Fortnite vs PUBG – Which One Is The Best Battle Royale Game?

If you’re into PC gaming, chances are that you already know PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). Yet, there’s another game in town, and it’s Fortnite – or to be precise, Fortnite Battle Royale!

PUBG is developed by Bluehole, and it is based on the Unreal Engine 4 game engine – which the creators of Fortnite, the team behind Epic Games, also own and use to develop Fortnite.

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The Pros:

  • Free
  • Well Optimized
  • Easy To Spot Enemies
  • Fast-Paced
  • Casual Gameplay
  • Building Mechanism Adds Higher Skill Ceiling
  • Very Quick From Lobby To Actually Playing

The Cons:

  • Only Third Person Perspective Game Mode
  • Graphics May Not Appeal To Everyone
  • No Character Customization


The Pros:

  • Multiple Maps
  • First Person Perspective Game Mode
  • Realistic Graphics And Gun Fights
  • Driving
  • Character Customization

The Cons:

  • Poorly Optimized
  • Hard To Spot Enemies
  • Slow-Paced
  • Too Many Campers

It’s no secret that Fortnite has more simultaneous players than PUBG.

PUBG’s playerbase has already hit its all-time peak and loses players every day, while Fortnite is still gaining active players. This is probably because Fortnite is new, and PUBG players are migrating to Fortnite like many popular streamers already did.

Another reason is that Fortnite has already been available on PS4 and XBOX One for some time now, while PUBG is only available on XBOX consoles.

In the following sections, we will go through the aspects that both games share, and we’ll look at their similarities and differences.

Let’s start with the small island that you spawn on before you enter the game arena.

fortnite vs pubg


There are obvious differences between the graphics PUBG’s and Fortnite’s graphics.

A much smaller team has developed PUBG compared to Fortnite, so, understandably, it isn’t as optimized as Fortnite is. Therefore, if you have trouble running PUBG, you’ll probably have better luck with Fortnite: Battle Royale since overall, it runs better.

In terms of graphics, PUBG looks more realistic, while Fortnite has a more cartoonish look to it – like Team Fortress 2, for example.

Players are much harder to detect in PUBG than in Fortnite.

The Arena

pubg map vs fortnite map

In terms of the arena, both PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite share some similarities. In both games, you will enter a lobby arena populated by up to 100 players.

Starting a game in Fortnite is much faster than PUBG, and Epic Games strives to make it even faster. This means that when you finish a game of Fortnite, you can start a new one very quickly afterward. For PUBG, it takes much longer.

Afterward, you will be inside an airplane in PUBG, or a party bus in Fortnite Battle Royale). You can land anywhere you want on the map with a parachute in PUBG, while in Fortnite, you’ll use an umbrella or something else.

fortnite vs playerunknowns battlegrounds

PUBG has two maps: a fictitious island in Russia and a desert map in Mexico. Fortnite’s map is a smaller and more generic island with cities. PUBG’s map is much larger than the one in Fortnite. When dropping from Fortnite’s battle bus, you can cover great distances while the distance is much shorter in PUBG.


fortnite map size vs pubg map size

Both games allow you to play solo, duo, or in squads, and the goal of both games is the same: be the last man or team standing. Both games feature a toxic gas that you always need to stay outside of, or else you’ll lose HP rapidly.

On average, Fortnite games are shorter than PUBG games due to the map size and circle timings. Fortnite is also different from PUBG because you can build in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Yes. You can destroy trees, houses, and walls and get resources that you can use to build protective walls, trap houses, or create your way to the sky! It’s pretty unique and makes the game more compelling.

Because the games are faster in Fortnite, you will be having a much easier time running around finding enemies. In PUBG, that’s a lot harder and nerve-racking: the threat of players camping in a house and waiting to ambush you is much higher.


fortnite battle royale vs playerunknowns battlegrounds

Looting in Fortnite is much more casual than in PUBG. All items are easily visible and glow a certain color based on the power level of that particular item.

Weapons are also much easier to come by in Fortnite, while in PUBG, you would typically be raiding many houses before stumbling into anything noteworthy.

In Fortnite, you can have up to five weapons or consumables. There are no armor pieces or helmets, but instead, a shield that you can fill up to double your health.

On the other hand, PUBG’s game style is more intense, and you can have a helmet, chest armor, shoes, pants, shirts, and other gear. In Fortnite, instead, you can have skins that will change your appearance of that of your guns.


fortnite br vs pubg

Shooting in Fortnite is more manageable than in PUBG. Fortnite BR games are much more relaxed than PUBG games, and this fact makes Fortnite better for casual gamers looking for a fun time.

If you’re into games where shooting gives more realistic feedback and recoil, you should go with PUBG, since Fortnite Battle Royale can not provide that.

PUBG vs Fortnite – Which Game Should I Play?

You should play the game that fits your game style.

  • If you’re looking for a casual game where you can build and break stuff, you should go with Epic Games’ Fortnite.
  • If you want a more realistic game with longer rounds, you should play Bluehole’s PUBG.

Let us know in the comment section which game you like the best and why!

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366 thoughts on “Fortnite vs PUBG – Which One Is The Best Battle Royale Game?”

  1. Pubg is a lot better even with a cheaper pc there is a reason you can lower the graphics. Also its a lot more realistic and more satisfying when you win. Fortnite is just a lazy free to play game in my opinion. I don’t like cheap cartoon graphics. I like to use my pc to its full potential. Also pubg is a bigger map and you have more customization. Fortnite just seems like a lazy poorly put together battle royal game.

  2. Your comment is a bit misleading… It’s like comparing CoD to Battlefield. Fortnite is a light/easy game, You can play a bunch of game when you have time to kill. On PUBG, You start one game and you’ll be late for work/school because it last way longer. Way more strategy and skills are required to play PUBG, not everyone want to lose during 4 weeks straight to finally understand the game.

  3. They have very different play styles, but I would definitely not call Fortnite lazy and poorly put together. Fortnite very clearly has better developers. PUBG is a crapshoot any more as to whether or not you are going to have a good gameplay experience or crazy amounts of lag, crashes, texture issues, or some other ridiculous bug ruining your fun. There’s also a MASSIVE issue with hackers. It has gotten a little better lately but there is still a pretty big problem. It’s not unusual to see someone hacking at least a few times a night. This is obvious hacking too… not “he’s better than me so I am calling hacks”.

    While I prefer PUBG’s style over Fortnite’s, I really think Fortnite is a much better game with a significantly better development team behind it. I can kind of see PUBG’s playerbase shrinking by a pretty large margin this year.

  4. Less skilled gamers often choose Fortnite , easier to play and much less strategy is required…I like Pubg, more of a challenge.

  5. If Epic Games worked to develop a new mode in Fortnight with bigger maps, more realistic weapons, harder loot, and lesser visibility, they’d basically have PUBG. PUBG, while fun, is a bit of a mess. Still feels like a mod to me. I’d love a AAA Battle Royale game that covers the same ground. Or I dunno someone needs to make the Hunger Games happen.

  6. Completely disagree. PUBG shooting style is much easier and relates to FPS’s. Most of my friends like PUBG because the shooting is much simpler and what they are used too and they aren’t good at any other type of shooters. Fortnite’s shooting is a bit more sporadic (which can be very frustrating when your curser is right on an enemy yet no bullets hit) but can be improved after you learn the game. Skilled players will pick this up much more quickly.
    Fortnite is by far more strategic and difficult to master. The building aspect takes time to adjust to and allows for more strategy. Learning how to build quickly and approach different structures offers way more strategic variety than PUBG offers. Vehichles also make the game less strategic. There are times in PUBG you have to hope a vehicle is nearby just to make it to the safe zone. Vehicles also take a way the stealth component which is a major part of battle royal games.
    All in all Fortnite is a much better game. The only aspects PUBG does better in my opinion is the weapon attachments (allows for much more weapon variety than just different rarities of guns like Fortnite has) and it’s more comfortable for all the people coming from FPS’s since it’s shooting is easier.
    If Fortnite and PUBG had come out at the exact same time I think PUBG would be in huge trouble with it’s player count.

  7. true it is more laggy and I can not stand it. It looks like roblox, plus its new xbox relase sucks ass it is laggy and poorly put together

  8. I own both – uninstalled pubg today. partially because it runs like crap, and partially because i got tired of getting shot in the face 2 minutes into the game because i cant find any loot.

  9. I use to think the same thing until I actually gave Fortnite a chance. Some friends talked me into playing. Even tho I was a Pubg fanboy and didn’t want to play, I gave it a try and really enjoyed the gameplay.

    I found out Pubg is actually simpler of the two. The major difference in Fortnite is you can build – create a defense. In Pubg there is no defensive abilities. Environments are also completely destructible. And launchpads can quickly turn the tides of a game – swooping quickly behind someone and taking them out.

    As a primary Rainbow Six Siege player, I enjoy the ability to be both offensive and defensive in Fortnite. Now when I go back to Pubg I miss that defensive ability. Fortnites maps are also smaller, so there is much more action. Pubg now feels like a running simulator.

  10. “Fortnight with bigger maps, more realistic weapons, harder loot, and lesser visibility, they’d basically have PUBG.”

    Not really. Fortnite has building and a destructible environment. Bushes and launchpads. I play both and enjoy both. But in Fortnite – the ability to build and throw up a defense is a HUGE difference. Completely different strategy for winning. Mastering building is vital, especially if you make it to the end. You have to know when to be defensive and offensive and when to be both. And offensively you have to be a lot more aggressive in Fortnite than in Pubg. In Pubg you have to be more careful. I find that the more aggressive play style required to win in fortnite is more fun and challenging.

  11. i got both, and i think that Pubg is a lot more realistic. Fortnite is more a mix of Pubg And TF2… i prefer Pubg.. Fortnite is just a fucking Pubg Look alike…

  12. “Less skilled gamers” … hahaha, sorry we can’t all be pro gamers like you. You literally sound like an elitist douchebag when you say that garbage.

  13. If I was asked a few months ago I would say they’re pretty close but I’m picking pubg….ask me today and I say Fortnite and it’s not even close.

    PUBGs lack of a color palette makes enemies harder to spot, the new desert map is large for the sake of being large and fights are harder to find. The game while running 1000x smoother than it did before 1.0 still has a long way to go in the optimization department, too many game breaking bugs to name. I will say I do like the gun play but its not enough to overlook the glaring issues with the game.

    Really the only thing i see anyone say against fortnite is the graphics, but I dont really care, it’s a video game, people take themselves too damn seriously LMFAO

  14. So you chose pubgs cuz it’s more realistic but then you say it’s a look alike?
    Finish up and give better points……………

  15. Thats because epic games has literally over quadruple the amount of developers that bluehole has.

  16. Probably more of a challenge to you because you look like a 40 year old pedophile that is out doing children up the bunghole. Fortnite is better than that PubG premium game nonsense any day of the week.

  17. You’re an idiot and don’t know how guns work. Have you ever heard of recoil? Try holding a minigun yourself in real life firing it continuously and then tell me how easy it is to hit a target moron.

  18. The guy has a gray beard, seems obvious he is online trying to lure children to a public location. Very surprised he doesn’t favor Fortnite due to all the children that play it!

  19. Perhaps most people play it because it’s an awesome game that is FREE and not some lesser quality product like PubG that people pay for!

  20. Even in Fortnite I run around for 15 minutes without finding a single person, people complaining about the small map size are morons that are better fit for euthanization than breathing oxygen.

  21. If you think Fortnite looks like Roblox then you have literally told the world that you are an idiot that should be euthanized instead of breathing oxygen. It’s a shame that people with low IQ like you are allowed to inhabit this planet.

  22. I really dont see a single fortnite player being salty. You sound like the only salty boi here tbh

  23. i have played both at this moment i am still having more fun with pubg fortnite does alot of things better and so does pubg

  24. PUBG at this point wins. Fortnite feels like a kids game. So much so it makes me cringe a bit while playing. PUBG has much more to it and although the Xbox One port kinda sucks, the game is great.

  25. you need to be a better player to win at fortnite….. PUBG is just a boring-ass camping game, and the gamers theat plays Pubg can’t admit that Fortnite is a better Version, so they hatin’

  26. less skilled gamers who are either 10 yrs old and think its cool to play a game that GTA youtubers play or 50 year old men who lives in their moms basement pick PUBG. if you like spending 30 minutes of camping all game, u pick PUBG, if u suck at fortnite, u pick PUBG

  27. its meant to look like cartoon… why can u say that fortnite has bad graphics when its supposed to be like that? CSGO and PUBG is supposed to have good graphics, but they are shit

  28. nobody likes PUBG, its for 10 year olds or 50 year olds, ad its boring. how many famous people have played PUBG? 0, but u see Lil Yachty and XxxTentacion playing Fortnite and so on

  29. PUBG pros and cons;
    +Realistic graphics
    +You can drive
    +FPP mode
    +Realistic gun fights
    +Character customization
    -Badly optimized
    -Bugs & Teleporting laggers
    -A lot of Campers
    -Hard to spot people, most of the time you don’t know where the shot came from.
    -Map is gigantic, it’s very slow paced

  30. Fortine pros and cons;
    +Well optimized compared to PUBS
    +People are easy to spot
    +Most of the time you don’t get one shot out of nowhere
    +With building mechanics you can do sick outplays once you get used to it
    +Very fast paced and smooth movement, kinda feels like i’m playing Overwatch
    -Graphics not appealing(To me at least)
    -Most of the time gun fights feels anticlimactic, a little bit too dull for my taste
    -Bullet drops kinda feel like exaggerated, especially on sniper rifles. It’s like i’m shooting an arrow with a bow.
    -No character customization(I personally would like to play as a male character but apparently it keeps changing as you hop into a new game)
    -No FPP support.

  31. Yeah being able to build a defense point makes it easier in fortnite and in pubg because of how hard it is to see other players you can actually have stealth and science looting is harder you can’t immediately land and worry about being killed and also you have to be careful because of campers like taking a different route that’s not as fast while fortnite there is less guns less places to loot and a much quicker game make it less skill needed game than fortnite I’ve played both and like PUBG more but fortnite is good too but I think it needs less skill to play

  32. That new darwin project game looks like it is a lot closer to hunger games. It has a game director who can control stuff and everything.

  33. Right that’s why Shroud (a top PUBG player) has basically moved on to FortNite and says (and I quote) “it’s harder”.

  34. How does PUBG win? It’s currently losing by more and more every day. Even the top PUBG streamers are now playing Fortnite as much as PUBG. If that is PUBG winning, that’s a bad sign for the game.

  35. I play both but like fortnite more, but sorry to say, PUBG’s shooting is not easier at all. You have to account for bullet speed and drop with every gun, not just snipers like in fortnite.

  36. u forgot that Pubg has lots of hackers too, also the graphics aren’t good for a 2018 game, it remides me graphics from 2012 like battlefield 3 or 4

  37. they could but i’m pretty sure devs don’t get used to working on the game in 2 seconds
    plus epic games created the damn engine, they’ve got much more devs that know what they’re doing

  38. everyone that has a programming degree knows that basic engine like the back of their hand. the game is what, one year old? and still no optimized?
    excuses, excuses

  39. I like fortnite and I actually don’t care about the gun effects and the graphics it’s the game idea and the unique part about it and fortnite has it I mean those guys let u wear a Bush prop! And there r lots of pubg games on mobile u can play.

  40. One of Rakuhohas cons is half untrue. If agree that PUBGs customization is easier than Fortnites,but you are able to change your skin by ranking up in the regular tears or battle pass

  41. i actually like the cartoon graphics a lot and i’m not a great big fan of realistic graphics tbh

  42. A lot of PUBG fans are really salty…

    maybe they should go to salty springs! sorry, I had to

  43. See all of you guys are saying how building makes it easier to not get shot, but harder for planning. I completely disagree, I think building takes all the fun out of it, it’s like a cheat when getting shot, you just put up a barrier. In pubg there is much more strategy and planning involved. Don’t get me wrong, I like both games, but 99/100 times I’ll play pubg.

  44. He means that the “less skilled gamers” dont have as much experience, pubg is a game for people who learn fast and act fast, while fortnite is easier to learn, less intense, and just easier in general.

  45. Being bad at fortnite or any game just means you don’t practice enough, if you practice, you might even still suck, just not as much.

  46. less skilled lmao i dont even think u know how hard fortnite can be, pubg players dont respect fortnite players. (atleast we dont pay fcking 30 euro to play a game where hackers rule the game.

  47. it dosent matter if ur bad or good, you just need to have fun, and if u dont, play another game.

  48. like a cheat? a cheat everyone can do.. lmao, get your shit together, farm tha wood and place it down like trump would do

  49. im 14 and i play, and i dont think pubg is harder, maybe hitting shots is harder but, the building mechanics in fortnite makes the game really fun and hard, cause there is a counter play to every rush you can do, and you need to think fast (like ninja) to react to that, and thats hard to do.

  50. looks like tf2 lmao.. atleast we dont have hackers that rule the game, get your shit together ur not old enought to play the game (pubg)

  51. It’s because even with the money from PUBG, they still don’t have enough, high level devs arntar cheap. Epic Games is an AAA developer, bluehole is a mobile games developer. Think about the situation before you say anything. Oh and I’m not sure if you knew this, but the game has been optimised so much lately, enough to double my frames.

  52. PUBG came first, fortnite wouldn’t exist without PUBG. And if the government treated games like they do movie and gave them IP then fortnite wouldnt be here either being the PUBG ripoff that it is.

  53. Your getting shot, why run for cover when you can make your own… Takes out the challenge of traversing land.

  54. I used to be a hater of those kinds of graphics. Back then it was World of Warcraft who was known for the cartoony graphics.

    But the way it looks today in Fortnite and other games is beautiful! They managed to make graphics that look both cartoony and pretty at the same time. Is it realistic? No, but I’d go watch Saving Private Ryan or something if I wanted realistic. I wanna play games and blow things up. Fortnite is perfect for that.

  55. Idk about you, but in my +300 games, I’ve only looted the bush like 3 or 4 times. It’s really rare, and even then, you can spot someone if you look closely.

    Personally I find the bush to be rather useless in solo, more useful in squads than any other game mode, due to the nature of the fast-paced team game squads are

  56. Now you need to make Fortnite friends. Username is Eetheart, feel free to add and join our squad 😀

  57. Fornite has a way higher skill ceiling. But it is easier to pick up than pubg. The problem with pubg, for especially casual newer players, is that they have to solely rely on luck more than any other BR game.

  58. Fortnite and PUBG are trash. Obviously H1Z1’s king of the kill is better. Plus it came out before these other copiers… Change my mind.

  59. Agree, pubg appeals to me 10x more than fortnight bc it’s more realistic. I can’t stand cartoon looking games, but with that being said PUBG has a long ways to go in terms of improvement. Hopefully they’ll make major improvements soon…

  60. PUBG graphics come from Arma… cartoon graphics improve over time. But real life graphics remain real life, because it’s more about information depthness not visual eye-candy.

  61. sorry to tell you, fortnite put a new anti cheat system, no hackers 🙂

  62. “Building = HIgher Skill” ?? Are you kidding me? lol. This article is obviously biased towards Fortnite. To the author,.. I get it.. you enjoy Fortnite. You think Fortnite is a better game — so much so it even bests PUBG (among the most difficult of games in the top 10 played) in Skill “Ceiling”. Because it’s more difficult? No.. actually the article reiterates how Fortnite is better for those who are into CASUAL gameplay.. which implies less intense gameplay.. it implies less punitive measures for mistakes.. etc. So there is a contradiction.
    The building aspect of Fortnite is merely a ‘creative’ element in Fortnite that doesn’t exist in other games. Whether it makes the game more enjoyable is up to the person playing — but I think it’s fairly unanimous (50.1%) that the ability to BUILD does not = a higher SKILL ceiling. A higher skill ceiling would mean Fortnite creates better players than pubg players.. it would indicate fortnite has a higher learning curve and broader curve than pubg.. it would indicate .. generally.. fortnite is a more difficult game and so on.
    This is not the case. In fact – It’s to some degree.. greater or lesser.. the other way around.
    These are two games in the same general (fad) genre of survival (circle of death) games right now in the 2016-2018 era that are different. When you create a game that plays well.. and rips off an existing MOST popular game on the market — Then you take that game and use a ‘World of warcraft “cartoonish” type of non demanding graphic design – You are going to pull a significant market share of the big dog. In this case PUBG.

    I say well done. This was smart — A PUBG (only easier.. not as punishing.. less learning curve… (ie: Easier to spot enemies..) (Auto loot).. Tuned down 1000% so machines 5-10 years old can run the game is genius.

    That’s in the top 3 biggest issues with PUBG — the game is not friendly for computers that aren’t in the upper 10% of ‘power’. This hasn’t stopped 30+ million people from buying the game but it still takes a beast/expensive computer to run it decently (60fps ish). Fortnite — Not so much. Fortnite can be played on a laptop.. or a desktop that doesn’t have a dedicated PCIE graphics card, etc.

    Lastly — Since PUBG is SO difficult for the average person. Ie: Most people simply don’t have the skill or brain power to even keep a 1.0 K/D and/or a 20-30% top 10 finish ratio — A LOT of people are begging for a game that is similar but is dumbed way down for the average player. That is Fortnite.

    These aren’t (aside from the Fortnite = (Higher Skill) than PUBG) insults,.. or negative remarks. While I play PUBG by majority – I play some Fortnite and it’s a well made game. I probably split PUBG 90% to Fortnite 10% — So I’m curious as to just how bad the hacker population is in Fortnite.

    “Free” FPS games of this nature tend to be ripe for hackers. If they don’t have to purchase anything the hacks will come and never stop. PUBG is expensive and they just banned a few Million accounts this month. Though, that’s one of the only negative of PC — Given the more sophisticated and open platform,.. hacking is more prevalent.

  63. lol — If you think Fortnite, on PC, is going to remain largely hacker free you are gravely mistaken. Give it time if it’s not a problem yet.

  64. Agreed. Fortnite would be perfect if the building aspect were removed. It has everything else ‘going’ for it to attract the masses. Merely being able to SEE your opponent is such an improvement it stands alone. The building seems like some ‘creative’ aspect thrown in the game from left field. It makes no real sense.

  65. Truth. MOST people can’t handle pubg. It’s not a knock,.. it’s truth. Most people merely get too frustrated with pubg’s difficulty too quickly and that is a PUBG problem imho. Bluehole should be rectifying the issues that cause PUBG to be such a punitive game for balance.. especially with the writing on the wall of games like Fortnite taking over. That said.. PUBG has made it’s money although I’m sure they intend on doing what they can to continue doing so.

  66. It’s the truth. One doesn’t have to be GOOD at PUBG,.. a “pro gamer”,.. etc to be objective and not subjective about the two games.

  67. It’s fair to classify Fortnite as a game catered more to the “lazier” person (or is gamer a more PC word? 😉 )

  68. MOST people “suck” at these games. I’m in my 30’s .. have been playing games me entire life.. PC gaming since a literal child. I have the whole fps/mouse/keyboard thing ingrained in me. Point being I’m well above average in games like PUBG and fortnite (among others). I’m nothing like Aculite, or some of the other inhuman (hard to believe) streamers/youtubers with whom death before 15-25 kills is a rarity. BUT — Even coming BACK to pubg after not playing for 6-8 months.. in the first week of what seems like terrible gameplay to me.. I’m in the top 2 percent of all the stats (K/D,.. finishing in top 10,.. and all the measurables) — Upon further investigation I let games go without firing to see how low a K/D could go to remain in the top 5% of the 10s of millions playing pubg — and a K/D of UNDER 0.5 is still better than 95% of players.

    My point is.. again — MOST.. (90%+) of players SUCK lol. You are likely just average.

  69. This guy gets it. Enjoying yourself is absolutely the goal. This is what I try to engender to my friends in groups in ALL the games we play.

    Let’s FOSTER a competitive spirit to do as well as our skill allows whether it’s rocket league (we’re generally about Platinum with the best of us high Diamond) or PUBG — But while we do so.. playing ‘ranked’ and so on.. let’s NOT let the game overtake the FUN. So many people (my friends as well at times) let the competitive spirit of games turn a gaming session into a nasty ‘blame’ game. Where people are pointing proverbial fingers over voice chat.. sometimes getting into heated arguments about SILLY things in a VIDEO GAME.

    It annoys me when people don’t treat a competitive environment SERIOUSLY (they half ass it) — but just as much it annoys me when people do the above and get incredibly angry and just go overboard on people who make mistakes or aren’t as good as some others etc .

    If someone is legitimately TRYING their hardest .. I’m cool with it. So should everyone else imo. Sometimes that requires my group of gaming friends to split up at times into certain ‘groups’ when playing ranked/competitive etc so they best of the best are together but that’s fine as there is , in my circle, a group that is happy to play in the ‘non competitive’ modes. I’m sure many people deal with this with the couple dozen friends they deal with regularly online to some degree or another.

  70. You just completely used subjectivity to give a factual account of two games in the same genre.

  71. One word.
    Four letters.
    I heavily prefer it over Fortnite because in Fortnite you have to pay like R1000. (Not that much dollars, but my country’s currency is WORTHLESS) just to get new skins from the battle pass.PUBG may cost money to buy but at least you dont have to pay for a stupid skin.Further i just enjoy PUBG’s more open space and ability to camp(If you have any skill though, you won’t – wink wink)Also PUBG has DRIVABLE cars and ect. COME ON FORTNITE.Can’t you just add some way of faster transport?
    I would reccomend PUBG but i respect it if you preferences are different to mine
    (But PUBG is still better.🙂)

  72. Actually, I hated not being able to travel faster, running everywhere felt like it took ages, but I think vehicle’s would just ruin the game. Also, PUBG isn’t a word, it’s a acronym, and the battle pass only costs 10 US $, and if you save the amount of v bucks, you get from the battle pass, you could literally buy the next one for free. So you actually make no since PUBG cost more than just 10$. Also, you can camp in Fortnite, it’s just not advised to do so…

  73. That’s the thing, you can both build. If you keep on making cover, at some point, you will fuck up, and take damage, especially if the player who shot is skilled at building. You say there’s more strategy and planning in PUBG but you do realize how hard it is to be good at building? Sure, you’re getting shot at so you build a wall, so? What about after that? You build a ramp too, but if the person who shot is confident in building, he will probably double stair rush you and that’s when you really have to pay attention, since if they take the high ground, you’re in big trouble. If you watch some of the top fortnite’s streamers 1v1’s, you understand just how much planning is going on in their head as they build, not to mention, being able to edit, also makes fortnite even more complicated. I’m not sure, you’ve played enough fortnite to be able to judge it yet.

  74. That would ruin the game, if you haven’t noticed, fortnite is centered around the building mechanic, there’s a reason fort is in the name. Another one who hasn’t played the game enough to be judging it… smh

  75. Pubg looks so bad they shouldve put it on the ps2, it doesnt matter if its realistic or not, its a game and it looks like it got released 10 years ago. Looks so bad that it DOESNT look realistic

  76. yeah, Fortnite is good as it is, so right now you can choose between building(Fortnite) or vehicles(PUBG). add building to PUBG or vice versa,it would actualy ruin the game (idc what I said in previous dicussion

  77. A pro of PUBG is being able to sell costumes, the ivory school uniform(female) being worth $1249.99 (and my currency is $1= R14 so basically 27400 in my currency)that means you can also basically live off the game.

  78. Nice basing your opinions from what you “HEARD” not from what youve seen. you havent even played both games so you cant even talk

  79. I own the both and I uninstalled Forthight because grafik sucks. And buiding when you do a battle royale is so stupid and not done. Weapons, maps must be more realistic. For kids it must be a good game but not for me.

  80. too bad that the did in the launch but now they are gone

  81. a lot of people just look at a stream and say pubg has bad graphics, not realizing that most people play on very low settings to push the highest framerate possible

  82. Tru though, why do you think ninja can drop so many wins in a row, he broke the record of 20 the other day, theres simply worse players/the game is easier

  83. PUBG easy, way better graphics, realistic, strategy is highly needed, and exc the list goes on but what truly bugs me Fortnite is basically a PUBG ripoff they took it to everything with slight changes hence why I call it a Chinese ripoff for example How do you spawn in PUBG? A plane Fortnite? A flying bus same style but different transportation. Honestly the only difference I’ve found is that Fortnite let’s you build which is kinda gay personally I’m a realistic and strategic player so only those true gamers understand my opinion and understand Fortnite is shit if you want the cold truth. This is just a rough overview of my opinion if you want to get into a true argument over it friend me on discord at: ModernGaming [Arctic Networks]#7862 #FortnitePlayersAreWannabes

  84. PUBG wouldn’t be here without Arma 2’s DayZ mod, so what’s your fucking point dumbass?

  85. Not really, Pubg is way more tactical. Fortnite is just some casual game, and i find it very easy to win, because no one plays tactical. You dont need to be good, have good aim, know common positions, lure the enemy out. I played both and Fortnite got me bored very quickly. I won 4 times out of 9 matches. Then I played Pubg again, because I wanted a challenge and fun gameplay.

  86. Its not the games fault if its hard to spot an enemy. Fortnite is shit, boring, unrealistic and I would prefer Pubg even in Early Access.

  87. What if I told you PUBG was made by the same people that made H1Z1…? Fucking moron….

  88. Actually they have been since PUBG blew up. Remember, epic games was founded in 1991…bluehole in 2007…use your brain, it takes time to hire people.

  89. Well it kinda is the games fault, also Pubg is now the shit one, it’s already hit it’s max playerbase and is now declining while the Fortnite playerbase continues to climb and make more money even though it is free to play. Pubg needs a lot of optimization even now not mentioning early access. Boring? You can play a lot more agro in Fortnite while in Pubg you have campers sticking guns up your a**. If your complaining about how unrealistic a game is and not the graphics your just a die hard Pubg fan, NEW FLASH games were made to 1 have fun and 2 to be able to do something you wouldn’t be able to do in reality. Go shoot guns or play paintball if you want something more realistic.

  90. How many ivory school uniforms are you getting? Lol, you aren’t able to live off of selling Pubg costumes alone

  91. Do they just look at a stream and say Pubg has bad graphics? Most people don’t have the most expensive newest computers, and there is a lot of complaining about the bugs and optimization problems pubg has

  92. Lol, Sorry to tell you this Ikos Log but Fortnite is and will able to control hackers unlike some games…

  93. Well you are kinda right, games are there to have fun, but i dont have fun with Fortnite. Its boring, unrealistic and shit. The graphics are unrealistic, but that doesnt have to be a problem, but for me it is. I like realistic games, because they are less casual. Fortnite is boring and I’d even prefer browser games. Nobody cares if you die in Fortnite. The matches are quick and fast paced. PUBG is tactical, slow paced. You need to be patient if you want to win. And I never had problems with campers in PUBG. They are there, but its easy to outplay them if you know how to lure them out

  94. Bluehole banned over thousands of them months ago, and just because a game has bad graphics doesn’t make it bad. Why do people still play SSB64? Because it’s fun. Why do people buy Halo the Master Chief Collection in 2015?

  95. take the value of the costumes and multiply them by 15.Thats how much they are worth in my country.

    oh and i switched to fortnite lol

  96. No. Pubg is better. Fortnite is boring af and i can’t understand people that say otherwise.

  97. This is no big deal if you can actually afford a GOOD computer and have good skills. PUBG is a game for skilled players, and Fortnite is a game that everyone can play

  98. The “Lots of campers” “Hard to spot people” “Hard to aim” problems are just because you didn’t try realistic games, and you suck at FPS games unless they have those crap cartoonish artstyle

  99. Tbh it’s nostalgia + fun. Pubg is too young to be the same. And in sense of fun it seriously loosing to arcade fortnite. Tactical strategic games are less fun to watch. Arcades are fun.
    Pubg exists right now thanks to shroud and Chinese players (~most of your banned hackers). It’s dying; devs need to do something – all pubg players know that.

  100. What does that have to do with it being more or less similar to Hunger Games? Also looks pretty decent to me. Pioneers an idea for spectator games.

  101. Why do all the PUBG people give the same arguments, always without any form of sentence structure? I like both but prefer Fortnite for several reasons, but I’ll point out where you’re wrong first.

    Realistic: How is PUBG realistic? Maybe the shooting is somewhat realistic, but popping energy drinks to heal from gun wounds, bandaging to heal from a storm that moves in randomly at arbitrary times? Not very realistic. Yes, the graphics are more real, but not really better. The same type of scenery are re-used over and over. Strategy and stealth is definitely more prominent in PUBG, but the game is even more RNG than Fortnite, which reduces strategy significantly compared to what it could be. For example, the storm can screw players way more in PUBG, especially if you happen to not be able to find a vehicle and you have to travel far. No strategy will fix that.

    “Fortnite let’s you build which is kinda gay personally I’m a realistic and strategic player so only those true gamers understand my opinion and understand Fortnite is shit if you want the cold truth.”

    That just makes no sense whatsoever. Only true gamers will know what you mean? So you mean like Shroud, the top PUBG streamer who is definitely a true gamer, and a pro CS:GO player, who loves Fortnite will know what you mean when you say it’s trash? Now you are just making yourself look like a tool.

  102. “Honestly the only difference I’ve found is that Fortnite let’s you build which is kinda gay personally I’m a realistic and strategic player so only those true gamers understand my opinion and understand Fortnite is shit if you want the cold truth.”


  103. When you said on what we don`t like about pubg on “Hard to spot enemies“ it`s… EASY TO SPOT ENEMIESSSSSSSS OMG LIKE FORTNITE ISN`T EASY TO SPOT BECAUSE YOU CAN`T SEE THE GUNSHOT WHERE CAME FROM!!!

  104. Why do all Fortnite people always give the same arguments, PUBG being more realistic is a simple point of view that most Fortnite players can’t grasp. Yes maybe drinking an energy drink or popping pain killers is quite silly when it comes to healing gunshot wounds, but we aren’t playing some ARMA game where it’s a simulation. The zone is random at times, so wherever you land on the map you got to take in the fact that you may get lucky and have then zone close in where you are already located or maybe the zone closes in on the complete opposite side of the map from where you are located, it’s just the matter of you knowing when to move or finding a vehicle to help you escape the zone much easier. From my experience, the storm in Fortnite is quite pathetic in my honest opinion, you see it coming and just “run”. It’s the least of anybody’s worries that plays the game. And “not being able to find a vehicle and you have to travel far” is a quite absurd statement when literally all you need to do to find a vehicle is follow the road, duh. Engagements in PUBG are much more realistic in my opinion, you see a squad you tactically engage them in a specific way that doesn’t get you or any of your squad mates killed by chance. Fortnite on the other hand is different, you see a sqaud, you start to build the Empire State Building, and have a snipe off with the other squad, OR, you rush them with your stupid powerful shotguns, you build defensively to not die obviously lol, and then breach their structure to kill them. There is alot more reasons why i like PUBG more than Fortnite that I do not feel like getting into right now, but these are all just my honest opinions so yeah, there ya go.

  105. Bruh PUBG Copied H1Z1 you realize that right? Get your ducking facts straight and sit the fuck down Fortnite blew PUBG away so sit the fuck down pussy ass nigga

  106. Bruh PUBG copies H1Z1 So I don’t know wtf you are talking about Also get your fucking facts straight no one gives a shit if pub came first Fortnite blew PUBG out y’all might as well quit and go home

  107. Pubg is old bad fuckin game.. Fortnite is better…Pubg graphic wtf?? so bad fortnite have cool…

  108. I love how people express their opinions in the most outraged way possible like everyone needs to know, just pick a game and play it

  109. The guy who made H1 is the same guy who lead the dev team in developing PUBG so PUBG didnt copy ANYTHING, PUBG is just the successor to H1

  110. Lol the are you serious? There are a couple strategies off the top of my head to not get screwed over by the zone that center around time management, map awareness, loot prioritizing and zone recognition.One strat. is simply loot up enough to weather the first circle, you can risk staying in a high loot area if you loot enough medical supplies and boosters. For example you land in a far off area and the circle is not in your favor, you don’t necessarily have to leave once the first circle starts shrinking in, you can afford to loot while in the danger zone during first circle because it will not be as strong as it will eventually be by the end of the match, so if you loot efficiently, grabbing enough ammo and making sure to hold on to enough boosters and medical supplies , you can boost and medicate yourself enough to survive being outside circle pretty easily during the first circle. Another way is simple and well known, time management/map awareness, know how much time you have until the circle shrinks, how far the safe zone is, if you will need a vehicle and what obstacles you’ll need to overcome to get to the safe zone , eg. a river, a mountain a red zone or a heavily populated areas etc. PUBG is a more hardcore game completely, if you get caught slipping in PUBG there is no jump pad, or magical little wall fort you can build to protect you, if your in an open field and neglected to locate points of cover, your going to get shredded, plain and simple, its brutal and unforgiving.

  111. Pubg is soooooooo bad optimalized… i love the game… the DEV sould focus on optimalizing and not maps, mobil game and so on… so im just waiting for an Trippel A Battel Royal…:D

  112. Having some competition is always good since developers of PUBG know if their game isn’t good then you’ll switch to Fortnite and the devs of Fortnite know if their game isn’t good you can switch to playing PUBG. They both try to improve their product and in the end it results in a better game. Otherwise they can just give you the finger since what are you going to do if there isn’t another battle royale game to play?

  113. Ok, so you stated the differences in combat between the games. In fortnite, you build, in PUBG, you position yourself for engagements. Everyone knows this, and this is not a negative for fortnite, as you seem to be suggesting. It is just a difference, because it’s a different (and far more popular) game.

    The storm in fortnite pushes gameplay to move forward and force people in to combat, as it is intended to do. The storm in PUBG makes you leave the lobby and start a new game because you are so far out that you are screwed. I’ve seen streamers do this in PUBG. That’s not a good system. Is the game bad because of it? No, but it’s definitely worse than it could be.

  114. “PUBG is a more hardcore game completely,” ah, the “real man’s game” argument that you always see from people who can’t even use the correct “you’re.” I’d much rather get shredded by people who outplay me than by a storm. Everything you mentioned about fortnite (building and launch pads) are things that make the game more interesting and unique, and building increases the skill cap by an extraordinary amount. Maybe that is why so many people hate this part: it takes too much skill for them.

  115. are you goddamn fucking sure about winning 4 times out of 9 matches!? we are fortnite gamers and we know how fortnite works! there si so many skilled players in fortnite, thats impposible for a noob like you win 4 times of 9 matches! This goddamn liar!

  116. You guys really need to fix your fucking life. Fortnite is TRASH. I don’t even SEE how there could be an argument! PUBG is so better in so many ways, and Fortnite dicksuckers always come up with the same defense. PUBG HAS: Cars, Attachments, First Person, Leaning, and more.
    The only thing I could come up with that I give the honor to call mediocre is building. And it still sucks at that. I don’t see how ANYONE could like this disgrace of a game that is called “Fortnite.” I learned about this game after I heard people talking about it. I decided to try it out, and it was FUCKING TERRIBLE. There is NO sense of skill from anyone that I have ever seen play that game. Plus, PUBG has proximity chat, which is hilarious. Also, when you join fortnite, you get bombarded by voices of 7 year old white kids who get pissed off at you if you don’t know how to play the game, however with PUBG the community is more mature.

    Fortnite players, please. You lost. Fortnite is ASS.

  117. this piece of writing is very biased, because only pictures of Fortnite (besides PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds map) made it on this article.

  118. I play pubg cause I can play it on mobile while fortnite you can’t. So for me, pubg wins

  119. I find the super hero characters in Fortnite to be just too powerful. I am still giving it a shot, but the things I see people do is out of a comic book. PUBG is more realistic in terms of human ability.

  120. No need to get so aggresive over which is better. “Fortnite is gay.” Smh. Both have their downsides and upsides. Both games run on the unreal engine *but* Fortnite is owned and designed by the very company that designed the unreal engine so i think its more optimised in terms of how effectively it runs. And Fortnite players are wannabes?? Wannabe what? Wannabe PUBG players? If they wanted to be PUBG pro players I think they would play PUBG.. Also, a few concepts in PUBG are less realistic but the graphics, shooting and feel of the game are more COD like while Fortnite has bulding added into the mix, along with its more cartoonish-like graphics.

    I’d like to point out that both games utilise different strats and tactis. For example, lots of players in PUBG bait, hide, use proper weapons, etc. Fortnite has like building offense/defense strats. I have to agree on building stupidly tall snipe platforms and the shotgun strats lmao. That definitely needs balancing. I think that the lack of China’s region lock will be a problem cuz cHinEse pEopLe aRe gOod in hAcKiNg. In short, Fortnite is for players who like a little building strategy coupled with slightly more casual and cartoonish grahpics while PUBG is for players looking for a more tactical warfare sort of game with more realistic graphics and shooting. Also, i want them cars in fortnite so I can just run over people like I do in PUBG to get 4 kills as a complete noob.

  121. Sorry bud Pubg is dead get over it you can’t arfue for it anymore and that right there is a lie you didn’t win 4 outta 9 noob

  122. I won my 3rd ever game on Fortnite, I gave over 70 hours in PUBG and have never won one, top 3 is best Iève ever gotten. I am below average in PUBG, hbut I much prefer it because of this, it’s challenge makes it much miore rewarding. Fortnite feels SUPER casual, which is fine for some people, hell, 5 years ago I would have preferred it. But nowadays, I will take Dark Souls over Skyrim, Cuphead over Mario. The rush of overcoming crazy odds are what makes it fun, and that means being able to just hop in and actually WIN like I can in Fortnite, is NOT what i want out of a competitive game. Fortnite being so wildly popular right now is due to the fact that 8 year olds can play and win, and you can play on any console. It doesn’t make it the BETTER game. PUBG is hugely restrictive, the XBOX version sucks, and not many people have a high end gaming PC + the patience to actually do well. So Fortnite wins in popularity by default.

  123. PUBG is…. DEAD!?!? Millions of players and one of the most popular games on the planet, even though it requires a much higher than average PC to run. I think that itself speaks volumes tbh. I get it, for casual gamers, Fortnite is the better choice, but only in the way that Street fighter 5 appealed to a winder demographic that street figher 4, while competitive players HATED 5. They took the same formula and dumbed it down and made it more accessible. Very smart from a business standpoint, but does that make Street Fighter 5 better than 4? No way…. Fortnite is the 1 button 24 hit combo game of the Battle Royal genre

  124. Yeah “once” was the best game on their planet not anymore with Fortnite racking up more concurrent players a day and PUBG losing thousands a day not only that but all the amazing pros from oubg moved because PUBG was completely boring and gotten only I won my second ever PUBG match and I have my friend to vouture for me

  125. Fortnite definitely doesn’t need another map and doesn’t need more realism. It’s great with the cartoonish feel and build. If I want a game like PUBG, I’ll just go play WW2

  126. PUBG can’t capture an audience with trick shots off of sky bases, rocket rides, emotes, cartoony skins, destructive environments, weapon simplicity, impulse grenades, launch pads, and chests like fortnite can. Sorry PUBG

  127. Strange how both games were made on the same engine–Unreal Engine 4–yet PUBG just happens to be buggier, less optimized, and more easily cheat exploitable than Fortnite. For now, I ain’t touching PUBG until they fix those problems.

  128. Ok, so the problem here is that you think that just because a game is old means that it is garbage. PUBG is the most played game on steam not to mention that is has gotten best multiplayer award. Fortnite doesn’t have any of these. Plus with your “old games suck” personality you might as well call The Last of Us a bad game just because it is 5 years old. The Last of Us is not a bad game, it has gotten game of the year 2013. To be fair though, Fortnite’s building mechanics are revolutionary, especially in the shooter genre. But all in all, PUBG is the better title with its more strategic gameplay and realism.

  129. This is because fortnite is made for casual players who are looking for more of a casual experience. Also you cant do most of those things because pubg wants to be more realistic.

  130. I’ve brought quite a few good Pubg friends into Fortnite for their first time and they are always surprised at how much harder Fortnite is. They always suck at first, lol. Fortnite takes a lot more time to master.

    Mastering building alone in Fortnite is harder than anything you do in Pubg. There is so many different ways and strategies involved with building. On the other hand Pub is a very simple standard shooter with very little strategy involved.

  131. TBH I think that people are mistaking difficulty with learning… Fortnite requires far better hand eye and spacial awareness (so it is difficult), whereas PUBG requires more time learning the map and long game tactics (it requires a large time investment to learn).

  132. wait, how is pubg ‘a very simple standard shooter with less strategy involved’ wat?? sounds like you are describing cod. pubg is in no way simple and standard. you need a lot of strategy to win, more than fortnite

  133. it runs like shit cuz its a graphically demanding game. yeah, like 6 months ago it ran like shit cuz there was no optimization, but now its fine, honestly if you cant run pubg at 60fps now, ur pc is just potato. and getting no loot, ok, its RNG deal with it.

  134. Pubg is your basic realistic style shooter with realistic style weapons. It’s based off off an Arma 2 mod “DayZ: Battle Royale” that came out 5 years ago. There is nothing new or unique about pubg. And nothing complicated. You run around, collect stuff and try to avoid other people as much as you can. Main things you need to master in pub is the same as similar shooters – weapon mechanics, aim, peeking and how to move thru the environment. Gun battle are quick and simple.

    Fornite is way different because of building. Mastering building is the most important skill. There are many defensive and offensive building techniques. Building to move quickly thru certain areas. Building meant to confuse attacking opponents. Building combined with launchpads, fully destructible environment, guided rockets, rocket riding ,boogie bomb – makes gun battles longer, harder and more epic than pubg.

    I enjoy both games but I actually play Pubg more than fortnite because I the prefer the realistic standard shooter style. But in all honesty fortnite is a harder game to play. Even friends that play with me in pub and fortnite agree.

  135. Fortnite is great if you want a casual experience.However, pubg is great if you want a realsitic experience. Fortnite is:run,die,revive,die, restart a match ,loot,get sniped,die,restart another match…Pubg is: run,hide shoot loot, revive, kill and run. Pubg is way better than fortnite on every aspects.In real life, you cant make
    rope out of wood and a wall that is supposed to use 10 sticks but shows 23 ?!?

  136. Please learn grammar. It bothers me, but that’s beside the point. Personally i prefer PUBG because i’m a strategic player and Fortnite can’t give that to me. In my opinion PUBG is better but, I respect your opinion.

  137. What are you, 12? I’m genuinely asking? You sound like some one stole your Yu-gi-oh card card or something.

  138. PUBG is better than fortnite because PUBG has more people that play and fortnite only has 69 or 78 people that play its more esier

  139. Fortnite is better because you can create walls and pubg is not good at all but fortnite is better in everything guns, places, and more.

  140. bro, you can also drive cars, boats and shoot on them if you are playing duo or squads. in fortnite, you die when you touch water, cant drive, to easy to find weapons. I prefer PUBG

  141. guess what. they all copied minecraft. believe me. Minecraft hunger games. Finding chests, looting. You can team up too. its fair

  142. you can aim in the iron sight in PUBG. In fortnite, you zoom in on the cross. Thats why its harder to kill people. Fortnite is boring. its more exciting that there’s a red zone so that makes it better. What if epic games is feasting on this data about PUBG and copies it. I understand that its for kids but come on. Do you know how hard it is to kill people in fortnite. PUBG is recommend. Get it on mobile if you want it free

  143. he played both games, he’s not a noob at Fortnite because he wo 4 out of 9 matches, and no one can tell if he actually did that or not so you can stfu

  144. PUBG is dead? than why is it being compared to Fortnite? If it’s dead than it would’ve been obvious which game won and it wouldn’t have been compared

  145. yeah, because only casual gamers do that, PUBG players want an game that is actually Challenging

  146. simple standard shooting? I guess you’ve never even used a sniper for very long range in PUBG man. And do you even compensate for recoil?

  147. that’s where strategy is needed you motherfucking dumbass. We need to think of a strategy so that we don’t get caught outside the blue circle. What the fuck do you think Battle Royale players do? Just sit there and watch until we got outside of the playzone and think, “I’m outside the zone, now is the time I need to run!”.
    That’s not what Battle Royale players do

  148. fuck off. Knives Out, Rules of Survival, and Free Fire are all fucking mobile ripoffs to PUBG and now that PUBG is on mobile, idk if they’re gonna last long anymore

  149. kid, learn to play an actual good game instead of new and mediocre games and how tf is PUBG and old game? It’s released for about a year ago

  150. Pubg shooting mechanics isn’t unique or complicated. I’ve played Arma for years, and terminal ballistics in Arma is more realistic and difficult. Maybe that’s why pub is natural for me.

    If you think long rang shooting in Pubg is hard there is a bullet drop simulator out. Its in Chinese but good for training.

  151. But if Fortnite is so much easier then Pub why do people struggle? Isn’t fortnite just a cartoon copy of Pubg? LOL. – It’s because they try to play it like Pub and don’t understand that Fortnite is a completely different game. You all keep saying Pub is harder, but can’t explain why.

    I love Pub more than fortnite, but it’s not harder.

  152. “Just because a game has bad graphics doesn’t make it bad”

    Remind me again, what’s the biggest argument PUBG fanboys make about Fortnite? Oh yeah, the “cartoony” graphics make it shit.

  153. But a PUBG dev helped make h1z1, the OG battle royale game that PUBG ripped off so the advantages even out

  154. Then why is a mobile game developer trying to make it big in the PC/console market, without making accommodations to be able to handle the shift? Honestly, that one’s on them

  155. Oh my lord it’s a VIDEO GAME… If anything it’s a good thing that Fortnite’s building is wildly unrealistic, because that’s the only place you can do that. Real life is where you do realistic things. Video games are supposed to be that place where you can let your imagination run wild and do things you can’t normally do in real life

  156. It’s a video game, this is where you want that wildly unrealistic capabilities in terms of human ability. In real life you can’t move or jump or build the way you can in Fortnite.. but if you want a similar experience to PUBG in real life, you CAN play paintball, and you CAN play airsoft (if you don’t like paintball, I know I’m an air soft fan myself) I like to play airsoft instead of PUBG because if I’m looking for a realistic experience, i’ll go get the MOST realistic experience by playing for real, but in terms of video games, Fortnite is my pick

  157. Ffs all of you guys stop fighting ok, lets just put it this way PUBG is a game for people who are more Pros and have the patience to wait like 40 mins to win, But fortnite is FAR MORE ADDICTING and just as fun plus the maps take 20 mins Tops so you can do like 2 games of fortnite which is equal to 1 game of Pubg. Even though i like fortnite better…..Both of the games are just as fun! 🙂

  158. Bro your stupid have you ever seen the map there’s a big fucking lake smack in the middle of the map that you can walk/jump across. Also energy drinks and you guys say “oh PuBG iS ReALisTiC” no you just like it because you hide in the grass like a pussy anytime you play. If you played fortnite I bet you would hide in a bush the entire match, plus driving cars is stupid it proves you don’t need skill to run someone over or run away.

  159. I know this seems weird but I find PUBG easier than Fortnite. I’ve played Fortnite for about a month now and I haven’t gotten a single win (aside from on 50v50 and 20v20) yet I only got PUBG almost a week ago and I’ve already gotten my first Chicken Dinner.

  160. Guessing you died with zero kills a couple times and said “REEEEEEEEE THIS GAME IS ZERO SKILL IM GONNA GO PLAY A REAL MANS GAME!”

  161. It’s more realistic then fortnite. At least pubg has predictable recoil patterns.

  162. Also, a lot of the time, you won’t be running someone over because that will get you shot. How about you go play pubg and then make these comments.

  163. And to you, it doesn’t .ake you leave and start a new game. You can easily make it to the zone if you find a vehicle or know when to go. The key is timing and positioning.

  164. How does it increase skill cap? “Oh shit, I’m getting shot at and don’t have cover, I better make a shelter to protect myself!” Yeah, real skill based. Rather then having to find cover and move stategically, I’ll just make my own base.

  165. See, here’s the problem .in pubg, you won’t get killed by a random bullshit bullet pattern. In pubg, accuracy is rewarded on all weapons, not just snipers, but I don’t expect you to know that. Doing proper research has seem to fall out of the norm recently.

  166. That’s the worst argument I’ve ever heard. MW2 is older than Black ops 3, is Black ops 3 better than MW2? no, not by a long shot.

  167. It didn’t though, lol. Nice try. Pubg, if you read the previous comments, is the most played game on steam, and honestly, I bet there would be droves more people playing pubg if it came to PS4, but it’s not, so you “blow pubg out of the water”. Fortnite is no where close to being as good as pubg, so why don’t you get your facts straight.

  168. Bro, you don’t know shit about the BR community if you think pubg is dead.

  169. That’s because fortnite is easy as hell to play. A bunch of people who didn’t want to learn picked fortnite up and started playing it. This is like trying to say call if duty is better than rainbow six, it’s just not.

  170. The building sucks. No offence, but it really does. It doesn’t “raise the skill ceiling” like you keep saying. It lowers it.

  171. That just makes it bad. ” We need all these funny unrealistic things to Garner support for our game! Quality content? Oh no, that’s much to over rated.” Yeah, that’s what we should promote.

  172. No, no it doesn’t. I’ve played fortnite. It’s as easy as spray-and-pray until you kill them or they kill you. Reaaaaal hard.

  173. It’s harder because placement is important. There is actual strategy envolved in the game. It’s not as easy as rushing my opponent and killing them by spraying them down.

  174. All these years on Discus I’ve never responded to so many freshly made accounts before, LOL

    People that don’t master building die easily. This is a fact. It is a skill that needs to be mastered. You think building sucks because you suck at it.

  175. There is strategy in both games. You’re making a fool of yourself by saying fortnite is a pray and spray game, because you show your glaring ignorance.

  176. You think Pubg provides quality content? LOL. There is a reason Pub is losing players every month.

  177. Before PUBG there was H1Z1 and everybody jumped ship because it worked better. But PUBG itself has no real identity, it’s an extremely generic looking realistic shooter with basically no personality, and it’s ugly as hell too on a technical level. Its genre is the only notable thing about it.

    What is there to keep anybody playing PUBG when the inevitable AAA competitor appears? Because you just know a bunch of studios are working like mad to cash in on this at this very moment.

    Fortnite is the only real competitor currently but it’s different enough that a lot of people are put off with the aesthetic – but will we see a mass exodus when another realistic looking game like PUBG comes out but more polished? Not saying PUBG i sbad but if were being honest it will be taken out sooner than we might think

  178. What I don’t like about your argument is the fact you say “Fortnite copied PUBG” even though PUBG is a Chinese rip off of H1Z1 and actually the building brings a whole new skill cap to battle royale even though it may be un realistic but let’s be honest PUBG ain’t that realistic because drinking energy drinks and bandaging wouldn’t really help a bullet wound and not to mention all PUBG pros moved on because of how boring and repetetive the game really is

  179. That’s a problem about PUBG beginning game if you can’t find a weapon and someone else has one that’s just an unfair advantage and most of the time you can’t even fight back getting sent to the lobby atleast you have a fighting chance in Fortnite

  180. you sure about that? Ha Ha, You can’t even kill 15 players in one game LOL!

  181. To drink those blue stuff which made out of no where and get shield(so realistic)at least our’s is red bull,PUBG has armor helmet and use pan to defend your self.

  182. you can carry over 1000 bullet in your pocket in fortnit(so real is bullshit and five weapon whith seeing it use a pick axe to destory a future building epic must be crazy and 999 wood 999 brakes 999 metal ‘_’

  183. where you got all those fake numbers there you bastard, fortnite is just for those free 2 plays and under 14 years old kids

  184. just stay in your fort till someone come up and kill you in PUBG you can’t build means you have to fight

  185. first person, driving(run people over), pick you head out with out full body, more weapon , put scope presser onto your weapon, more team work(even shroud can’t solo squad),flash bang….. fortnite SUCKS

  186. people die from a great fall, RPG them self, hide in a bush for ever, hide in a fort till everyone die. (that is how I won my first game)

  187. ww2 only has 1st person and you can get multiple life no ak m4 flash bang is a completely different game

  188. ANOTHER NEWLY MADE ACCOUNT. Fortnight has more action than pubg. There is a reason why Pub is losing players and Fortnight is gaining.

  189. if you are a pro you will looking for action you think that PUBG have no action than you are a total noob

  190. Pubg has plenty of action, but overall fortnite has more. One of the biggest complaints about pub is not having enough trigger time. In fortnite there is tons of shooting. But Pubg’s war mode is awesome. Too bad they had to close it early last weekend because of server issue.

  191. You clearly haven’t seen pros try to outbuild each other. I’ll trust Shroud saying it takes a lot of skill over you, who probably isn’t even good at pubg and clearly haven’t played fortnite more than a couple times if ever.

  192. The Lukanator boy if u dont get ur nasty self out of here it was kind of bad but now it is gooooooooooooood ok and dont talk shit again ok

  193. sup with all these butthurt people in comment section. Just play which game you find more fun and best suits you, everyone have different tastes. This review is just sharing the differences in fortnite and pubg, i mean both are hard in a different manner. can say pubg is more tactical while fortnite is actually hard when it comes to building walls and stuff in a reflex manner ( multitasking ).

  194. the first time i played pubg I won. Its not that difficult. just go to center and keep following the circle on the map like always but mainly just stay in houses.

  195. pubg is easier than fortnite, unless ur a camping noob 😛 if ur a good aimer pubg is going to be easy. if u like minecraft fortnite will be easier with ur camping and building

  196. Rushing is suicide in fortnite unless u play against noobs. Rushing is good in pubg

  197. Yeah, if aiming is your strengt pubg will be much less random. You will win more. But noobs will prefer fortnite where camping is good, minecraft playstyle is good etc.

  198. Um, I’m twelve and can spell better than you. Just because he can’t spell doesn’t mean he is twelve. The person could have a disability. Also when you said that he can’t spell when sometimes you don’t capitalize the first letter of your sentence. Good day sir.

  199. Please the next time you decide to type a sentence use a auto corrector or have someone else write it.

  200. “Mainly just stay in houses”. So Pubg is easy because you stay in houses? That basically means that your were camping.

  201. its harder because the landscapes, they have to worry about the trajectory of their shots even more than fortnite, and its not like fortnite where you can just surprise someone with a shotgun and expect to win. you’re right fortnite is pretty much a copy of Pubg… right? NO. it just uses the same category. i just don’t get why people think that “oh this game is a battle royale game it is totally a copy of H1Z1, PUBG, or FORTNITE” like that is ridiculous. rainbow six siege is a fps game and so is COD so does that mean rainbow six siege copied off of COD. MAYBE. anything you see out in the world was inspired and copied by something else. like alot of our education is based off of ancient greece.


  202. SURPRISE another freshly made disqus account. I’ve never had so many relies for so many brand new accounts.

    Your arguments are schizophrenic. I NEVER SAID FORTNITE WAS A COPY OF PUBG.

  203. I agree, Fortnite gives you a very casual sort of laid back feeling where if you get into the lower numbers you don’t really feel the same as in PUBG. PUBG gives you a very suspenseful feel even early on. Even if it’s 20 seconds into the game if you see someone, your heart stops. And it only gets worse from there. I made it into the top 5 once and my hands were literally sweating because of how suspenseful it is. I think part of that comes from how much more realistic PUBG is. What I mean by that is the fact that weapons do more damage. In Fortnite, battles short or long range can take a while whereas in PUBG, someone usually dies within 10 seconds. It’s always so scary when you’re alone and you get that feeling that someone’s sneaking up on you. So when (and if) I get a chicken dinner I have something to feel proud about: my heartrate finally resting.

  204. That’s the point about pubg, it’s not meant for that it’s meant to give a feeling of suspence, and take a lot longer and be more difficult to kill people, I used to play fortnite back before pubg was even on console and I fucking loved it, and I won 4 out of my first 15 games, I have played like 50 games of pubg after I got pc and I have won 1,and to do that I hid for most of the game, and as soon as I made the transaction to pubg I felt it was SOOO much more fun even though I was a new and died almost all the time

  205. Fortnite Battle Royale is copying PUBG because PUBG is so addicting to play , and they made Fortnite with a twist. I’ve played Fortnite and I find it way too easy to find and kill someone. PUBG is more better cuz when you find some thing you really need your like “OH YEAH!” , but with Fortnite you (Very sarcastically) “oh yay I found a gun how wonderful” :/

  206. “Guys please play pubg instead, it’s dying so we need you!”

    – Everyone in this thread making childish comments about PUBG being better and listing very arbitrary reasons

  207. Never heard anyone say the red zone is a good thing until now. If that’s what makes the game better for you… you may want to reconsider your priorities.

  208. None of the best games in history are realistic. Mario, Legend of Zelda, Halo (which started the FPS competitive scene), command and conquers (which started the RTS gaming), League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and heck, the arcade games that started gaming entirely. Games are meant to be fun, not realistic. If you want a realistic shooter, go join the military, like a “real man”.

  209. Yes you can. Fortnite is far easier to find enemies due to the graphics making it easier to see the against the environment. Also the fact you can build a 1×1 to give you more time to look around without being killed instantly by someone you can’t see.

  210. And no one wants that. It’s super trash in all the games that do it, and all it does is create pointless flame wars.

  211. I’m far from aggressive, unlike more than half the people in these comments. My whole realistic argument is merely to point out that PUBG may be more realistic than fortnite, but it’s far from being actually realistic. The point is, that’s not a good or bad thing, it’s just how it is. A video game being realistic has no bearing on whether it is good or not. In fact most of the best and most popular games throughout history are not remotely realistic.

  212. “true gamers” This part made me laugh the hardest. Like, you’re only a true if you only play semi-realistic looking games, meanwhile most gamers, past and present, play unrealistic games like Mario, Legend of Zelda, LoL, WoW, Overwatch, Fortnite… The list goes on.

  213. Almost as bad as “this game is better because it’s more realistic looking”.

  214. Really? I tried it on max settings and graphics were way better than PUBG’s and it ran far smoother (was still getting over 120FPS consistently). Seems like what they are doing is working better than what PUBG is doing, for adults and kids.

  215. Admin, please put a poll on this page of who prefers PUBG or Fortnite. Numbers wont lie.

  216. The only thing I don’t like about Fortnite is that the trajectory of sniper bullets couldn’t be further from reality. Other than that I would still prefer fortnite over PUBG.

  217. I have played both and Pubg is in my opinion harder more challenging but more fun aswell. This is ofcourse my opinion since i am a big fan of realistic shooter games like BF. Fortnite is not a bad game but its just not my thing with the building, cartoony graphics, inacurate weapons (compared to realistoc shooters).

  218. i played both game. PUBG graphic really are sick but there is to much bullshit camper and no intense in gameplay

  219. pubg and fortnite both are awesome. both have equal importance at their respective qualities. u can’t say that one is not good only because you are good at it or one is good just because it has more no. of players- TRUTH REMAINS THE TRUTH EVEN IF NO ONE KNOWS IT

  220. Pubg is for growups with better real graphics and fortnite is for kids and basement living adults with cartoon style graphics lol

  221. It’s quite simple. Fortnite is made better from a content and design standpoint but pubg is more mature and by not being flooded with content weekly, makes it such a raw game where your choices matter more. Fortnite is for anyone kids and adults. If you want a more realistic experience get pub you want to just run around a wacky world and do mostly the same thing get fn

  222. Idk about 4 out of 9 for me but I win wayyy more in fortnite and cod blackout for that matter. Pubg is harder period. I love all of them though

  223. I like PUBG better because you can kind of go at your own pace. Fortnite sucks, because some players like me are horrible at absolute chaos and there is SO MUCH criticism & arrogance I keep hearing against PUBG from Fortnite players. I keep on getting killed and My building is slow and terrible. PUBG FOR LIFE 😃😛

  224. Hey!! Even if more people play fortnite doesn’t mean pubg is dead thousands of people still play it and enjoy it I am a kinda offended by what u said

  225. Yeah I will cheer u own I have never played fortnite but pubg is amazing fortnite probably is as well and both games are made for everyone

  226. PUBG is like a reality on their moves, outfit, guns, etc.. Fortnite is a cartoons just like for kids.

  227. Pub g 100%realistick
    Jumping out kf a plain
    Real guns and can actually put up scopes on guns and not just pickup a guj and you can onlybuse the scope on it
    Pub g has helmets thats real that atleats looks real we use kits and energy drink which gives energy in real life asswell you guyz get shields fake as hell
    Pub g gets real kars and bikes you guys have a car tgat doesn’t even exist in the way you use it and lastly bro fortnite looks like a Walt disney movie like even the lion king movie has better graphics than fortnite i can compare fortnites graphics with mickey mouse

  228. Bro you can’t be more right abput something in your life than whzt you’ce said there checkout my comment

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