Fall Guys Season 2 Guide: How To Unlock All Rewards

The second season of Mediatonic’s hit battle royale Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout introduces new mini-games to master and exciting rewards to collect.

In this guide, we’ll outline how to unlock all rewards in Fall Guys Season 2 and the Fame level at which they become available.

If you want to learn how to earn Crowns and rack up wins in Season 2, then check out our Fall Guys guide, where we offer tips and strategies for every mini-game.

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When Does Fall Guys Season 2 Start And End?

Fall Guys Season 2 started on October 8th and will last for 60 days. This means players have between now and December 7th to earn Fame and unlock all rewards.

While this is definitely achievable, you may want to get a jump-start so you can be the first amongst your friends to collect every color, costume, and pattern. Once Season 2 is over, the rewards will reset, and you won’t be able to unlock them anymore.

How To Unlock All Rewards In Fall Guys Season 2

Unlocking rewards in Fall Guys Season 2 requires Fame, which is essentially the game’s version of experience points. You can earn Fame just by playing rounds, and the game will give you a hefty bonus if you make it to the last round and win.  

That said, you’re looking at a total of 35,000 Fame to max out your Fame at Level 40 and unlock every reward. The best way to earn Fame quickly is to win games or at least make it to the final round every time. Below we’ve provided a list of every Season 2 reward in Fall Guys, starting at Fame Level 2:

Fall Guys Season 2: All Rewards

Fame LevelRewardTypeRarity
31 CrownCurrencyN/A
6Orc (Top)CostumeUncommon
81 CrownCurrencyN/A
10Orc (Bottom)CostumeUncommon
111 CrownCurrencyN/A
14Knight to RememberNicknameEpic
152 CrownsCurrencyN/A
16Jester (Bottom)CostumeRare
19Medieval MadnessPatternCommon
213 CrownsCurrencyN/A
22Jester (Top)CostumeRare
231,500 KudosCurrencyN/A
25Cross CheckPatternUncommon
263 CrownsCurrencyN/A
28Elder Dwarf (Bottom)CostumeUncommon
30Court JesterPatternRare
315 CrownsCurrencyN/A
365 CrownsCurrencyN/A
37Elder Dwarf (Top)CostumeUncommon
38Sir Hugs A LotNicknameLegendary

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