Valorant Closed Beta Sign-Up: How To Get A Code

The closed beta for Riot Games’ anticipated FPS game, VALORANT has already begun and is ongoing. It’s not hard to sign up for the closed beta, and getting selected is not difficult too if you just follow these instructions and have a bit of patience.

VALORANT Closed Beta

Follow these steps in order to sign up for VALORANT closed beta:

  1. Register for a Riot Games account (create your own Riot account here). If you already have an account, skip this step.
  2. Register for a Twitch account (create your own Twitch account here). If you already have an account, skip this step.
  3. Link your Twitch account to your Riot Games account (Link it from this Twitch settings page).
  4. Wait for the closed beta to start and watch your favorite streamer in order to qualify for a beta invitation, which is a random Twitch drop that drops at random intervals to viewers.

If you don’t have a favorite streamer or don’t want to watch someone else play it, your best option is to set the video quality to the lowest possible amount, mute the tab and just leave it open while you do your business.

We wish you the best of luck!

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