Best Upcoming Strategy Games 2022 (And Beyond)

Looking for new strategy games to outwit your opponents? Join us as we dive into the best upcoming strategy games of 2022!

If you enjoy coming up with new ways to outwit your opponents, chances are you’re looking forward to playing the best upcoming strategy games of 2022.

Whether it’s turn-based or real-time, 4X or city builder, this year is full of great-looking titles that fall under the strategy umbrella.

In this list, we’ll highlight the most anticipated strategy games for 2022 in order of release date, including upcoming turn-based strategy games and strategy RPGs.

We’ll be updating this list in the future with new titles, so make sure to check back and let us know if we missed any of your favorite new strategy games!

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Card Shark is an upcoming indie game that blends action-adventure storytelling with card strategy mechanics.

In it, you play as a hustler looking to cheat their way to the top of French society during the 18th century.

You’ll start out in local card parlors where you’ll get a crash course in fleecing opponents using different card techniques until eventually moving on to more high-stakes games among royalty.

As things progress, you’ll have to be careful not to get caught cheating or risk losing your life.

The Starship Troopers movies are known for their campy writing and satirical take on classic science fiction, two things we’re hoping to encounter in the upcoming Terran Command.

In it, players are tasked with commanding the Mobile Infantry as they defend the Kwalasha population from an encroaching alien species known as the Arachnids.

For a licensed game, Terran Command’s combat system is surprisingly robust and utilizes battle mechanics like True Line of Sight/Fire, and terrain elevation for more tactical options.

Additionally, players will be able to unlock a wide range of specialized units with unique abilities and weapons throughout the story campaign.

Coming from developer Prime Bit Games, Clash II is a follow-up to the 1998 Polish strategy RPG created by Leryx Longsoft.

Drawing inspiration from the Heroes of Might and Magic and Warlords series, the game transports players to a fictional historical setting on the cusp of war.

Pledging allegiance to one of two factions, players will explore the mystical land of Karkhan almost fifty years after the events of the original.

The campaign is set to include turn-based battles that can be tackled with different approaches, such as diplomacy, technological advancement, spirituality, and brute force.

Despite being one of the more revered Nintendo strategy franchises, there hasn’t been a new Advance Wars game in over a decade.

Thankfully, that’s about to change when Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp releases on the Switch later this December.

Touted as a comprehensive remake of the first two games in the series: Advance Wars and AW2: Black Hole Rising, it features updated graphics and refined gameplay.

In it, players will lead the Orange Star Army into battle while leveraging land, air, and naval units in order to capture towns and take down enemy squads.

Serving as the third installment in the popular tactical RTS series, Company of Heroes 3 pits players against the harsh realities of WWII.

This time around, the campaign is set to focus on increasing tensions between Italy and North Africa, with players acting as General and leading their army into battle.

To succeed, you’ll have to devise new strategies that will overwhelm your opponents and make full use of your ground, air, and naval units.

Company of Heroes 3 introduces a new Dynamic Campaign Map that will introduce randomized elements to keep players on their toes in addition to challenging online multiplayer battling.

Homeworld rose to fame in the later 1990s to early 2000s before losing popularity following the release of Homeworld 2 in 2003.

While both the original and its sequel were eventually remastered, fans have been craving a third game for quite some time now.

First announced back in 2019, Homeworld 3 carries on the franchise’s sci-fi legacy by combining tactical combat and RPG mechanics in one cosmic package.

The game looks to offer an expansive campaign that revisits many of the core features that made the original two Homeworld games so satisfying to play.

The announcement of Metal Slug Tactics caught many by surprise, considering the franchise is exclusively known for its retro run-n-gun games.

However, if the trailer’s any indication, developer Leikir Studio has a bonafide hit on their hands that draws heavy inspiration from games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem.

Additionally, the game will reportedly include some roguelike elements that are sure to keep gameplay and progression feeling fresh and exciting.

While we’ve yet to see just how well Metal Slug meshes with tactical RPG gameplay, we’re willing to take the risk and find out when it releases later this year.

Another announcement that came seemingly out of nowhere, Terminator: Dark Fate – Defiance is touted as a gritty RTS that will drop players you in the middle of a war between humans and machines.

It’s currently being developed by Cats Who Play and is set to feature common RTS elements such as resource management, vying factions, and large-scale battles.

There’s little else to glean from the cinematic teaser and gameplay trailer currently circulating online.

In the meantime, you might want to consider wishlisting it on Steam and keeping this list bookmarked for future updates.

Considering Frostpunk was a massive hit for 11-bit Studios, it was only a matter of time until we got a sequel to the city builder survival game.

Set 30 years after the apocalyptic blizzard that thrust humanity into hardship, Frostpunk 2 sees you playing as the leader of a new metropolis on the brink of collapse.

In order to keep your population alive, you’ll have to hunt down a new source of power in the form of oil while navigating political divisions within your community.

Much like the original, players can expect to have to make tough sacrifices along the way all for the sake of providing humanity with a better future.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the next tactical turn-based game from Firaxis Games and looks to differentiate itself from the studios previous titles, namely XCOM.

The most notable difference in Midnight Suns is the addition of a card-based combat system that restricts heroes’ abilities to those included within randomized decks.

You take on the role of a customizable hero called The Hunter as they team up with various Marvel characters to stop the demonic queen Lillith from awakening a Cthulhu-like dark lord.

The game features a hub area where you can interact with party members to develop relationships that affect combat, such as unlocking unique team combo attacks to use during battle.

Blood Bowl has never shied away from doing its own thing, blending turn-based strategy, Warhammer lore, and American football into a neat little package.

While among the more niche titles coming to Xbox, Blood Bowl 3 includes a number of improvements and new features that fans of the series will appreciate.

For one, gameplay adheres to the official rules of the latest edition of the board game, complete with new skills and redesigned passing mechanics.

There’s also a new competitive PVP mode that offers new league management tools and a solo campaign open to all 12 included races, with room for customization.

This next game comes from the makers of the Long War mods for XCOM 2 and is looking to shake up the grand strategy subgenre.

Set in the near future, Terra Invicta sees you navigating the solar system while creating a new space-based economy, managing a space fleet, and save humanity from collapse.

The game features seven ideological factions which each possess a unique vision for mankind’s future; after choosing one, players will take control of Earth’s nations and set off for the stars.

Throughout the story, you’ll encounter alien battles, geopolitical wars between rival factions, and new technologies that will allow you to expand and improve your fleet.

Due out sometime this year, Manor Lords presents an interesting blend of city-builder and RTS battling set during the Medieval Era.

As cities flourish and populations grow, players will be able to expand their horizons by crafting trade routes, building fortifications, and forming armies to defend against invaders.

However, success won’t come overnight, as settlements require constant upkeep to ensure there are enough resources to keep villagers happy and healthy.

Obstacles such as harsh weather conditions, disease, and famine are all unfortunate realities to keep in mind as you progress in the game.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was a unique blend of XCOM-style tactics gameplay and Nintendo’s iconic cast of characters with cameos from the ever zany Rabbids.

While the game ended up being a success, not many expected Nintendo and Ubisoft to return with a sequel; nevertheless, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope was revealed during E3 2021.

In it, Mario and his friends team up with the Rabbids yet again, this time to defeat a new galactic threat and save adorable Spark companions.

The game is set to feature a host of new bosses, special powers and skills, as well as refinements to combat that expand the number of strategic options available to the player.

Jack Move is a pixel art JRPG that draws inspiration from the classic Mega Man Battle Network games while telling an original cyberpunk story.

In it, you take on the role of Noa, a rogue hacker who finds herself thrust into a world of murder, kidnapping, and twisted research after her father mysteriously disappears.

Combat is turn-based and provides countless opportunities to devise unique strategies by customizing Noa’s Cyber Deck mid-battle.

This allows her to switch roles and adjust her mix of offense, defense, and buffs in combination with hardware upgrades that increase stats and unlock new abilities.

Now that Ubisoft has acquired developer Blue Byte, fans can look forward to a full-fledged reboot of the city-building franchise The Settlers.

Currently in development, The Settlers will be the first new entry in over a decade and is rumored to include a ton of features designed to breathe new life into the series.

For one, gameplay has been expanded to now include elements of real-time strategy, namely during battles.

That being said, the main focus will still be managing your town’s population and resources, ensuring things run as smoothly as possible.

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