different tools.

Cosmic horror fans will have their hands full next year when Quantum Error releases for both PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Developed by Teamkill Media, the first-person shooter sees you playing as Capt. Jacob Thomas, a fireman tasked with entering a research facility that’s been set ablaze.

You and your crew must try to save as many lives as possible while investigating the mysterious cause of the fire.

We’re willing to take a shot in the dark and suggest things may not be as black and white as they seem and there’s probably something more sinister at play.

It’s been exciting to see developer Arkane branch out from the Dishonored series and explore new ideas and themes with FPS games like Prey, Deathloop, and now Redfall.

The company’s Austin-based studio is currently working on an open-world co-op shooter centered on a team of survivors battling supernatural forces.

Players will be able to choose their character from a diverse cast with unique abilities before setting off to liberate the small town of Redfall, Massachusetts from vampires.

Considering Arkane Austin has primarily focused on single-player affairs, it’ll be interesting to see how the team approaches a co-op shooter in a post-Left 4 Dead world.

Carrying on with our list of the best upcoming FPS games, the STALKER series is known for getting nitty-gritty with its approach to post-apocalyptic open worlds.

While they’ve always been reminiscent of games like Metro and even Fallout RPGs to some extent, the series suddenly disappeared after just three releases.

STALKER 2 will see players venturing into “The Zone,” an irradiated wasteland surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site.

The area stands out for its high radiation levels, which causes scavengers to develop supernatural abilities that affect traversal and combat.

When life gets us down, sometimes the only remedy is to hop inside a giant mech and blow stuff up until we feel better.

ExoMecha is sure to fill that void while putting its own free-to-play spin on competitive online FPS multiplayer.

The game boasts next-gen graphics, specialized mech classes, and an assortment of game-changing abilities and gadgets to wield in both PvP and AI boss battles.

Mechs are afforded both close and long-range weapons to help you tackle any challenge while exploring the planet Omecha.

Boundary is an upcoming competitive FPS set in outer space, complete with astronaut suits, floating space stations, and zero-g.

The best way to describe it is a cross between Call of Duty and the movie Gravity, though we’re not expecting oxygen limitations to be a significant factor, if at all.

Using outer space as a setting for firefights is guaranteed to make matches feel a lot more intense since there’s no solid ground to cling to in the heat of battle.

You will, however, have a grappling hook and a host of special abilities, some of which we assume will affect your character’s movement; jetpacks, anyone

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