Genshin Impact Release Date (2.1 Update)

When is the next Genshin Impact release date? The next update is the 2.0 update and it's coming soon! Here is everything we know so far about the update.

Patch 2.0 was without a doubt the best patch ever to come to Genshin Impact. Not only did we get new quests, new characters, new weapons, and new enemies, but we got a whole new region to explore in Inazuma.

And it was grand!

Now you might be thinking that patch 2.1 is going to scale things down a bit, but somehow this doesn’t seem to be the case. On the contrary, this upcoming patch is looking to add almost as much content as the previous one.

The game’s one-year anniversary will also be marked this patch, and in a big way for sure.

Genshin 2.1

So let’s take a look at everything we’ve learned about patch 2.1 of Genshin Impact that’s coming to PC, Mobile, and PS4/5 on September 1st.

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New Areas

Genshin 2.1 Areas

Although we got our first taste of Inazuma in patch 2.1, we didn’t get to explore the full extent of the island nation’s territory. Inazuma is comprised of 6 islands, only 3 of which were released in patch 2.0.

And in this upcoming patch, we’ll be treated to 2 new islands – Seirei Island and Watatsumi Island. Inazuma was already pretty massive, so expanding that size by roughly two-thirds is sure to offer loads of fun new exploration gameplay.

Watatsumi Island is the home of the Vision Hunt Decree Resistance and it looks nothing like any other area in the game, with a strange underwater seashell vibe that’s just… well, you’ve seen the picture.

Seirei Island, on the other hand, looks to be in a state of perpetual storm that makes the stormy weather we’ve experienced in other parts of Inazuma look like a refreshing spring shower.

As always, you can expect to discover a wealth of Primogems just by exploring these new areas, doing their tentative World Quests, and completing their achievements.

If you’re curious to find out exactly how many Primogems you can earn this way you should be happy to know that we will update our F2P Primogem Guide as soon as the patch goes live.

New Characters

Genshin Archons

It wouldn’t really be a new patch of Genshin Impact without new playable characters, and this time around we’ve got some very exciting ones coming.

Not only will Sangonomiya Kokomi and Kujou Sara get added to the playable roster, but also the Electro Archon herself. If you’ve checked out our Character Tier List you’ll know that the previous two Archons are arguably the two best characters in the entire game.

Baal has some huge shoes to fill, but from what we’ve seen so far, she looks more than ready for the task. Oh, and also, this patch will mark Genshin’s first collaboration event with another game by featuring Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy as a playable character.

As always, we’ll create full build guides for the new characters and add them to our tier list as soon as they get released, but here’s what we know so far:

Raiden Shogun is a 5* Electro Polearm user who will be featured on the first banner of patch 2.1.

Although she is a Polearm user, players will also be able to materialize the sword she fought against us with in patch 2.0 by using her Elemental Burst. This will not only deal loads of Electro DMG but also replenish some Energy for the entire team.

We’re still not entirely sure if she’s meant to be a support, a DPS, or a bit of both, but we’re confident she’ll be one of the top contenders in her role.

Kujou Sara is a 4* Electro Bow user who will be featured alongside Raiden Shogun on the first banner of the patch.

From the looks of it, Sara is a support that can buff up the ATK of other party members, not unlike Bennet. She can also reduce the time needed to fully charge a Charged Attack with a bow, which does sound exciting.

So far, the story has portrayed the General of the Raiden Shogun’s forces as a force to be reckoned with. We just hope she doesn’t go the way of other 4* Electro powerhouses like Lisa – a character who is canonically super powerful but whose gameplay doesn’t reflect this.

Sangonmiya Kokomi is a 5* Hydro Catalyst user who will be featured on the second banner of patch 2.1.

The Leader of the Resistance has gorgeous attack animations that make her look as if she’s swimming in mid-air while fighting. Gameplay-wise, she is a healer with a very unique mechanic – she has a negative CRIT Rate but gets extra Healing Bonus to compensate for this.

In the current meta, exchanging CRIT stats for healing is next to useless, but perhaps Kokomi can change that.

Aloy is a 5* Cryo Bow user that all players who are above AR20 will receive through the in-game mail, somehow…

In any case, while we don’t know much about her, what we do know looks very busted! Not only will she be able to infuse her Normal Attacks with her Element, just like Yoimiya, but she’ll also be able to buff the ATK of the entire team.

A part of us would be seed to see Yomiya power crept so soon, but we’re not about to say no to a free 5* character.

Only PS4/5 players will get Aloy in patch 2.1, but all the players on other platforms will receive her when patch 2.2 rolls around. The picture below will explain it best.

Genshin 2.1 Aloy How to Get

New Weapons

Genshin 2.1 Weapons

Patch 2.1 will also bring 4 new weapons into the game, include Genshin’s very first meme weapon.

  • Engulfing Lightning is a 5* Polearm.

This Energy Recharge Polearm was simply made for Raiden Shogun. Literally, it’s the weapon she used to show us who’s boss in our first encounter with her! The weapon also increases its wielder’s ATK based on a percentage of their Energy Recharge, similar to how the Staff of Home increases ATK based on HP.

How useful Engulfing Lightning will be for other characters remains to be seen, but it will no doubt be the best-in-slot option for Baal.

  • Everlasting Moonglow is a 5* Catalyst.

This HP% Catalyst increases Healing Bonus and also grants its wielder additional Normal Attack DMG based on their Max HP. At the moment, this weapon is looking very underwhelming, simply because HP% and Healing Bonus just aren’t relevant substats in the current meta.

Perhaps the new patch will change this, but otherwise this 5* weapon is straight-up less useful than the 3* Thrilling Tales of the Dragonslayer.

  • Luxurious Sea-Lord is a 4* Claymore?

It took less than a year for miHoYo to release the first meme weapon in Genshin Impact. Your Claymore characters will now be able to swing this ATK% fish around. But while the design of the weapon may be dumb, its passive is incredible, boosting Elemental Burst DMG and summoning a gigantic tuna to help you out.

What’s more, this is an event weapon, so you’ll be able to bring it to refinement 5 just by participating in one of the new events.

  • The Catch is a 4* Polearm.

This Energy Recharge Polearm looks to be the best F2P option for the Electro Archon. It’s a lot like Festering Desire from patch 1.2, only instead of affecting the Elemental Skill, it increases Elemental Burst DMG and Elemental Burst CRIT Rate. One look at our Weapon Tier List will show you that Festering Desire still easily ranks among the best ever 4* Sword, so our expectations for the Catch are high.

Rumors have it that this will also be an event weapon which we will be able to take to max refinement just by participating in events, but this hasn’t been officially confirmed yet.

New Enemies

Genshin 2.1 La Signora

While there will be some new mob enemies coming to this patch, they weren’t given much attention in the developer stream.

And we certainly understand why. Even if they tried to hype them up, they would simply be overshadowed by the 3 new Bosses that will be coming in patch 2.1.

First off, we have the Thundering Manifestation and the Hydro Hypostasis being added to the roster of World Bosses that you need to farm for Character Ascension Materials.

Thundering Manifestation is a lot like Oceanid, only much angrier and less intelligent. And it doesn’t take much imagination to picture what the Hydro Hypostasis will look like.

But by far the most exciting new enemy will be the new Weekly Boss – La Signora. The 8th of the Fatui Harbingers has been a thorn in our side ever since the game was released, having appeared in both Mondstadt and Liyue to take the source of Venti’s and Zhongli’s powers.

Many players have been waiting for almost a year to get some payback for Venti and it looks like now is the time.

We also learned that Scaramouche will appear!

Genshin 2.1 Scaramuche

This will be the first time new players get to see him, but enfranchised players already met the 6th of the Fatui Harbingers way back in patch 1.1. Even though the Traveler was in the company of both Mona and Fischl at the time, the three of them opted to run away rather than face this new threat, which should say something about his power.

New Events

Patch 2.1 will feature a grand total of five events:

Moonlight Merriment is a two-stage event that will be used to commemorate the Moonchase Festival in Liyue. One part of the event will see you chasing down charms in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Dragonspine in a kind of treasure hunt, whereas the other will be all about locating and fighting monsters.

Xiangling and Keqing will play a large role in the story of the event, but other Liyue characters will be making appearances as well. Unlike Mondstadt characters, who all know and interact with one another, most Liyue characters have always felt more self-contained. This will be the first time we get to see many Liyue characters share a screen during an event or a cuts scene and honestly we cannot wait to see it.

Lunar Realm will introduce a whole new Fishing mechanic into the game which we assume will remain in the game even after patch 2.1. You’ll be able to use various fishing rods to catch all kinds of fish. Best of all, you’ll be able to keep some of these fish in a new Pond furnishing inside your Serenitea Pot.

Throughout the event, you’ll be searching for the so-call Lunar Leviathan which is said to be able to grant any wish. And in a game where you obtain new characters by wishing for them, we hope this play on words pays dividends, what with it coinciding with the one-year anniversary and all.

Hyakunin Ikki is an event where you will use up to 6 teams of 2 characters to compete against various enemies. This will be the second event since the game’s release that will allow you to use certain characters that you don’t own to fight with.

Passage of Clouds and Stars is a login event that will reward players with a total of 10 Intertwined Fates. F2P players will certainly appreciate this, but whales will also love this event as it will mark the moment when Genesis Crystal top-up bonuses get reset.

Many F2P players still feel that miHoYo is being overly stingy by offering only 10 Fates for the game’s anniversary, less than they gave players during the half-year anniversary. This is one of the reasons we’re hopeful that the Lunar Leviathan will fulfil out free 5* character or weapon wishes.

Spectral Secrets will revolve around the new mob enemies. The Adventurers Guide will task you with finding out more about them and you’ll be able to send companions on expeditions to help you with this.


And that about does it for now.

To summarize, patch 2.1 will release on September 1st 2021. It will conclude the Inazuma storyline, add 4 new characters, 4 new weapons, and 3 new bosses, as well as bring loads of new events to commemorate the game’s one-year anniversary.

As always, we got 3 Primogem promo codes during the developer stream. You can find the codes here, but be aware that they will expire in just a few short days.

And in case you’re a beginner who’s just now joining the Genshin Impact hype, make sure to read our Beginner’s Guide so that you don’t make any accidental mistakes that you cost you time and resources down the line.

Also, let us know what aspect of patch 2.1 you’re most excited about in the comments.

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