Best Wrestling Games 2023

Ready to step into the ring and prove yourself? Check out this list of the best wrestling games on Steam and other platforms.

While wrestling may not be as prevalent in gaming as it was in previous generations, the best wrestling games prove there’s still room for innovation.

This includes both officially licensed wrestling games and more experimental indie wrestling games that aren’t afraid to break the mold.

To cover all our bases, here we’re highlighting the best wrestling games on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

It’s time to step into the ring and see what new wrestling games are out there!

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Billed as a spiritual successor to the popular WWF WrestlingFest arcade game, RetroMania Wrestling features familiar faces from the Golden and Attitude eras.

This includes notable wrestlers like Tommy Dreamer, the Blue World Order, Jeff Cobb, and Nick Aldis of NWA among many others.

Despite releasing in 2021, the game has a distinctly old-school feel that’s reflected through its arcade-inspired 2D visuals, gameplay, and story mode.

Lastly, RetroMania Wrestling features over 15 arenas, three unique game modes, and support for 2-8 player local multiplayer.

Action Arcade Wrestling is an independent wrestling game from VICO Game Studio that was created to fill the gap left behind by WWE games.

Much like RetroMania, it serves as a throwback to arcade wrestling titles with gameplay reminiscent of retro classics like Night Slam Masters and Wrestle War.

To this point, the game features vibrant 3D cel-shaded graphics, over-the-top maneuvers, and 700+ hand-crafted animations across its 30+ character roster.

Players can expand this further by downloading a wide selection of community-made wrestlers and customizing their own via the free Wrestle Lab Creation Suite.

Though licensed WWE games have fallen out of favor with many wrestling fans of today, WWE 2K19 is somewhat of a return to form.

It also happens to be considerably better than its successor, WWE 2K20, which is ridden with bugs and unpolished game features.

Instead, WWE 2K19 displays the franchise’s extensive history with a colossal roster spanning renowned WWE Superstars, Hall of Gamers, and NXT favorites.

Players can experience classic 3D WWE gameplay throughout fan-favorite modes like Showcase as well as explore new creation tools and match types.

Next up is Circle of Sumo, a free-to-play sumo wrestling game with online multiplayer and competitive leaderboards.

In this game, you become a Sumotori fighter and join wild arenas to battle against rivals in strength contests controlled by physics.

Each match sees you competing with up to 3 players to be the last one standing, with five rounds determining the champion.

Circle of Sumo includes a ranked mode, distinct levels with environmental hazards, and a host of cosmetic items to make your character stand out.

Different from the games we’ve covered so far, Mark Out is a wrestling card game that has you collecting, crafting, and battling your way up a competitive ladder.

It features a roster of 100+ collectible cards with unique stats and effects that can be combined to create your own deck and battle against other players online.

Cards are depicted in 3D and feature fully animated wrestling moves that can be fused together to create new cards, upgraded, or shared online with other players.

While not as action-packed as your typical wrestling game, there are 10 playable arenas and a ton of unique strategies and tactics to explore.

Released in 2017, Fire Pro Wrestling World is the latest and greatest installment in the Fire Pro series and boasts a huge variety of content.

This includes a wide selection of match types, a promoter mode, and over 1000 wrestlers that players can download and add to their own rosters.

And thanks to Fire Pro’s realistic AI, you can adjust each wrestler and make sure they behave just like their real-life counterpart.

Combine this with timing-based gameplay that rewards patience and you have one of the most in-depth indie wrestling games with hours of entertainment.

MDickie is known for making old-school-inspired games that harken back to the golden era of wrestling games from the 1990s-early 2000s.

Wrestling Empire continues this trend while doubling down on the fun factor that makes each MDickie game easy to learn but hard to master.

It places a large emphasis on online multiplayer, allowing you to invite other players to custom matches with as many characters and props as you desire.

Additionally, it features a career mode with up to 350 opponents spanning 10 wrestling rosters and a booking mode that lets you run your own promotions.

Speaking of booking modes, Pro Wrestling Sim is a text-based wrestling booking simulator that sees you organizing promotions with superb control.

Players get to decide the roster and storylines while settling disputes and determining the winners and losers for each match.

The game features a Promise system in which workers will reward you for following through on their requests with continued loyalty.

Additionally, the game gives you the option to keep and edit your own database of wrestlers and promotions that can be shared with friends online.

One of the early titles in MDickie’s stable of games is Wrestling Revolution 3D, where players step inside the ring as wrestlers or work behind the scenes as a booker.

It offers the ability to create your own star and compete against 300+ wrestlers across 9 promotions with interconnected schedules.

While the graphics are quite dated, they’re complemented by fantastic freestyle animations that allows for fluid movement and unique weapon interactions.

Lastly, the game supports modding on PC, allowing players to insert custom images and music as well as bring their dream matches to life.

Before putting out a 3D version, MDickie released Wrestling Revolution 2D for PC and mobile devices.

In it, players create their own wrestler and embark on a career inside the ring and behind the scenes, learning the ins and outs of running a promotion.

Along the way, they’ll encounter 350 characters whose storylines evolve over the course of several in-game weeks.

Outside of career mode, Wrestling Revolution 2D features casual exhibition matches that show off the game’s uniquely expressive animation system.

While not a traditional wrestling sim, A Gummy’s Life satisfies a similar need to punch your opponents across an assortment of whacky and colorful environments.

The premise sees gummies taking over the city to set up impromptu wrestling matches in the local football stadium, parks, and more.

Taking control of a gummy, you’ll have to duke it out to the death using a variety of weapons as well as your bare candy fists.

There are also a host of unlockable cosmetics, several different game modes, and multiplayer support for up to 8 players online or locally.

Our final recommendation for wrestling fans is the indie classic Gang Beasts, in which colorfully clumsy contestants partake in a series of physics-driven showdowns.

Like A Gummy’s Life, the game functions as a casual beat ‘em up where you and your friends can punch, kick, and launch each other across unique stages.

One level is set in an actual wrestling ring, with other options including a Ferris wheel, construction scaffolding, a subway station, and more.

Even though the controls can feel erratic, the character customization is quite cool and the random hazards helps shake things up match to match.

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