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Best Upcoming PSVR Games 2019

There’s no doubt that VR is here to stay, as the cost of headsets continues to drop and VR experiences become more accessible for the average gamer. Sony may have been late to the party when they first released PlayStation VR in 2016, however, the Japanese company managed to quickly dominate the VR space thanks to the relatively low price point of their headset and accessories in addition to the PS4’s massive install base.

In 2018, PSVR users were able to experience great games like Tetris Effect, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, and Beat Saber. This year’s line-up has us just as excited to strap on our headsets and travel to new worlds, so we’ve created this list to highlight some of the most anticipated PSVR titles for 2019. Make sure to check back as we’ll be updating this list in the future.

Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot – July 26, 2019

Ps4 Vr Review

Set 20 years after the events of Wolfenstein: The New ColossusCyberpilot has you controlling a computer hacker for the French Resistance as they try to put an end to the Nazi regime. You gain a major edge in battle after successfully seizing remote control of one of the Nazi’s Panzerhunds, four-legged fire-breathing mechanical beasts that can destroy just about anything and anyone.

While hacked into the cyborg-dog death machine’s mind, you’ll be able to explore the streets of 1980s Paris, leaping on top of enemies and burning them to a crisp with your flamethrower ability. As you reduce the Nazi’s numbers, more powerful foes will begin dropping from enemy airships, including armored soldiers wielding laser cannons and swarms of flying drones.

No Man’s Sky: Beyond VR – Summer, 2019

Best Upcoming Psvr Games 2020
Developer Hello Games has been consistent on delivering every feature they promised with No Man’s Sky. In the last two years, we’ve seen a plethora of new features added as well as quality of life improvements that make the game feel completely different than it was at launch.

The next free update, titled ‘Beyond’ seeks to take things even further. Hello Games is planning on adding the ability to play the entire game in VR, with multiplayer functionality regardless if your teammates own a headset or not. For a game that’s heavy on exploration, it’ll be interesting to see how a deeper sense of immersion will affect gameplay.

Golem – TBA, 2019

Best Psvr Games 2019

Golem is a VR experience that has you playing as an adventurous and imaginative kid who’s recently been injured. Confined to your small bedroom, you spend your time day-dreaming about the outside world.  You soon develop the power to create and breathe life into stone creatures, possessing their bodies and seeing the world through their eyes.

Eventually, your powers become much stronger and you’re able to send your Golem outside to explore an ancient abandoned city where dangerous creatures roam freely. Although Golem has seen a number of delays since its 2015 reveal, leaving many to wonder whether the title was secretly scrapped, developer Highwire Games has assured fans that the game is close to being finished and only needs some polishing and optimization in order to deliver a seamless VR experience to players.

Star Child – TBA, 2019

Upcoming Playstation Vr Games 2020

Star Child is a story-driven platformer that follows the journey of Spectra and her companion on an important mission to an alien planet. After becoming stranded, the pair uncover a powerful threat that’s capable of massive destruction.

By working together, the two will fight to take back control of the world around them and escape. Star Child‘s cinematic presentation and emotionally-gripping narrative themes are sure to strike a few heartstrings and make you feel invested in Spectra and her companion King.

Dreams – TBA, 2019

Best Ps Vr Games

Dreams is not your typical game and can best be described as a creation tool that’s used to design virtual experiences, referred to as ‘dreams’. The game is broken up into two halves: Dream Surfing and Dream Shaping. In Dream Surfing, players are able to explore different projects that other players have created or ‘remix’ them, making their own adjustments or alterations.

In Dream Shaping, players are able to build their own dream from scratch. Here players can access a library of shared assets designed by other players, including sound effects, character models, objects and scenery, as well as make their own from scratch. The project is currently being developed for PS4 but developer Media Molecule has plans to implement PSVR support, which will offer a more immersive experience for both creators and players.

Blunt Force – TBA, 2019

Playstation Vr Review

Blunt Force is an episodic, first-person VR shooter being developed by Monad Rock. The game is set during the events of WWII and follows two parallel storylines.  One story is set before the war and has you controlling a spy who’s been tasked with uncovering a mole inside their operation.  The second story takes place during the war and has you controlling a soldier fighting against the Nazi army.

Eventually the two tales will converge, their events holding hidden meaning that will only be revealed to the player later in the game. Blunt Force will include two modes: Arcade and Challenge. In Arcade mode, players will be given tips on how to solve puzzles and move the plot forward quicker. In Challenge mode, enemies pose a much greater threat and players will have to be more precise when aiming weapons and positioning themselves in battle.

Iron Man VR – TBA, 2019

Upcoming Psvr Games

Iron Man VR will allow players to finally fulfill a fantasy every Marvel fan has had at one point: a chance to become Iron Man. The first-person action game has you controlling tech genius Tony Stark as he battles villainous ghosts from his past.

You’ll be able to take to the skies and fly while in the Iron Man suit, using an array of weapons and gadgets to defeat enemies. Along the way you’ll encounter iconic Marvel allies and super villains from around the globe.

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