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Tunic Release Date, News, Trailer and Rumors

There are few games that can accurately capture the magic and fantastic exploration that The Legend of Zelda series is known for. And while Tunic wears its triforce-shaped heart on its sleeve, it looks to be carving out a space for itself with its stunning environments and mysterious story.

Created by one person, Canadian developer Andrew Shouldice, the game was originally titled Secret Legend before Shouldice partnered with game studio Finji, who helped make refinements and will be publishing the title in 2019. After a strong reveal at E3 2018, many players are anxious to discover what secrets Tunic has in store. So make sure to check back as we’ll be updating this story as we learn more information about the game.

Tunic Release Date

Tunic Game

As of now, the only concrete evidence we have is a very vague 2019 release window. However, given the fact that the game has been under development since 2015, it’s likely close to completion. With the first quarter of 2019 already packed with stiff competition for games being released, Xbox would be better off giving Tunic its own space, releasing the game in June-July of this year.

Tunic Trailer

Tunic Story

Zelda Xbox One

One aspect of Tunic that fans have been scratching their heads to decipher is its story. With the game having seemingly no dialogue and all the in-game text being written in an ancient language, it seems like Tunic will rely heavily on physical cues and shifts in its environments in order to tell its story.

So far, we know we’ll be playing as a weapon-wielding fox that wakes up in a world he doesn’t belong in. In the trailer you can see the huge difference in scale between the fox and his surroundings, namely the statues that seem to tower over his small body. We can also anticipate climactic boss battles with dark, menacing foes, shown in both the trailer and a playable demo.

Tunic Gameplay

Tunic Release Date

With both a trailer and footage from a demo at our disposal, we know more about Tunic’s gameplay will than anything else. The game has an isometric-perspective and the camera tilts slightly when locking onto enemies, something the developer has said will come into play during the game, revealing secrets you may not have noticed at first. Combat is centered on timing and has you dodging enemy attacks, waiting for an opening to strike back.

You start the game with only a stick as your weapon, obtaining better equipment like a sword as well as a shield to protect yourself later on. Enemy types seem to vary, from slime-like creatures in early areas that hop around to bi-pedal monsters that, like the fox, have anthropomorphic features and can use weapons.

The game also features dark caves and ancient dungeons to explore on your journey. In both the trailer and demo we’re given a glimpse of two different boss battles, both which seem to emphasize dodging powerful attacks from huge enemies within a confined area.

The Final Word

E3 Fox Game

While on the surface Tunic may just seem like a love letter to the Zelda franchise, everything we’ve been shown so far points towards it being much more than that. Its captivating visuals and charming protagonist are likely to make for a fun adventure as you decipher the ancient language and mysteries of Tunic’s world. We can’t wait to see what epic quests this sword-wielding fox takes us on later this year.

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