Discord Streamer Mode Guide – What Is It And Do You Need It?

What is Discord streamer mode and what does it do? Do you need the Discord streamer mode? Here's a guide that will explain everything to you.

Discord’s Streamer Mode is a very helpful feature for streaming your content without worrying about sensitive information leaking out.

Since there can potentially be hundreds or thousands of viewers on your stream, it’s imperative to ensure that your private information doesn’t flash on the screen.

In this guide, we list down the steps on how to set up Discord streamer mode.

We also explain what each option in this mode does. Read on to start optimizing a safe environment for your streams.

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How To Turn On Discord Streamer Mode

  1. On your Discord App landing page, click on User Settings (indicated by a gear icon – as shown below).
    Discord Streamer Guide Opening Settings
  2. Navigate to Streamer Mode on the sidebar and check Enable Streamer Mode.
    Discord Streamer Guide Enabling Streamer Mode

You now have Streamer Mode enabled on your account.

You can also assign a keybind to turn Streamer Mode on/off with the push of a button. This is handy for regular streamers – removing the hassle of navigating menus during sessions.

Streamer Mode Options

Now let’s look at individual options available in this mode. By toggling these on/off, you can further tailor your streaming experience to your preference.

Automatically Enable/Disable

Discord Streamer Guide Automatically Enable and Disable Streamer Mode

If you have this option turned on, Discord automatically activates Streamer Mode whenever you run any OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) or XSplit program.

This is perfect for forgetful types who don’t want to be bothered with toggling the feature on/off.

Hide Personal Information

Discord Streamer Guide Hide Personal Information

When this option is on, Streamer Mode automatically hides any instance that includes Discord Tags, emails, connected accounts, and other similar information. It also hides notes that you’ve left on your friend’s accounts.

Hide Invite Links

Discord Streamer Guide Hide Invite Links

This option blocks all invite codes still listed in your Invites tab. This also hides any invites that you have created for others.

This prevents your viewers from using the codes to join private Discord servers that you or your friends are in.

Disable Sounds

Discord Streamer Guide Disable Sounds

This option mutes all incoming sounds such as message notifications, new users joining, and several system effects.

More than privacy protection, this option gives your viewers a better experience by muting sounds that could disrupt your stream.

Disable Notifications

Discord Streamer Guide Disable Notifications

This is possibly the option that most streamers want to turn on.

This blocks all incoming desktop and client notifications from showing on your stream. This hides personal stuff like private message previews, download notifications, and other sensitive information.


There you have it: a full rundown of Discord’s very helpful Streamer Mode.

By utilizing this mode, you can continue to provide quality content to your viewers without the threat of accidentally flashing sensitive and private information on-screen.

For more information on Streamer Mode, check out Discord’s official support page.

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