PlayStation Plus Free Games (March 2019)

March is finally here and that means it’s time for a new line-up of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Last month, players were able to experience brutally satisfying combat in For Honor and master the art of being an international assassin in Hitman: The Complete First Season.

While March’s titles have us just as stoked, this month stands out as the first to deliver only two games, now that PS Plus no longer supports both PS3 and Vita. However, this change brought about an increase in cloud storage for subscribers, something that’s greatly needed for storing a lengthy backlog of excellent free games.

With that being said, let’s dive into this month’s new games. Make sure to check back regularly as we’ll be updating you on all future PlayStation Plus line-ups.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Playstation Plus Free Games March 2019

Modern Warfare Remastered originally released as part of special edition bundles of Infinite Warfare and was later made available as a standalone game. It’s an upgraded version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, featuring better textures, animations, sound effects, and lighting.  Additionally, the game comes with new multiplayer content, achievements, and a number of quality of life improvements.

Much of the story and gameplay is still the same and has the player acting as a member of the US Marine Corps and the SAS. In the game’s main campaign players take on missions that focus on fighting terrorist organizations in both the Middle East and Russia. Remastered includes existing modes present in Call of Duty games, such as Kill Confirmed, Gun Game, and Hardpoint, as well as some new ones like Prop Hunt, in which players disguise themselves as inanimate objects against an opposing team.

The Witness

Playstation Plus March 2019

The Witness is a 3D puzzle game inspired by 90s puzzle adventure games like Myst. The game has players controlling an unnamed character, exploring a mysterious island and solving complex puzzles. The island is divided into eleven regions that are littered with natural and man-made structures.

The player’s goal is to keep solving puzzles, unlock new regions, and ultimately make it to the top of the mountain. However, this is no easy feat as The Witness features increasingly difficult puzzles that put the player’s abilities to the test. Although the game is quite challenging, unlocking the island’s secrets are well worth it and managing to solve a puzzle after hours of failure will make you feel like a genius.

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