Best Farming And Agricultural Games On PC

There are plenty of farming and agricultural games to play on PC, but not all of them are good. Don't waste your time and play the best farming games.

A farmer’s life can be appealing to anyone who enjoys being surrounded by nature, working hard, and embracing a calm lifestyle.

If you get excited by the idea of raising your own digital crops and cattle, then we’ve got you covered with the best farm games on pc.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best farming and agricultural games on PC to play in 2022, including both 2D and 3D farming sim games.

We’ll be updating this list in the future with new titles, so make sure to check back and let us know if we missed any games!

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To kick things off, we have the critically-acclaimed farming game Stardew Valley, a one-man passion project created by Eric Barone, aka ConcernedApe.

Inspired by the beloved Harvest Moon games, the game features farming, role-playing, and social simulation gameplay.

In it, you create your own character and set out to bring your grandfather’s old farm back to life by gathering seeds, planting crops, and selling them for a profit.

Eventually, the game opens up and lets you explore other areas such as ranching, wine-making, baking, etc., all while getting to know your fellow neighbors.

Ranch Simulator sees you taking over your family’s ranch, which has fallen on hard times and needs to be updated to have any hope of turning a profit.

Your best chances lay in raising livestock, particularly chickens to start with, though the developer has plans to add cows, pigs, and horses as well.

Money you earn can be used to buy tools, vehicles to help with your rebuilding projects, and better structures to house your livestock and protect them from predators.

Beyond the borders of your cozy homestead lies a vibrant open-world complete with free-roaming deer and bears you can hunt with your trusty rifle.

Imagine selling everything you own in hopes of becoming a hero, only to show up late to the final battle and miss out.

This is the setup for Be Hero, a farming sim RPG that sees you taking up odd jobs in a tavern in order to save up money for your return trip home.

This includes farming, mining, hunting, fishing, and more which grant experience points you can use to enhance your skills in and out of combat.

Along the way, you’ll get to do cool stuff like help rebuild the destroyed village, explore a mysterious island, and learn recipes that let you craft dozens of items to sell.

Ooblets is a refreshing take on social life sims that feels like the “greatest hits” mashup of Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and Pokémon.

In it, you assume control over a customizable character living in a world where humans and adorable creatures, known as “ooblets,” coexist.

Ooblets come in all shapes and sizes and, after some convincing, will join your party and follow you around everywhere you go.

Additionally, you can combine traits from different ooblets to create new species that will sprout up in your garden.

Developer 3DM is known for creating high-quality Windows 10 Live wallpapers that offer a lot more engagement than your run-of-the-mill desktop background or screensaver.

Over time, the studio has begun exploring different ideas; one of them is My Wolf, a wild pet simulator that runs seamlessly on your desktop. 

Their latest title is Desktop Farm, which sees you building your own farm over time from the comfort of your home desktop.

The game offers vibrant voxel-based graphics, a day/night system that uses your computer’s clock, and plenty of farming activities to keep you busy in between meetings or whenever you have some downtime on your PC.

My Time at Portia is a farming sim RPG set in a collapsed world where the remaining humans have consolidated to rebuild civilization in a small rural town.

Gameplay is broken up into managing and upgrading a farm, crafting new tools in workshops, and exploring caves containing valuable resources and ancient relics.

Of course, you’ll also have a chance to get to know the other villagers and what makes them tick throughout its 60+ hour campaign.

No need to worry considering the game encourages you to take things slow and soak up Portia’s irresistably cozy scenery.

Minecraft is a must-play for anyone who enjoys farming sim games or simply building to their heart’s content.

While the game focuses more on exploration and crafting, you can always opt out of adventuring and spend your time cultivating crops and raising cattle.

Additionally, there are tons of Minecraft mods that introduce new crops and animal mobs to the game.

Another one of Minecraft’s strengths is how smoothly it runs on just about any machine, which should come as a huge relief for anyone looking to play a fun farming game on their low-spec laptop or PC.

Described as a “medieval cemetery management sim,” Graveyard Keeper sees you running a graveyard operation that eventually expands into other optional fields, including farming.

You can stick to burying bodies in the ground or start cashing in on all that extra meat by selling remains to the local butcher.

If it wasn’t apparent by now, the game is brimming with dark humor and at times, you may find yourself having to make questionable choices to cut costs and stay afloat.

This includes deciding whether you invest time and resources in quality ingredients for potions or use whatever you can find in nearby caves and creeks, possibly poisoning the entire village in the process.

Slime Rancher is an adorable farming sim that tasks you with managing a ranch far from Earth on a planet populated by cute slime creatures.

Your job is to catch these slimes, bring them back to your ranch, and feed them various foods in order to produce ‘Plorts,’ which serve as the game’s main currency and method for upgrading your tools and farm.

Additionally, you can breed different slimes to create new species with different characteristics that yield multiple Plorts.

Each type of slime has unique behaviors and will interact with other species in different ways, so feel free to experiment and see what each one does.

Farm Together is a low-stakes farming game centered on managing and upgrading your farm in real-time.

It manages to streamline a lot of the more repetitive parts of traditional farming sim gameplay by including things like a tractor that speeds up harvesting crops.

Additionally, there are a lot of customization options for changing the appearance of your character, tractor, buildings, fences, roads, etc.

The game also has excellent multiplayer integration, allowing you to control who can come into your world and how much they can interact with your farm, reducing any risk of vandalism.

Garden Paws blends management and exploration-based gameplay while putting you in the shoes, or rather paws, of a variety of small and cuddly woodland creatures.

Gameplay is split between managing a farm, upgrading your island’s resources, and exploring environments for treasure as a cute rabbit, chipmunk, dog, cat, or dragon.

The game also features a shop-keeping component where you can price and sell wares, hobbies to explore, such as fishing, cooking, raising animals, and more.

As you upgrade and expand your island’s amenities, more animals will come to see what all the fuss is about.

Littlewood is a 2D farming sim that takes advantage of its pixel art graphics to create a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of retro 8-bit and 16-bit games.

In it, you play as a hero who loses their memory after defeating a Dark Wizard and restoring peace to the village of Littlewood.

The game tasks you with rebuilding Littlewood its former glory by venturing out into the vast world of Solemn to gather resources and recruit new residents.

As you explore Solemn’s magical forests, bustling fishing towns, and mysterious mining caves you’ll encounter unique characters and take up hobbies like farming, fishing, merchanting, and more.

For those looking to get into some high-stakes farming, Atomicrops offers a one-of-a-kind experience that’s part roguelike shooter, part farming simulation.

Growing and upgrading your farm requires exploring different biomes, unlocking new tools, and defending your crops from enemies.

The game features the ability to raise cattle such as pigs, cows, and chickens and even gives you the option to get married.

Doing so unlocks the ability to have your spouse follow you into battle and fight by your side, proving it’s still possible to find love even during a nuclear apocalypse. 

Dragon Quest Builders 2 has you reprising your role as the legendary builder tasked with restarting civilization in a world where nearly every person has lost the ability to build things.

As you learn new recipes and expand your village, you’ll attract more NPCs to your fledgling colony willing to lend you their expertise.

The sequel introduces new features such as more natural-looking environments, new glide and dive abilities, dynamic water collection, and online multiplayer.

In co-op, players can visit each other’s island, start building together, or simply check out their friends’ creations. 

Forager is a 2D farming survival game set in a colorful open-world where you collect resources to craft a vast array of different tools, weapons, and workbenches.

The game rewards you for exploring your surroundings with experience points that get converted into skill points every time you level up.

There are over 64 skills to master using a free-form upgrade system that lets you tailor your experience to fit your playstyle.

Besides unlocking new fishing, cooking, and farming activities, upgrades introduce new gameplay features such as magical powers and an in-game shop for trading.

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