Best Cute Games 2023

Need a dose of adorably wholesome fun? Check out the best cute games on Steam that will melt your heart and leave you smiling.

While the definition of a cute video game may vary from person to person, there are a few recurring elements that most will agree on.

It’s not an extensive list by any means but includes things like adorable animals, colorful and cartoony graphics, wholesome themes, and casual gameplay.

With this in mind, this list will focus on curating the best cute games on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

So strap in and get ready to have your mood lifted with these cute video games!

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To get started, our first recommendation for cute PC games is A Little to the Left, a cozy puzzle game about organizing household items into pleasing arrangements.

Each puzzle has you sorting, stacking, and arranging everyday objects while keeping an eye out for a mischievous cat that will try to interfere.

There are over 75 puzzles to solve using the game’s intuitive and surprisingly tactile controls.

Next up is Lunistice, a 3D platformer inspired by games like Sonic the Hedgehog that features a cute lo-fi art style evocative of PS1/SEGA Saturn games.

In it, you assume control of Hana, a Tanuki tasked with running, jumping, and fighting through dream-like environments.

Each level is meant to represent a different memory of Hana’s and covers a wide range of aesthetic themes such as magical shrines, fancy water parks, and a world made out of food.

Coming courtesy of Hiding Spot and Fellow Traveller, Beacon Pines is a narrative-driven adventure game about cute woodland creatures and a mysterious book.

Playing as both the reader of the book and its main character, Luka, you’ll embark on a magical adventure filled with new friends and hidden truths to uncover.

As events unfold in the story, the game gives you the option to go back and change your choices to see how each situation may have played out.

Cult of the Lamb’s devilishly cute hand-drawn visuals operate in direct contrast to its dark and disturbing themes of satanic worship and growing a cult.

Despite this, the game manages to be fun at every turn by combining the best parts of colony sims and roguelike action games.

This makes it a must-play for anyone who enjoys cute games with a darker edge to them or managing resources while building their own community.

Currently in Steam Early Access, Slime Rancher 2 is already proving itself to be a worthy successor to the hit farming sim title with equally adorable gameplay.

In this, you revisit your role as Beatrix LeBeau as she focuses on Rainbow Island, a fresh realm full of old secrets and unique creatures to explore.

Armed with a new set of slime-wrangling tools, the game tasks you with collecting and breeding cute and unique slime creatures of all shapes and sizes.

If cute slimes aren’t your jam, then maybe rambunctious wobbly dogs will pique your interest.

Part virtual pet game part 3D sandbox, Wobbledogs sees you raising an army of colorful pups into full-sized adults with unique physiology.

To provide them with the best life, you’ll have to provide each doggo with good food, get them to socialize with other canines, and interact by playing and petting them.

Next up on our list of cute PC games is LAPIN, an endearing 2D platformer starring a group of brave rabbit explorers.

Taking control of the five hares, players will set out to find a new home after construction forces the animals out of their woodland home.

Doing so requires you to explore a vibrant hand-crafted world gathering objects and hopping to avoid danger.

In the same vein as LAPIN, Webbed is a puzzle platformer that casts you as a surprisingly sweet spider on a mission to rescue her mate after he’s kidnapped by a giant bird.

The game takes place in a fantastical rendition of Queensland where our tiny peacock spider heroine and a host of eccentric insects all live.

Depending on the goodness of other insects, you will employ your web-making abilities to swing through surroundings, construct bridges, and transport things.

It’s so rare to find a game that becomes more fun the worse you are at playing but such is the case with Trombone Champ.

Developed and published by Holy Wow, the game sells itself as the Dark Souls of rhythm games where players must honk, blow, and toot their way to the top of the charts.

This is done across 20 tracks accompanied by cute Mii-like avatars and background visuals depicting majestic horses and other wholesome images.

What could be more fun and exciting than going on an adventure in the lush and exotic Australian bushlands?

Reminiscent of games like Animal Crossing, Dinkum combines life-sim gameplay with town-building and survival elements in a delightful package.

After pitching a tent, you’ll get to work exploring the world, crafting tools, and growing your community one character at a time.

Paradise Marsh is another cute and cozy game that sees you becoming one with nature as you make your way around a wetland teeming with wildlife.

Catching bugs and chatting up characters any chance you get, you’ll keep track of every moment using a scrap journal with detailed entries for every critter you find.

The game has a beautiful lo-fi aesthetic that’s further complemented by cute animals, beautiful scenery, and a relaxing soundtrack.

If your interests in cute dogs and painting overlap, then Chicory: A Colorful Tale just might be the game for you.

Played from the 2D perspective, this adventure game tells the story of a janitor dog named Pizza who stumbles upon a magical paintbrush.

Harnessing its power, Pizza sets out to bring its hand-drawn world to life by leaving splashes of color and beautiful brushstrokes everywhere they go.

In Tinykin, you play as an inventor who accidentally stumbles upon a mysterious world filled with cute Pikmin-like creatures called “tinykin.”

Using their unique powers to aid you, you’ll solve puzzles, carry objects, and open up new pathways on a journey to make it back home.

The game’s mix of hand-drawn 2D characters and polygonal 3D environments coupled with a bright color palette makes it so every second of gameplay oozes charm and wonder.

Metroidvania games are known to be quite the undertaking due to their extensive backtracking and exploration in general.

This makes a game like Islets such a breath of fresh air as it asks for very little from the player while offering a charming and laid-back adventure. 

In it, you take on the role of an aspiring hero as he travels across beautiful hand-painted islands meeting an offbeat cast of characters and foes.

Games don’t get much cuter than Here Comes Niko, a cozy 3D platformer with hand-drawn characters and a pastel-inspired world.

Assuming control of the titular “Niko,” you’ll journey to scenic islands to catch fish and bugs while solving puzzles and meeting new friends along the way.

Such is life when you’re hired to work as a professional friend at Tadpole, Inc., a wholesome company run by cute frogs looking to improve the lives of others.

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