Best Upcoming Horror Games 2021 (And Beyond)

Do you love spooky horror games that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Here are the best upcoming horror games that you can look forward to this year.

There seems to be no shortage of great-looking horror games to keep yourself in the spooky mood all year round.

From remakes to sequels and spin-offs of established series like Outlast, Little Nightmares, and The Forest, 2021 is packed with new horror releases.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best upcoming horror games to look forward in 2021, including upcoming survival horror games on PC and console.

We’ll be updating this list in the future with new titles, so make sure to check back and let us know if we missed any of your favorite upcoming horror games!

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a first-person horror action RPG set after the events of the first game and centers on a completely new protagonist.

Aiden Caldwell is an infected survivor who uses his superb dexterity and combat prowess to gain allies and constantly escape the clutches of the undead. 

The game features streamlined parkour traversal complemented by interactive environments that let you swing from ropes and ride on the roofs of vehicles.

This time around, Techland is including more player-choice, promising to deliver a dynamic open-world that reacts to your actions and evolves throughout the story.

Drawing inspiration from classic survival horror titles, Silent Night positions itself as a ghost-hunting gothic adventure set in an isolated church on Christmas Eve.

You play as a man named Nigel Danvers who finds himself trapped in a time loop that puts him face to face with ghosts from throughout history.

Using various spirit-tracking gadgets, Nigel will be forced to make the tough decision of which spirit to exorcise from the church, condemning the rest for all eternity.

So far, it looks to be offering heavy amounts of atmosphere and potentially high replayability with multiple endings depending on which ghost you choose to free.

Abandoned space stations make for some of the best settings for horror due to the sheer number of dangers they introduce.

Along with potentially running out of oxygen or getting blasted into space, Unsafe throws monsters into the mix as 1-4 players attempt to escape the Black Monolith station.

After waking from cryostasis, you and your crew discover something terribly bad has happened and decide to investigate the station’s eerily quiet halls only to discover something even worse.

Using proximity comms, tools, and your wits, you’ll make your way around the station gathering data, bypassing machines, and avoiding danger to stay alive.

Kingdom of the Dead is an upcoming horror FPS a devilish pen-and-ink art style that continues to catch our eye.

You take on the role of a professor turned army general who starts working for a secret government program whose main purpose is to defeat Death and his armies.

The game tasks you with closing the Gates of Death by exploring eight remote locations overrun with cursed monsters and bosses.

In a throwback to classic arcade shooters, Kingdom of the Dead will support cheat codes and feature multiple difficulty levels that introduce different goals and secrets.

What could be more terrifying than finding yourself stranded on a remote island surrounded by bloodthirsty dinosaurs?

In Deathground, up to three players band together to survive while on a mission to retrieve valuable treasure guarded by dinosaurs with dynamic and reactive behaviors.

Throughout the game, enemies will adjust their actions and make different decisions based on where players’ location and progress.

Players can choose to work together or take on the world solo as they complete objectives and harness each character class’s distinct traits, skills, and tools.

Hello Puppets: Midnight Show is an upcoming stealth horror adventure set during the 1980s on the set of a children’s TV show.

You play as a puppet maker whose most prized creations, the Handeemen, come to life via a magical spell and start exhibiting murderous rage for their master.

With one night to reverse the spell and escape the Handeemen Sound Stage, you’ll have to play a dangerous game of hide and seek with four distinct enemy bosses.

The game’s dense narrative with layers of mystery and twists will be sure to keep you guessing as you navigate large, intricate levels searching for tools and hiding spots.

Joining the droves of Lovecraftian-inspired games is Dead Static Drive, a horror survival adventure title from indie developer/publisher Reuben Games.

In it, players take on the role of a survivor traveling from place to place as the world falls mercy to otherworldly invaders.

To stay alive, they’ll have to sneak, scavenge, fight, befriend, and steal from other people while avoiding massive tendrils and other horrors roaming the world.

It’s an interesting blend of Lovecraft, Grand Theft Auto, and choose-you-own adventure that has our interest piqued.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II was announced during the Game Awards 2019 following the reveal of the Xbox Series X’s name and design.

The sequel sees Ninja Theory back at the helm for a much more thematically dark and atmospheric game, which is saying a lot for anyone who played the original.

The announcement trailer doesn’t give away too much besides confirming the game will be coming to both Series X and PC.

There’s an emphasis on rituals being performed, traveling across stunning landscapes, and an encounter with a massive creature.

We recently got a closer look at Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks’ upcoming horror action-adventure game, Ghostwire: Tokyo.

In it, you play as one of the few remaining survivors following a paranormal event that causes 99% of Tokyo’s population to mysteriously disappear.

Soon after, you discover you’ve been bestowed with supernatural abilities that allow you to fight back against the horrific terrors that have taken over Tokyo.

The premise seems thoroughly intriguing and will only be made better by Ghostwire‘s stunning depiction of modern-day Tokyo, with environments ranging from vibrant cityscapes to tranquil holy grounds.

Cosmic-horror fans will have their hands full next year when Quantum Error releases for both PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Developed by Teamkill Media, the first-person shooter sees you playing as Capt. Jacob Thomas, a fireman tasked with entering a research facility that’s been set ablaze.

You and your crew must try to save as many lives as possible while investigating the mysterious cause of the fire.

We’re willing to take a shot in the dark and suggest things may not be as black and white as they seem and there’s probably something more sinister at play.

Martha Is Dead is an upcoming horror adventure game that takes place during WWII in Tuscany, Italy.

The escalating conflict serves as a backdrop for the game’s plot, which starts with a young woman’s body found drowned in a local lake, presumably Martha.

You play as her twin sister who now has to come to grips with Martha’s passing while investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding her murder.

The game looks to blend elements of Italian folklore with the real-life horrors of war to tell a story focusing on trauma and the supernatural.

When the original System Shock released in 1994, critics praised the game’s relatively realistic physics and the scale of its 3D environments.

Today, the series is remembered for elevating the first-person genre even though its success was short-lived.

Fortunately, developer Night Dive Studios is looking to bring the original back to life with a backer-funded remake currently in the works.

The scrappy developer is taking their time with the project to best recreate the look and vibe of the original, going as far as to consult former Looking Glass Studios staff.

Rainbow Six Quarantine is one of the many new games announced by Ubisoft to have since been delayed indefinitely.

Though we never got an official release date, Ubisoft’s track record led many to believe they would get their hands on the shooter within the next year.

Described as a ‘tactical three-player co-op shooter,’ the game appears to blend elements of zombie shooters and survival horror with more traditional Rainbow Six gameplay.

There’s a big emphasis on story, with you playing as a soldier who becomes infected with some kind of virus that’s likely connected to the zombie-like enemies in the trailer.

Saturnalia is an upcoming survival horror game that sees you controlling a group of characters trapped inside a village where an ancient ritual is taking place. 

As you make your way through a sprawling labyrinthine whose paths randomly change with each playthrough, you’ll unlock new locations and gather valuable tools and resources while being stalked continuously by spooky shadow creatures. 

While the game is essentially a roguelike, developer Santa Ragione is known for incorporating elements of different genres into their projects.

Most impressive is Saturnalia’s distinct ‘pencil sketch’ art style, which adds a layer of depth and atmosphere to characters and environments.

As of now, the game is confirmed for PC exclusively through Epic Games Store.

Instead of putting out a third installment that mirrors the single-player design of the first two games, The Outlast Trials is a multiplayer-focused affair.

Details are far and few between at the moment, but what we do know is the game will take place during the Cold War era.

In it, you and your friends are involuntarily recruited to become test guinea pigs for mind-control experiments at the hands of a shady corporation.

Players will have to work together to make it out alive while their morals, endurance, and sanity are put through the wringer.

Although first-person psychological horror games come a dime a dozen nowadays, we haven’t seen many that explore alien conspiracies, especially in a non-contemporary setting.

Once Upon A Time In Roswell casts you as an unfortunate detective tasked with investigating the disappearance of a family during the year 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico.

As you dive deeper into the case and start digging up clues, secrets from your past will rise to the surface, causing you to see unsettling images and relive traumatic experiences.

Whether it’s little green men toying with your memories or something else, it’s up to you to uncover the truth before it’s too late.

Duality Games’ upcoming survival horror title Unholy managed to catch our eye due to its thoroughly exciting premise.

In it, you play as Saidah, one of the last humans left alive in a world where monstrous creatures outrank humans.

One day, your child gets abducted by these creatures, prompting you to search for clues about where she was taken.

Primarily a stealth game, Unholy tasks you with rescuing your daughter while making sure not to draw too much attention from the deadly monsters who roam the streets.

For anyone unfamiliar with Endnight Games’ The Forest, it’s basically a survival horror game that focuses on crafting and combat.

While the story was pretty nonlinear, there were still plenty of opportunities to learn about the creatures and island through bits of lore scattered throughout.

For the sequel, Endnight Games looks to be expanding the universe with new characters and events revolving around yet another mysterious island.

In addition to better graphics and more fluid combat, Sons of the Forest will be a more team-focused endeavor than the original, which added online multiplayer post-launch.

Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare is an upcoming horror point-and-click adventure game penned by Italian film director and screenwriter Ruggero Deodato.

Deodato is known for making violent and gory horror films with strong elements of realism, with his most notable film being Cannibal Holocaust.

In it, players are tasked with reconstructing the events of an expedition gone awry in the mysterious jungles of Borneo in Southeast Asia.

While the game is still very early in development, the announcement trailer shows some clear connections between Borneo and Deodato’s previous works.

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