GamingScan Scholarship

gamingscan scholarship

The winner for the 2018 Annual Gamer’s Scholarship Program is Christopher Campbell from Boston University. Congratulations and thank you for all your submissions!
The piece will be available for public view on August 1, 2018.

Calling out all student gamers and gaming enthusiasts all over the world!

GamingScan is giving out $1500 through our Annual Gamer’s Scholarship Program. We want to reward a student who can make an impact by writing a piece about gaming.

Are you up for it? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. In not less than 500 words, write a compelling essay about this year’s chosen topic: “Debunking Gaming Stereotypes”. We want to see the most common stereotypes about gaming and gamers, and then a contrasting explanation of what or how it really is in real life. You may include your own experience or those of people you know.
  2. Write a short biography (100) about yourself and include at the bottom of the page a personal information section (full name, age, address, school, contact number and your all-time favorite game).
  3. Email the essay and biography (.docx) along with a copy of your school’s admission form to [email protected]. We will accept applications until May 10, 2018 and announce our decision after 41 days.

Important notes:

  • Application is free and open to all students from any country.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Your submitted essay will be scanned by a plagiarism checker application and double-checked by our evaluators.
  • We are strict about the admission slip requirement to ensure that the applicant is indeed an enrolled student. Likewise, we will not accept application of previous winners of the Annual Gamer’s Scholarship.
  • The winner will be contacted to confirm home address before sending the $1500 check. This is a standard procedure to ensure that the winner receives prize.
  • The winning piece will be published in our website. By sending us your written work, you are already giving GamingScan permission to post your work, in case you win the competition.
  • All sensitive information are kept confidential among our staff who will handle the scholarship applications.