Fortnite just added so-called Supply Llamas into the game. If you happen to find one of these, you will be rewarded with a lot of materials and ammo. Here’s the exact loot:

  • 500 wood
  • 500 stone
  • 500 metal
  • 3 traps
  • 10 stacks of each weapon ammo type
  • Consumables

These supply llamas spawn at random fixed locations throughout the Fortnite map. There is a total of 15 locations and only 3 supply llamas will spawn so you need to act quickly in order to loot them.

Luckily for you, we have created a map that shows you all 15 supply llama spawn locations! See the map below.

fortnite supply llama locations

Click to enlarge image.

Here are the locations in text format:

  • C4 – SW from Pleasant Park
  • C7 – S from Greasy Grove
  • D6 – SE fromTitled Towers
  • E4 – NW from Loot Lake
  • F7 – SW from Salty Springs
  • F7 – SSE from Salty Springs
  • F8 – W from Fatal Fields
  • G3 – NNW from Tomato Town
  • G7 – E from Salty Springs
  • H5 – SE from the prison
  • I6 – E from Retail Row – three spots in this area
  • I8 – NW from Moisty Mire
  • I9 – SE from Moisty Mire

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