Indivisible is an upcoming, side-scrolling RPG platformer being developed by Lab Zero Games, best known for creating the 2D arcade fighter Skullgirls. After launching an Indiegogo campaign for the game back in 2015, Lab Zero has gone on to raise over $2M, well beyond the studio’s initial goal. Since then, they’ve partnered with 505 Games, who will be publishing the Indie title.

Although the game’s initial release date was pushed back, it’s impressive to see how far Indivisible has come since its first demo, which was already very promising. That’s why we’ve decided to share with you everything we know about the game so far. Make sure to check back as we’ll be updating this story with more information as we get closer to the game’s release.

Indivisible Release Date


Originally, Indivisible was scheduled to release sometime during 2018, coming to PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. However, as is usual with game development, the project ended up being much more demanding than Lab Zero had initially thought. As a result, the studio delayed the game’s release and issued the following on the game’s blog,

“While we did everything we could to prevent this from happening, the simple reality is that Indivisible ended up being a much larger project than we could have anticipated. This was not a decision we made lightly, nor did we make it alone. Needing more time to finish the game meant that we also needed more money. Fortunately, 505 Games has graciously funded the majority of the extension, and Lab Zero will be kicking in our Skullgirls royalties to cover the rest.”

Along with that announcement came a new release window of Early 2019, which as of today still remains on the game’s store page on Steam. Recently on January 15th, the developers issued an update regarding backer surveys, with some parts suggesting they are practically done with the game. Here’s an excerpt from that update,

“This is it, folks – things are starting to get serious. Indivisible‘s launch (date still to be announced) is rapidly approaching. The game is more or less playable from beginning to end, albeit with some bugs and placeholder.”

It seems like we can expect to get our hands on the game in the very near future, so stay posted for more information.

Indivisible Trailer

Indivisible Story

Indivisible Movie

Indivisible has you play as a young woman named Ajna, whose village was destroyed. Upon discovering a hidden power within herself, Ajna sets off to find the ones responsible for her village’s destruction. Along the way, she meets diverse and interesting characters and learns more about herself and the World of Loka, where the story is set. The game has you traveling through seven different regions, each with their own distinct scenery and enemies to encounter.

While Indivisible’s story draws heavily from Southern Asian mythology, Lab Zero has also blended together a number of elements from various cultural backgrounds in order to create a world filled with characters not typically represented in video games. This refreshing approach to making games has made Indivisible stand out in comparison to other titles.

Indivisible Gameplay


Indivisible’s gameplay is inspired by classic RPGs like Valkyrie Profile and will have you engage in combat with enemies in real-time via an ATB-style battle system, which forces characters to recharge before their next attack. Executing attacks and blocking enemy moves fills up a meter, allowing you to perform special moves at any time based on how many sections of the meter are currently filled.

You can have up to four members in your party at once and the game features a total of 25 party members, called Incarnations. With each character having multiple basic and special attacks, and unique roles to fill, the game provides you with plenty of possibilities for interesting team combos, allowing you to approach challenges in a number of ways.

Outside of combat instances, Indivisible takes a Metroidvania approach to exploration. Over the course of Anja’s journey, she’ll come across a number of tools and abilities that can be used to reach new areas that were previously inaccessible. Among these is an axe which allows you to scale walls, and a bow which lets you attack enemies from a distance before engaging in battle.

The Final Word

Indivisible Movie 2019

While the Indie game scene may be oversaturated with Metroidvania releases, Indivisible seems to be bringing a lot of new elements to the table. From its classic RPG influenced mechanics to its beautiful 2D hand-drawn animations and 3D backgrounds, the game seems to have nailed the style and feel it’s aiming for. It’ll be interesting to see how Lab Zero’s foray into action RPGs is received when the game drops later this year.

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