Best Upcoming PS5 Exclusives 2021 (And Beyond)

Sony's PlayStation 5 will feature some extremely good exclusive games. Here are the best upcoming PS5 exclusives coming up this year and beyond.

Whether you’re looking forward to high-quality single-player games from Sony’s Worldwide Studios, or third-party games coming to PlayStation first, we’ve got you covered.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best upcoming PS5 exclusives of 2021 and beyond in order of release date.

We’ve taken the liberty of including gameplay trailers where possible as well as info regarding timed or full exclusivity.

We’ll be updating this list in the future with new titles, so make sure to check back and let us know if we missed any games!

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Deathloop is an upcoming immersive sim shooter from Arkane Lyon where players try to kill each other while trapped in a perpetual time loop.

In it, you play as Colt, a talented hitman who finds himself trapped in a Groundhog’s Day-style time loop on a party island filled with rival assassins.

To end the loop, Colt sets out to eliminate the eight targets responsible for their current situation.

It’s an interesting progression of Dishonored’s open-ended stealth gameplay that only benefits from looking like a 1970s acid trip.

One of the most impressive highlights from Sony’s Future of Gaming presentation, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a third-person action-adventure title that’s best summed up as The Legend of Zelda with Pixar-level animation quality.

The game is being developed by Ember Lab, an indie studio that, before game design, specialized in developing characters for animated commercials.

The studio’s animation prowess is on full display in Kena’s announcement trailer, depicting fluid movement and combat systems accented by flashy particle effects and lush forest environments.

Reminiscent of minion-based games like Pikmin, the story sees you raising an army of tiny magical creatures called the Rot, growing their ranks and unlocking new abilities that allow them to manipulate the environment.

Although Jett: The Far Shore remains shrouded in mystery, that’s par for the course developer Superbrothers, whose last project was 2012’s Sword & Sworcery.

Much like that game, Jett focuses on the relationship between music and gameplay while telling a cinematic-quality story about a scout named Mei.

While exploring an ethereal ocean planet, Mei stumbles upon an interstellar transmission and decides to investigate. 

The game is broken up into five acts that feature captivating story beats accented by open-ended exploration, the occasional action sequence with pursuing enemies, and numerous opportunities for self-reflection.

Horizon Forbidden West plans to expand upon the mysterious open-world Aloy and her tribespeople share with mechanical beasts.

The sequel includes a host of graphical and gameplay improvements, namely water traversal.

The game looks just as gorgeous as the original, if not more so thanks to the PS5’s better hardware.

Considering Horizon has always stood out for its unique interpretation of a post-apocalyptic world, we’re eager to see what lies beyond the forbidden west. 

Security Breach will be the next installment in the hit survival-horror series Five Nights at Freddy’s and debut on the PS5 sometime in 2021.

In it, you reprise your role as a security guard for one of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza joints, though the company has since expanded to much larger Mega Pizza Plex locations.

Environments are substantially large and provide more opportunities for jumpscares and run-ins with a host of evil animatronic mascots.

The game will utilize the PS5’s RTX-enabled graphics card and immersive 3D audio to deliver one of the most terrifying experiences on the console to date.

From the same team who brought us Absolver comes Sifu, another action game with hand-to-hand combat modeled after Kung Fu fighting techniques.

In it, you play as a gifted fighter on a mission to hunt down the assassins who killed your family.

In order to even the odds and take control of fights, you’ll have to make clever use of your surroundings and use objects, weapons, windows, and ledges against your enemies.

As you progress, you’ll unlock new skills and strengthen both your body and mind through practice and some sort of aging mechanic.

Solar Ash is Heart Machine’s follow-up to Hyper Light Drifter and looks to be a fresh take on the modern 3D platformer with elements of adventure.

It sees you journeying through a highly stylized surreal world brimming with mystery, fast and fluid traversal, and a host of larger-than-life enemies.

You take control of Ash as she tries to save her world from the “Ultravoid,” a dark energy that feeds off of worlds and spawns massive beasts.

While we can confirm Solar Ash is set in the same universe as HLD, Heart Machine has stated it is not a direct sequel.

Every console generation, we’re treated to a new racing game with gorgeous-looking graphics to show off the new hardware’s capabilities.

Sony is using the same approach for the PS5 as previous generations by announcing the next entry in the long-running Gran Turismo series.

Gran Turismo 7 sees the return of highly-requested features that were excluded from the previous entry, including a fully-realized career mode to make up for GT Sport‘s slim pickings. 

Additionally, tuning shops and Trial Mountain challenges will return; of course, you can still count on a plethora of new vehicles from the biggest brands in racing to make an appearance in GT7.

We recently got a closer look at Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks’ upcoming horror action-adventure game, Ghostwire: Tokyo, which is expected to launch first on PS5 in 2021.

In it, you play as one of the few remaining survivors following a paranormal event that causes 99% of Tokyo’s population to mysteriously disappear.

Soon after, you discover you’ve been bestowed with supernatural abilities that allow you to fight back against the horrific terrors that have taken over Tokyo.

The premise seems thoroughly intriguing and will only be made better by Ghostwire‘s stunning depiction of modern-day Tokyo, with environments ranging from vibrant cityscapes to tranquil holy grounds.

Heavenly Bodies is a 2D simulation game that sees you and a partner attempting to run a space station in zero gravity.

To complete tasks and keep the station functioning like it should, you’ll have to navigate to different parts using the game’s physics-based controls.

The left and right analog sticks allow you to move your character’s arms while bumpers are for tucking in your legs.

The game will be best enjoyed on PS5 thanks to the DualSense controller’s new adaptive triggers, which provide better feedback when grabbing an object.

Joining the ranks of third-party games that have been locked in as timed exclusives for the PS5 is Little Devil Inside, a visually striking action RPG with survival elements.

However, what sets this game apart is its distinct cartoony art style, which adds a surreal quality to the game’s overall appearance.

It’s made by South Korean developer Neostream, who kickstarted the game back in 2015 and interestingly enough, originally planned on releasing Little Devil Inside for the short-lived Nintendo Wii-U.

In it, you play as a brave adventure on a quest to save the world by killing off powerful arch-demons. The game features a semi-open world filled with side activities to explore when you need a break from the main path.

Taking a look at the teaser trailer for Stray, it’s clear indie developer BlueTwelve found the perfect match in publisher Annapurna Interactive.

Stray casts you as an adorable feline living in a cyberpunk-inspired city where humans appear to have been replaced by robots.

The cat can be seen wearing a glowing backpack, suggesting it serves some bigger purpose in the game’s story.

Of all the PS5 exclusives we could ask for, a futuristic cat simulator is definitely at the top of the list.

Forspoken is an upcoming open-world action-adventure game currently in development at Luminous Productions, a new Square Enix game studio formed by members of the Final Fantasy 15 development team.

The game sees you controlling a fleet-footed young woman, likely named Athia, as she explores a “world not her own,” comprised of snowy mountains, lush forests, and ancient ruins.

In the teaser trailer, we can see Athia possesses the power to make roots grow out of the ground and fire-breathing wolves are among the game’s enemy types.

Considering the developer’s affinity for JRPGs, it’ll be interesting to see them apply their talent to a new genre with Project Athia. If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, definitely keep your eye on this one.

God of War was a tremendous victory for Sony, receiving 10/10 reviews from fans and critics as well as taking home the trophy for GOTY at The Game Awards 2018.

It seems only logical at this point for Sony Santa Monica to start brainstorming a sequel to add to the PS5’s already lengthy list of exclusives.

The studio appears to agree as they’ve started posting job listings for positions across numerous teams, with one listing going as far as to directly mention 2018’s God of War.

If you were one of many players who returned to Krato’s cabin after completing the main story, then you remember the colossal cliffhanger that was included to leave players craving more God of War.

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