Pokémon Sword and Shield Guide: How To Use Evolution Stones

If you're a Pokemon Sword and Shield player, then we highly recommend our beginner's guide. If you just want to learn how to use evolution stones, see this.

Pokémon Sword and Shield feature a variety of new and returning Pokémon, including new Galarian evolutions for existing Pokémon. As with previous generations, many of these Pokémon require certain conditions to be met before they can evolve, ranging from standard leveling up to using a specific item.

A common method for evolving Pokémon is the use of evolution stones, which come in a variety of elemental types (Water, Fire, Leaf, Thunder, Ice, Dawn, Moon, Sun, Dusk, Shiny) and can be acquired in several ways. However, finding each of these stones can be quite challenging if you don’t know where to look.

In this Pokémon Sword and Shield Guide, we’ll be sharing the location of each stone as well as providing alternative methods for obtaining stones. We’ll also be highlighting Pokémon that require evolution stones and how to use them. If you’re a newbie experiencing Sword and Shield for the first time, check out our Beginner’s Guide for useful tips and tricks to get you started.

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Where To Find Evolution Stones

Pokémon Sword And Shield Evolution Stones

There are 10 evolution stones you’ll want to collect if you plan on evolving certain Pokémon. While you can obtain these stones in a couple of different ways, there are specific locations where you can find at least one. We’ll briefly go over each one and directions for finding them:

Fire Stone

Go to Lake Miloch located in the first Wild Area. Travel north until you reach the bridge used to cross to the next area. After crossing the bridge, turn left and head towards the wall where you’ll find a Fire Stone located on the ground.

Leaf Stone

First, travel to Turffield; next, make your way up the hill on the right leading out of town. On your way, you’ll notice a female NPC standing next to a short path. Follow this path, and you’ll find a Leaf Stone located on the ground.

Water Stone

Make your way to Bridge Field in the Wild Area; now search for an energy den located at the base of the massive wall surrounding Motostoke City. Once you’ve found the den, there should be a Water Stone located on the ground nearby.

Sun Stone

Travel to the Dusty Bowl section of the Wild Area near Hammerlocke Hills. Explore the northern part of the Dusty Bowl and you’ll eventually find a Sun Stone located on the ground.

Moon Stone

A Moon Stone can also be found in the western part of the Dusty Bowl in a tucked-away corner near a patch of grass. Since it can be easy to miss, make your way down the slope leading from Hammerlocke Hills, turn immediately right, and keep going straight until you reach a large rock where the item is located.

Dawn Stone

Head to the Giant’s Cap section of the Wild Area; next, head south until you reach the end of Giant’s Cap where you’ll find a Dawn Stone located on the ground.

Dusk Stone

To get a Dusk Stone, you’ll first have to reach Stow-on-Side located north of Route 6. Once you’re there, head to the back of the PokeCenter, and you’ll find a stone located on the ground.

Shiny Stone

Make your way towards Route 8; after climbing down a ladder, you’ll find yourself in a battle with Doctor Joanna. After you’ve defeated her, climb the ladder on her right and follow the path on the right leading south. Continue down this path until you come across a Shiny Stone located on the ground.

Ice Stone

Travel to Route 9 where you’ll have received the upgrade for your Rotom bike from the surgeon, giving you the ability to travel on water. From there, head into the water and move towards an iceberg opening in the upper right-hand corner. You should find an Ice Stone located on the ground.

Thunder Stone

After upgrading your Rotom bike on Route 9 to travel on water, you’ll be able to obtain a Thunder Stone. First, make your way towards the Lake of Outrage in the Wild Area. Opposite the lake, you’ll find a small piece of land. Paddle across the lake until you reach this location and you’ll be rewarded with a Thunder Stone located on the ground. 

Alternative Methods

Aside from traveling to the locations mentioned above, there are a few other ways to obtain evolution stones in Sword and Shield. The first involves searching behind the large boulders located near the Lake of Outrage, which have a chance of spawning random stones each day.

The second method requires you talk to the Digging Duo located near the Pokémon Nursery in Bridge Field. In exchange for 500 Watts, the pair will dig up a variety of items for you, with the possibility of them finding evolution stones.

Which Pokémon Evolve Using Evolution Stones

Pokémon Evolve Using Evolution Stones

Now that you’ve obtained at least one of each evolution stone, you may be left wondering which Pokémon is compatible with which stone. Here, we’ll be listing every Pokémon in Sword and Shield compatible with each stone:

Fire stone

  • Evolves Eevee into Flareon
  • Evolves Vulpix into Ninetales
  • Evolves Growlithe into Arcanine

Leaf stone

  • Evolves Eevee into Leafeon
  • Evolves Nuzleaf into Shiftry
  • Evolves Gloom into Vileplume

Water Stone

  • Evolves Eevee into Vaporeon
  • Evolves Shellder into Cloyster
  • Evolves Lombre into Ludicolo

Sun Stone

  • Evolves Gloom into Bellossom
  • Evolves Cottonee into Whimsicott
  • Evolves Helioptile into Heliolisk

Dawn Stone

  • Evolves Kirlia into Gallade
  • Evolves Snorunt into Froslass

Dusk Stone

  • Evolves Lampent into Chandelure

Shiny Stone

  • Evolves Roselia into Roserade
  • Evolves Togetic into Togekiss
  • Evolves Minccino into Cinccino

Ice Stone

  • Evolves Eevee into Glaceon
  • Evolves Galarian Darumaka into Galarian Darmanitan

Thunder Stone

  • Evolves Eevee into Jolteon
  • Evolves Pikachu into Raichu
  • Evolves Charjabug into Vikavolt

Moon Stone

  • Evolves Clefairy into Clefable
  • Evolves Munna into Musharna

How To Use Evolution Stones

How To Use Evolution Stones

After you’ve identified and acquired the stone needed to evolve your Pokémon, the last step is to trigger the Pokémon’s evolution. To do so, simply locate the evolution stone in your bag and select “Use” to use it on a Pokémon. Note: selecting “Give” will cause the Pokémon to hold the item and not evolve.

While you’re free to evolve a Pokémon using an elemental stone at any time, its typically best if you wait for it to level up and learn certain moves before doing so. Evolve your Pokémon too early and you’ll risk missing out on some useful moves they could have learned.

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