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Best Upcoming PS4 Exclusives 2019 (And Beyond)

Since its 2013 debut, the PlayStation 4 has become a huge success for Sony, getting millions of players to invest their precious time and money into the PlayStation ecosystem. This is largely due to the platform’s excellent line-up of diverse first-party exclusives, year after year; 2018 in particular was a great year for the PS4, with the release of award-winning titles like God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man, both Sony exclusives.

Although this generation of consoles is coming to an end, with Sony confirming the existence of the PS5 earlier this year, the 2019 release calendar still has us itching to see what games make it to PS4 before the year is up. So we’re here to highlight some of the best titles that PS4-owners should keep on their radar. Make sure to check back as we’ll be updating this story as we learn new information.

MediEvil – Oct 25, 2019

Ps4 Exclusive Games 2019

It’s been 14 years since the last MediEvil and fans were pleasantly shocked to find they’d be getting a remake of the first game after PlayStation made a surprise reveal. Initially planned as a remaster of the original MediEvil, the project eventually became a full-blown remake and will feature completely redone HD visual assets and sound effects.

For those that may not remember or are unfamiliar with the series, MediEvil has you playing as an undead knight named Sir Daniel Fortesque on a quest to restore peace to the Kingdom of Gallowmere. Fortesque has access to a variety of medieval weaponry such as swords and clubs, which are used in hack-n-slash combat. The game features an art style that’s heavily influenced by the works of Tim Burton and explores supernatural themes in a comedic approach.

Death Stranding Nov 8, 2019

List Of Playstation 4 Exclusives

Death Stranding is an upcoming action game currently under development by Kojima Productions, a studio founded by former Metal Gear designer Hideo Kojima after a falling out with Konami. The game takes place in an open-world environment that has been taken over by massive, invisible creatures.

You control Sam Bridges, a delivery man who carries the “stranded remnants of the future,” on a journey to “reunite a shattered world.: Kojima has gone on record saying that he believes Death Stranding will be a genre-defining game, much like Metal Gear was for stealth games.

Shenmue III – Nov 19, 2019

Ps4 Exclusives List

It’s been 18 years since the last Shenmue game and fans had begun to lose faith in ever seeing a new installment in the series after the extensive development hell that Shenmue III experienced. However, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign initiated by creator Yu Suzuki, the game is on track to release later this year.

Shenmue III takes place in 1987, following the events of Shenmue II. You play as Ryo Hazuki, a teenage martial artist who has traveled from Yokosuka, Japan, to the mountains of Guilin, China. Here, he meets a mysterious girl whose destiny is interlocked with his and the two embark on a new journey in search of his father’s killer.

Concrete Genie – Fall, 2019

Upcoming Ps4 Exclusives

Concrete Genie is an action-adventure game that draws inspiration from cult classics like Jet Set Radio. The game takes place in a small town named Denska and has you playing as Ash, a bullied teenager who loves to draw and paint. One day, a group of bullies steal Ash’s sketchbook and rip out its pages, scattering them throughout the city.

Ash sets out on a quest to try and recover his lost pages when he discovers a magical paintbrush that has the power to bring his creations to life. Players will explore Denska, using the Dualshock 4’s motion controls to paint fantastical creatures on city walls and help Ash on his journey to retrieving his sketchbook and confronting his bullies.

Dreams – TBA, 2019

Top Ps4 Exclusives

Dreams is not your typical game and can best be described as a creation tool that’s used to design virtual experiences, referred to as ‘dreams’. The game is broken up into two halves: Dream Surfing and Dream Shaping. In Dream Surfing, players are able to explore different projects that other players have created or ‘remix’ them, making their own adjustments or alterations.

In Dream Shaping, players are able to build their own dream from scratch. Here players can access a library of shared assets designed by other players, including sound effects, character models, objects and scenery, as well as make their own from scratch. It’ll be interesting to see what the Dreams community is able to achieve with the game’s toolkit and how Dreams will affect the future of animation and game design.

Erica – TBA, 2019

Playstation Exclusives 2019

In recent years, PlayStation has been taking great strides to branch out and explore different forms of interactive entertainment, first with the PlayStation Move, then PSVR, and now PlayLink, which allows players to use their smartphones as a controller in games designed specifically for PlayLink. Erica is a unique cinematic experience that’s part of the PlayLink line-up and plans on utilizing new technology in ways players haven’t seen before, supporting both smartphone and Dualshock 4 controller functionality.

The game is presented completely as a live-action thriller, in which players follow Erica as she investigates a murder that’s directly linked to her memories. Unlike other FMV games that have players making relatively small decisions every 5-10 minutes, Erica presents an action about every 15 seconds, greatly increasing the game’s level of interactivity. You’ll be able to shape the game’s story and make decisions that directly affect Erica’s world in a 2-3 hour-long experience that’s designed to be played multiple times.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – Mar 3, 2020

Playstation 4 Exclusives Games List

Going into E3 we pretty much knew Square was planning to blow our minds and show off more of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake. And somehow, we were still caught by surprise when Cloud, Barret, Aerith, and Tifa appeared on-screen. The cast’s upgraded character models look absolutely stunning and fit in perfectly with the game’s highly-detailed environments.

We were also given a look at the game’s new combat system, which blends elements of real-time action with strategy. Players will be able to attack enemies freely on the battlefield in order to fill a meter which when activated, stops time to allow players to perform special abilities or cast spells with any member of their party.


Upcoming Playstation Exclusives

WiLD is an upcoming open-world survival game set during the prehistoric Neolithic time period. The game has you playing as a ‘Shaman’ human character with special abilities that allow him to possess wild animals throughout the game’s world. During possession, you’ll be granted access to each creature’s unique skills and characteristics which can be used to solve challenges and acquire other animals.

Players will explore a procedurally-generated environment, encountering new wildlife as well as hostile human tribes. The main goal in WiLD is to become connected with as many of the game’s animals as possible, which includes wolves, sheep, fish, ants, snakes, birds, bears, and many more.

Ghost of Tsushima – TBA

Upcoming Ps4 Rpg Games

Ghost of Tsushima is an upcoming action-adventure stealth game currently being developed by Sucker Punch studios, best known for creating the Infamous series. The game has you playing as Jin Sakai, the last samurai alive on Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan.

Ghost of Tsushima will reportedly feature an extremely large open-world that can be explored freely without any waypoints or form of guidance. The protagonist will use a katana as his primary weapon, and also has access to a grappling hook that can be used to climb ledges and a horse for traveling long distances.

The Last of Us 2 – TBA

Upcoming Playstation Games

The original The Last of Us managed to capture the hearts and minds of many players and critics thanks in large part to its emotionally-gripping story that chronicled the relationship between Joel and Ellie.  Developer Naughty Dog is back with a sequel and the world can’t wait to see what’s happened since we last saw these characters.

The Last of Us 2 takes place five years after the events of the first game and has players controlling an older version of Ellie as she encounters a dangerous cult in a now post-apocalyptic US. Neil Druckman, one of the game’s story co-writers, has stated that the sequel will focus on ‘hate’ instead of ‘love’. The game also plans to introduce several new characters who will play “essential roles” in Joel and Ellie’s next journey.

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