Hydra Desk Case Preview: The Ultimate Gaming Desk

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best gaming deskMeet the Hydra Desk, a €999 desk that is aimed toward hardware enthusiasts. The brand new desk allows you to achieve a rich modding experience, since it offers a tempered glass pane so you can have a look at your PC inside it.

The gaming desk is solid and made of lightweight aluminum. It comes assembled in 3 parts and once retrieving the case, you can get started building your rig within minutes. The Hydra Desk is a modular desk case, which means that it also acts as a computer case and it can easily be modded due to the modular construction.

In March 2016, Hydra announced on Reddit that they were crowdfunding for manufacturing, and the desk case is now ready to be shipped.

Hydra Desk Specifications

  • High-quality tempered glass
  • Modular build
  • Built with lightweight, high-quality aluminum (1.5mm thick)
  • Very good radiator support
  • Dust filters
  • Support for up to 2 PCs/motherboards
  • Support for up to 28 storage devices
  • Support for two power supply units

As you can see, the Hydra Desk case is not for everyone and you can build some insane builds with it. The 1.5mm aluminium results in a robust and lightweight unit.

You can disassemble the desk case with the Allen key that is provided with it and you can use it to adjust the desk case to your own preferences. With support for two power supply units, you can power some incredible high-end builds with this desk case. There’s also support for two computers inside this desk case, and motherboard tray comes pre-installed. You can install Mini-ITX, Micro-ITX, ATX and even E-ATX motherboards.

There’s 8 PCI brackets ready to be used in this case if you plan on using a huge E-ATX motherboard or a multi-GPU system. And if you’re going to be using multiple graphics cards, you don’t need to worry about GPU length with this desk case.

Under the glass lid, you will find space for CPU coolers (up to 15mm in height) if you don’t want to be using liquid CPU coolers.

The thickness of the tempered glass is 8 mm, which should be plenty for all usage scenarios. The Hydra Desk is best suited for builds with custom water cooling loops. You can install five 360 mm radiators and an additional 480 mm radiator can be installed.

You can install up to twenty 120mm fans, and you can use up to twelve 3.5-inch drives and sixteen 2.5-inch drives. You can connect up to five external drives in the six 5.25-inch slots that are provided.

As you can probably guess, this incredible desk case isn’t for everyone and the steep cost of €999 will make the Hydra Desk case reserved for enthusiasts or hardcore gamers only.

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