Best Upcoming Strategy Games 2023 (And Beyond)

Looking for the best upcoming strategy games to add to your wishlist? We've got you covered here in this list!

If you like finding ways to outsmart your opponent, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for the best upcoming strategy games of 2024 and beyond.

Whether it’s turn-based or real-time, 4X, or city builder, this year is chockful of great-looking titles that fall under the strategy umbrella.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best upcoming strategy games releasing on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

So, without much further ado, let’s see what’s on the calendar for upcoming strategy game releases!

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Now that Ubisoft has acquired developer Blue Byte, fans can look forward to a full-fledged reboot of the city-building franchise The Settlers.

Currently in development, The Settlers will be the first new entry in over a decade and is rumored to include a ton of features designed to breathe new life into the series.

For one, gameplay has been expanded to now include elements of real-time strategy, namely during battles.

That being said, the main focus will still be managing your town’s population and resources, ensuring things run as smoothly as possible.

Blood Bowl has never shied away from doing its own thing, blending turn-based strategy, Warhammer lore, and American football into a neat little package.

While among the more niche upcoming strategy games, Blood Bowl 3 includes a number of improvements and new features that fans of the series will appreciate.

For one, gameplay adheres to the official rules of the latest edition of the board game, complete with new skills and redesigned passing mechanics.

There’s also a new competitive PvP mode that offers new league management tools and a solo campaign open to all 12 included races, with room for customization.

Serving as the third installment in the popular tactical RTS series, Company of Heroes 3 pits players against the harsh realities of WWII.

This time around, the campaign is set to focus on increasing tensions between Italy and North Africa, with players acting as generals and leading their armies into battle.

To succeed, you’ll have to devise new strategies that will overwhelm your opponents and make full use of your ground, air, and naval units.

Company of Heroes 3 introduces a new Dynamic Campaign Map that will introduce randomized elements to keep players on their toes in addition to challenging online multiplayer battles.

Mega Man fans are in for a retro treat as Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Vol. 1 & 2 have been announced for a 2023 release.

Bundling together every installment of the beloved tactical RPG, this upcoming strategy games collection has you facing off against Mega Man’s biggest foes.

As you defeat deadly enemy programs in electrifying grid-based battles, you’ll scour the web for rare and powerful BattleChips to enhance and build your deck.

Legacy Collection also includes optional high-resolution filters to update each game’s graphics along with a robust art gallery and music player.

Men of War II is the highly-anticipated sequel to the critically-acclaimed RTS by Best Way and Fulqrum Publishing.

Building off of the original, it features all-new units, locations, campaigns, and modes with respect to historical accuracy regarding Eastern and Western WWII Fronts.

Additionally, the game’s AI has been refined to allow for more immersive and aggressive engagements across both Allies and Soviets single-player campaigns.

On the multiplayer side of things, Men of War II offers the biggest and most realistic PvP and co-op battles in the franchise’s history.

Next up on our list of the best upcoming strategy games is SpellForce: Conquest of Eo, a new turn-based strategy game set in the magical world of SpellForce.

In it, you’ll take up the mantle of your master and look over a mysterious wizard’s tower while studying spells, training minions, and summoning them into battle.

The game features free-roaming exploration with the ability to leave your mark on the world by befriending cities, harvesting resources, and expanding your domain.

Combat is both fast-paced and tactical, allowing you to combine over 60 spells and more than 100 unique troops ranging from lowly goblins to majestic griffons.

Billed as a free-to-play RTS game designed for both PvP and co-op, Stormgate has definitely caught our eye ever since it was first announced.

Developed and published by Frost Giant Studios, the game sees you caught in a war between humanity and alien invaders.

This plays out across tense real-time battles against other players or AI opponents with teammates fighting by your side.

The blending of fantasy and sci-fi isn’t novel by any stretch of the imagination but Stormgate looks to be one of the more promising attempts in recent years.

Managing wartime hospital facilities is not an easy or fun job but at the end of the day, someone’s got to step up and do it.

In War Hospital, that responsibility falls on your shoulders as you’re put in charge of a British WW1 field hospital during 1917.

Understaffed and undersupplied, you’ll serve as the last bastion of hope for countless soldiers that get injured at the French Front.

It’s an interesting twist on the classic military RTS formula we’ve come to expect and just might end up being one of this year’s best upcoming strategy games.

Switching over to something a bit more traditional, Jagged Alliance 3 is the next evolution of the beloved strategy RPG series.

The campaign centers on the prosperous nation of Grand Chien, where both natural resources and deep political divides are easy to come by.

However, when the elected president goes missing, a new paramilitary force steps in to seize control, leading to nationwide turmoil.

Guiding a team of skilled mercenaries into battle, you’ll track down the President and restore order using every tool and tactic at your disposal.

Moving right along, our next suggestion for the best upcoming strategy games is Gord, a single-player colony sim with a Slavic folklore twist.

In it, you’re tasked with developing societies by scavenging for resources and navigating forbidden lands inhabited by mythical creatures.

The manner in which you complete quests will shape your colonists’ personalities as well as impact their quality of life and ultimately determine their fate.

To this point, the game introduces sanity, burden, and spellcasting systems that lead to unique hurdles with exciting solutions.

Despite being one of the more revered Nintendo exclusives, there hasn’t been a new Advance Wars game in over a decade.

Thankfully, that’s about to change when the upcoming strategy game Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp releases on the Nintendo Switch.

Touted as a comprehensive remake of the first two games in the series: Advance Wars and AW2: Black Hole Rising, it features updated graphics and refined gameplay.

In it, players will lead the Orange Star Army into battle while leveraging land, air, and naval units in order to capture towns and take down enemy squads.

Minecraft fans will get to explore new lands and gameplay when Minecraft Legends releases next year for PC and consoles.

Billed as a new action strategy game based on the iconic franchise, it sees you venturing to worlds both familiar and mysterious for a brand new adventure.

Legends sets itself apart by introducing new action-driven strategy mechanics in which players issue commands to troops and lead them into battle.

This is further complemented by strategic base-building and resource-gathering that adapts Minecraft’s core principles to a new format.

Homeworld rose to fame in the later 1990s to early 2000s before losing popularity following the release of Homeworld 2 in 2003.

While both the original and its sequel were eventually remastered, fans have been craving a third game for quite some time now.

First announced back in 2019, Homeworld 3 carries on the franchise’s sci-fi legacy by combining tactical combat and RPG mechanics in one cosmic package.

The game looks to offer an expansive campaign that revisits many of the core features that made the original two Homeworld games so satisfying to play.

The announcement of Metal Slug Tactics caught many by surprise, considering the franchise is exclusively known for its retro run-and-gun games.

However, if the trailer’s any indication, developer Leikir Studio has a bonafide hit on their hands that draws heavy inspiration from games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem.

Additionally, the game will reportedly include some roguelike elements that are sure to keep gameplay and progression feeling fresh and exciting.

While we’ve yet to see just how well Metal Slug meshes with tactical RPG gameplay, we’re willing to take the risk and find out when it releases later this year.

Another announcement that came seemingly out of nowhere, Terminator: Dark Fate – Defiance is touted as a gritty RTS that will drop players in the middle of a war between humans and machines.

It’s currently being developed by Cats Who Play and is set to feature common RTS elements such as resource management, vying factions, and large-scale battles.

There’s little else to glean from the cinematic teaser and gameplay trailer currently circulating online for the upcoming strategy game.

In the meantime, you might want to consider wishlisting it on Steam and keeping this list bookmarked for future updates.

Considering Frostpunk was a massive hit for 11-bit Studios, it was only a matter of time until we got a sequel to the hit city builder survival game.

Set 30 years after the apocalyptic blizzard that thrust humanity into hardship, Frostpunk 2 sees you playing as the leader of a new metropolis on the brink of collapse.

In order to keep your population alive, you’ll have to hunt down a new source of power in the form of oil while navigating political divisions within your community.

Much like the original, players can expect to have to make tough sacrifices along the way all for the sake of providing humanity with a better future.

Due out sometime this year, Manor Lords presents an interesting blend of city-builder and RTS battling set during the Medieval Era.

As cities flourish and populations grow, players will be able to expand their horizons by crafting trade routes, building fortifications, and forming armies to defend against invaders.

However, success won’t come overnight, as settlements require constant upkeep to ensure there are enough resources to keep villagers happy and healthy.

Obstacles such as harsh weather conditions, disease, and famine are all unfortunate realities to keep in mind as you progress in this upcoming strategy game.

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