Best Low Storage PC Games

Looking for fun lightweight PC games that won’t take long to download? Follow along as we explore the best low storage PC games on Steam.

With the constant influx of new games releasing, PC gamers may find themselves increasingly pressed for storage as every application competes for their precious gigabytes.

Combine this with unreliable internet in certain parts of the world and trying to run games on low spec PCs, and it becomes clear why some players prefer lighter-sized games.

In this list, we’ll help you expand your lightweight gaming options with the best low storage PC games on Steam that require 1 GB or less available memory to install.

For more recommendations, check out our growing library of curated gaming lists, and comment below with your picks for good low storage PC games!

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The first low storage game we’re highlighting is Vampire Survivors, a roguelike shoot ’em up with survival elements and an old-school 2D pixel art look.

You’ll find gameplay focuses on fighting continuous waves of monsters for as long as possible using one of many supernatural-themed characters, weapons, and relics.

The longer players can stay alive, the more resources they’ll accumulate for unlocking new characters and equipment to be used on their next run.

Next up is Dinkum, an indie adventure game created by James Bendon that sees your character ditching their boring city life in favor of the adventurous Australian outback. 

Similar to games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, it focuses on building a town, managing a farm, getting to know your neighbors, and exploring the world around you.

To this point, the game features an array of visually-striking environments ranging from tropical forests to scorching deserts, damp caves, and other diverse terrains.

In Bug Fables: The Eternal Blossom, players follow three heroes named Vi, Kabbu, and Leif, as they embark on an RPG adventure to find The Everlasting Sapling.

This magical treasure is rumored to grant immortality to the user but to get it, the trio will have to face off against enemies in turn-based battles.

Each hero has unique abilities that can be powered up via Action Commands and come in handy during colorful platforming sections.

Peglin is another turn-based RPG that incorporates pachinko roguelike gameplay wherein players fight enemies by collecting special orbs.

These orbs are then used to pop pegs that deal damage to enemies based on how many were popped with consideration for any special relics the player may have equipped.

Over time, players can upgrade their orbs and relics to defeat bigger monsters and bosses while exploring procedurally generated maps.

Reminiscent of games like Slay the Spire, Across the Obelisk is a tactical deck builder that throws co-op into the mix with support for 1-4 players.

Working together, your team will choose from 12 characters with specialized decks and game-changing abilities inspired by popular fantasy tropes with a few clever twists here and there.

Players can synergize their heroes’ cards to create devastating combos while completing quests on an ever-evolving adventure teeming with hidden places and mysteries.

Backpack Hero is a fun low storage PC game that’s currently in Steam Early Access and puts a unique inventory management spin on the roguelike genre.

In it, you take on the role of a backpack-donning animal with an affinity for hoarding items with special effects to use as weapons against foes.

To be most effective, you’ll have to keep your bag organized and find the most optimal build to vanquishing enemies as you navigate unpredictable dungeons.

While many god games are quite greedy in the storage department, WorldBox keeps itself lean by requiring only 300 MB of your computer’s storage.

In this game, you’re tasked with building and destroying entire civilizations using fantastical deity-like powers that impact your worshippers’ ability to travel, grow empires, and live their lives.

As a divine ruler, you have the freedom to decide when or when not to intervene in mortal struggles, including wars between rival races, natural disasters, and attacks from giant monsters.

Our next suggestion for lightweight PC games is ORX, a new take on tower defense that blends deck building mechanics and tabletop games in one unique package.

Gameplay centers on building a castle, expanding your territory, and standing your ground against hordes of green-skinned invaders known as ORX.

The promotion includes more than 300 cards to unlock and enhance your kingdom’s protection while exploring a visually stunning dark fantasy realm.

Clocking in at 1 GB, Barotrauma is a lightweight PC game that makes up for it with hardcore gameplay that sees you navigating treacherous oceans.

In this survival horror nightmare, 1-16 players work together to operate a space submarine as it inches its way through deadly alien waters to deliver and salvage precious cargo.

Each crew member is assigned a specialized role ranging from Captain to Medic to Engineer and must complete objectives while keeping an eye out for hazards, monsters, and secret traitors.

Next up is Mini Motorways, a strategy simulation game that has you designing road maps for growing cities to ensure traffic runs smoothly.

The game has you establishing your own traffic networks one road at a time until it eventually grows into a bustling metropolis with complex paths.

Over time, new upgrades are introduced to meet changing demands that require you to think on the fly to ensure roadways stay organized.

From the horrors of city-planning to bio-engineered monsters, Carrion is a 2D action-platformer that casts you as a tendrilled creature on a mission to kill its captors and escape containment.

This is done using various abilities that rely on the monster either increasing or shedding its mass to squeeze through tight areas, activate levers, or move objects.

To this point, the game functions as a Metroidvania wherein sections of the map only become accessible once you’ve unlocked a specific ability.

For a lightweight crafting and survival PC game that requires only 200 MB of available storage, we recommend checking out Forager by HopFrog and Humble Games.

In it, you establish a humble base that can be upgraded by visiting different desert, graveyard, and volcano biomes to solve puzzles, raid dungeons, and uncover secrets.

The game is very open-ended, allowing you to set personal goals in areas like farming, shopkeeping, building, and combat, with a total of 64 unique skills to master.

A popular sandbox sim that takes up just 1 GB of storage, RimWorld is the type of game you can play for hundreds of hours and keep discovering new stuff.

This is due to its unique AI storyteller that’s capable of generating infinitely different scenarios for raising a colony of diverse NPCs on an alien planet.

Each character has randomly-generated traits that will often conflict with other colonists, leading to acts of violence, betrayal, and tribalism amongst settlements.

Moving right along, we recommend any run and gun fans pick up Mighty Goose for some retro-inspired fun that calls for only 500 MB of storage.

In it, you take on the role of the titular Mighty Goose hero, a mech-donning fowl and bounty hunter on a mission to catch the toughest criminals in the galaxy.

Doing so takes you across the stretches of space to distant planets and 2D levels with mobs of enemies, cool weapon power-ups, and overpowered death-dealing vehicles.

Dicey Dungeons is another lightweight indie deck builder that puts a fun dice-based twist on the genre.

Instead of cards, players use an assortment of dice to decide their actions, including both turn order and damage dealt during battle.

This is further complemented by game-show-inspired storytelling and a diverse roster of characters with special abilities, skills, and motives that add to the game’s stakes.

Continuing on, our next recommendation is Clustertruck, a first-person platformer that comes in at just 500 MB and has you playing as a fast-moving truck.

The game features a series of obstacle courses where the goal is to make it to the end by navigating rows of continually moving trucks while dodging lasers, blades, and other hazards.

Players can build momentum by speeding up in order to clear large gaps at the cost of risking plummeting to their death and having to start over.

Inspired by old-school Hong Kong action flicks, Maximum Action is a physics-based FPS with satisfying slow-mo combat that requires only 1 GB of storage.

In it, players are given dozens of weapons to unleash their fury on waves of enemies ranging from knives and katanas to pistols, shotguns, machine guns, and even bazookas.

Movement is just as varied as players can freely jump, slide, dive, kick, and punch their way across vibrant warehouses, rooftops, and back alleys while manipulating time.

Ion Fury is another retro-style FPS whose low install size stems from it being developed using the Build engine, the software behind classics like Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior.

The story focuses on a tough-talking future cop named Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison as she sets out to take down a cybernetic cult and its evil leader Dr. Jadus Heskel.

Throughout the game, Shelly wields a wide assortment of firearms and vehicles against sprite-rendered enemies all while spewing out sassy one-liners.

For a more zen-like puzzle game experience that demands just 1 GB of your machine’s precious storage, consider picking up Unpacking by Witch Beam and Humble Games.

Designed to simulate the experience of organizing personal possessions after moving into a new space, the game features multiple chapters tied to different points in the protagonist’s life.

Each one sees you unpacking familiar objects and meditatively arranging them in designated areas with some flexibility to decorate spaces as you see fit.

Finally, Baba Is You is a minimalist puzzle game whose logic-based design comes with a compact install size of just 200 MB.

While its premise is simple, it can be tough to wrap your head around the idea at first; essentially, you’re solving puzzles by creating rules for various objects in the environment.

This can be as simple as removing a wall blocking your path by altering the phrase “Wall Is Stop,” to possessing inanimate objects by changing “Babe Is You” to “Baba Is Rock.”

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