Best Upcoming Xbox Games 2023

Looking forward to playing new Xbox games? Check out the best upcoming Xbox games releasing on Series X/S in 2023!

The Xbox Series X and S have already ushered in a new wave of generation-defining titles for those who like to play on Xbox first.

From action-packed shooters to robust RPGs and everything in between, there’s something new for every kind of Xbox fan.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best upcoming Xbox games making their way to the platform in 2024.

Make sure to check back in the future for updates and announcements regarding the best new Xbox games of 2024 and beyond!

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The first upcoming Xbox game on our list is Wild Hearts, a new multiplayer action RPG that comes courtesy of Omega Force and EA.

Reminiscent of games like Monster Hunter, this title sees up to 3 players hunting massive creatures in a fantasy world based on feudal Japan.

It boasts 8 unique weapon types that can be leveraged further by constructing permanent objects in the world.

Such tools allow the player to momentarily trap, stun, or otherwise weaken the monster for long enough to get in close and deal massive damage.

Blood Bowl has never shied away from doing its own thing, blending turn-based strategy, Warhammer lore, and American football into a neat little package.

While among the more niche titles coming to Xbox, Blood Bowl 3 includes a number of improvements and new features that fans of the series will appreciate.

For one, gameplay adheres to the official rules of the latest edition of the board game, complete with new skills and redesigned passing mechanics.

There’s also a new competitive PVP mode that offers new league management tools and a solo campaign open to all 12 included races, with room for customization.

The Day Before is an upcoming open-world MMO about trying to survive in a deadly post-pandemic United States overrun by flesh-hungry infected and untrustworthy survivors.

After your character awakes with amnesia, they set out to uncover the truth while scavenging for resources to stay alive.

You’ll explore a beautiful world plunged into chaos and search abandoned vehicles, houses, and buildings looking for useful items and defending yourself from enemies.

So far, the game looks surprisingly polished despite not having a confirmed release date, leaving us a bit skeptical as to whether the full game will be as consistent.

A sequel to Respawn and EA’s Star Wars Jedi series will be making its way to PS5 come mid-March of 2023.

Set five years after Fallen Order, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor sees Jedi Knight Cal Kestis seeking refuge while being pursued by the Galactic Empire.

Doing whatever it takes to survive, he’ll travel to new planets to gather allies, hone his skills, and take on bigger threats than ever before.

Survivor is expected to have much faster load times and potentially better graphics than its predecessor.

After all these years, we were just about ready to hang up our dreams of Dead Island 2 ever coming out.

However, in a strange turn of events, the zombie game will finally make its way into players’ hands come April 2023.

Taking place several months after the original Dead Island and Riptide, Dead Island 2 brings the undead fun to a now-quarantined Los Angeles.

Here, players get to explore a brand-new open world while mastering the sequel’s new combat mechanics and updated “rage” and crafting systems.

2023 will be a big year for DC comics games, with Rocksteady Studios, creators of the Batman: Arkham series, set to release Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Set in an open world-inspired Metropolis, it sees players controlling four members of the Suicide Squad: Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and King Shark.

The story centers on the four-man wrecking crew as they attempt to defeat Brainiac after he invades Earth and brainwashes the Justice League.

Designed with co-op in mind, Suicide Squad will let you team up with friends in the story or play solo while switching between characters and relying on AI teammates.

The next entry in the Street Fighter franchise is slated for a June release and looks to be injecting new life into the legendary fighter.

This includes an expanded roster of fighters like Luke and Lily alongside classic characters like Ryu and Chun-Li.

All have received a new design that pairs nicely with Street Fighter 6‘s new bold and colorful graffiti-inspired art style.

On the combat side of things, the game introduces a new Drive Gauge system designed to spark player creativity when stringing together combos.

Another FPS game to look forward to is RoboCop: Rogue City, an atmospheric new first-person action game based on the beloved IP.

The story centers on the titular man-turned-machine RoboCop as he attempts to dish out justice on the dangerous, crime-ridden streets of Old Detroit.

Armed with your trusty Auto-9, super strength, years of experience on the force, and various other tools, you’ll push back against the evil forces plaguing the city.

Considering the developer also made Terminator Resistance, we can only hope Rogue City is just as faithful to its source material.

Continuing with our list of the best upcoming Xbox games, the STALKER series is known for getting nitty-gritty with its approach to post-apocalyptic open worlds.

While they’ve always been reminiscent of games like Metro and even Fallout RPGs to some extent, the series suddenly disappeared after just three releases.

STALKER 2 will see players venturing into “The Zone,” an irradiated wasteland surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site.

The area stands out for its high radiation levels, which causes scavengers to develop supernatural abilities that affect traversal and combat.

In 2019, German developer Daedalic Entertainment announced they were working on a licensed game set within The Lord of the Rings universe for next-gen gaming consoles.

The new title is depicted as an action-adventure game that intends to “tell Gollum’s story from a perspective never seen before, in any storytelling medium, all the while staying true and faithful to the legendary books of J.R.R. Tolkien.”

Best described as a cinematic stealth adventure, LOTR: Gollum will have you traversing faithfully detailed environments, many of which have never appeared in a LOTR video game.

With the success of other LOTR spin-offs such as Shadow of Mordor and its subsequent sequel Shadow of War, it’s clear that there’s an audience of players who would jump at the chance to explore Middle-earth from a new point of view.

Bethesda announced Starfield back in 2018 with a teaser trailer and we haven’t heard much aside from some small leaks of info leading up to an update during E3 2021.

We now know the game will be released exclusively for Xbox and PC and coming to Game Pass on launch day.

Similar to previous Bethesda RPGs like Skyrim, Starfield will see players embarking on an epic open-world adventure, only this time in space.

There’s still some mystery surrounding what mankind is turning to the stars in search of, though if we had to wager, it probably has something to do with aliens.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II was announced during the Game Awards 2019 following the reveal of the Xbox Series X’s name and design.

The sequel sees Ninja Theory back at the helm for a much more thematically dark and atmospheric game, which is saying a lot for anyone who played the original.

The announcement trailer doesn’t give away too much besides confirming the game will be coming to both Series X and PC.

There’s an emphasis on rituals being performed, traveling across stunning landscapes, and an encounter with a massive creature.

Forza fans can look forward to a soft reboot of sorts as we were treated to a new in-engine trailer for the next entry in Microsoft’s racing series.

For Series X, developer Turn 10 Studios appears to be ditching numbered releases in favor of a live service model.

Simply-titled Forza Motorsport, the next entry is still early in development but is slated for an Xbox Series X, PC, and Game Pass release. 

We’re happy to report that the game will run at a smooth 4K resolution with 60fps on both console and PC. 

Soup Pot made its debut during E3 2021 and is expected to release by the end of the year, giving you ample time to get through many of the other games already mentioned.

It’s a cooking sim that focuses on creativity and capturing the open-ended nature of home cooking by letting you experiment with different ingredients across 100+ unique recipes.

Unlike other cooking sims that want you to follow specific instructions, Soup Pot keeps things pretty loose, allowing you to see your dishes through to the end, even if they turn out looking like a hot mess.

This includes the option to plate dishes how you see fit and snap pics to share with an in-game social media platform where you can grow an audience and get feedback on your latest creations.

When life gets us down, sometimes the only remedy is to hop inside a giant mech and blow stuff up until we feel better.

ExoMecha is sure to fill that void while putting its own free-to-play spin on competitive online shooters.

The game boasts next-gen graphics, specialized mech classes, and an assortment of game-changing abilities and gadgets to wield in both PvP and AI boss battles.

Mechs are afforded both close and long-range weapons to help you tackle any challenge while exploring the planet Omecha.

Everwild is a brand-new IP from Rare that we first caught wind of during X019, where a cinematic trailer introduced us to the game’s vibrant art style and fantasy-inspired setting.

The trailer depicts a world where humans share a deep connection with magical creatures that can manipulate the physical world.

It’s not clear yet what kind of game it’ll end up being, but there’s clearly a background threat acting in opposition to the natural order.

Rare is known for its charming characters and the worlds they inhabit, so we’ll be keeping our eye on this one. 

A third entry in the zombie survival horror series State of Decay is currently in development for Xbox Series X.

State of Decay 3 intends to offer the ‘ultimate’ zombie survival simulation and judging by the announcement trailer, Undead Labs is off to a great start. 

Fans can look forward to battling even more human zombies along with a new contender: zombie deers.

We anticipate the game’s graphics benefitting greatly from next-gen hardware and overall shorter load times.

While it may not be the long-rumored Fable 4 sequel we had in mind, a new Fable game is confirmed to be in development at Playground Games, best known for the Forza Horizon.

Conceived as a reboot, Fable will retain the spirit of the original trilogy, which saw players engaging with magical creatures throughout fantasy-inspired locales. 

Other than a cinematic reveal trailer, we don’t have much to go off of in terms of gameplay or even story.

The game is still a long way off but is expected to launch on Xbox Series X, PC, and Xbox Game Pass.

Avowed is a brand-new IP from developer Obsidian that’s currently in development. It’s described as a first-person RPG set in a fantasy-inspired world called Eora.

In it, you play as an unknown hero who wields a sword and casts magical spells using some really cool-looking hand gestures.

It’s not surprising to see Obsidian racing to make another RPG when you consider it’s their bread and butter. Fallout: New Vegas, KOTR2, Pillars of Eternity, the list goes on and on.

Thematically, Avowed gives off a much darker tone than we’ve seen Obsidian explore in the past, so it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with. 

It’s been exciting to see developer Arkane branch out from the Dishonored series and explore new ideas and themes with games like Prey, Deathloop, and now Redfall.

The company’s Austin-based studio is currently working on an open-world co-op shooter centered on a team of survivors battling supernatural forces.

Players will be able to choose their character from a diverse cast with unique abilities before setting off to liberate the small town of Redfall, Massachusetts from vampires.

Considering Arkane Austin has primarily focused on single-player affairs, it’ll be interesting to see the team approach a co-op shooter in a post-Left 4 Dead world.

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