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Untitled Goose Game Release Date, News, Trailer and Rumors

It’s not every day that a game about a goose manages to catch our attention. Actually, we’re pretty sure that has never happened in the history of gaming. However, this is something developer House House is looking to change with their new project, Untitled Goose Game.

House House is a small, four-person indie studio based out of Melbourne, Australia. The studio first debuted with Push Me Pull You, a top-down sports multiplayer game that pits two teams of sausage-like human bodies against each other in a circle, battling to secure control over a ball. If that sounds like a bizarre premise for a game, it’s because it is.

House House’s new project looks like a continuation of the developer’s love for quirky gameplay and minimalist, low-poly art. At the same time, Untitled Goose Game seems like it’ll utilize some new concepts and gameplay mechanics that we haven’t seen the developer explore before.

This has us very excited to see what kind of goose-related hi-jinx House House has up its sleeve, and if you’re reading this you probably feel the same. So here’s everything you need to know about Untitled Goose Game before it releases later this year. Make sure to check back as we’ll be updating this story with more information in the future.

Untitled Goose Game Release Date

House House Goose Game

Originally, UGG was given a release window of ‘2018’, then ‘Early 2019’, and now after a recent update from the developer, we’ve learned that the game has been delayed once again until ‘Later 2019’. As for the reasoning behind the delay, House House went on to explain that it was “due to circumstances beyond our control.”

Since the indie studio is operating with such a small team, it’s understandable that they’d need extra time to get this goose out the door. The game is being published by Oregon-based software company Panic, and will be available for purchase on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch at launch, with the possibility of PS4 and Xbox versions in the future.

Untitled Goose Game Trailer

Untitled Goose Game Story

House House

UGG takes place in a small village and has you controlling a horrible goose that loves causing trouble for humans. You’ll be exploring sandbox-style environments that are packed with plenty of hats and knick-knacks to steal as well as puzzles to solve.

While controlling the goose, you’ll be given a checklist for objectives to complete in each area, with the main goal being to cause as much mayhem and distress for the humans as you can without getting caught.

Untitled Goose Game Gameplay

Goose House House

From the gameplay shown, there are a number of ways the goose can cause trouble for the humans. This usually boils down to using your beak to steal a specific object that would cause a disturbance, like taking someone’s hat or keys, but also includes more open-ended challenges like ‘have a picnic’, which requires you to steal an assortment of fruit, a basket, and a radio.

The stealth mechanics seem quite fun, as you’re a goose and can quickly escape most situations. This is made even easier by the fact that the human AI seems pretty dumb and does a terrible job at keeping track of where you are once you’ve broken their line of sight. However, you’ll need to be careful as humans will search areas you were last seen in.

We’re not sure what the penalty for getting caught is but its safe to assume it’s nothing too severe as this is a more casual-style game. In the 10 minute demo that was available at PAX West, players were able to explore a small farm, which we know will be in the final game along with some additional levels.

The Final Word

Goose Game

In an era where a majority of studios are trying to deliver big, ambitious games that demand dozens of hours to complete, it’s refreshing to have a humble studio like House House come along. UGG looks like it’ll be a chill experience filled with plenty of funny moments. We’re hoping that House House supports the game post-launch, possibly adding more areas, challenges, and maybe even costumes for your goose to wear as it strikes fear into every human being that crosses its destructive path.

We can’t wait to fulfill all of our goose-trolling fantasies when Untitled Goose Game releases later this year. If you’re looking for a game to hold you over until then, check out our list for the best indie games available on Nintendo Switch.

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