Best Upcoming Xbox Series X Games 2020 (And Beyond)

Although Microsoft has spent a majority of this generation focusing on acquiring studios and developing services such as Xbox Game Pass, they don’t appear to be leaving the console market in the near future. Slated to release in Holiday 2020, the Xbox Series X will serve as Microsoft’s next flagship console where players can experience the best upcoming games.

Here, we’ll be highlighting the games you can look forward to playing on your Series X in 2020 and beyond. Make sure to check back as we’ll be updating this list in the future with new entries. Lastly, if you would like to receive more gaming recommendations, consider reading through our other curated lists:

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The first game shown during Xbox’s Game Showcase was Halo Infinite. We got a glimpse of the first-person shooter’s storyline and new features through a gameplay demo. In it, we see Master Chief crash landing on a ring-world planet overwhelmed with Banished enemies. To escape, he’ll have to track down a slipspace drive with help from allies he meets along the way.

The biggest change in Halo Infinite is a new grappling hook gadget that allows you to propel yourself around the environment and latch onto enemies. Microsoft has yet to show off the game’s online multiplayer mode, but we can confirm it will be available at launch. Going forward, 343 anticipates Infinite becoming the primary platform for new Halo content for the next decade, a major departure for the series which has historically focused on numbered sequels. 

Slated for a release this year, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be the next entry in Ubisoft’s long-running action RPG. The game is set in the 9th century during the Viking invasion of Britain and sees you playing as either a male or female Viking raider named Eivor.  In search of a new home for their tribe, Eivor soon finds themself entangled in the never-ending conflict between the Templar Order and the Brotherhood of Assassins.

Combat is expected to lean even further into the visceral power fantasy established by Odyssey. Additionally, Valhalla will introduce new gameplay systems in the form of settlement building. As you gather resources, forge alliances, and spread your tribe’s influence throughout Britain, Viking camps will continue to improve, making them vulnerable to attacks from raiders in the process.

2019’s Tetris Effect will be getting a rerelease in the form of Tetris Effect: Connected, a timed-Xbox exclusive that adds new multiplayer modes to the well-known puzzle game. This includes never before seen cooperative challenges and support for local/online competitive matches.

Anyone who’s played the original will vouch for the outstanding quality of Tetris Effect’s visuals, soundtrack, and controls. Throwing multiplayer into the mix sounds like the perfect way to get players back into the game and attract a wide audience. We’re most excited to see how Connected approaches the idea of playing Tetris cooperatively with multiple players. 

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II was announced during the Game Awards 2019 following the reveal of the Xbox Series X’s name and design. The sequel sees British studio Ninja Theory back at the helm for what appears to be a much more thematically dark and atmospheric game, which is saying a lot considering the first Hellblade was already pretty grim.

The announcement trailer doesn’t give away too much besides confirming the game will be coming to both Series X and PC. There’s an emphasis on rituals being performed, traveling across stunning landscapes, and an encounter with a massive creature. The game will take advantage of the Series X’s more powerful hardware and should pair nicely with Ninja Theory’s impressive facial rendering technology.

Bloober Team is known for making psychological horror experiences with rich atmospheres and their fair share of jumpscares. While the studio has seen great success with the Layers of Fear series as well as 2019’s Blair Witch, their next project may end up being their most ambitious title to date. The Medium sees you taking on the role of a woman with supernatural abilities that allow her to travel between two plains of existence: the living and the spirit world.

Haunted by visions of a child’s murder, she finds herself at an abandoned resort in search of answers. By accessing both worlds, she begins piecing together clues that can help solve the murder case at the risk of exposing her to sinister forces. The game is very much inspired by Silent Hill and will even feature tracks from famed composer Akira Yamaoka. 

Released in Japan earlier this year, Yakuza: Like A Dragon will make its way to the rest of the world as a launch title for the Xbox Series X. Additionally, its the first of many Xbox releases to take advantage of Microsoft’s new Smart Delivery service, meaning anyone who buys the game on XB1 will be able to upgrade to the XSX version for no additional cost. 

Sega’s been touting the game as an ‘explosive new entry point’ to the series, which has historically targeted a devout but niche audience of players outside of Japan. To this point, the game will introduce some significant gameplay changes. While Yakuza is known primarily as a traditional 3D beat ’em up, Like A Dragon will feature turn-based battles with an emphasis on strategy. 

Watch Dogs: Legion takes the hacking-based gameplay the series is known for and sets it loose in the city of London. However, this time around, you won’t be playing as a single pre-determined character. Instead, Legion sees you assembling a team of hackers to rebel against a private military that has seized the city. Presented as NPCs in the open-world, members of your squad possess unique strengths and weaknesses that can impact gameplay.

One character may be a better driver but a terrible shot; another may excel at hacking but have an extensive criminal record, making them easily recognizable by authorities. Characters will sometimes be unavailable and can even be permanently killed off via an optional difficulty setting. In addition to a full single-player campaign, Legion will feature an online mode with cooperative missions and side activities. 

Forza fans can look forward to a soft reboot of sorts for the racing sim. During the Xbox Game Showcase, we were treated to a new in-engine trailer where a ton of sleek-looking racing cars and tracks were shown, all running on next-gen hardware.

For the Series X, developer Turn 10 Studios appears to be ditching numbered releases in favor of a live service model. Simply-titled Forza Motorsport, the next entry is still early in development but is slated for an XSX, PC, and Game Pass release. We’re happy to report FM will run at 4K with 60fps on both Series X and PC. 

Cyberpunk-themed games are all the rage nowadays and The Ascent looks to be putting its own spin on tech-obsessed dystopias. Described as a twin-stick shooter RPG, the game sees you navigating a futuristic city occupied by rival factions. You’ve got your all-controlling mega corp The Ascent Group, whose untimely demise created a power struggle within the city. 

Now remnants of the group’s soldiers wage war against other corporations, gangs, and twisted individuals all battling for power. You can choose to take on the city alone in single-player or grab a couple of friends and experience the story in co-op mode. If you’re curious, there’s already some gameplay footage out there in the wild that demonstrates one of The Ascent‘s greatest strengths: little to no loading screens. 

Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly has partnered with Square Enix to release Outriders, an upcoming action RPG designed with co-op in mind. The game sees you creating your own “Outrider” using one of four character classes with unique abilities that evolve throughout the story. Abilities operate on cooldowns and work in combination with an arsenal of weapons that can be tweaked using weapon mods.

Despite comparisons to live service games like Destiny and The Division, People Can Fly maintains that Outriders will have a clear start and finish for players who just want to experience the story. That being said, the game still gives off major ‘looter shooter,’ vibes and its cooperative design will no doubt attract multiplayer-driven audiences. There’s still no word on its release date, but we can confirm it will be available on both current and next-gen hardware, including Series X.

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games are known for getting nitty-gritty with their approach to post-apocalyptic open-worlds. While they’ve always been reminiscent of series like Metro and even Fallout RPGs to some extent, the series kind of pewtered out after three releases. This can be attributed to the near-decade it took to get the ball rolling on an official sequel to the first game. 

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 will see players venturing into “The Zone,” an irradiated wasteland surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site. The area stands out for its high levels of radiation which causes scavengers to develop supernatural abilities. While video games have changed substantially since the last release, we expect the sequel to feature an open-world and a story with multiple endings. 

Everwild is a brand-new IP from Rare that we first caught wind of during X019, where a cinematic trailer introduced us to the game’s vibrant art style and fantasy-inspired setting. The game is still early in development, so there’s not much information at the moment. However, current speculation suggests it will be a cross-gen exclusive, appearing on both Series X and Xbox One.   

The trailer depicts a world where humans share a deep connection with magical creatures that can manipulate the physical world. It’s not clear yet what kind of game it’ll end up being, but there’s clearly a background threat acting in opposition of the natural order. Rare is known for their charming characters and the worlds they inhabit, so we’ll be keeping our eyes on this one. 

A third entry in the zombie survival horror series State of Decay is currently in early development for Xbox Series X. State of Decay 3 intends to offer the ‘ultimate’ zombie survival simulation and judging by the announcement trailer, we think Undead Labs is off to a great start. 

Fans can look forward to battling even more human zombies along with a new contender: zombie deers. We anticipate the game’s graphics benefitting greatly from next-gen hardware and overall shorter load times. State of Decay is one of those series that has never managed to catch on despite selling well, so we’ve got our fingers crossed this one resonates with a wider audience. 

While it may not be the long-rumored Fable 4 sequel we had in mind, a new Fable game is confirmed to be in development at Playground Games, best known for the Forza Horizon. Intended to be a reboot for the series, Fable plans on maintaining the spirit of the original trilogy, which saw players engaging with magical creatures throughout fantasy-inspired locales. 

Other than a cinematic reveal trailer, we don’t have much to go off of in terms of gameplay or even story. Although it does appear Fable will employ a similar tone to previous installments, which emphasized humor and kept things generally light. The game is still a long way off but is expected to launch on XSX, PC, and Xbox Game Pass.

Avowed is a brand-new IP from Obsidian Entertainment that’s currently in development for Series X. It’s described as a first-person RPG set in a fantasy world called Eora. You play as an unknown hero who wields a sword and casts magical spells using some really cool-looking hand gestures.

It’s not surprising to see Obsidian racing to make another RPG when you consider it’s their bread and butter. Fallout: New Vegas, KOTR2, Pillars of Eternity, The Outer Worlds, the list practically writes itself. Thematically, Avowed gives off a much darker tone than we’ve seen Obsidian explore in the past, so it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with. 

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