Best Gaming Chair 2020 – The Ultimate Gaming Chair Buying Guide

premium pick

Secretlab Titan

secretlab gaming chair
  • 2020 Series
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Comfortable and high-quality build
best overall

Noblechairs Hero

Noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair
  • Very suitable for larger individuals
  • 4D armrests
  • Velour head and lumbar supports

Our rigorous testing of all kinds of gaming chairs has resulted in this all-inclusive guide, which presents the 23 absolute best gaming chairs today.

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Top 23 Gaming Chairs For 2020

You can check our gaming chair reviews after the table below. So without any further introduction, here are the best chairs for gaming that you can buy right now.

Many gamers are careful about how their desktops are set up for playing. If you are among the hardcore user base, then spending plenty of time while seated and engrossed in intense gameplay is a perfectly natural habitat for you.

But if you are thinking about how to enhance your gaming station, you will eventually realize what a decent chair can do for you. An ergonomically-designed model that is appropriate to the stances you use will uplift both your well-being and your gaming experience.

The choice is about which aspect of your gaming station should be upgraded:

  • Should you focus on upgrading internal components to achieve better performance?
  • Or should you bring home a new chair, with strengths that are not all obvious at first?

With all the great stuff on the screen beckoning to you, your PC or console is where you might focus your attention on. But should you?

The benefit of good seating tends to be ignored when there are more critical things to be resolved, such as bringing in a discrete graphics card or an enhanced gaming mouse. Rarely do desktop gamers realize that a good PC gaming chair is more than just a place to sit on and steady your back with. It is for this reason that we reviewed what we consider to be the best gaming chairs around today!

best gaming chair 2018

Surprised that the best gaming chair is not a dedicated gaming chair? Well, the Herman Miller Aeron is the most comfortable office chair you can buy today.

It’s also very expensive, but how much do you appreciate your comfort and health?

One thing, there is no rule that says you must pick a chair dedicated to gamers. In fact, the best gaming chairs are not models from gaming-oriented companies, but instead top-of-the-line ergonomic office chairs designed by famous corporate brands. Our aim is to make it easier for buyers to choose the best chair that can meet their gaming needs.

modern gaming chair

Cheap and Affordable Gaming Chairs

Decent models at these prices typically provide only a few simple characteristics. We made a comparisons between several as we reviewed their various basic qualities.

Crew Furniture 512090

computer chair

With so many chairs in the market that are rather pricey, X Rocker’s Video Rocker offers a nice contrast. Costing just a small fraction of what many premium options do, it will complete your setup as well as fit any lower budget.

It cannot get more basic with this type of chair. The design is essential in its form and function. It consists of an L-shape padded seat that can be placed directly on most floors. It is fitted out with a tough wood frame that is upholstered with faux-leather material and filled with pliable foam.

This is a chair that could last perhaps a decade and with no expectation of an early replacement, delivering rocking performance for the money. If simplicity and reliability are what you desire in a gaming station, then this rocker-style seat should suit.

The Pros:

  • Very inexpensive
  • Simple and compact design

The Cons:

  • Rocker-style design unsuitable for desks
  • No armrests

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

best computer chairs

At the very least, consider an ergonomic model that is well-designed and built sturdily, such as the AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair. This very popular model is one of the online seller’s first own-label office items. Styled in a dark theme that complements its black leather upholstery, such good professional design, and sturdy qualities are not common in this price range.

Elevating armrests are standard, while the backrest reclines well enough. There is a tilting and tensioning mechanism for more customization, although the controls can be fiddly. The backrest’s evenly balanced form is quite comfortable; the dual-caster wheels and solid base result in a stable and secure platform. The sizing tends to be a bit small, though, so the seat pad may not fit bigger-bodied users.

At such an affordable price, there is no reason to skimp on getting a good seat for personal use. If the cost is not low enough for you, Amazon sells a similar version for less that features economical but airy mesh-type padding in place of leather.

The Pros:

  • Great quality given such low pricing
  • Comfortable padding
  • Fast and free shipment

The Cons:

  • Unsuitable for big-bodied players
  • Tilt controls can be fiddly to use
  • Only a single color on sale

Modway EEI-825-BLK

best computer chairs for gaming

Modway’s Veer Office Chair with Mesh Back and Mesh Fabric Seat is an affordable ergonomic model that sells for less than a hundred dollars. Upholstered with mesh-type padding, it is fine if you are experiencing hot weather or if your body tends to warm up faster well into a game.

Draped over the waterfall-type edges, your legs can relax better for a healthier posture. The height-adjustable armrests also offer tailored comfort for your upper body and shoulders, although a tilt backrest mechanism is absent. The chair is available in nine colored themes to match most rooms.

Should you have no need for armrests that are height-adjustable, you could look at a similar design in this series. The Ardor is also nicely constructed but comes without the feature at a somewhat lesser cost.

The Pros:

  • Affordable
  • Ventilated backrest
  • Nine colored themes

The Cons:

  • No tilting backrest
  • Rigid lever for adjustments
  • Padding is somewhat spare

Flash Furniture BL-X-5M-BK-GG

ergonomic office chairs for women

This Flash Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair is among the nicer value-priced models with a good ergonomic design. It is one of a few inexpensive models that are nicely designed and built and have a flexible configuration that can adapt to bodies of varying sizes.

Ventilated material is used to cool off the bodies of active players, while the ergonomic shape keeps them relaxed for extended amounts of time. Assembly of the wheelsets can be slightly challenging, though. The armrests’ lowest position might prove to be too high in some situations.

The firm provides a variety of comparable chairs that are upholstered in various materials, to match a range of different requirements. There is a similar Executive Office Chair with Triple-Paddle Knobs that has higher backrests, faux leather upholstery, and polished black frames and seat rest/armrests offered in four themes.

The Pros:

  • Affordable
  • Airy backrest

The Cons:

  • Armrest may be too high for some
  • Assembly of wheels can be tricky

Flash Furniture WL-SB-101-GG

computer chair 2018

The Flash Wood Ergonomic Kneeling-Posture Chair is a signature model of the brand. This inexpensive stool is designed to fit in under most desktops. Recommended by chiropractors for improving posture, it is among the furniture bestsellers on Amazon.

The unusual and yet functional configuration features a knee pad that bears more of your weight forward for a more ergonomic balance that relaxes the spine. It works to provide relief from persistent back pains as well as improve your upright posture.

The stool is stable and yet lightweight enough to be easily moved to different areas. It can serve nicely as a spare seat for visitors that can be conveniently stationed around your desk.

The Pros:

  • Balancing design fits most bodies
  • Relieves many persistent back pains

The Cons:

  • Stool only
  • No backrest or armrests

Mid-range Gaming Chairs

Many of us will find ourselves seated just about every day in the decades to come, so it makes sense to invest as much as you can in enhancing the experience. Chairs that are priced from $100 to $400 typically provide decent value for their advanced features and build.

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3

ergonomic computer chair

X Rocker’s Pro H3 is a far more evolved version of the similar Video Rocker from the same firm. A rocker-style seat that can be placed directly on floors, it is upholstered with supple fabrics that are packed with a lot of added cushioning for more comfort.

Integrated into the backrest is a wireless/wired 4.1 audio system that can connect to just about any computer or console music source. This is great for “onboard” gaming, music, and movie sessions that put you right in the middle of the onscreen action. The immersive high-definition sound output is accompanied by a vibrating feature that also enhances the experience at low bands.

This rocker is similarly ideal for small residences where space can be tight. Both armrests and backrests can be readily collapsed and stored when the seat is not in use.

The Pros:

  • Simple and compact form
  • Integrated wireless audio

The Cons:

  • Rocker-type not suited to desks

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

comfortable office chairs for long sitting

Chill Sack’s Bean Bag Chair is quite the cozy place for relaxing in front of your console with a friend or loved one. This one is 60 in square and 34 in high, which should fit most rooms. Its conforming qualities help to support the entire body, especially the legs.

Like many similar bean bag designs, these are filled with foam and covered in a soft microsuede that is held together with sturdy double stitching. In this case, it is shreds of memory foam so that you can fall on it all day long, and the shape will continually reform. To lower the possibility of a mess during assembly, you should first open up the cover then push the compacted foam package in, before removing the foam’s wrapping.

Although the covering copes well with discoloration, spills, and stains, all kinds of stuff do happen to these bags. The cover is machine-washable so that it can be removed and dry cleaned as well. Like most foam-filled bean bag, it needs to be regularly fluffed for not more than a second or two, to regain its comfortable loft and softness.

The Pros:

  • Simple and yet form-fitting design
  • Accommodates multiple users
  • Fully washable covering

The Cons:

  • Non-upright seating is not suitable for desks
  • Must be fluffed on occasion

X Rocker 5143601 II

best ergonomic office chair

If X Rocker’s Pro H3 struck your fancy but proved to be a mite too basic, or if your preference is for leathery upholstery in place of vinyl and cloth, then this model can serve as a fancier alternative. Although in this case, it is a 2.1 setup that sounds just as smooth and low.

If your TV is big and mounted on a stand instead of the wall, then chances are you can use a rocker chair like this that lets you sit just slightly above floor level. Simple assembly consists of unfolding the chair, attaching the armrests and their supports, then inserting a pin to prevent everything from collapsing again.

For only a little more than what the fabric-lined model costs, X Rocker’s 5143601 II Video Gaming Chair will afford you with superior immersive sound and wireless convenience.

The Pros:

  • Simple and sturdy design
  • Built-in wireless speakers

The Cons:

  • Rocker design is inappropriate for desks

SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Chair

best computer chairs review

SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Dark Back and Padded Black Eco Leather Seat is a nicely constructed seat that can round out any workplace or home setting. Its broad range of ergonomic features are meant to build up healthier sitting postures. These include heavy-duty wheels, height-adjustable armrests, seat pads with supple cushioning, and a backrest with tilt/tensioning.

The chair features leather and mesh-type upholstery in the backrests, which delivers a good mix of airy comfort and durability. It only lacks a headrest and does not provide the swiveling arms and synchronized flow of the very best models. A well-designed ergonomic office chair, this model typically sells for a reasonable price, given its nearly complete set of ergonomic features and durable construction.

The firm provides a less pricey alternative with simpler elements, such as the AirGrid Dark Back and Black Mesh Seat, which can work as decent spectator seating.

The Pros:

  • Leathery pads are satisfyingly supple
  • Robust build and simple configuration
  • Firm backrests provide solid support

The Cons:

  • Backrests might be a bit firm for some
  • Armrests are not so solidly built
  • Mesh-type material is more likely to wear out faster

Arozzi Torretta Series Racing Chair

best office chairs 2018

If the other racer models in this review seem to be too expensive for what they offer, then this series of Toretta models from Arozzi might do the trick. The chair features cloth upholstery in a black-green theme, but various other colored styles are available.

The qualities of this model are not far from those displayed by many high-end chairs, although build quality appears to be slightly lower in a few respects. It remains a fine option for demanding gamers who cannot see themselves using anything other than racer seating but do not want to spend far too much on proper seating.

The Pros:

  • Good value for racer-style seating
  • Simple pedestal configuration
  • Various colored themes

The Cons:

  • Construction is not as solid as that of rivals
  • Does not fully recline

Secretlab Titan

secretlab gaming chair

How does a premium gaming chair with excellent build quality, subtle design, and 4D armrests sound? That’s exactly what the Secretlab Titan is. You also don’t buy this chair or other Secretlab gaming chairs from any retailer other than themselves. This will cut middleman costs, and you will ultimately get a better price, which is around $349. It’s not the cheapest chair around, but not the most expensive one either.

It supports up to 286 lbs of weight, and it is recommended for people between 175cm-200cm. So as you can read, the Secretlab Titan is quite a large chair, and it is an excellent choice if you are a large-bodied person. If you’re tired of uncomfortable small chairs, then you should check out the Secretlab Titan.

We also have a dedicated and more detailed review of the Secretlab Titan that you can check out.

The Pros:

  • Excellent build quality
  • Good ergonomics
  • Perfect for large-bodied individuals

The Cons:

  • Pricey

OpenWheeler Akracing AK-5015 Nitro

best computer chair 2018

Akracing has a racer-style winner in this model. The chair is upholstered with supple cloth in place of leather and offers a slightly grander shape that fits bigger persons. To that end, the Class-4 gas cylinder integrated into the column is capable of supporting upwards of 390 lbs.

This competent racer chair will surely alleviate your play or work in the manner expected of most mid-range models. If you are searching for seating that can accommodate a big-boned frame, the AK-5015 Nitro may be your heavy hauler.

The Pros:

  • Simple pedestal design
  • Strong steel frame
  • Can seat large-bodied users

The Cons:

  • Lacks full recline feature

DXRacer FD101 Racing Chair

computer gaming chair

Another racer chair from DXRacer, representing a design that targets the workplace more and gamers less. This model was designed to match a standard office decor better.

With breathable fabric upholstery in a toned-down color scheme and an essential feature set, this is among the most inexpensive designs in DXRacer’s range of racers. The design is similar to that of the company’s Formula seats, which have larger and broader seat pads and backrest to accommodate the biggest gamers.

The seat integrates a tubular-steel frame that is covered by pads upholstered in a supple cloth. The latter is filled with higher-density foam cores that resist deformation from prolonged usage. Each armrest is fully height-adjustable and is also filled with pliable foam cushioning, ensuring easy comfort for persons of all weights and sizes.

The chair is apparently the official seating of a number of pro e-sports teams, including Fnatic and compLexity. The manufacturer notes that its mechanisms allow the backrest to be fully reclined at a rather shallow slope. With its incline adjustment set to its greatest extent, a player can indulge in power naps while waiting out lengthy overtime matches.

The Pros:

  • Fully reclining
  • Sturdy steel frame

The Cons:

  • Does not accommodate the heaviest players

Vertagear S-Line SL2000 Gaming Chair

best computer chairs for gaming 2018

Vertagear’s racer seat is known for its quick setup. Upholstered with elegant PVC leather, the covering is as durable as it is well-appointed.

The design integrates a sturdy tubular-steel frame with firmly cushioned pads packed with higher-density foam cores. These ensure the seat will not deform from its original profile after many years, although the lumbar area can feel stiff. Although the base is seemingly narrow and spare, it is well-reinforced with an industrial-grade gas lift emplaced in a heavy and stable base, one that resists swaying in heavy use.

Assembly amounts to sliding in parts in a relatively easy manner, something which even a single person can accomplish in a matter of minutes. It may look like a simple chair, but the model still features a comfortable design and build that should last the years.

The Pros:

  • Elegant leather upholstery
  • Robust steel construction
  • Quick and Easy assembly

The Cons:

  • Lumbar support might be too firm for some

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08/NB Gaming Chair

best gaming chair

The DXracer Formula Series DOH/FH08/NB Newedge EditionRacing Bucket Seat has decent ergonomic qualities and features aggressive styles in numerous colors. Any of these ought to satisfy those who are intent on equipping themselves with sporty-styled gear. Various chairs are available in fabric or vinyl upholstery, including ventilated racer-seat materials that offer a good feel.

Among the best-regarded premium models, the Formula line offers more or less the same functional features. Lumbar-reinforcing and head-supporting pads can feel firm at first but are integrated nicely into the frame. A full range of ergonomic features is provided, including armrest and backrest height, tilt/tensioning, as well as seat pan elevation adjustments. All assist in aligning your spine with your sitting stance while enhancing comfort.

The advantage of numerous versions is that most can be specified in the colored theme and emblems of your preferred e-Sports team. It is no surprise that these are offered with more customizations than the products of other brands. The ability to customize chairs with a semi-custom theme that follows the livery of a major team can be a cool feature, for sure. Those who follow e-Sports competitions will have already seen the seating in use at large e-sports events.

Like most DXracer recliner designs, these typically feature high backrest, detachable lumbar and neck pads. It also has a tilt-tensioning mechanism for the backrest that can be adjusted along 180 degrees of arc, height-adjustable armrests, and elevating gas springs for the seat pan, rounding out the ergonomic features of these large seats.

Each weighs about 70 pounds, granting a sense of the aggressive competence that one would feel in a real race car, which can be very motivating. More expensive versions can cost up to 300 dollars or so; thus DXRacer chairs are not really for the budget-minded.

The Pros:

  • Remarkable styling and construction
  • Unique theming alternatives
  • Armrests and backrests come in various sizes
  • Relaxing recliner design

The Cons:

  • Expensive
  • Might feel somewhat firm when new
  • Heavyweight package

DXRacer Drifting Series DOH/DF73/NW Newedge Edition Racing Chair

best gaming chairs

The renowned brand has come up with a forward-looking design that also reclines pleasingly backward. It is meant to appeal to people in need of an indulgent rest that is enabled by an already comfortable upright design.

The DXRacer DF73 Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat features an elegantly aggressive black-white theme that highlights the pro look of its dense leathery pads. Thick cushioning provides great all-around comfort even when fully reclined, which is sure please those who need performance seats that can also perform much like ad hoc lounge chairs.

One of the firm’s Drifting Series, a range that mainly comprises large and broad-shouldered seats, this model is designed for big players. The reclining rocker design is actually spacious and comfortable enough to induce a tired player to “drift” off into a few restful naps, especially after a long night of play and spectator sessions online.

The armrest surface is broader than that of other versions and can be adjusted to different positions. The fully adjustable elevation encourages users to avoid the sloping of the upper body that can lead to shoulder pain and poor posture. Wrist fatigue is also reduced as you will no longer need to modify your stance continually, to cope with iffy armrests while at your desk.

The Pros:

  • Broad armrests
  • Comfortable reclining design
  • Accommodates bigger players

The Cons:

  • Somewhat pricey
  • Armrests only elevate

OpenWheeler AKRacing Racing Chair

best gaming chair for desk

This Akracing model comes not only with an aggressive style, but also delivers a lot of easeful features for hours-long gameplay sessions. This sporty-looking but very comfortable seat presents a stylish black-and-white theme adorned with the brand’s logo.

The seat pad is upholstered in leather and supported by a rugged tubular-steel frame that is rigid enough to hold the weight of even the heaviest players. An industrial-quality class-4 gas lift built into the column can support upwards of 330 lbs. The comfortable seat cushioning is filled with higher-density foam cores that are good at resisting deformation over the long run. As the padding is designed not to degrade quickly with extended use, the seat is likely to keep its looks and function for many years.

One remarkable feature of this model is its tilt/rocking mechanism that enables users to sway for an additional pleasing experience. The designed-in rocking motion may likewise assist more active players in concentrating on critical tasks. The backrest, with its extended reclining angle of 170 degrees, can do double duty as a comfortable recliner for short naps. Assembly can be challenging, though.

Included in the package is an additional lumbar pad that you can use as a supplement against the back pains that usually result from long bouts of sitting at a desk. As Akracing’s Racing Style Desk Office Gaming Chair is built for constant use, it should be ideal for staff who devote much working at their computers as well as gamers who often play in all-night sessions.

The Pros:

  • Unique rocking mechanism
  • Fully reclining backrest
  • Robust steel-frame construction
  • Extra lumbar pads

The Cons:

  • Somewhat expensive
  • Can be challenging to assemble

DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV001/NO Racing Chair

dxracer gaming chair

DXRacer offers compelling racer seats to please demanding gamers, and their RV001 Office Chair Gaming Chair is another great example. It features a striking orange and black theme that evokes racer fashion on the speedway while offering the ease of a solid ergonomic design. The DXRacing logo adorns its headrest in a standout manner, which can only mean that this chair is going to be sweetly designed.

As with other models in the range, this model is upholstered in a faux leather material that is packed with higher-density foam cores. This mix of components makes sure that the seat will not deform too quickly through years of long work or gameplay. Like the series of F models, it has a larger and broader form that can better fit big-bodied players.

Very lanky users often have to arrange themselves in certain ways so as to be accommodated by average-sized chairs. This model is ideal for tall gamers, for its tubular-steel frame and heavy base provides the stability that enables secure reclining comfort. The armrest design can be fully adjusted along four dimensions and has nicely pliable cushioning. All these features work to complement your stance at the desk while preventing the kinds of shoulder and back pains that steam from poor posture.

The design and build of the casters are particularly important. These are formed from durable plastic, with polyurethane coatings that enable smoother glides across a broader range of surfaces. As with our previous entry, included is a lumbar pad that can be used as added reinforcement low in the back, to help delay the onset of back pains early on.

The Pros:

  • Fully-adjustable armrests
  • Comfortable reclining system
  • Accommodates taller and heavier players
  • Extra headrest and lumbar pads supplied

The Cons:

  • Expensive
  • Heavy package

Premium Gaming Chairs

These designs are priced around five hundred Dollars or more and are normally outfitted with the best mechanisms as well as the finest fabrics and leathers. All are normally offered with five-year or longer warranties.

Eurotech Ergohuman

gaming chairs for pc

The Eurotech Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest is a premium design that is priced accordingly. Mesh-like upholstery allows good breathability and comfortable use. Aside from black, there are several appealingly-colored themes, and cozy leather-covered models are also available.

This futuristically-styled seat integrates a trio of sleek modules that together provide full support for the spine at numerous points. Just about every surface can be adjusted. Each armrest contains multiple mechanisms, including height and rotation, as well as backward-and-forward rails.

Advanced tilt/tensioning mechanisms allow the backrest to be tilted then latched at several points. The sloping angles of the backrests can be locked down along four points in the mechanism. The default easy slope allows for the confident viewing of displays without the need for awkward changes of stance.

Backrests can be fully reclined rearwards or else inclined slightly forward, enabling full back support and comfort across a wide range of postures. The high profile frame also incorporates modular-neck supports, which can be a huge benefit for larger-bodied users.

Industrial-grade gas lifts are used for smoother and more durable operation, while the PU-coated casters glide smoothly over a broad range of surfaces. These models feature lengthy warranty periods of five years for their upholstery, as well as lifetime guarantees for mechanical operation.

This pricing of this high-end design may make you hesitant to strike. What it does offer is a confidence-inspiring sense of stability and ease. This lends you the assurance that once properly adjusted, the seat will help maintain your posture and enhance your well-being over time.

The Pros:

  • Polished aluminum style
  • Control knobs are easily accessed
  • High backrests provide outstanding support for the neck

The Cons:

  • Seat pans do not feature slant adjustments
  • Assembling the parts can be difficult
  • Tough mesh-type padding might be too hard for some players

Herman Miller Mirra 2

good gaming chairs

Herman Miller is the pioneer in ergonomically-designed chairs and a major force in the market. Their Mirra 2 is one of the most handsome ergonomic designs that a gamer can aspire to.

The designer group known as Studio 7.5 joined with the firm to advance new seating concepts that evolved in current workplace cultures. They found out that most modern workers continually move as they accomplish tasks on their computers and mobiles. Therefore, supporting mechanisms were designed to flex and move in tandem with your body movements.

These chairs feature advanced Butterfly Back suspensions, membranes that are upholstered with polymer-infused fabrics and enable the chair’s surfaces to flex accordingly. Loop Spine mechanisms likewise enable the backrest to curve with your body as you stretch out laterally, all while providing a smoothly balanced recline.

The seat pad is robustly constructed and upholstered with an appealingly smooth material that is available in 12 colored themes. The airy mesh-type fabrics help to maintain tolerable body temperatures for much of the day as well as assist in distributing weight evenly. Waterfall-type seat edges allow your lower body and legs to relax better while promoting healthier sitting postures.

This is a brand whose products are usually spotted in the head offices of top companies and law firms, and it shows. One thing, though, the backrest’s fabric has been known to strip off the rear buttons on some clothing. The 12-year warranty is a good sign of design and build quality. We would not hesitate to short-list this model.

The Pros:

  • Strikingly sleek construction
  • Synchronizing tilt/tensioning devices provide for more relaxation
  • Polymer-infused and mesh-type-fabrics dissipate heat

The Cons:

  • Could be a bit short for lanky users
  • Backrest material might displace some buttons
  • The armrests’ height settings can be awkward

Herman Miller Classic Aeron

best gaming chair of all time

The Classic Aeron Task Chair is Herman Miller’s original premium ergonomic model. At just around a thousand dollars, you can enjoy a top-end seat that many senior managers and professionals swear by. The iconic design is permanently featured at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, so there’s a nice pedigree that comes with its performance.

As the first high standard in ergonomically-designed seating, this chair famously adapts to every movement you make while seated, providing a balance of ease and reinforcement for your body. Complete settings are provided for the counterbalancing devices, which mechanically follow your changing stances as you move throughout the day.

The long 12-year warranty fully covers just about every defect in quality. In keeping with other high-end designs, the mesh-like fabric provides for airy comfort. The robust frame, tilt/tensioning mechanisms, and adjustable armrests are made to last many years. In fact, the manufacturer warrants that parts and support will be made available for decades to come, a reassuring mark of top-end quality.

We feel that Herman Miller’s Classic Aeron is the most comfortable chair among all the chairs we have reviewed here. Its outstanding design and durability, as well as famed history, allow us to recommend it unreservedly as the best office chair overall for most users.

The Pros:

  • Most comfortable office chair you can buy
  • Fully ergonomic

The Cons:

  • A bit pricey for most people

Steelcase Leap V2

ultimate pc gaming chair

Steelcase produces an earlier-generation ergonomic model called the Leap, which presently remains their biggest seller. This version features Live Back, a system of mechanically harmonized devices that work much like the automatically conforming surfaces of the Gesture. It features the first design that continually modifies its profile in conformance with your bodily movements.

The backrest and seat conform dynamically as you move your back, following your spine’s motion. The seat slides forward and backward on rails while changing elevation slightly, allowing you to recline without altering your reach or view of the desk. This flexibility enables users to remain conveniently proximate to their work. As you lean forward, the edges flex, relieving pressure on each leg.

The fully-adjustable armrest design is outstanding. Less advanced armrests that only elevate or pivot in place will often run into desks as their users lean forward. These not only raise or swivel in place, but their stalks can also be slid forward or backward as the situation dictates.

Therefore, if you tend to glide forward to close with your desk, you can readily adjust the armrests to suit and advance right to the edge. This adaptability will prove useful in many awkward situations, especially those times when you are hunched over and doing detail work.

The technological advances enable users to remain productive in a more comfortable and healthier manner over long sessions. For this reason, the Leap is considered by many reviewers to be the finest ergonomically-designed seat for the price.

The Pros:

  • Armrests are adjustable in all dimensions.
  • Mechanically synchronized surfaces
  • Superb design and build quality
  • Offers the most value among high-end chairs

The Cons:

  • Very expensive

Steelcase Gesture Chair

steelcase gesture

The extremely comfortable and handsome Steelcase Gesture is among the best ergonomic chairs you can find. The brand’s name has its own sheen of corporate status as well.

The manufacturer studied many thousands of subjects to establish an objective range of postures. In doing so, they innovated mechanisms for the seats and backrests that jointly balance movement.

The design incorporates a scheme of harmonizing mechanisms under the seat pan, backrest, and armrests that work together to support a wide variety of bodily stances dynamically. 3D Live Back mechanisms mechanically adjust to follow spinal motions naturally—the backrests contour to the backs of users, supporting reclining torsos in all postures.

The rearward position of the class-leading armrest design and the seat’s cushy edges allow for easy alternate stances while sitting. Its dense foam pads are particularly suitable for users whose bodies are prone to remain cool even when engaged in demanding tasks. However, the tensioned lumbar support may not be enough for some.

The level of gloss and build quality found in a chair that comes fully assembled is simply amazing. Steelcase’s Gesture is among a very small number of ergonomically-designed chairs that can rival Herman Miller’s best in just about every aspect.

The Pros:

  • The armrests’ swiveling mechanisms are the best available.
  • Synchronizing mechanisms reduce the need for manual adjustments
  • Ultra-premium design and construction quality

The Cons:

  • Very pricey
  • Lumbar support is not too adjustable

Herman Miller Embody

best pc chair

If you are already intent on spending so much, you may as well consider Herman Miller’s most advanced ergonomic chair, the Embody. It integrates the qualities of most other high-end designs while providing flexible backrests that contour in ways similar to that of the best Steelcase chairs.

Regular sitting basically involves sedentary behaviors that can potentially diminish one’s well-being over time. This design alleviates that tendency by being more naturally responsive in the way it conforms to bodily movements. Advanced mechanisms distribute pressure, allowing better circulation that combats fatigue as well as enhances concentration. The beautiful flow of surfaces alone can be satisfying to view.

Comparatively thin, frameless backrests encourage motion, while adjustments and posture-enhancing sacral support work to align the spine healthily. An exclusive tilt/tensioning mechanism enables deeply reclined working stances, which high-performing users doing serious computing work tend to use.

The frame and cushioning are mostly constructed in an environment-friendly process that ensures that most parts can be recycled at the end of their usefulness. The fabric seat version may be too smooth and firm for some, though, so be sure to try all options first.

This ultra-high-end chair costs well above a thousand dollars. But, what is a little more after you have already spent so much on the finest gear? It is our pick for the best gaming chair overall, which should place it at the very top of your short-list.

The Pros:

  • Adjustable armrest and reclining backrest
  • Harmonizing mechanisms automatically support body movements
  • Amazing design, build, and performance

The Cons:

  • Ultra-expensive
  • Fabric seat version may not be troubling for some

Why Gamers Need Good Ergonomic Chairs

Your health and its many facets must be thought of in practical terms, for even youthful gamers should not ignore health issues. Studies have found that some 80% or more of European graduates and workers are subject to various muscle and back disorders, resulting in lower productivity over the long run.

ergonomic chairs

Proper seating and posture are essential to your long-term health and sense of well-being. Spending your days seated a lot can lead to adverse effects in the long run. It is critical to get off and move around once in a while between tasks and plays, even if you already benefit from a well-designed ergonomic chair. You would not want to end up as the typical slouch who has worked most of the time at sedentary things.

Try arranging your work position in ways that let you achieve an appropriate posture the whole day. This should go far towards avoiding those dismal outcomes. Getting in some fast but short workout routines will be even better. Unfortunately, users dismiss these recommendations all too readily, and most are more intent on updating their systems and keeping them running than on attending to their personal health needs.

Still, it is smart to realize that moves that get you away from your chair are an excellent way to ease the discomforts that arise from spending too much time in a seat. Take additional advantage of decent seating, by resorting to quick breaks every so often. In the long run, this should allow you to care for yourself better by helping you maintain a good posture.

Gaming Chairs

A lot of gamers tend to neglect the need for good seating when outfitting their gaming setups. Even though most will be spending many, many hours sitting while working or playing, chairs are often bought with too little consideration. Many gamers fail to consider the advantages of using an appropriately chosen ergonomic chair in terms of health and comfort.

Most commonly purchased are the generic workplace chairs that simply rotate over their upright columns or pedestals while providing minimal backrests. Using these can bring about severe shoulder and back pain after many periods of extended use, which is ironic when you consider that such were meant to ease users during a full day of tasks. The original wave of office seats was designed in the middle of the 19th century; once staff began spending much of their day sitting around.

Not too long ago, nearly every office worker sat on rigid seats at a desk, as nearly all work then involved physical tasks. There was a scant concern for the well-being of most staff, as it was. But as technologies evolved along with working conditions into the modern workplace, seats were designed to safeguard their users’ posture over the long run. This led to innovations that resulted in the modern office chair.

Basically, office chairs represent a type of seating that is mainly for use in workplaces, as well as other areas where workers perform the majority of activities while seated. These have been developed for many qualities. Firstly, many move around on star-shaped clusters of wheels, so that their users can roll around without the need to continually bend or rise up as they move onto other tasks.

Nearly all such designs feature a pedestal on which the seat pans pivot. These normally incorporate telescoping columns that spring up down as need, also known as gas lifts. Lower down, the column normally separates into many feet that are termed casters, which in turn rest on five or more wheels.

Most gaming chairs are basically office seating that are further upgraded a notch in order to enhance gaming experiences, while still providing the most comfort. An Office chair is designed to provide comfortable seating, for its user can concentrate on his tasks. A gaming chair comes with additional theming so that a gamer can mentally ease in and immerse faster in their favorites.

office chairs for computer gaming

Available in various shapes, themes, and sizes, the most popular models are upholstered in an array of fabrics and leathers. The primary aim of their designers is to avert or delay the onset of aching posteriors during long periods of gameplay. A secondary goal is to deliver conveniences that keep gamers pleased, including storage for remotes and drink holders.

Some seats incorporate mounts for steering wheel or joystick accessories, to compliment game titles that can benefit from them. Certain models go to the extent of integrating entire audio systems in the body, enabling the player to immerse himself at the center of the action.Whether you are an e-Sports veteran or a casual gamer guy, your well-being can always benefit from using one of the best gaming chairs. We all consume more of our days sitting at work or play, more than our most of our predecessors did in their time. A comfortable seat with good ergonomics will not just provide a surfeit of advantages, it can also help you better avoid or handle back pain.

In this review, we aimed to assist you in choosing a model that can adapt to your needs and further your enjoyment both on and offline. But before you start running down to the nearest brick and mortar store to make a seat-of-the-pants decision, you might consider a number of things beforehand.

Various Gaming Chair Types

Gaming and office chairs come in different designs and themes. The most popular types are the rocker, PC, and racer designs; bean bag types tend to be sought by younger and more laid-back users. You may find that in most catalogs, the majority of chairs slip into the first three classes.


Some designs like these do not feature pedestals and instead incorporate L-shaped forms that are laid directly on floors. The profile of some chairs allows users to softly rock backward and forward, enhancing the comfortable feeling. These models offer much comfort but are not too suitable for senior users, as the tasks of sitting then rising can cause extra stress on an older body.


Like the workplace gear mentioned above, pedestal seats are placed atop load-bearing columns and bases. Pedestals elevate users several inches off the ground and are designed with swiveling actions that are common to much office seating.

Many chairs are outfitted with wheeled casters, while other models utilize larger columns and bases in order to stabilize the seat further. A big advantage of pedestal seats is that they allow users direct views of their displays. Certain of these models enable users to move to and fro slightly in a comforting motion, while others tilt back nearly flat for use as ad hoc recliners.


These speedy-looking seats are spare in form, extended, and formed much like actual racing bucket seats in cars. Closer to regular office chairs than the other types, many provide basic comfort and support and not much else to their users.

Not that these are inferior to the other kinds, but most typically lack the cushioning, flexing mechanisms, and optional accessories that the most advanced PC models offer. If comfortable and supportive seating is all you are looking for, then you should be well satisfied with a decent racer.

Bean Bag

Gaming Chairs

Credit: GameSkinny

These large sacks are filled with bits of foam and upholstered with soft microfiber or suede materials. As somewhat amorphous forms of furniture that conform to the body, the biggest bags can even be slept on when flattened. For relaxed lounging before a large-screen display or TV, these cozy seats can’t get any simpler or deliver more satisfaction.

Qualities of Great Gaming Chairs

There’s no need to strain while keeping your balance as you play. A nicely designed model can be nearly as comfortable as many home reclining loungers. The more durable ones will remain stable and functional for a long time.

You will have to determine which brands have designed and implemented better ergonomics in their chairs, though. Too many subpar makes resort to marketing short-cuts in their design and manufacture, to make their chairs seem more attractive.

Here is a trio of critical things to consider before deciding on which model to get:


This is vital to desktop gamers who devote a lot of time to gaming and can benefit from critical features, such as added lumbar support and wider ranges of armrest adjustments.

You can benefit from customizing your chair’s physical configuration to suit the proportions of your body, via the adaptive devices of the chair. You cannot err too much with a plethora of adjustments at your fingers, so long as these are durable and work together smartly. Hardcore gamers spend several hundred Dollars on stylish models that feature every ergonomic innovation and perform with hardly few if any compromises.

The following are worth specifying:

  • Elevation adjustment: A standard feature of any good PC or racer chair.
  • Height-adjustable armrests: Not every chair has this but it is worth it. Armrests that can level with your elbow will reduce strain on your shoulders and arms.
  • Tilt/Tensioning scheme: Fine-tunes the amount of stiffness in the backrest’s tilt mechanism, letting you recline more gracefully as you lean backward.
  • Backrest angle latch: Locks down the seat’s angle at your preferred position, so that you will not need to alter your stance continually.
  • Seat rails: Enables the seat pan to slide forward or backward in natural harmony with a tilting backrest for enhanced comfort and flexibility.
computer chairs

Properly elevated desktops and armrests and sloped backrests help with posture.


Quality designs are upholstered in either synthetic webbing, microfiber cloth, or leather materials. Materials that adapt well to the local temperatures are very desirable. Lesser types will eventually warm up in spots from body heat that has accumulated during prolonged play.

If you are prone to heating up or sweating, you might look for airy, mesh-type materials that enable the body to expel heat more effectively. If you normally cool off into more inactive stances that leave you feeling frosty, you should consider leather and synthetic leather-like materials. These are typically more efficient at retaining heat and are good for warming those who more easily feel the cold.


You need not spring for designer gear. That said, you will probably enjoy models that have more than a minimum of thought invested in their design and assembly. Solid-looking models are more likely to be built durable. Conversely, you might desire a seat that can match the theme of your one gaming haven at home. If you are the minimalist type, dark leather or synthetic webbing may better suit your style.


Gaming-oriented chairs are available in a number of themes. If you are searching for a pedestal-type chair, then you might consider the types of styling that can provide you with a viewing as well as comfort advantage.

If you will be in front of a big TV while gaming on your console, then you may want to try a rocker. These will afford a lot of comfortable seating for the purpose. Then again, if you will be mainly at a desk on seats that must work near the console, then you should get either a racer or PC chair. Racers are decent all-purpose pedestal chairs, regular types for use at the office are normally steadier and sturdier but also heavier and more immobile.


Gaming chairs can be found upholstered in leathers, but most are finished in a range of hardy fabrics. As we mentioned earlier, players who game in warmer climes may want to pass here, since heat buildup can lead to sweaty skin sticking uncomfortably to the leather.

The better option, in this case, would be to use a seat that is upholstered in microfiber or mesh-type materials. These have more pores that overall breathe better and therefore do not get as tacky with sweat. Versions with loft in their filling can also assist in warming your backside in cooler settings. The disadvantage of these airy kinds of upholstery is that they can be difficult to keep clean.


Armrest positioned normally makes a real difference in allowing appropriate as opposed to poor posture. With armrests that feature too high a minimum elevation, your shoulders must work to counteract the rise. This can result in strained shoulders and some pain if the stance gets held for a long time.

Then again, if each armrest is lowered too much, you are more likely to hunch forward whenever you use a computer. Armrest designs that feature many adjustments can help you avoid this problem, averting the early onset of a number of disorders that are the outcomes of poor posture.



Models such as the seats from X Rocker integrate audio systems that can be connected to your console or PC while providing for music playback. If you are intent on purchasing a model that offers immersive sound, do see first if the sources you wish to connect have some level of compatibility with your chosen design.

Space Needs

Gaming chairs tend to come in slightly bulky forms that consume a bit of floor space, which can be particularly problematic if you are in a smaller apartment. Certain companies such as X Rocker try to compensate for this by integrating lightweight collapsible frames into a few of their designs. These lighter chairs can be moved about with less effort by almost anyone. Most are readily folded for convenient storage when unused.


Be aware that when you select a personal chair, you are not just paying to have more comfortable and immersive gaming sessions, you are also helping to preserve your posture as well as prevent or delay the onset of back pains.

Decent chairs can save you the headache of potentially huge and continuing medical costs in the future, which is the outcome of bad stances that would not be avoidable with the use of cheap generic chairs. For hardcore gamers and most other persons who spend much of their time in front of a screen, a good ergonomic chair is not an indulgence but a necessity.

Finding Great Chairs for PC Gamers

How far must you go to buy something for intensive personal use? It is reasonable to budget in proportion to the amounts of time you intend to spend playing or working.

Various users seek diverse qualities in their computing experiences, and the amount of time spent in different activities while seated differs a lot among hardcore and casual gamers. Some occupy parts of their day with regular and tasks at work, along with a little browsing and gaming. Others are full-on and fanatic in what they pursue.

There is also a trend for staff who do not report full time to their offices, to agree to work for much of the week from home. If you have one of these gig arrangements with flexible schedules, you will eventually wind up seated for greater amounts of time than you might else have. In such cases, you ought to consider allotting more of your budget towards a premium office model, one with a design that can be comfortably adjusted for most situations.

If you will be spending much of the day online with friends at your computer or console, it may be sensible to look at more than just standard office seating. You will be spending most of your days (and perhaps some of your most memorable times) sitting down. So as with bedding, you may as well get a decent chair that suits your personal requirements.

Alternatively, if you will be moving about or are into a limited number of hours of casual gaming on occasion, you ought to manage fine using inexpensive ergonomic chairs with fewer features.

Gaming Brands

It is evident that using a decent ergonomic model chair helps to increase your enjoyment. But, there are a number of things that you must consider when making an informed purchase. You would not want a chair that is of the wrong type or has other qualities of little interest.

Searching for a decent ergonomic model that matches every one of your requirements and desires can be confusing. The moment you start canvassing in stores, you will usually encounter with all sorts of cut-price promotions and sales offerings from a broad range of sellers. This can be distracting, making you lose sight of what is really important, which is brand quality.

In this case, choosing decent ergonomic seating is comparable to selecting the parts of a new desktop system, wherein brand names can point to suitably featured chairs and their qualities. There may be a broad variety, but just a small number of companies are known for producing products of the finest quality. Although many make sell superb-looking gaming models, not all of these chairs will be able to withstand long and heavy use over the years; some will likely prove to be unwise investments.

Once you are intent on buying a chair, you should realize that you are not merely looking for the flashiest design with the broadest feature set and every convenience. You are investing in a chair that is meant to serve you well for the longest time. It should not require early replacement or refurbishment, at least not before it has provided many years of safe and comfortable use.

If you are among those who often follow live streams or are a keen supporter of popular e-sports tournaments, you may already be aware of more than one or two gaming brands. Chairs made by these famous makes are used by most e-celebs, for as mentioned earlier, many firms are focused on the manufacturing and marketing of gaming-oriented models. Thus, if you are searching for the best, keep in mind the following brand names:


This manufacturer was founded in 2006 and obviously focuses on the design of racer models. It began as a supplier of quality seating for real racing cars, but later transformed itself into a global market leader in auto accessories.

The company’s chairs are known among various online gaming communities for their aggressive styling and sturdy build, as well as decent ergonomics. This has led to the brand earning much respect among a worldwide mass of players.

Their products offer solid performance in all workplace and gaming tasks, in particular, their comfortable and sturdy racer designs are great for either home or office. But the firm’s designers did not ignore the well-being of desktop users, for their chairs, are meant to be sat on comfortably for extended periods of time.

As they innovated, they eventually entered the gaming industry with racing-themed items, where they have risen to the heights of the market. As DXRacer manufactures chairs for adventurous players who seek the sense of speed, you can be sure of the spritely design and high build quality of their chairs.

These are some of the pricier models available, but the brand does market a number of simpler versions at more reasonable pricing. Be aware that all their chairs are built only with quality components, so even their value models are not that budget-friendly.

DXRacer is obviously concentrating on racer models in the main. If their racers are your preferred styles, you may find it useful to check out the firm’s catalogs. You will likely discover a chair that is appropriate for your requirements.

Their designs are all based on recliner designs to some degree. Thus, if you wish to settle a bit after one too many tiring playing sessions, with one of their chairs, you can always lower the backrests and nap a bit between matches and during interruptions.

The video below explains the DXRacer chair differences.

The firm’s various series show slight differences in design and sizing:

D or Drifting chairs series are comfortable chairs for prolonged gaming

K or King deluxe series chairs with new 5D slide and additional features

M or Maximum series chairs are wider than D-Series versions

R or Racer series chairs feature high backs for normal-sized persons

U or Universal series chairs have the largest seat pads, and backrests for large-bodied users.

The company’s comfortable and sturdy racers offer solid performance in the home or workplace. But the firm’s designers did not ignore the well-being of desktop users, for their chairs, are meant to be sat on comfortably for extended periods.

DXRacer famously sponsors many big tournaments and is currently backing numerous pro-gaming teams, such as Denial and Complexity. For the many gamers who believe in the brand, the practice gains them much respect in their communities.


This global manufacturer of office-oriented furniture sells highly ergonomic PC chairs that can also meet the needs of gamers. Its models are constructed with high quality components in processes that ensure robust and precise assembly during manufacture. Each model is fitted out with a particular feature set that is designed to be outstanding in its class.

Their highest-end models integrate exclusive full-motion armrests that are adjustable along several axes. This is important, as the positions of these elements can influence the user to adopt either appropriate or poor posture. Adjustable-tension lumbar supports are offered in their Ergohuman range, which also features big platforms and wide feet that provide for robust stability.

X Rocker

The firm manufacturers mainly rockers and pedestal-type seats, although they do supply some racer models along with regular workplace seating. Well-regarded for several large-bodied designs, their rockers provide a lot of extra cushioning for added ease and comfort. A few sport 2.1 sound systems that can connect to other music sources, such as your mobiles or your computer’s sound system.

Most X Rocker models feature a number of exclusive elements that can enhance your experience of your gaming favorites. Many models integrate both an audio system and a Bluetooth wireless module for connection to compatible music sources, including phones, tablets, desktop, and component audio systems.

Audio can be played with any device that is jacked in or else wirelessly paired as the music source, all while you are seated and rocking the game. HDMI converters can be used to adapt the audio output of popular consoles, so that you can immerse yourself in the center of the action as huge sound comes out of the integrated speakers.


Gaming gear can sell for high prices at the majority of online sellers, but Arozzi positions itself differently in the market. Their chairs can be a solid option for users who care for the advantages of decent ergonomics, but who are not keen on paying the higher prices of premium brands.

Arozzi chairs sport very reasonable prices for the features and quality on offer. Although they sell only racer designs along with some gaming-oriented desks and personal accessories, all offer a competitive set of popular features. By incorporating deep seat cushions and lumbar support, you will continue to experience good comfort with these during long gameplay sessions. Fully-adjustable armrests and large feet provide for maximum stability and heavy customization to suit most users.

Arozzi may not produce the most advanced and thus priciest seats, but they are selling a lot of mid-range models as is. Their relatively affordable chairs can be a welcoming sight to players who have had to make do with tight budgets.

GT Omega Racing

This firm was first established around 2009 as a maker of racer chairs. It was their aim to remind users of a bit of the thrilling racetrack experience while providing comfort and flexibility that is as good as that of the competition.

GT Omega Racing’s racer models shine in design and looks, while their great after sales service and support lends assurance to what you buy from them. The firm may be UK-based, however their chairs sell well at online sellers and in many large stores around the world.


This maker of quality gaming chairs develops highly ergonomic and functional racer seats as befits its name. Some may see them as relatively new and untested newcomers to the scene, but each of their designs represents the culmination of long years of development.

Akracing markets comfortably designed seats that are meant to please both professional and casual players. The firm officially sponsors the well-regarded Dignitas e-Sports team. Their colorfully-themed range of racer models speaks to this focus, although they also manufacture elegant pedestal-type models that would certainly look at home in any office.

The brand is exceptional in that they support their gaming models with a rare level of after-sales service. They likewise supply all kinds of replacement components for their gear, including wheelsets, armrests, and pedestal gas lifts. So, if your chair suffers breakdowns or substandard operation that can be remedied with simple parts swaps, you can just order the specific one needed under warranty, in place of having the entire item returned for service or replacement.

Chill Sack

Among the few firms to market bean bag seats in various colors, the company mostly offers models that feature memory foam filling and heavy-duty stitching, using high-quality made-in-USA shredded PU foam and high grade zippers. They sell sizes that are large enough to accommodate up to three persons at a time.


Vertagear’s chairs are designed by a skilled design and engineering team, who are focused on producing seating that provides for comfortable use in a variety of work and play settings. Their chairs are upholstered with premium materials and include numerous ergonomically-oriented elements that work to secure the well-being of users during play.

The firm’s goals are not limited to delivering ergonomic benefits, as their models likewise provide more adjustments such that most users will be able to find a suitable one without extra tweaking. Although the company does not have a large inventory, their chairs are well worth a closer view.

Be aware that though we will not present every model from each brand that is mentioned, you can be sure that each chair reviewed here represents decent performance and value for the money.

Sitting Best – The Conclusion

Getting a decent chair for gaming can result in a large outlay. Therefore, it is vital to select a model that complements your body size and gaming habits.

There is far more to picking a great one than just picking the priciest model in the market. You must first try out a few good prospects at a store or friendly site, to see if any fits comfortably and meets your requirements for playing. After considering the critical qualities of various models, an obvious pick should eventually emerge in your eyes.

Given the expense involved, it’s best to be both subjective and thoughtful about satisfying both needs and personal preferences within the budget. Well-designed and robust seating will always be a good investment for you and your ultimate well-being. A fully-featured and comfortable design will bring you continual health benefits as you game over the years.

Best Inexpensive Gaming Chair

At less than a $100 online, it is easy to recommend Flash Furniture’s Mesh Chair. It provides some of the most desirable qualities and offers the most value for features and quality.

Best Mid-Range Gaming Chair

Costing less than $400, we think that DXRacer’s Racing Series DOH/RV001/NO chair provides a well-designed and balanced feature set along with a durable build. This is evidenced by the number of top reviews that it has garnered from many satisfied owners.

Best Rocker Gaming Chair

If you want a rocker-style seat to lounge on, our pick goes to X Rocker’s 5143601 II, which integrates wireless audio into its frame for convenient rocking around your iving room.

We believe the best office chair is still Herman Miller’s Aeron. A lot of reviewers seem to agree. Its iconic status can only seal the deal on one of the most comfortable chairs around.

Herman Miller’s Embody Chair is ultimate seating solution. This model can help you avoid or delay the onset of back issues as well as provide you with unrivaled flexibility in motion. This chair is our pick for the best gaming chair overall, as its mesh-type backrest is more than appropriate for gamers who are prone to sweating in warmer climes.

For those who find that the Embody does not sit right somehow, Steelcase’s Gesture can be a great alternative. It provides nearly the same top-end features and feel, and is regarded as the best value among the few ergonomic office chairs with advanced synchronizing mechanisms.

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