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Latest Buying Guides

best gaming chair 2018 Gaming Chairs
November 19, 2018

Best Gaming Chairs 2018 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Our rigorous testing of all kinds of gaming chairs has resulted in this comprehensive guide, which presents the 23 best gaming chairs right now! Zoom Out: The 23 Best Gaming…
extermal gpu Gaming GPU
November 17, 2018

Best External Graphics Card 2018 (eGPU) – Complete Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

You’ve undoubtedly heard of external HDDs and SDDs, but did you know external graphics cards exist too? Indeed, external graphics cards are a thing, and there are many reasons as…
1500 Dollar Pc Build Gaming PC
November 16, 2018

Best Gaming PC Under 1500 USD – The Ultimate PC Build Guide

The last time we made this type of build, we decided to work with a $1000 budget; a pretty reasonable entry into some high-end stuff. Yet, while we expected, and…
Gaming PC
November 15, 2018

Best Gaming PC Under 1000 USD – The Ultimate PC Build Guide

Gamers, rejoice! It took a while – longer than anyone would’ve liked – but the great cryptocurrency graphics card drought is finally over. And now that graphics cards’ prices have…
stick computer Other
November 13, 2018

Best PC Stick 2018 – Buyer’s Guide and Mini PC Stick Reviews

Picture this: you’re away from home and want to get a little work done. Something simple like forgetting to transfer the files to your laptop can entirely ruin your experience,…
gaming mouse pad with wrist rest Other
November 13, 2018

Best Wrist Rest 2018 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

A wrist rest is one of those accessories that you might not know you need until you actually try them out, so they are very easy to overlook. Nonetheless, they…

Latest Reviews

secretlab gaming chair Reviews
November 19, 2018

Secretlab Titan Review

If you’re going to spend a lot of money on a gaming chair, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best possible product. Today, we’ll be taking a closer…
dxracer formula series Reviews
November 19, 2018

DXRacer Formula Series Review

You probably already know that sitting for long periods of time can do real damage to your back but did you know that this can be reduced with a high-quality…
asus rog swift pg278q review Reviews
November 19, 2018

ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q Review

About the Monitor Up next, we have another monitor made by Asus, and branded by Republic of Gamers. When compared to the Designo Curved that we have discussed in the…

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World Of Warcraft List Of Expansions Gaming
November 20, 2018

World of Warcraft Expansions List

When World of Warcraft first launched in 2004, following the release of the highly acclaimed Warcraft III – The Frozen Throne, it essentially brought the MMORPG genre into the mainstream…
metal gear solid game order Gaming
November 19, 2018

Metal Gear Game Order – The Complete List

The Metal Gear series is one of the most recognizable franchises in the gaming industry and it has actually been around since 1987. During its decades-long run, the series had…
dark souls chronological order Gaming
November 19, 2018

Dark Souls Game Order  – The Complete List

The original Dark Souls took the gaming world by storm in 2011, distinguishing itself by stepping away from the established norms, clichés, and tropes commonly seen in modern-day AAA games.…
best settings middle earth shadow of war Best Settings
November 19, 2018

Best Settings For Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War – Optimize FPS, Better Performance

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is a great game and you want the best settings for the game, right? A game is best enjoyed when played at its fullest potential and you…
ninja fortnite settings Gaming
November 19, 2018

Ninja Fortnite Settings and Gear

Ninja is one of the most prominent Fortnite Battle Royale streamers on Twitch. He's also one of the best so it's only natural you want to know what settings and gear…
oled tv issues Knowledge Base
November 17, 2018

Is An OLED Monitor Worth It?

Short Answer OLED monitors tend to have faster pixel response times and better contrast ratios, although their very high prices make them far less accessible than the regular LCD monitors.…