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best gaming chair 2018 Gaming Chairs
March 20, 2018

Best Gaming Chairs 2018 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Our vigorous testing of all kinds of gaming chairs has resulted in this comprehensive guide, which presents the 23 best gaming chairs right now! The 23 Best Gaming Chairs For…
top sound card Other
March 20, 2018

Best Sound Card 2018 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

A sound card is a vital but commonly-overlooked computer component. Most people are perfectly content with the stock sound card that comes integrated with their motherboard, while some are not…
best gaming monitor for ps4 pro Gaming Monitors
March 20, 2018

Best Gaming Monitor 2018 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide For Gaming Monitors

A monitor is something that a gamer truly cannot skimp on. What use is a powerful GPU if you have a monitor that cannot do it justice? And still, more…
best gaming laptop 2018 Gaming Laptops
March 16, 2018

Best Gaming Laptop 2018 – Buyer’s Guide and Laptop Reviews

Gaming laptops are a tricky subject. They pack remarkable processing power in a very compact frame, they are extremely portable, yet they are also much more expensive than their desktop…
xbox controller vs ps4 controller PC Controllers
March 16, 2018

DualShock 4 vs XBOX One S Controller – Controller Comparison

Seeing as Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One are currently the two most popular and financially successful consoles on the market, the two have been compared thoroughly on nearly…
best gaming keyboard 2018 Gaming Keyboards
March 15, 2018

Best Mechanical Keyboard 2018 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

If you’re a serious gamer or just somebody who likes old school setups of modern day technology, then you’re probably familiar with mechanical keyboards. They’re extremely popular in gaming because…

Latest Reviews

March 20, 2018

Herman Miller Sayl Review

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably sick of low-quality chairs that hurt your back and break after six months, leaving you hundreds of dollars out of pocket. Well, there’s…
noblechairs icon review 2018 Reviews
March 15, 2018

Noblechairs ICON Review

We’ve all seen traditional gaming chairs, right? They’re usually overly bright, even obnoxious chairs designed to appeal to people with more money than sense (or taste). However, what if we…
homall chair review Reviews
March 15, 2018

Homall Gaming Chair Review

You probably already know that if you want to maximise your performance, you need a good gaming chair. However, a quick glance at the online marketplaces show a million chairs…

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Knowledge Base
March 21, 2018

PC Gaming vs Console Gaming – Which Should I Choose?

Short Answer PC offers better visuals, a greater number of indie titles, and more affordable games while being substantially more expensive to buy than consoles. It can also be plagued…
gaming pc vs laptop Knowledge Base
March 21, 2018

Gaming Laptop vs Desktop – Which Should I Choose?

When digital computers were first invented, when they were taking up entire rooms and when hard drives looked like washing machines, who would have guessed that roughly half a century…
monitor size Knowledge Base
March 21, 2018

What Is The Best Monitor Size For Gaming?

Let’s set aside all the talk about refresh rates and response times and focus on one specific and basic aspect of a gaming monitor: its size. Just how important is…
intel xeon Knowledge Base
March 20, 2018

Is An Intel Xeon For Gaming Worth It?

We have already talked about the Intel Core i9, the Ryzen Threadripper, dual-processor motherboards, but there is still one computing powerhouse that we haven’t really mentioned yet – the Intel…
is ps vr worth it Knowledge Base
March 20, 2018

Is PlayStation VR Worth It?

It seems like only yesterday that Oculus Rift first appeared, bringing the future closer to us with a little help from Kickstarter. Back then, it seemed like a very far-fetched…
best internet speed for gaming Knowledge Base
March 20, 2018

What Is The Best Internet Speed For Gaming?

Short Answer Consoles state the minimum speeds as 3 Mbit downstream and 1 Mbit upstream. However, the experience can vary from game to game, as some require more bandwidth than…