The Story of GamingScan

We know about PC’s, consoles and gaming. It’s our lifelong passion.

Here on GamingScan, we believe that there has to be an easier way to find information about a certain topic related to gaming. With all the excess information out there, it’s hard to find the answer to your needs without wasting too much of your time. We’re passionate about helping gamers around the world learn more about their favorite technology or have their question answered in a very simple and efficient manner.

We simplify the topics for our readers here in our blog and for our viewers on YouTube, and we’re proud to say that we’re good at it.

On our team, we have a skilled computer programmer and two University students, and they all share one thing in common: gaming. We’re avid gamers ourselves and we really want to simplify things in the gaming community. With that said, we also recommend purchase decisions for our readers and all our recommendations are backed by a shared consensus on our whole team. It’s not just one person involved with our buying guides, it’s multiple highly knowledgeable persons. So rest assured, the products we recommend are vetted by industry experts.

We do not accept payments for including a product in our round-ups or for giving a product a higher review. All our ratings and recommendations are unbiased. We are here for the Gamers!

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Our Founding

Founded in the middle of 2017 by Samuel Stewart and his associate, GamingScan quickly began to grow and increase the daily number of visitors. People began sending our content to their friends and we had tons of people sign up for our giveaways. We began to write all sorts of gaming-related articles that we were wondering about ourselves and that people were asking us about.

After a year of constant growth, we now have over 1 million monthly visitors and the number is constantly growing due to our efforts in making the absolute best content for our readers. One thing we noticed was that our competitor’s sites were filled with ads that disrupted the user experience and outdated articles or guides.

As of today, we only have a single, non-intrusive ad in each of our content, and we won’t add any more. Furthermore, we’re using a revision system to keep all our guides up-to-date so that they will always be relevant no matter what time you read them.

The Team

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Samuel Stewart


Samuel Stewart has been interested in gaming and computers ever since he got a computer from his father in 1999. He quickly got into programming and started studying Computer Science at the University of Iowa.

After receiving his Master’s Degree in 2009, he started working as a Software Developer at Vidica Software located in West Des Moines.

Recently, he became interested in starting his own blog because he got frustrated that were no high-quality gaming blogs that could answer your queries without wasting your time with uninteresting content.

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Phillip Connors

Writer and Researcher

Phillip is a University student living in Iowa City, United States. He’s also a passionate gamer and PC expert, having built thousands of PCs working in a hardware repair store for two and half years. When he’s not studying, he likes to write about his passion – gaming. He also researches for new and exciting products, technologies and opportunities.

Phillip works closely with Samuel in order to make GamingScan the go-to resource for gamers.

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Eric Hamilton

Writer, Researcher and Product Reviewer

Eric has been an ardent PC and gaming enthusiast for the better part of his life and he enjoys turning that passion into writing. He has built many computers, enjoy tuning and overclocking, and he enjoys writing content that helps others discover the PC platform.

He posesses strong writing skills and has experience covering hardware/industry news, constructing build guides at various price points, buying/sales guides and op-eds. Here at GamingScan, Eric further enhances his skillset by also reviewing products to help consumers make a better purchase decision.

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Grace McGill

Writer, Researcher and Researcher

Grace has a huge passion for PC Gaming and that passion has led her to venture into the world of computer hardware. She assembled her first custom-built desktop at 17 years old and she quickly became obsessed. She then began to advise friends and family on how to upgrade their own desktops, and she quickly started devising and assembling custom build guides for her immediate social circle.

Grace has also worked at a PC retailer for four years as a Repair Technician and as a Sales Advisor, which involved comparing PCs at varying price points and explaining the technical specifications to everyone from hardcore gamers taking on their first custom build, to overwhelmed customers purchasing their first ever laptop.

This has gotten her the technical knowledge and first-hand experience with the PC industry that makes her a reputable person to listen for advice.

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Justin Fernandez

Writer and Researcher

Justin is a gaming blogger born and raised in New York City. After earning a degree in English from Hunter College, he began utilizing his skills as a writer to discuss what he’s most passionate about: video games. Whether its PC or console, AAA or Indie, Justin has a natural curiosity to seek out hidden gems and share them with other gamers. Strongly opinionated, he loves to debate with others on topics within the gaming industry.

Both a Nintendo critic and apologist, Justin’s favorite console is the GameCube. In addition to writing for GamingScan, he creates gaming discussion videos for his YouTube channel, Justin JPEG. Driven and energetic, Justin is actively seeking to learn as much about the gaming industry as he can in order to help players make the best choices on what to play!

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Amy Howard

Writer and Researcher

Amy has loved gaming ever since she got her hands on her first console at 6 years old: the now retro classic that is Sega Mastersytem II. From there she moved on to PlayStation and now plays on Xbox. Not only does she have plenty of experience with console gaming, but she is also an enthusiastic PC gamer.

Now based in the UK, Amy previously ran a gaming store in France with her partner, providing local gamers with not only the latest releases but also a massive range of retro classics and goodies.

Amy’s enthusiasm for gaming combined with her experience working in the gaming retail sector mean she can write both knowledgeably and passionately about the games you love!

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Thomas Bardwell

Writer, Researcher and Product Reviewer

Thomas is a UK-based journalist and avid gamer with an unhealthy obsession for everything weird and wonderful about the world of gaming. A man of few words bestowed with a knack for in-depth research, he lets his writing speak for itself with the uncanny ability to unearth lesser-known facts about everyone’s favorite games.

Thanks to his experience covering news and penning features for a handful of respected video game publications, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to GamingScan ranging from the big hinting AAA titles to diamond in the rough indie games

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Bradley Morton

Writer and Product Reviewer

Bradley is one of our main product reviewers. He’s a trained reviewer with a passion for computers, AI and self-driving cars.

When we get a sample unit from a manufacturer or we buy a unit ourselves, we go through a strict reviewing process and rate the product so our readers can see how good a product is compared to others.