As the cost of headsets continues to drop and VR experiences become more accessible for the average gamer, it’s become clear that virtual reality is here to stay. While Oculus and HTC make up a large portion of the VR-space, Sony‘s PSVR headset has risen in popularity thanks to its relatively low price tag combined with the PS4’s massive install base.

Immersive experiences like Tetris Effect, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, and Beat Saber continue to prove VR’s versatility and potential to keep players engaged. This year will see PSVR players strapping on their headsets once again as they travel to new worlds for more thrilling adventures.

Here, we’ve highlighted the best upcoming PSVR titles players are looking forward to playing in 2019 and beyond.  We’ll be updating this list in the future, so make sure to check back. And lastly, if you’d like more gaming recommendations, consider reading through our other curated lists:

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    The Walking Dead Onslaught

    Release Date: Fall 2019

    Set within The Walking Dead universe, Onslaught offers a brand new story for players looking to experience the real-world horrors that come with living in a zombie-infested world. The game uses real-motion melee and ranged combat for a more visceral experience tailored specifically for VR. 

    This allows players to delimb, carve, impale, and basically dismember Walkers in just about any way they deem appropriate. Although recent games based on TWD property haven’t been so great, specifically 2018’s disastrous Overkill’s The Walking DeadOnslaught is being developed by Survios, the developers behind notable VR titles like Raw Data.

    Space Channel 5 VR

    Release Date: Fall 2019

    It’s been close to two decades since Space Channel 5: Part 2 released, so it’s cool to see fans of the rhythm-action series get an updated spin-off for VR. Set in the 25th century, Space Channel 5 VR sees top reporter Ulala covering a mysterious incident involving aliens forcing humans to dance.

    Ulala, along with the player, will have to pull off some smooth moves in order to attract as many viewers as possible and prevent an alien invasion. A wide selection of funky beats and dance poses make this a great game to burn off some calories and experience classic SEGA nostalgia.

    Star Child

    Release Date: TBA 2019

    Star Child is a story-driven platformer that follows the journey of Spectra and her companion, a mechanical being known as King, on an important mission to an alien planet. After becoming stranded, the pair uncover a powerful threat with the potential to cause massive destruction.

    Only by working together can Spectra and her newfound friend defeat the intergalactic threat and escape the alien planet. Star Child‘s cinematic presentation and emotionally-gripping narrative themes are sure to strike a few heartstrings and make you feel invested in Spectra and her companion.

    Paper Beast

    Release Date: Early 2020

    Paper Beast is an exploration game set in a vibrant ecosystem where lines of code have come to life to a seemingly human-less world. These creatures are presented as polygonal objects, resembling a wide-range of real-world animals.

    Players will be able to interact with these creatures and explore their massive habitats as they unravel the many intricacies of this digital world. Aside from having an original and interesting premise, Paper Beast features gorgeous visuals, making it ideal for VR.


    Release Date: Feb 14, 2020

    Dreams is not your typical game and can best be described as a creative tool used to design virtual experiences, referred to as ‘dreams’. The experience can be divided into two separate activities: Dream Surfing and Dream Shaping. In Dream Surfing, players are able to explore different projects that other players have created or remix them, making their own adjustments or alterations.

    In Dream Shaping, players are free to build their own dream from scratch. Here players can access a library of shared assets designed by other players, including sound effects, character models, objects and scenery, as well as make their own from scratch. The project is currently being developed for PS4 but developer Media Molecule has plans to support PSVR as well.

    Blunt Force

    Release Date: TBA 2020

    Blunt Force is an episodic, first-person VR shooter being developed by Monad Rock. Set during the events of WWII, the game sees players experiencing two parallel storylines, one set before the war in which a spy has been tasked with uncovering a mole within their organization. The second story takes place during the war and has players controlling a soldier fighting against the Nazi army.

    Eventually, the two tales will converge and their hidden meaning will be revealed to the player. Blunt Force will include two modes: Arcade and Challenge. In Arcade mode, players will be given tips on how to solve puzzles and move the plot forward quicker. In Challenge mode, enemies pose a much greater threat and players will have to be more precise when aiming weapons and positioning themselves in battle.

    Marvel’s Iron Man VR 

    Release Date: TBA 2020

    Iron Man VR will allow players to finally fulfill every Marvel fan’s fantasy of becoming Iron Man. The first-person action game has you controlling tech genius Tony Stark as he battles villainous ghosts from his past on a heroic and cinematic journey.

    You’ll be able to take to the skies and fly while in the Iron Man suit, using an array of weapons and gadgets to defeat enemies. Along the way, you’ll encounter iconic Marvel allies and supervillains from around the globe.

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