Fallout 76’s rough launch has been well-documented by this point. Bugs, glitches, “pay-to-win” systems, overpriced cosmetics, and of course the canvas bags, who could forget those canvas bags. And while many players may have jumped ship a long time ago, the online survival game preserves an active community of players who have been extremely vocal in communicating with Bethesda as to what improvements they’d like to see implemented in Fallout 76 going forward.

At their E3 2019 conference, Bethesda provided us with some new information regarding upcoming updates to Fallout 76, many of which were previously outlined in their 2019 Roadmap. Here we’ll briefly go over some of the new content that was added with Wild Appalachia and Nuclear Winter, culminating with the Wastelanders update scheduled to release later this fall. We’ll be updating this story following any new announcements, so make sure to check back.

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    The Current State of Fallout 76

    Fallout 76 Release Date

    On March 12, 2019 Bethesda released Wild Appalachia, the first update for what they’re describing as “Year One” of Fallout 76. The update added two new quest lines, “Shear Terror!” and “Ever Upwards,” a new mythical creature, a new vendor for exchanging and scrapping unwanted legendary items for new ones, improvements to player vending and C.A.M.P. decorating, new brewing/distilling systems and recipes,  a new “Fasnacht Parade” seasonal event, and a new survival mode.

    Following Wild Appalachia, Bethesda released Nuclear Winter on June 10, an update that adds a Battle Royale mode where 52 players fight to the death for a chance to become the Overseer of Vault 51. The new mode allows players to use an existing character to rank up, unlock new Perks, deploy a C.A.M.P. and launch nukes as a ring of fire closes in around them. Progression is separate from Fallout 76’s default “Adventure Mode,” and each round lasts about 20 minutes on average.

    While Nuclear Winter is currently still in pre-beta, it has so far been well-received by a majority of the playerbase for adding a new way to engage in PVP battles. The update also includes new high level raids along with some other features Bethesda hasn’t shared just yet.

    What’s New in Wastelanders?

    Whereas Year One of Fallout 76 was centered on players emerging from the vaults and getting accustomed to the Wasteland as they explored each of its environments and became familiar with the local wildlife, Year Two will see other humans returning to Appalachia to try and reclaim the land. Like previous updates, Wastelanders will be completely free for anyone who owns the game.

    This will likely be the largest update to Fallout 76 since the game’s release and will see players embarking on a new main quest line where they’ll have a chance to meet interesting characters and make tough choices that come with their own consequences.  Players will be able to align themselves with either the Raiders or the Settlers and fight for control over Appalachia while also searching for a rumored long-forgotten treasure.

    However, players won’t find these new NPCs just wandering around and will have to visit specific regions separate from the rest of 76’s world. This can be done while hanging out with a group of friends, with whoever’s the team leader in charge of guiding the conversation. There will also be steps in quests that require the player to speak with an NPC one on one in order to progress the story.

    Additionally, the Settlers and Raiders will each have companions that the player will be able to charm and win over through dialogue and/or by completing personal quests. However, unlike previous games, these companions will be limited to certain areas such as towns and the player’s C.A.M.P. Bethesda has stated this is due to the game’s technical limitations.

    Wastelanders will also include new weapons and armor as rewards for completing new story quests. The update is likely to change the overall feel of the game and we’re curious to see how players react to the return of NPCs in Fallout given how controversial their absence in Fallout 76 has been up to this point.

    We’re hoping these changes can breathe some new life into the game and perhaps persuade players who have already stepped away to give Fallout 76 another chance. Although there’s currently no release date for Wastelanders, once we have more information we’ll share it with you here.

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