Noblechairs EPIC Black Edition Review

Read our Noblechairs EPIC Black Edition review and weight out all the pros and cons before you decide whether you will buy this great chair.

Bottom Line

The market evidently fluctuates drastically, but what can always be recognized is quality. The Noblechairs EPIC Black Edition is the real jack of all trades (and almost the master of all). Office chairs still remain at the throne when it comes to comfort.

With its durability, appealing design, and customizability, this is a great gaming chair for those of you who are willing to pay a steep price.

Build Quality:
Value For Money:

Take a moment to imagine the following:

You have an important task you need to deal with, but your back is aching from sitting too much. Or, you have been gaming and coding for the whole day, and now you can’t seem to move?

Sounds all familiar?

Even if this situation isn’t vivid for you, everyone deserves to sit themselves. The consequences of sitting on a bad chair can be grave and very unpleasant.

This Noblechairs EPIC Black Edition review will get you acquainted with the newest version of the chair from the renowned EPIC series. The manufacturers have upped the ante on every aspect – and let’s dissect them, step by step.

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Build Quality

Noblechairs EPIC Black Edition

The renewed Black Edition has been upgraded with the brand new hybrid material with pro-active breathing properties that enable the chair to ventilate. What these microspores translate to is a great sweat-proof experience.

But that’s only the beginning.

This innovative material is a combination of PU (polyurethane) leather, manufactured in Germany, and PVC so that it strikes the right balance between the standard gaming chair construction and a high-end one.

The artificial leather is so genuine-like that it would be hard to find a difference between the real leather and this human-made leather – and still, you know that you are going full-on vegan, and environmentally friendly.

It is accompanied by cold foam cushioning.

Everyone knows that the leather upper parts of gaming chairs have a tendency to fall apart, rip, and overall deteriorate over the course of a few months.

But it seems that this elite combination of materials will not. It is tear-proof, water, fire, and abrasion-resistant, so the durability, in the long run, is guaranteed.

What also makes this chair so exceptional in terms of durability are the shiny stainless steel handles for the maximum support. Not only that – they are adjustable in four directions. You will feel as if they have been specifically tailored for you.

Now, as with every piece of furniture, there is a question that frequently raises: “Is it a pain in the neck to assemble?” and, unfortunately, the answer is: Yes, it is.

The package weighs around 60 pounds (29kg), so you ought to recruit a pair of helping hands if you want the whole process to be easier.

The four main parts that you need to assemble are the wheels, the base, the backrest, and the seat. With the help of the tools from the accessories box that you receive with the purchase along with all the bolts and spares, you’re ready to start assembling it right away.

However, it does take a bit of your time (around 40 minutes), but the parts are well-made, the instructions are concise, and you will probably overcome some troubles that may arise.

In our experience, tightening the bolts was a bit of a turmoil, as it seems that not all of the bolts that you get were made the same (and this is not on purpose). But a few tries, and you’ll get it right.

There’s also the official video by Noblechairs if you prefer visual presentation:

All in all, the assembly does take a little bit longer than we expected, but you’ll be relieved as soon as you sit in your new epic chair.


Noblechairs EPIC Black Edition Gaming Chair

For a start, there is the leather cover on the surface of this chair that looks as classy as it gets.

It wouldn’t look out of place even in the most luxurious office in the world, and yet, it has a recognizable design of gaming chairs.

What accentuates the beautiful edges of the EPIC Black Edition chair are the subtle black stitching, stylish aluminum plaque, and the attractive stamped Noblechairs logo at the front.

On top of that, the material is not prone to fading when it is exposed to light so that the EPIC Black will stay all-black for good.

Basically, Noblechairs has decidedly distinguished the EPIC Black Edition chair from all the others with its sophisticated design and achieved the 2-in-1 gaming & office aesthetics. No cons there.


Noblechairs EPIC BE

Two paramount factors play a role in attaining the comfort that this chair offers: construction and adjustability.

As for the former, the EPIC Black Edition features the head and lumbar pillow with harness holes and soft padding that supports your neck, head, and shoulders. They are incredibly comfy, and even if you’re not used to them, after some time, you will love them.

Also, they are secured to the chair with the elastic tape and some clips, so there won’t be any trouble or slipping away, which is often the case with gaming chairs. And as far as adjustability is concerned, the EPIC Black has many related characteristics: you can adjust the height of the chair by 10 cm, and it can be reclined from 90° to 135° by using the lever on the side.

Basically, you can go from the full-on upright position to the almost-horizontal one.

The reason why you can’t lower the chair completely horizontally is that this model is also manufactured with the intention of being used in offices, and they often have a policy against models that can be lowered as if you’re about to take a nap.

The arm support that was already mentioned, namely, the enlarged 4D armrests, also can be adjusted just like you want them to; you can rotate, slide, and move them at a simple press of a button.

What is more, when you move, the caster wheels are smooth and quiet, causing no vibrations whatsoever.

All these ergonomic features together comprise a true blessing for your back and posture. But still, we wouldn’t go as far as to ascribe to it the unrivaled comfort. Chairs that were primarily made for office are more ergonomic and comfortable than this one, though it is great to see that a gaming chair can get so comfy.

For any severe back pain and other health problems that may arise due to sitting for long periods, office chairs are still the best choice.

Value For Money

Noblechairs EPIC Black Edition Review

The elephant in the room with the Noblechairs EPIC Black Edition is the considerably hefty price tag that accompanies this chair.

On the other hand, it’s true – everybody will envy you if you own this chair when it comes to design.

Think about it: it always seems like you have to sacrifice one feature over another, doesn’t it? As if the premium design comes at the expense of the comfort, or vice-versa?

While the EPIC Black Edition manages to balance the two, it still has some space for improvement in terms of comfort. Therefore, if you can afford to treat yourself to this gaming chair, do it – it will be an epic experience. On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, there might be some more comfortable and less pricey chairs out there.


Noblechairs EPIC Black Edition Side

Noblechairs is a lauded company when it comes to premium gaming chairs, and it is truly not a surprise this high-quality, luxurious chair will fit nicely into any office and room.

The Noblechairs EPIC Black Edition manages to marry the best of both worlds – comfort and style – and that’s pure magic.

Bear in mind, though, that office chairs are still unparalleled if your needs are such that your primary focus is on comfort and health. But if you want to get a gaming chair, you might as well get a great one, and this is where companies like Noblechairs and Secretlab shine.

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